The Dindu Nuffin Jogger Actually Did Do It

Looks like that poor Black jogger who was hunted down by those evil Whites was actually a filthy criminal after all. SHOCKING!

AJC link:

Just a typical day where Ahmaud Arbery commits a felony while he is taking a break from his 2.23 mile jog. I always jog in boots and cargo shorts myself.

I cannot wait for the apology tour from all the anti-White bigots who made every negative comment they could about Whites. Oh, right. That never happens. Another anti-White race hoax disproven, get ready for the next anti-White race hoax brought to you by the same dirty kikes who perpetrated the last one.

Greg and Travis McMichael are still in big trouble. ZOG and their pets want the McMichaels’ heads on a platter. This exculpatory evidence will probably not free them, but they may at least have a few sympathetic jurors now that this new surveillance video has surfaced when their case inevitably goes to trial. Black people do not care that they were telling the truth because they want racial revenge, and ZOG will likely comply.

From the Georgia Bureau of Investigation:

May 9th Update

There are reports circulating of additional video footage being reviewed by the GBI as a part of the Ahmaud Arbery murder investigation.  We are indeed reviewing additional video footage and photographs  as part of the active case. It is important to note that this footage was reviewed at the beginning of the GBI investigation and before the arrests of Gregory and Travis McMichael. 

We cannot forget that Whites are always the enemy and must always lose according to ZOG. The McMichaels are guilty of being White, which is the worst crime of all, so they must pay dearly.


  1. The fact is, nothing you, me or anyone says matters except the investigation done by professionals. None of really know anything, but second hand information. I have no reason to believe that the verdict will be wrong or that if Arberry is actually guilty it won’t be discovered.

    • “The fact is, nothing you, me or anyone says matters ”

      WRONG !

      public outcry and outrage can be very powerful.
      In the case of Todd Broom , the people of Dallas were ready to rip the entire county and city political establishment apart.

      It was very effective.

  2. If you think any of that video will be permitted into evidence, then I’ve got a Chinese wet market to sell you

    • – My opponent is a…..

      This case will be tried in the court of public opinion same as was the case with Jussie Smollett, Ferguson MO, Trayvon Martin.

      In the end the truth came out.

    • After the lockdown, does anyone really think the whinging blacks will get any sympathy for anything any longer? The Angel of Death in the form of a virus just passed over the world and its mostly transmitted by filthy apes like this Dindu.

      Lol. Anglin is right about one thing, the Anti lockdown protests, no matter what the Astrotuft origins might be are the core of white sentiment. We just suffered a few months of voluntary isolation, Distancing and Quarantine out of respect for each other and we know the blacks ignored every rules and suggestions.

  3. This wouldn’t have exploded into a mob the way it did if the guy who videoed the shooting hadn’t intentionally leaked it. Supposedly he thought it would exonerate his friends. Well, they weren’t arrested until after he released it, were they? That’s how “exoneration” works under George Zimmerman rules.

    If you have to shoot somebody, don’t do it out in the middle of a suburban street, don’t release any tapes except to your lawyer, and for heaven’s sake, be absolutely sure you can justify it after the fact. Understand the nature of the society in which you live. They scream at cops for shooting people running away, what in the world made these two think they’d be able to shoot a black guy who had just been running away from them and get away with it?

    • Equality. They don’t see Niggers they just see criminals. They actually think the law is equal.

    • When I took a carry permit class years ago, the instructor told us to only ever say one word to the cops if we got into trouble: “Lawyer.” If an ambitious, gun-hating (and/or White-hating) district attorney gets ahold of you, they’ve got the resources of the state behind their slimy self. Don’t forget that cops will be underhanded in order to get an arrest. Lying, threatening and other forms of manipulation are second nature to them. It’s always best to stay mute and let your attorney do the talking.

      It’s also just basic sense to not bring out the firearms unless you’re in physical danger. Making a citizen’s arrest can put you in peril, as this incident shows. You never know when some nog with a room-temperature IQ might think it’s a good idea to try to take your gun away while waiting for the po-po. Call the cops, follow and video the perp if you want, but keep your distance. We have to be more careful these days, being the wrong color and all.

    • Rolloy please do not shoot your mouth off and make wild conjectures on this.

      The true facts are that these videos were all turned over to the proper legal authorities who went over all the evidence and determined the White neighborhood watch guys acted within their rights .

      This case, like the Trayvon Martin case and Rodney King case is being retried in the media by Blackliesmatter mobs and cuckservatives.

      • The “true facts” are that the local cops determined at the time of the shooting that there was sufficient evidence to make an arrest, the DA overruled them, the DA later recused herself when the video leaked to the media because the older McMichael used to work for her, and after the video leaked to the media the two were arrested.

        There’s no conjecture. It’s plain as day. Don’t lie to yourself.

    • It was the lawyer. Bad decision. White people are too concerned with appearances and reputation. We need to be more hard harded and calculating in our decisions. We also have to stop trusting the system. Clearly, this lawyer trusted the system and does not understand the anti-white climate we are in.

    • The media do not show the entire video, you see him running about 50 feet from the truck and then they show him being shot. What happened in between? Did he approach and try to grab the gun? Was he in fact the burglar? He was not really dressed as a jogger and blacks who do job know better then to go out into white neighborhoods to do so because they know they would look suspicious. Was this a white neighborhood? If so they guy didn’t belong there. One thing is they should have left it to the police and not tried to arrest the guy in this political climate.

    • Take a look at the location of this neighborhood on Google Maps,-81.5579921,1316m/data=!3m1!1e3

      pan back out an notice it is in the middle of nowhere out in the salt flats miles and miles from Brunswick where this burglar lived. Look at the desolate causeway, massive bridge and expressway separating this neighborhood from Brunswick. How on Earth would he end up here “jogging”? Why would he go there to jog? Why would he not wear jogging attire? What on Earth would he be doing there other than casing it out? It’s so obvious he wasn’t there to “jog” yet the media chooses to lie.

