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  1. NYT
    ” At a news conference, President Trump reiterated that he would not wear a mask himself”


    ( He’s just toooo purdy to cover his beauuuuutiful face.)

    • Calling them incompetent is too kind, our govt is corrupt as shit. These mistakes aren’t made innocently, I could forgive some incompetence. This is greed.

    • finally an article about the deadly coronavirus on this site.
      Many trolls are making fun of the virus, ignoring how horrible he is.

    • Member of the long nose tribe i imagine. She retweeted a post of jake tappers 50 minutes ago that said there was a 6 million increase in anti-semitism related attacks last year article from newyorktimes

      Tapper comment section is loaded with comments saying they personally suffered verbal and violent attacks and they hate facist Trump the disconnect from reality and projection is just absolutely amazing Despite blumpf being the most pro jewish and most of his swamp cabinet members are jewish also he’s currently the most pro Israel president in american history

  2. We’ve had little access to masks and gloves. I had to madly scramble around IRL (medical supply stores, home improvement megastores, pharmacies, dollar stores, etc., etc.) and on Amazon and eBay to get some for my ladyfriend who works with an Alzheimer’s patient. Medical workers did not have a steady supply of PPE after this deadly debacle started. Initially people freaked out, buying up anything that could be used as masks or gloves.

    If anyone in charge had bothered to do anything sensible (like stopping flights from China after they knew about the virus, and immediately quarantining the infected and doing contact tracing), we wouldn’t have needed to do this shutdown of our nation. With widely-available PPE combined with sensible distancing guidelines, most businesses could’ve stayed open, albeit at quarter- to half-capacity. Which is better than nothing.

    Financial guarantees for the majority (guaranteed mortgage/lease payments and wages, etc.) instead of grudgingly-given scraps, and mere temporary freezes on major expenses like rent — that will have to be paid all at once after states reopen — have made this time even more stressful for many. I would give our Unstable Pinhead of a so-called leader and the political establishment a D- for how they have handled this mess. At least the moral bankruptcy of our elites and their Keystone Kops regime has been thoroughly exposed for even the most sheltered normie to clearly see.

    • You think getting masks was difficult.

      Just wait until there is a major crop failure and America is without a national grain reserve.

      What do ppl do , when they can’t get food ?

  3. I’m all for criticizing the U.S. government for their ongoing ineptitude, but don’t forget that there are European countries that have more deaths per million than we do. They are:

    1. Belgium
    2. Spain
    3. Italy
    4. UK
    5. France
    6. Sweden
    7. Netherlands
    8. Ireland

  4. This is just so GD stupid. You CAN NOT PERMANENTLY DESTROY THE ECONOMY to ‘fight a virus’ that kills the old or those who are morbidly obese!!!!!!! I can see why those in the south would be so worried cuz they’re already walking around with 150 extra pounds of fat on their body from mammy’s good home cooking and all that candy from the gas station down the street!!! One lil hiccup and bam! they’re in a pine box!!!

    Enough with this bs. Its time to go on with life and salvage what’s left of the econ and job market before were all left eating sewer rats to survive this winter.

  5. Here is Australian PM Scott Morrison announcing Australia’s reopening plan:

    Where I live, I noticed an uptick in activity (noticeably more cares, more people on the streets) in the last couple of weeks. My neighbors threw a small party (“illegally”) last week. It was deathly quiet before that.

    I was a bit surprised at how tightly stay-at-home orders were adhered to, but I live in an ultra-white area, so maybe that has something to do with it. I went out drinking the weekend before the shutdown, and it was full of brave talk about how “no one’s gonna tell me to stay home” (from patrons) and “no one’s gonna shut us down” (from bar staff). But when the orders went out, it seems the vast majority complied without a peep.

    As for “ScoMo”, he’s not as bad as I thought he would be. After the former PM’s popularity took a tumble, Morrison won the battle for the leadership of his party against a staunch immigration restrictionist, which was disappointing. Although he struck me as the consummate corporate yes man, he impressed me with some toughness in the ensuing election campaign. Heavily tipped to lose, he pulled off a Trump-like upset. He’s certainly a cuckservative, but I get the sense he doesn’t cuck any more than he absolutely needs to.

