Important Message From ZOG: Whites Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent

White people are no longer innocent until proven guilty in the court of public opinion. We are simply evil and deserve to die if we are not perpetually prostrating ourselves for Jews and their pets. The presumption of innocence is a very old and hallowed principle that we, Whites, have maintained for thousands of years; however, since ZOG rules the USA, those days are over.

Additionally, any negative interaction between Whites and Blacks is undoubtably motivated exclusively by White racism, even if the Black person initiated it. There cannot be any other explanation. Whites just hate Blacks, and we love to hunt them.

The Republicans and Fox News are soooo not racist:

Despite the fact that Blacks have a strong tendency to be violent terrorists and have completely destroyed almost every place they exist in the USA, we are still supposed to believe that they possess some angelic quality and are merely victims of society rather than the criminal predators that crime statistics have proven them to be.

From American Renaissance:

Crime rates

  • There are dramatic race differences in crime rates. Asians have the lowest rates, followed by whites, and then Hispanics. Blacks have notably high crime rates. This pattern holds true for virtually all crime categories and for virtually all age groups.
  • In 2013, a black was six times more likely than a non­black to commit murder, and 12 times more likely to murder someone of another race than to be murdered by someone of another race.

Interracial crime

  • In 2013, of the approximately 660,000 crimes of interracial violence that involved blacks and whites, blacks were the perpetrators 85 percent of the time. This meant a black person was 27 times more likely to attack a white person than vice versa. A Hispanic was eight times more likely to attack a white person than vice versa.

Urban centers

  • In 2014 in New York City, a black was 31 times more likely than a white to be arrested for murder, and a Hispanic was 12.4 times more likely. For the crime of “shooting” — defined as firing a bullet that hits someone — a black was 98.4 times more likely than a white to be arrested, and a Hispanic was 23.6 times more likely.
  • If New York City were all white, the murder rate would drop by 91 percent, the robbery rate by 81 percent, and the shootings rate by 97 percent.
  • In an all­-white Chicago, murder would decline 90 percent, rape by 81 percent, and robbery by 90 percent.

Police shootings

  • In 2015, a black person was 2.45 times more likely than a white person to be shot and killed by the police. A Hispanic person was 1.21 times more likely. These figures are well within what would be expected given race differences in crime rates and likelihood to resist arrest.
  • In 2015, police killings of blacks accounted for approximately 4 percent of homicides of blacks. Police killings of unarmed blacks accounted for approximately 0.6 percent of homicides of blacks. The overwhelming majority of black homicide victims (93 percent from 1980 to 2008) were killed by blacks.


How angelic was Ahmaud Arbery you ask?

The video in question clearly shows Arbery was not wearing traditional ‘jogging’ attire and was likely involved in criminal activity of some sort. Do Blacks even jog? Pretending that this guy is some type of martyr is another media-created fallacy to drum up more hatred against White people.

It is like the Holohoax all over again. Whites are collectively guilty for Arbery’s death simply because we exist.

White people: a global racial war has been declared on Whites and is being orchestrated by Jews. The U.S. in-justice system is another weapon that is being used against us. These two men will likely be convicted by a handpicked jury seeking racial revenge. How much longer can we tolerate this moribund ZOG-run anti-White system? I hope not much longer.


  1. What do you recommend, HW? Political action? Of what will that consist? Other races get action through protests and violence. Identity politics is for Tyrone but not for Mike, because racism (damn Trotsky for that nonsense trope). Mike’s unwillingness to unite under a tribal banner doesn’t help.

    We’re a well-armed group, we pale ones, but can’t we seem to be threatening except when our consumerist lifestyle is at risk. Hoping at least one Tyrone or Jose will join us isn’t especially helpful, either. It’s almost like we don’t want to help ourselves, going by the reflexive “But I don’t hate anyone!” bs I keep hearing. As if you have to hate others to hold any pride in yourself. The CivNat programming is like a persistent mental parasite that won’t let go of its’ host.

    • All whites are they same. Normie does not think, normie is only afraid.