  4. There won’t be any apology tour as you should know by now. These people will stick to their narrative, never apologize and never admit being wrong. That is why the Mike Brown case, besides having so much evidence and forensic proof of the robbery and assault, still gets brought up as “racist whites”. Look at the Tweets. Anyone remotely defending the McMichaels is getting pounded no matter what the evidence. “Ok so he was a robber. Did that give them right to execute him”.

    Even more terrifying is the Tweet you posted and many more like them, basically doxxing out addresses and names calling for vigilante justice. Everyday countless whites are slaughtered by acts of interracial violence. But this shit is so rare, it fires up everyone and serves as a distraction from real issues. This is going to be a bad one

    • “Ok so he was a robber. Did that give them right to execute him”.

      That’s what most white boomer conservatives are saying now. I’m shocked and worried by this. I thought after the Trayvon and Ferguson hoaxes, almost all white conservatives were red pilled on the dindu nuffins liberal media narrative.

  5. I never over comment, so i apologize it has been a while. I just received the proof they will never nor have to apologize. I asked my mother and aunt, two 60 somethings who watch nothing but Fox and voted for Trump.

    We all just had a blowup as they yelled “how dare you” to me. I mentioned the timberlands and robbery and was met with “oh so these two rednecks can just shoot a man. Why didn’t they call the cops”.

    “They did call the cops, asked him to stop. It is on video where he grabs the gun and begins violently punching the man in the face”

    “Where did we go wrong raising you. You’re sick”


      • What they really need is some applebees thats the real tragedy here not a political lynch mob to destroy two white nazi rednecks by the biking community.

        Let these gentle giants jog in peace next time you see them jogging through construction sites is what the experts are saying

    • I suggest sonething more subtle.

      “when you are confronting a nignog out robbing a raping and murdering, don’t come running to me for sympathy, y’hear. I ain’t risking my neck for such fickle damsels as you’d just as soon defame and deny me like Peter did Jesus three times before the cock crowed.”

      They’d have nightmares for weeks with that jeremiad. Biblical.

    • Captain Schill – I suggest you tell your idiot female relatives that you are converting to Islam and you now want them to wear Islamic burkas all the time and not speak in public.

      Then have dark, hairy, scared Islamic dressed men come around to monitor them.

    • Captain Schill, all other things being equal had the races been reversed I’ll bet your boomer relatives wouldn’t have cared less. Virtue signaling and White self hatred go hand in hand.

    • Capitan , we all go through this with our co-workers, family and other acquaintances.

      I used to argue with my mother nonstop up until a few years ago when multiculturalism took over broward county fla., a place that was just listed as one of the 100 counties that are now “gloriously” majority nonwhite.

      She whined and cried about any criticism of negroes or muds and took the “jews are just smarter than the goyim” stance any time these topics came up since she has been “single” again at age 60.

      Funny, this is a women i remember when i was kid, who said stuff like “ewwwww a nappy headed 3 yr old with velcro hair” or “ewwwwwwww a pickaninny”….

      Now after divorce raping my Dad, she is a “liberal” with some sort of a renewed outlook on our world…

      It comes from cybernetic mind control on the talmudvision and social media using repetition to convince people of what is desired by the controllers.
      Its utterly sick and unnatural….aka very jewish.

      • Irate Irishman. My mom 81, is the same way. Brought me up whipping my ass conservative but today she likes to say, “you know how much I like black People.” And she makes excuses for the worst of them and their culture. I remember her when I grew up for 22 years in the same house. She’s Not the same person today, but now I’m the bad son.

        • Same with my Dad, about the same age. He used to say n*gger as casually as saying, “nice day out there.” Sits in front of the toilet-vision for all his info & “entertainment”; and that gushing sewage has brainwashed an intelligent man who grew up country & worked in a coal mine at age 16. Now he thinks the 5pm news is “trustworthy”, with its one White one black news-reading whores & blacks stuck in every commercial & show and acting White. Pure evil poison that rots the brain. It’s criminal.

          • Yeah, its pretty sad what jewish tv and pop culture has done to the minds of so many…
            but we cannot solely blame jews… They can only thrive in the swamps of our “sins” or degeneracy.

      • To Irate and Boot – here’s what you DO.

        You arrange to meet up with your mothers. Are you in a State that’s “open”? If not – do this then your State “opens”. Say, “Hey Mom! I have an idea! Let’s go for a nice fun drive!” Look them square in the eye. Hold their gaze. This is very important. Smile. Sweetly. Get her all comfy and cozy and convivial. “I think is would be awesome if we went to….” Where-ever the Negro-iest place nearest you is. “There’s a great hair salon. Run by sistuhs. I know you love Blacks. You are no racist. You love every-one. The blacker the better. I’m gonna drop you off at this salon. I’ll pay for your visit! I’m sure the Black women there will welcome you with open arms”. Make sure you’ve picked the WORST, most crime aka Negro infested place in your region. I

        Watch her reaction. If she freezes up – slam her with her hypocrisy and treachery. CALL HER OUT. I know it’s your mother – but she is betraying YOU. Not the other way round. Sometimes one must be cruel to be kind and life preserving. If she doesn’t know the place you are planning to take her to, or plays along, drive her around the region for awhile. Let her see for herself. Take her to the ugliest block, park, and open the car door.

        She if she gets out.

  6. That’s a very important development. Now it’s a classic example of Home Defense or Neighborhood Defense. Of course the Government / Police have a monopoly control on Law Enforcement. I’d say what I mentioned above is an important form of self defense. The Blacks, Liberals, and Media painted a picture of an innocent Black dude that did nothing. Now the truth has come out 100% but we Nationalists already know the end of the story….some good ole boys took the law into their own hands….against a Black dude which made it 10 times worse. We already know White People have no self defense rights against Savages. I can see the Blacks riot and loot over this but the Cuck government officials, politicians, police, and media made sure the White guys was arrested and both of them will get the Death Penalty for doing nothing but defending the Neighborhood. With Covid-19 going on and every frustrated and mad over stay at home orders….but now those orders lifted…the Blacks and other criminals are full of energy. The lesson is nothing including a health pandemic can bring all Americans together. The races and political organizations are more divided than ever. It’s time everybody picks a team….make it the right one.! White Nationalism! Deo Vindice !