  6. As our friend James Edwards, and many others including myself have said, ” A 3rd World Nation, has a 3rd World population.”

    That’s a fact.

    • KW,

      That’s right.

      By that measure, Brazil is a Third and a First world country, largely thanks to it’s very sizeable European population in it’s South (.. such as Paraná, Santa Catarina & Rio Grande do Sul).

  7. Australia has a rotten global warmongering, privatizing-everything Neo-lib-con government, and Sky News is Australia’s Fox News just another Murdoch enterprise. Of course it’s the only government Australia has and it did something right but only because it had to, and Australian Fox News, like a broken clock, is right about this but not really.

  8. “End of lockdown, beginning of mass death wave”:

    Meanwhile in Bolivia, where the U.S. coup d’état removed Morales who would have prevented this from happening: https://www.telesurtv.net/SubSecciones/en/country/bolivia/

    Venezuela may be the healthiest place in South America, and logically so! Nicaragua does better than Honduras….

    Most recent article by Pepe Escobar: https://www.greanvillepost.com/2020/04/12/total-system-failure-will-give-rise-to-new-economy/

  9. Wasn’t Fauci the same “expert” telling us 3 months ago not to worry about it? Then people wonder how conspiracy theories get started.

    • Back in January, the consensus was it was nothing much to worry about and epidemiologists like Dr. Eric Fiegl-Ding were alarmists. It was only gradually over the course of February that the consensus shifted.

  10. Note: Is having a competent government too much to ask?

    Yes. If these characters were competent, they’d have real jobs.

  11. If this Corona virus event is considered to be a moment of reckoning for this country, I have to think that there are much greater moments of ‘reckoning’ ahead.

    The external and internal rot in this country is simply too great for greater reckonings not to occur.

  12. “Is having a competent government too much to ask?”

    The United States’ Government is ‘competent’ in the extreme, when you take into consideration whom it is disposed to serve.

    It’s just an unfortunate thing that The United States’ Government is not disposed towards the care of it’s own people, beyond the minimum maintaining of us as a kind of fodder field full of compost piles to use to achieve the ends for those it is intended to serve.

    Let us not confuse ‘competence’ for ‘disposition’.

    • The United States’ Government is ‘competent’ in the extreme, when you take into consideration whom it is disposed to serve. @Brother Ivan

      The “US” government was certainly “competent” in prosecuting the war — as well as persecuting Southern civilians — during the War of Yankee Aggression, weren’t they Ivan?

  13. Where I’m at (major city/suburbs), police are not enforcing the “10 person max” social distancing mandate. People in my neighborhood are sunbathing and socializing with each other in the little park, kids running around, getting drunk, having fun, no cops in sight. They’ve been doing this for the last two months. Extrapolate this across the city. Yet official infections and deaths are dropping. Perhaps we did “flatten the curve” in mid-April?

    • Jannie,

      Sounds like you don’t have too many “Karens” where you live…

      GOOD FOR YOU!!

  14. I wonder if it’s Machiavellian Mnchin who’s the main cheerleader pushing Trump to reopen things.

    • “I wonder if it’s Machiavellian Mnchin who’s the main ”

      His group……they don’t operate individually.
      One of the keys to their power……group effort.

    • Why would Jews let this happen to America? Very simple to understand, when you understand the religious teachings of Jewry.

  15. While Binging on Netflix I came across a film called Jupiter Rising. It’s a Mila Kunis vehicle but the plot is interesting.

    The planet earth is actually a harvesting site for DNA used by humanlike aliens to regenerate their DNA. Earthlings are regularly harvested by a profit driven cull to make these humanlike aliens virtually into immortals. It’s a mix of CS Lewis’s Screwtape Letters and Scientology but the aliens feeding on the mortals didn’t half remind me of our Jewish chums.

    Trashy film and unresolved as art but in better hands would have been a tour de force. Too glitzy and wham bam! But a wonderful premise.

    Back to work peasants.

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