      The first thing what to do is unite most radical whites. They are maybe 2-3% of population but as Eastern European experience demonstrates, this is more than enough.

      Next thing is make clear that hating people because their white skin color is not okay. This is called racism and racism is very bad.

      Third thing is do not argue. You will not argue with racism, you fight with racism. .

      Last thing is that Polish football fans, Russian cossacks and lot of other people make clear that Normie does not have talk or opinion but normie spreading anti white hatred , this is racism and when Normie is racist, he will treated as one. Normie must get best practices, Anfifa and other anti racist groups invented. Also best Alinsky. Pick one enemy and destroy. Then next.

      It is like tank battle. When enemy has a tank, then the only thing what works, is bigger tank. It also works with conservatives. When conservative one of the first question must be, when it is possible to win with arguments, then why you support troops ?

      Tell my one example in history, where communism was defeated with arguments ? In my country Nazi party is in the Government and we do not have even homepage or website because nobody read it.

      Despite we are behind Russia Poland or Hungary, we are winning. This a war not bullshit club for people who never read never think and never will be.

      • @Juri…

        “All whites are they same.”

        The notion that The Irish are like the Italians or The Alabamans are like the Russians is so incredible that I think it best to not get started – because we will be here all day.

        • We’re being opposed by groups using identity politics under racial and not ethnic banners. Hispanics aren’t talking about looking out for only Mexicans, and blacks aren’t going on about how Ibos are the special ones. The obvious answer to that unity is to ignore our own ethnic differences and unite under a Pan-European rubric.

    • Basically, we’re currently a conquered people. None of this stuff has to do with justice, and everything to do with dominance.

      This is simply being blown up to browbeat and gaslight White people and to enrage the brown foot soldiers of the (((conquerors))) against them.

      How does a conquered people regain its freedom? That’s the question that needs to be asked, because all Whites lost World War II, since it put (((internationalists))) into total control of the destiny of ALL White countries and resulted in the crushing of nationalism.

      Right now, we’re in the modern equivalent of being the Russians under the Mongols, or Spain under the Moors, or Vietnam under the French, if you will. Sure, it’s been modified by current conditions, but we’re just as much serfs of (((foreigners))) and their mercenaries (“immigrants,” both legal and illegal).

      Whatever solution is found has to discard any notion that the other side is amenable to treating us fairly, and that this is about dominance.

      Subjugation, being a conquered people, is being dominated in your own territory by genetic and cultural outsiders.

      Freedom is having dominance over yourself and your own territory, and over any “others” who happen to be there for some reason.

      Forget fairness, it means nothing to the other side or to the dispassionate referee that is reality; look to power, and how to gain it. Power is at the root of freedom and independence just as much as it at the root of its opposite.

      I’m not recommending a course of action, I’m attempting to clarify the conditions any course of action has to address.

      • This. Very much this.

        Freedom isn’t some magical right endowed by a benevolent creator. It’s a privilege earned through blood, sweat and tears.

        The “Creator” is very much a neutral party in all this.

        You have to fight for your right to exist.

      • IMHO, there are really only 2 courses of action:

        1) Do nothing
        2) Take back what is ours.

        I don’t think #2 is going to be possible peacefully, unfortunately. And if I were a betting man and were to put a marker on what I think will actually happen, I would put my chips on #1.

        I see no sign that our emasculated race will fight for themselves. They are too busy worrying about their felon ball team. And how stupid is that? Giving money to people that hate your guts. Talk about an inferiority complex.

        It’s like Kevin Bacon in Animal House “Thank you sir, may I have another?”

    • It would require having judges and lawyers who aren’t anti-white. But that is becoming more and more rare in recent years. The law in this case is already on the side of the whites, which is why they were not arrested until the media started a lynch mob.

      The only legislation I could see helping would be to impose heavy fines on media outlets for misrepresenting cases like this, but then you have the same problem of the courts not enforcing it.