    • In the age of covid let the Nogs riot at long long range from me and mine

    • Since when is it ok to approach anyone with a firearm ? Firearms are to defend your life…period. The guy was un armed no matter what he did its a law enforcement situation, observe and report if you want to , but engaging someone whom is in fight or flight mode, will never end well. now this guy is dead, and the two involved in it will never , never be the same. there is no excuse for chasing after anyone for stuff…is someones life worth you being the glory boy of the block?

      • Since forever Tolman.

        No people shouldn’t have to hide in their houses when thugs decide to steal, rape, and burn. Defending your neighborhood, community and your friends is an obligation for decent people and a policeman with a notepad to list the injuries, the damage and the stolen items isn’t a replacement for that.

    • That is conflation and misdirection Jordan, and you know it. No one takes pleasure in someone getting killed and i personally feel awful for his family. But why is this case getting so much press when there are thousands of families who suffer crimes much worse than this and don’t even get a blip of news coverage let alone public outrage from the entire media and politicians.
      And he wasn’t killed for “trespassing”. He knew he was busted, didn’t want to wait around for the cops to come, and brilliantly decided to fight to armed men doing nothing more than acting as good neighbors.

      Some might disagree with me that it is sad but on a larger level of where this country is going, the media coverage and the fact a family lost a relatively young member all qualify as depressing to me atleast

      • “a family lost a relatively young member all qualify as depressing to me atleast”

        White mans misplaced altruism. Our ultimate poison.

        • Yeah, fuck that. I only care about my own people. One less delinquent black is nothing to be depressed about. This world is full of pain and death.

        • I believe our respect for humanity is what makes us great. It doesn’t mean opening borders, letting corporations rule over us, replacing ourselves or allowing savagery to run wild on behalf of those seeking to destroy us.

          But showing a bit of decency and good will to innocent people, like old ladies or children whose thug child or parent was just whacked is a form of enlightenment. It doesnt mean you grant them privileges to kick you in the balls either

          • “is a form of enlightenment. ”

            That ‘enlightenment’ is the same as the French Assembly emancipation of blacks on Haiti and the resultant torture and massacre of the Whites. You don’t see the full consequence of such sentimental ‘enlightenment’ .

          • That’s the opposite of the truth. White decline began immediately when we went soft and fell to “respect for humanity.”

        • I always laugh when they say, ” he was a father.” Uh, you mean he got his freak on one night and ” arrived” in the female? 9 months later duh bay buhhh plopped out. No wonder he was a runner!

      • I’d call it suicide commited in the commission of a felony. Typical Dindu behavior.

      • It’s almost like a comedy act from hell. Black guy always has an arrest record. He does something ridiculous or outrageous. Video only captures the part whitey does something. Muh blaxxx get all riled up while saying squat about black crime, destruction of schools and general depravity. Whites suck on black azz to appear as the good guy/good goy. Politicians, who say nothing 364 days a year about black crime and destruction, suddenly are ” outraged” cuz po black boy with an arrest record is shot by whitey. Suddenly “other” evidence drips out showing po black boy not so great. By that point riled blaxxx don’t care and are on the edge of doing another Rodney King race riots. Vile news media dragged kicking and screaming to show bits of whitey side.

        Can you imagine a country say, 30% black even? Obama is going to look ” right wing” compared to what is coming down the pike in ” diverse Merica.”

    • Here’s what happened as nearly as I can make out at this point:

      1. Burglaries occur in this area.
      2. “Jogger” matching burglar’s description enters a construction site, presumably looking for stuff to steal.
      3. The two white guys who are in construction CALL THE POLICE and then go to stop the “jogger” until the police arrive, making something of a citizen’s arrest as is legal in Georgia.
      4. They stop the jogger and tell him the police are coming. He runs off.
      5. They drive after him and stop again, he charges them in true nog fashion, attacks them, tries to get their gun away from them to kill them, predictably gets shot.
      6. DA looks at evidence, RIGHTLY concludes that it was self-defense against a Negro criminal, everything goes on.
      7. Prick releases video, lynch mob of insane White-hating liberals, Negroes, and politician slimebags stir up such an uproar that the guys end up getting arrested.

      It’s standard behavior for these gorillas, to respond with berserk violence and get shot as a result. Here’s a gorilla escalating a minor ticket and traffic stop over not wearing a seatbelt, which could have been over quietly in 30 seconds, into a berserk, pointless attack on a traffic cop that ended with the perp getting shot:

      It’s one of countless videos of a like nature.

      And no, I don’t feel bad for this “jogger,” I don’t feel bad for the “family” of felonious joggers who spawned him, and neither he nor his violent, worthless, destructive kind have ANY business in our country.

      Quit whining about these vermin and send all of them back to Africa where their revolting behavior will be visited only on each other instead of killing White babies in their strollers, setting fire to White veterans and burning them alive, raping and torturing young White couples to death over the course of several hours, shooting White joggers in the back of the head, torturing and killing White women out for a run, killing, raping, torturing, stealing, selling drugs, wrecking property, whining and bleating while they’re doing it, strewing trash everywhere, voting for our enemies, stirring up 10,000 kinds of unnecessary trouble.

      To hell with these subhuman apes. They are nothing but a blight and a burden. Away with them to Africa.

      Those two guys did nothing wrong. Neither legally, since the hooting chimpanzee attacked them as is the Negroid wont, or morally.

      • “To hell with these subhuman apes. They are nothing but a blight and a burden. Away with them to Africa.”

        Yep. Truer words have never been spoken.

  7. They are Irish and no Irishman nor woman is going to step up to defend their own kind. Why are you foolish enough to defend something their own kind won’t?

      • A Jew persecutes and torments the weak and the innocent and a Jew defends those who do. It is all up to you Mick, you can be a Christ killer too. It is easy to prey upon and to kill the weak and the innocent, it is all up to you. Is that what you want to be?

