Nature: The Pangolin Theory

Do you remember back in March when I said the virus probably jumped from an illegally trafficked Malaysian pangolin?


“The outbreak of COVID-19 poses unprecedent challenges to global health1. The new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, shares high sequence identity to SARS-CoV and a bat coronavirus RaTG132. While bats may be the reservoir host for various coronaviruses3,4, whether SARS-CoV-2 has other hosts remains ambiguous. In this study, one coronavirus isolated from a Malayan pangolin showed 100%, 98.6%, 97.8% and 90.7% amino acid identity with SARS-CoV-2 in the E, M, N and S genes, respectively. In particular, the receptor-binding domain within the S protein of the Pangolin-CoV is virtually identical to that of SARS-CoV-2, with one noncritical amino acid difference. Results of comparative genomic analysis suggest that SARS-CoV-2 might have originated from the recombination of a Pangolin-CoV-like virus with a Bat-CoV-RaTG13-like virus. The Pangolin-CoV was detected in 17 of 25 Malayan pangolins analyzed. Infected pangolins showed clinical signs and histological changes, and circulating antibodies against Pangolin-CoV reacted with the S protein of SARS-CoV-2. The isolation of a coronavirus that is highly related to SARS-CoV-2 in pangolins suggests that they have the potential to act as the intermediate host of SARS-CoV-2. The newly identified coronavirus in the most-trafficked mammal could represent a future threat to public health if wildlife trade is not effectively controlled.”

Oh …

So basically, there is nothing new under the sun? Just another highly infectious respiratory virus that has emerged from China that has caused another pandemic like the last three global flu pandemics (Spanish Flu (1918), Asian Flu (1957) and Hong Kong Flu (1968).

Note: Alternatively, it is a vast global conspiracy that involves the cooperation of every government on the planet to create the illusion of a pandemic, everyone who has been infected by the so-called virus, every doctor, hospital, coroner, nurse, medic is also in on the secret plot.

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  1. Poor little critter looks like an unholy mating of a beaver and a platypus. The damned Chinese will make stir fries out of almost anything that crawls, walks or flies. Recently stumbling upon a YT video of a chinky girl greedily devouring a whole turtle was further disgusting proof of that.

    • Boomer X,

      I recently saw a cartoon with with the premise of Adam and Eve being Chinese. When the serpent tries to persuade Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, it is seen in the next frame being roasted over an open fire. That one was good, but the best one that I saw that make me bust out laughing was of an alien spacecraft landing in China, where upon the Chinese farmer kills the alien, and eats him with chopsticks.

      • Thanks to Arian’s Fetal Drop Soup and November’s Spaceman Lo Mein, I’m done with Asian food for awhile.

  2. This is a lab made virus, period. Bat soup, or pangolins don’t explain it. Everyone with half a brain agrees this was man made. Specifically, made by Dr. Baric of UNC in collabo with Wuhan, which was in collabo with CDC which granted it 3.7 million. You cannot tell me smelly gooks created this virus by eating bat soup. They have been eating smelly and foul shit for millennia, if this was the case every 3 years a new deadly virus would pop out, which we have only seen through Gain of Function studies. There are shit loads of man made viruses out there because of greedy sloppy medical research through the so-called gain on function studies which have no legitimate purpose except bio-warfare programs. Also, the Spanish Flu was created by ZOGistan to win WW1 and destroy the GREAT ALLIANCE, which I was a citizen of, my grandfather fought for, and I would still get to live in great prosperity in, excite the Americans release the Spanish Flu, we lost the war, and the smelly Jew Bolsheviks took over after another useless war, empowered from taking over Russia after WW1.

    • Nobody had the ability to engineer viruses back then. What the Zionists did do was engineer American entry into the War, which tipped the scales. The Germans made a very poor decision by allowing Lenin back into Russia. The Russians were going to lose anyway, the revolutionary agitation which Lenin provided was dangerous and unnecessary. They unleashed a cancer into the world, which they and millions of others ended up paying for dearly. The Germans have seemingly been cursed with poor leadership ever since Bismarck got fired.

  3. The fact that Nature is highly compromised due to its Chinese funding is well documented.

  4. what all the various mainstream media musings about the origin of the virus seem to ignore is the sudden and huge leap in difference of the RNA string of covid-19 and what they claim is it’s probable origin,

    I’ve only seen one academic paper comparing covid’s RNA string to the available database and it came up with a rather shocking conclusion,
    the paper was also withdrawn within a couple of days without having any peer review,

    I think we’re dealing with a cockup in relation to some pretty foolhardy tinkering by ‘mad’ scientists,
    I don’t think the finger of blame can really be pointed at any one country because all govt’s seem to be supporting meddling with stuff that should be left well alone,

    even if this thing did escape from Wuhan you can’t ignore that USG was comissioning and funding the Gain of Function research work there, much as they are doing in numerous bio labs around the world,

    this outsourcing of bio research abroad and to the private sector seems to be to bypass legistlation banning it within the USA,

    that legistlation was passed because it was recognised that such biological tomfoolery was bloody stupid and highly risky,

    I rather suspect all govt’s privately know all about this cockup and it’s implications, they all seem to have taken the threat seriously but they all seem rather vague and evasive about pinning down what the threat is or how it originated,

    most telling is that MEPS/MEPCOM have decided that covid survivors are unsuitable for military service,

    I think this paper also explains why covid seems to be able to attack so many different aspects of the human body and even possibly leap to cats, dogs and a zoo tiger,

    if the US army doesn’t want covid survivors I most definately don’t want covid,

  5. Good post.

    Proof or near-certainty of a natural source would be a minor relief, but should not convince anyone that gain-of-function research is completely safe, or that bioweapons research and development, stockpiling and use is a myth not historical and present reality.

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