        • Mick?! As I’m of French heritage, that’s “cheese-eating surrender monkey” to you, pal! Get your ethnic slurs right! I might get mad and slap you silly with my beret, or knock you into next week with my day-old baguette, so watch it!!

  8. These two lads were not racists. I racist would know that there’s no winning solution to confronting a Dindu Nuffin. These two thought equality before the law etc is real.

  9. Whites are killed by Blacks every day in America. But those stories NEVER make the national news.

  10. It’s why blacks are more likely to get shot by cops. They don’t back down and act tough. Hoping they win the ghetto lottery.

    • They get shot by cops because white people are evil racists, and for NO other reason…and thats all the hordes of tar-apes need to hear/know because they are legally permitted and encouraged by TPTB/pop culture to be tribal, unlike whites.

      Oy vey, we all know they are angelic kangs from the “birthplace” of humanity , the muthafuckkalanz….duh, they should be permitted to steal , rape, assault and kill whoever and whatever they want because …slavery.

      My favorite is when some feral knuckle dragging schwoogie rape monkey commits a heinous crime and some other rape-ape is ooking and eeking to “free” whoever the ape in the pokey is…

      Yeah, free all black people in jails and prisons or else …racisms and stuff.

      Just more proof that no truly healthy nation can be multiracial , multicultural and polytheistic……all things promoted by the Christ murdering , pornography pushing banking usury kikes.

  11. The three Georgia white guys that stalked and then killed this possible trespasser/burglar black kid, were dumb as a box of rocks

    The black kid – who had possibly recently seen the 1972 film ‘Deliverance’ about perverted white guys in his own home state – had reason to fear that the 3 white guys with guns stalking him so clumsily, were a homosexual rape gang also ready to kill him

    This kid was cornered facing possible hellish rape-torture, it was rational for him to try and grab the gun in order to try and survive

    Whatever the kid had done before, he died with his boots on

    The gunmen saying, ‘We wanna talk to you’ while brandishing guns, was not the statement of guys making a citizen’s arrest on direct knowledge of major crime by a perpetrator

    It was both stupid and illegal to stalk this kid with guns, based on mere suspicion of burglary, or even if they knew the kid had trespassed on a construction site, as many young people have done since forever

    It’s better to criminally charge these guys, to discourage other stupid people from ever trying to do anything like this again

    • I dont care what color any of the guys were, chasing an unarmed man fleeing for his life is criminal and pre meditated murder, in my opinion

    • You’re characterization of what happened in the polar opposite of events, Brabatian. And your “solution” is as wrong and cowardly and TREACHEROUS as can be. You have covered yourself in shame. Repent.

    • Remember this comment anytime “brabantian” ever comments on this or any other site ever again. “brabanitan” is a cuck.

  12. The Irish ain’t going to take responsibility for the conduct of their own kind, instead they are going to scapegoat whitey, now is that right?

  13. The Anti Whites do not care. The Dindu dindu nuffin. No matter what you say – the po innocent black man jess be joggin’, and checking out architectural details – and the evil White Nazi White Racist White KKKlan White BIGOT Whites White Whies MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERDERED him!

    He as a gud boi!, too!

    That video, of the nigger in the house – that means nothing.

    FYI – please call Kemp’s office and write to everyone. The DA. Everyone. Be very explicit about the racial issues involved. Make the racial issues the FOCUS. Call and write every-one. Let people know that we are sick of being slandered and ABUSED.

  14. You have to prove the video is real, then you have to prove the guy going in the home is actually Arberry and not another guy, because Arberry could have been jogging while some other guy got away.

    And even then, deadly force was not the desired outcome but something that happened.

    • Dude, its him. Are you retarded? There are three video or the same guy all taken in five minutes within a few feet of each other. One inside of the house he burgled, one outside and the cell phone video. Even the “jogger’s” families lawyer admits the man in all the videos is the deceased. This didn’t happen in a busy city.

    • Since when are cargo pants and boots jogging attire?

      Geez, I guess Nike and Adidas are out of touch by producing jogging suits and athletic shoes then.

  15. Most dangerous places on earth include Somalia, Nigeria, Zaire, Zimbabwe, and the Central African Republic. “WARNING: Most Western governments have issued explicit warnings to not travel to the Central African Republic under any circumstances. Violent crime, such as armed robbery, aggravated battery, and homicide, is extremely common….”

    • but but but…the jews told me that muh slavery is the only reason that poor, mistreated noble blacks rape and murder our people nationwide on a daily basis at rates/numbers akin to terrorism for decades and decades since we were all forced to associate by our disgusting government.
      Only a racist notices stuff..

  16. My Facebook exploded with comments from whites, allegedly down to Earth conservative whites, who automatically assumed it was a hate crime, that the victim was innocent, and demanded the death penalty for the two men involved.

    • yep, and as you know ,white america is racially cucked to the core on both “sides” of neoliberal political spectrum, my good sir…
      It blows my mind that anyone with any type of common sense or intelligence would take anything the media said seriously after the last few years especially….sigh

  17. I have been accused of being a passive-aggressive bitch in the past – in fact, all my life – so pardon me if I take a passive-aggressive approach to this. And that is NOT that we should police the Dindus but do handstands to punish their enablers!

    The only way this nonsense is going to stop is if we make his ENABLERS feel OUR pain at being forced to deal with Arberry and his ilk and the only way THEY feel any pain is through their pocketbooks. Then THEY will be forced to police their monstrous little pets or go broke.

    So, MY take is so WHAT if their pet Dindu rips off a construction site? LET him!

    No White man should do one single thing to protect the interests of a company that discriminates against him with affirmative action hiring policies. The White man is the last hired and first fired before ANY so-called person of color, because he has “White Male PRIVILEGE!” IOW, they don’t have to prove that it wasn’t done for racist reasons. He is often forced to earn his severance benefits by training his brown replacements. He has incompetent “minorities” hired over him so that they can meet their precious quotas. His media is monitored and if he utters ONE inconvenient truth he is doxed and terminated.

    Why oh WHY would those men get involved if it was not THEIR personal property he was breaking into? What did they get out of it but nothing but grief in every way imaginable? Were they being PAID to protect that site?

    Strictly rhetorical question, here. Are the grateful owners of that construction site getting them the best criminal defense attorneys imaginable and offering to pay their legal bills? Or do they still proudly display signage that they are an “equal-opportunity” company with “zero tolerance” for every -ism and -phobia imaginable? I think we all know the answer to that one.

    Better to force the owners of that construction site to take the hit. Either they will accept the loss of helping enforce Anti-White policies by having to replace stuff everything a Dindu feels like taking “muh reparasuns” through a five-finger discount OR they will have to hire an armed guard from a private security company. Those companies have much more freedom of agency than regular cops do.

    The more it costs THEM, the less it costs US and that should be not only the lesson we should all take away from this, but that should be the GOAL. BLEED THE BEAST!

    • Cly – the owner get an alert text on his phone that some one was on his property. He was not on site. He contacted his friends and NEIGHBORS the McMichaels to check it out. Senior McMichael was a cop. He recognized Arbery from a previous conviction for shoplifting. The owner – and his name can be found –
      was relying on hid neighbor to help him. It seems like that neighborhood was neighborly. Like n the old White days.

      The home owner has released the security video. He didn’t previously, ,because he was getting death threats. For protecting his own property. I’m certain none of this was planned out. All the Whites involved are getting immense grief. We don’t need to be “passive-aggressive”. We NEED to be HYPER AGRESSIVE in pointing out the racial EVIL being conducted AGAINST Whites. We need to HOWL about the THOUSANDS of innocent Whites.

      We NEED to DEFEND the McMichaels – and the home-owner. We need ot DEMAND why Whites are set up as TARGETS, ORCS given a pass , a license to hunt US. They WE ARE IN THE RIGHT. That WE build and create, and keep everything going, and WHY are the destroyers allowed to steal, attack, rape and MURDER the lawful? That if the authorities refuse to protect the innocent and lawful – then the AUTHORITIES are illegitimate and in FACT CRIMINALS THEMSELVES. AND NEED TO BE TREATED AS SUCH.

      SPIT on their faces. SMASH down AL:L counters. I don’t want to hear ANY fucking EXCUSES or “reasons” at all. Arbery was an absolutely worthless NIGGER. Point out that EVERYONE knows it – including the NIGGERS THEMSELVES. That’s the thing about niggers -they know how worthless and destructive they are. THAT’S why they fight so hard to keep their “narratives” going. So do the “liberal” White race traitors. I have been fighting with a bunch of them – and not ONE has any argument to the FACT that if an Arbery showed up on their property they’d be the FIRST ones screeching for the cops. “Liberal” Race Traitors existence revolves around Arbery avoidance techniques. Not one of the idiots I’m sparring with has an answer. They know what frauds they are/ I hate THEM most of all/ THAT’S the demp that needs to be stomped on and punished.

      • Denise, I stand corrected. Thanks for setting the record straight and we need to force the conservatives to fight for this father and son as ferociously as they did for the “White Hispanic,” George Zimmerman.

        Although pardon me, for still wanting disenfranchised Whites to teach this fucking system what happens, when they no longer give a tinker’s damn. I wish the owner had simply socked his insurance company – probably the same one that puts up all those commercials depicting Black men as demigods and White men as incompetent dorks for lots of money.

        I still think force-feeding these damn corporations the consequences of enabling their pets – good and hard – is the best way to go, but then I’m not a Fenian bitch like you are, kiddo. I’m part Slav and their attitude is that if THEIR house is going to burn, they want to burn down their neighbors, as well.

        Scorched earth baby. We can rebuild and yeah, it’s a lot of work, but it’s somethine we need to do.

        • Cly – I definitely get into the Slav “Burn it down” mentality. But THIS is not that time.

          The whole thing was very impromptu. It’s the way Whites THINK. The homeowner called his neighbor. A man he trusted. His neighbor raced to help. To PROTECT the neighborhood.


          The home-owner was literally building value. He was building a valuable building, in a neighborhood that adds VALUE. He was creating. Mr. McMichael was helping his neighbor.

          I don’t want to burn THAT down. I want to help MY White neighbors. They are MY neighbors. Even though I live hundreds of miles away. They are MY PEOPLE. Literally. Consider their names.

          The whole point in this episode WHY are authorities are backing a CRIMINAL, WHY are they persecuting lawful White People, PROTECTING their hard earned property? What kind of a society will their actions produce? Why should ANY ONE obey laws, build things, and PAY TAXES when you are punished for doing so?

          I think the reason the original videos were released is that the honest, law abiding Whites thought every one would see what happened. I’m certain they are as shocked as I am at the excuses for a trespassing, violent criminal.

          I urge any pro-White, reading these words, to call Governor Kemp’s office. Don’t be afraid. You may be surprised by the reaction. Politicians never ever hear Whites advocating for ourselves and sticking up for ourselves AS WHITES.

          Constituent Services: (404) 656-1776

          Do not be afraid.

          Finally – to all the WOEFULLY ignorant “law-babblers commenting – here ya GO:

          According to Georgia law, entering without permission a private structure or ‘domicile’ which can be interpreted as a home under construction if you read it – easily – is a 1st degree felony. Commercial structures are a 2nd.

          Citizens’ arrest laws in Georgia require that someone committed a felony. Arbery did that, since burglary only requires intent upon invading someone’s private property. Robbery is a differently defined crime. Most people confuse the two.

          Arbery committed a FELONY.

          • So, after getting them to help, he threw them under the bus? What an asshole, but I wish I could say that this comes as a shock to me – it doesn’t. Nor should it to anyone else.

            So, here I go back to “Monday Morning Quarterbacking.” They knew there were burglaries in the area. He had cameras at the site. He should have insured it to the hilt and then called the pohleese himself.

            Assuming they got there and made an arrest and the Dindu got feisty that would be THEIR problem. Although it would be a safe bet that, with the specter of Darrin Wilson of Ferguson, MO hanging over their heads, they wouldn’t try that hard to find him much less arrest him.

            They’d probably take a burglary report or tell the site owner to call in a burglary report to their non-emergency report lines or 311 and then file any losses with their insurance company.

            A SMART site owner could have padded the bill and hit the insurance company – who probably fills their advertising with smart, sassy Black characters and dumb Whites too stupid to come in out of the rain – for a large amount of money.

            Yeah even that Dindu’s MOMMY knows what a worthless little crook he was, but that is not going to stop her from cashing in on the getto lottery and “sticking it to the man.” I read a novel about the Mestizos in an area all colluding on some insurance scam to “stick it to the man.”

            The McMichaels were operating under the illusion that THEY are the man. They were wrong. This is not their country. Yeah, Dindu’s Mommy is going to “stick it to the man” all right and the man is pretty P’O’ed at having to pay off on that ghetto lottery.

            That’s what father and son are being punished for. Not murder nor vigilanteeism. But the fact that they left a big mess for the authorities to have to clean up. Much like Ramos and Campeon – the border guards who the American authories threw in jail for shooting a Mexican drug dealer in the ass. They even paid the drug dealer’s expenses to come back and testify against them.

            I still remember how the district attorney had pointed out that, if they had only shot and killed the drug dealer, they would not have ended up in jail at all. He left the rest unsaid, but I assume there were ways for the system to effectively cover it up and not jeopardize relations with Mexico if there wasn’t a live “victim” to testify against them.

            So, I’m not sorry the burglar is dead. I’m saying that unless there was some way they could get away with disposing of his corpse without anyone the wiser, not a single authority much less the burglar’s family would have bothered to look for him. That’s how worthless he was.

            So again, I regretfully have to harden my stance. It’s time – past time – for Atlas (in this case White men) to shrug. It’s time for the Dindu’s Enablers – jailhouse groupies all – to get what they are asking for … GOOD AND HARD.

            Home owners: insure your property to the max and don’t hesitate to pad the bill if some Negro or Mestizo rips things off. Just make sure you have it recorded on camera, to hammer home that it isn’t WHITEY that is causing their losses.

            Neighbors, encourage the owners to simply file for insurance. Don’t put yourself or your son at risk. Again, the neighbor – who threw them under the bus – should be required to hire armed security to guard his property.

            As Sam Donaldson said, “You can’t have your country back.” Well, if I can’t have my country back, I don’t care what happens to it. Let the Dindus tear it apart. I want them to take everything that isn’t nailed down belonging to their enablers.

          • The sell out is even worse. TPTB have switched the original White DA – who went by the letter of the law – for a Negro. The Negro DA has stated that there was no “No Trespassing ” signs on the property, so the future electrical engineer/rap singer/philanthropist was perfectly free to wander where ever. Unreal.

            No one is stopping this.

            Yes. Tear it all up.

            Oh – and then there’s THIS:


            The LEO’s won’t touch this. This is what they are doing to their OWN. I can’t believe it. I really can’t.

            NO Dixian has ANY right ot EVER bitch or blame Yankees again. EVER. Southern Whites are proving to be the most back-stabbing cowardly vermin on Earth.

    • Only cowards chase an unarmed man with a gun and a truck, only criminals then kill him…period . There is no monetary value ever worth becoming a vigilante, we are not at war with each other.

    • That’s a good point. There’s literally no point in raising a finger to support any company operating today, given the policies they’ve inflicted on us all. Why drag your son into the thing? Northern good ever seems to come of that.

    • No, the construction site was not giant company that hires illegals. I was some white men from the community building a single house. Blacks who burglarize houses on your street are physical danger to whites, especially women and children. They will keep coming back until they are in prison. Burglary will escalate to armed robbery, aggravated assault, rape and murder if the black is not caught or scared away by armed white citizens. Blacks are stupid like a movie bad guy. They will keep coming back to rob the same people over and over, even after a confrontation. This was a serial burglar who had been caught red handed before, confronted by residence, threatened them, escaped and was also caught on video multiple times burglarizing. Your response is over the top crazy.

  18. The majority of Breitbart commenters and especially Freepers are mostly believing the dindu nuffins narrative on this and calling it “murder.” Looks like white boomer conservative men have learned nothing and are back to their pre-Obama levels of understanding. I think blump’s kissing up to blacks has had a real effect on boomers. They see that blump won’t criticize blacks to try to get their votes and that blump even supports black criminals. This has rubbed off on boomers. As we know, boomers are very, very conformist and good at picking up signals from elites and uncritically internalizing the message in the signals.

    • I’ve said it before, but Obama was the greatest thing to happen for white racial consciousness in the past 50 years. Trump has been the opposite.

      • “was the greatest thing to happen for white racial consciousness”

        white racial consciousness, where do you find that, I’ve never seen any.

    • Yeah, those mental midgets still believe that Trump is gaining dindu votes due to the “historically low black employment rate”.

      They are truly lost.

      • They talk about getting the black vote more than they talk about immigration on some of these boomer sites now.

    • It’s kinda like when your cracked out prostitute mammy-sow shits your black ass out and names you donquavious and sort of aids with your genetics in the mapping out of your felonious future from birth…

      but dont worry, whitey pays for it in every way fathomable…

      Hey , we may get “lucky” and it will grow up to be a pop or a sports “star”…and then a warped white gal will wanna breed with it!!

      They could have “beautiful” caramel babies!!!!

      Why have a boring ,human child with cultural , family and education values when you can give birth to swaggering chimpanzee rapist who wear gaudy trinkets and has an overinflated sense of entitlement….

      • Highly recommend the book Opiate of America: College Football in Black and White by Paul Kersey!

  19. Guys, we have a crisis here. Most white conservatives online are falling for this hoax. We need put this on the front burner until we can stop the bleeding. Forget the virus, that’s old news. Our house is on fire now. If we can’t get these boomers to take the white side of this dispute, we have just lost 15 years of progress with these people. We need to focus like a laser.

    The good boomers will do the fact analysis, we need to provide the big racial picture around the incident. We need to not only argue for innocence under the law, but argue for white communities, not just individuals, but white communities having a collective right to defense against other races. That’s how we need to frame this. He have to use this increase white racial loyalty among conservatives, not just argue for the right to self defense or the right to bear arms.

  20. These threads are on fire with the flame burning in our own hands. I hold no animosity towards this revived crew. I choose to live in peace and multiply. I would ask all of you who take this last stand for the right to die have live insurance. Many of you have families to think about.

  21. “construction site”

    This may be accurate but it makes it sound like this was at the scene of a new Walmart going up and not in a residential area surrounded by sane human beings watching from their homes what appears to be a theft. Walking (in work boots) up to the house under construction which he had no business approaching in the first place and then suddenly bursting out in a full run away from the area — these are not the actions of a normal law abiding citizen.

    May all white males buy plenty of “shotguns” and plenty of “ammo”. When all government — federal, state and local — breakdown those who stand up like these two heroes who have been put in jail for defending their home turf — this will be the last stand for law and order.

    May the McMichaels be released and the case thrown out and may this race-baiting hysteria now being whipped up by the pro Left/Communists/Antifa/etc MSM be totally discredited.

    • yes, the weaponization of words and bastardizing of our language is the jewish media’s only real “skill”

      • “weaponization of words and bastardizing of our language is the jewish”

        Hasbara (hebrew): to control the understanding,
        Control the narrative.

  22. “To hell with these subhuman apes. They are nothing but a blight and a burden. Away with them to Africa.”-Ironsides

    “Wow, that was a fantastic summary. I concur wholeheartedly. Bravo sir.”-SC Rebel, responding to above quote

    “If we can’t get these boomers to take the white side of this dispute, we have just lost 15 years of progress with these people. We need to focus like a laser.”-ATBOTL

    “That’s the opposite of the truth. White decline began immediately when we went soft and fell to “respect for humanity.”-Dart

    “Yeah, fuck that. I only care about my own people. One less delinquent black is nothing to be depressed about. This world is full of pain and death.”-Powell

    Clytemnestra is the only one here to offer a reasonable take, and I can forgive Denise because I know from her past comments and her website that she authentically cares about her race, and that her hate is derived from her love.

    The rest of you? Misanthropic, bitter little men.

    Every commenter above ferociously defended the totalitarian measures instituted by our government during this COVID-19 lockdown. Not one of them expressed anger or outrage when White families were arrested for taking their children to secluded areas, or when violent criminals were released from prison because corona chan “endangered” them, or when small and medium sized businesses shut down for good. The “tyranny” aspect of anarcho-tyranny was never an issue for these people. They wanted healthy White men and women under house arrest, because it’s “for the good of society.” They called people like me sociopaths for wanting to go outside. Or eat at Cheesecake Factory.

    Then, they called us “Racist Liberals.” They said that we’re not really Pro-White, we just don’t like Black People and don’t want them screwing up our shopping malls and our 7 Elevens. They defended Islam, unironically advocated for Communism, and decided that Antifa and Bernie Bros are their secret allies, even though, you know, those were the people who showed up to oppose them at Charlottesville, not conservatives or libertarians. They have a bizarre obsession with “Drag Queen Story Hour” and use it as a hammer to dunk on their political enemies even though they themselves say things like:

    Homosexual pedophilia may simply be a form of homosexuality in which youth is found especially attractive, just as heterosexual males tend to sexually select for young females, including, in extreme cases, those who are only just pubescent.[41] This all potentially implies that homosexuality—including a propensity to pederasty—may have evolutionary foundations.

    This Georgia case has exposed how most Pro-White individuals truly feel. They aren’t driven by love for their race, or their culture, or their way of life. They just hate everyone who behaves differently then how they WANT them to behave, whether that’s White conservatives, White liberals, or non-whites – in this case, Black People. The horseshoe is real. The Far Left and Far Right are driven by their desire to exact revenge on those they hate by controlling them and making their lives miserable. The Far Left hates White people who don’t agree with the Communist ideology, and the Far Right hates non-whites, as well as normal Whites who don’t agree with their Fascist political programme.

    Here’s the deal with the McMichael shooters: The Dad is almost certainly “see no race” Boomer, and the son almost certainly doesn’t see racial patterns either. They took the law into their own hands because they think they have the right to enforce their own White cultural standards on Black People. Then they act surprised when Blacks fight back, like this Aubry guy did. If they were racially aware, they’d have realized that confronting Aubry would have only resulted in two situations: Him running away, or him engaging them. They should have let him go and called the police. There was NEVER any version of events where Aubry would have fessed up to what he did, even something as simple as scouting out a house under construction. The McMichaels thought that Blacks think and act “just like us,” and in their arrogance, they followed up, stopped him, and when he inevitably chimped out, they shot him.

    And you’re all defending them, just because he’s White. Conservatives have abandoned you over this case because the facts of the case make it clear that those two shooters were FOOLS to stop Aubry and question him. Legally, they might just get off the hook, but logically and morally, what the hell where they thinking by chasing down a Black man in 2020 America and assuming they could get away with it? I’m reminded of another case involving a White boomer who got in an altercation with four Black kids in a gas station because they were listening to rap music really loud and he told them to turn it down. Why is the Pro-White Movement defending “our own” when our own act like idiots? What did the McMichaels think was going to happen?

    In re: “Whites have the right to defend their neighborhood,” that’s not what’s going on here. Brunswick, Georgia, where the shooting happened, is 59% Black and 32% White. The McMichaels were not motivated by the libertarian desire to protect their property or their family, they were motivated by the desire to enforce their own cultural standards. Whites like them, and leftists in the urban cities and suburbs, and sites like this, are the REAL White Supremacists. It’s the Racist Liberals like me who have been telling you people that we need an Ethnostate and we need racial separation. But instead, you guys want to cage us in our houses, take away our Applebees and 7 Elevens, institute a socialist economic programme, enforce communal living on anyone who just wants to live their lives in peace and isolation. And then, without fail, you pile on Black People and act like Hollywood Nazis every. single. time. a case like this Georgia shooting happens.

    You don’t get to dominate people, enforce your petty standards on them, tell them what to do, and then shoot them when they don’t comply. You are driven not by love for your race, but by hatred for humanity. Supremacists, not separatists. Enjoy your obscurity and irrelevance, because that is your well-deserved fate for acting and thinking like impulsive animals.

    • DP84 -I really enjoy your comments, but you don’t have to forgive me for anything. I stand by my stance. I do appreciate your assessment of me. More than you can imagine.

      I agree with a lot of what you’ve written. I agree with your assessment of Things As They Are.

      The fact that Brunswick, GA is 59% Negroid is news to me. I should have checked the demo first – but there is so much going on with this story. I agree a gadjillion % with your True Fact analysis that Whites think every one thinks like us. Blacks and Whites process information very differently. FYI the cops were called. Arbery attack the McMichaels. Blah blah blah….

      You are saying that the McMichaels should have stayed out of it. Well as events are playing out – that’s the Real Politik pathto take. But where does that path END? How much territory do we cede? How many things are to be stolen? How many attacks must we endure? How many White women,,from small children to ancient ladies, must suffer rape and mutilation? How many Whites need to die at Black hands because WE shouldn’t impose our standards on them?

      They follow us everywhere we go. ZOG has implemented (((laws))) that prohibit us from keeping them away from us. Where does this END? Because we are going to have to fight to LIVE. We are being FORCED to fight to LIVE. The way things are going, we are going to be hunted down to the last man, woman, and child. I defend the McMichaels – and I don’t care HOW “hillbilly” or “foolish” they are – because they ARE MINE.

    • PS – Those quotes you highlighted – even the ones from the Commentors that despise me – they are TRUE

      Arbery was a worthless BEAST, who would do nothing but cause misery for Whites for ever.

      I WANT racial segregation. Its’ the best, kindest, most sane policy. But we aren’t going to be allowed to peacefully leave. There is NOWHERE left to go. You are so intelligent – so your cynical denunciation truly disturbs me.

      PPS – thanks for your commentary on the atrocious, vile, wholly insane “lockdown”. I cannot BELIEVE how many people have been suckered by this scam. I’m already hearing terrible stories of suffering, HORRIBLE THINGS, due to this. It’ not about god-damned haircuts, or even eating at a Cheesecake Factory. It’s about not being able to get a transplant. ZOG unleashes violent criminals, and puts Moms, taking their kids to playground in jail They aren’t going to allow any White, not me, not you, not Cly, not anyone else, leave peacefully.

  23. “. You are driven not by love for your race, but by hatred for humanity.”

    I think you’re reading in things that aren’t there.
    The brevity of text doesn’t allow ppl to fully expand their thoughts.

    “Enjoy your obscurity and irrelevance, ”
    We may go that way, but our ideas won’t. Nature will out.

  24. They were men expressing their natural instinct to guard and protect their territory.
    To arrest delinquent behavior before it escalated to something worse.
    They don’t want their area to become Detroit.

  25. “They aren’t driven by love for their race, or their culture, or their way of life”

    The first priority in love, is to protect and preserve.
    Exactly the thing these men were doing, protecting their area from potential danger.

  26. Without a certain ((group)) provocation and media over-amplification, this issue would vanish.

    • Yes, Arian. There are never ending cases of black on white brutality that are simply sat on by the media for decades. This is what happens when it’s taken over heavily by leftist Jews, homosexuals or some good goy Alex Baldwin type.

      Our press is run by enemies. Hollywood is run by enemies and hires enemies. Trump is not even that right wing and the media and Hollywood treat him incredibly bad to the point you want them to lose their jobs and go under.

      It’s obvious Arbery was casing the joint. The absurd jogging in construction boots. Blacks don’t care. They just want whites dead yet also need whites to keep creating all the advancements and cool stuff. They enjoy this pretend victim status which gives them a forever excuse pass.

      Compare media and black treatment of this case and some rapper dude just murdered in New York by obviously other blacks. It just gets a big yawn. Ridiculous ” just pay me” white reporters read some nonsense pretending the 21 year old rap dude was important.

      America has become a nation of liars whose gasoline is more lies. It’s falling apart even when it was the so called ” greatest economy” pre corona time. We are in obscene debt, got in bed with communist monster China for slave labor, constantly lie regarding race, have murdered 10s of millions in abortions and now promote dung hole sex as normal. We have two useless political parties with the Democrats wanting white extinction. So, no shock when a dude who jogs in construction boots is made into another false martyr by lying news and lying Biden. It’s all gross.

    • yep…black on white crime is set to surpass black on black crime soon….
      I read a story last week about some career criminal darky savage who some white gal was fucking that chimped out and beat her white son nearly to death for whatever reason…
      Of course this entire country would be on fire right now in the middle of multiple negro riots had a white man done that to some negro child.

      I wonder how many of our cities would be piles of rubble if it were a common ,everyday occurrence for white men to “randomly” rape and murder blacks all over America?

      I have read about more black on white savagery on the internet in the last few years for 6 gorillion lifetimes- so even if these guys were out of line killing a nigger criminal, i wouldn’t care.

      Tribalism is something we best embrace and soon whether it fits the moral codes/ laws of Christian society or not.
      This is part of why we aren’t able to fight back and why our voices aren’t heard like the muds and the niggers and the faggots and and and and.
      If we aren’t rioting in the streets after all thats been taken from us in the last 20 yrs alone, i am not sure it will ever happen.
      How much rape and murder at the hands of negroes should we tolerate?
      How many millions of brown people with umpteen kids they cant feed who carry disease and have no real skills in life should we take in to destroy our economy and schools and overcrowd our metropolitan areas?
      How much more of what has happened in the last 30-40 yrs could any country tolerate before it collapses?

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