    • Now, “The Man and His Machine”, as blacks used to call it when it worked against them, will used this opportunity to set examples. TMAHM doesn’t give a damn about blacks — or whites — but will use this to make sure they keep those racial flames glowing and growing.

      It makes a mockery out of both sides but does so to push its own agenda. On the left we have the innocent child Ahmaud and on the right we have two of the “typical Hollywood version” of Southern white men which will soon be accused of being inbred, moonshine-making, backwoods hillbillies. We should count their teeth before they spend too much time in the slammer because chances are they will lose a few of the front ones while incarcerated.

      I have a prediction: the father/son duo will fry regardless of guilt or innocence, Social engineering at its finest.

  2. It’s really amazing that during a global health pandemic (Covid-19) that politicians would still be in “campaign mode” or looking for the Black Vote. Of course we already know how establishment Republicans will react….blame it all on White People….thinking that Blacks will in turn Vote Republican. Never ever ever ever gonna happen. What people should really talk about is how separate but equal would solve these problems. By separate but equal I mean separate but equal 100%. However with the current racial reality…Blacks kill other Blacks probably more than anyone or anything. Black people’s enemy is Black people. It’s just that simple. I think that’s how Christianity would help everyone. Deo Vindice !

  3. This is another Todd Broom , Joe Horn incident.
    A White man doing the cops job and being condemned for it.

    • Please give an update on Joe Horn

      The last I heard his White neighbors rallied to him and ran off new Black Panther party. White bikers did great.

  4. Those animals who killed that kid were Irish and the Irish ain’t white. Get your facts straight. Whites Christians do not persecute and torment the weak and the innocent. That is a Jew thing and yes the Irish are tied at the hip with the Jews when it comes to attacking the innocent.

        • According to the census all Mediterranean decent is white. Jews Arabs Northern African.

          • That’s true, but many are now clamoring to have new racial identities (e.g. MENA) assigned so they can get in on the gibs and the grift. LULAC has same history. From the nineteen thirties through the mid-sixties LULAC insisted that all people of the bean be categorized as huwhite. They changed their tune as soon as identity politics made reclassification desirable for the gibs and grift.

      • Panzer,

        The Irish are obviously white regardless of what some anti-Irish haters said in the past or present. I go to school (or did until the shutdowns) with an Irish American girl. She has red hair, creamy white skin and freckles. She is beautiful. If she is not white then no one is.

        • The comments section just got a little more intelligent with the return of Queen Christina.

          I needed a sabbatical from OD, after some of the most hair-brained comments that I have ever seen in my entire life by Gray Ghost and the nut who wrote that viruses are fake.

          • November,

            Thank you for the compliment.

            Glad you are back. I am concerned about the virus. It is also hitting Mexico worse than the government is admitting. Other governments are also lying I would imagine. I am only allowed back sparingly and only because of the new 5 rules on the side bar, especially number 4.

            I did not dare tell my family that many people on this website believe the earth is flat.

          • “who wrote that viruses are fake”

            Not just in comment sections, I’ve recently met some people in real life who believe there is no such thing as viruses, only “impaired immunity.”

        • Cristina Romana Alva. H.——-I hate your fucxking guts. I hate your fuxcking gut and I want to scream it right in your ugly fucxking face. You persecute and torment the weak and the innocent and I hate your fuxcking guts. Why do you hate Muslims Mick? Tell me, WTF has a Muslim ever done to you? You can’t answer, can you retard?

          • Browning,

            Yawn. Your performance is very bad and unchristian. You also violate all the 5 rules especially number 4.

        • SC Rebel—–Why do the Irish persecute and torment the weak and the innocent? Are you a Christ killer? Or have you just whored yourself out to the Christ killers? The Irish are Pontius Pilate, the Irish are the hatchet men for the Jews, the Irish are the killers for the Jews. Tell me again you are proud to be Irish you miserable dirty Irtish prick? I will spit in your ugly fuxcking face you worthless shit.

      • mousieish—-

        It is our ability to reason that separates us from the animals. So Mick or half a Mick, why do you persecute and torment the weak and the innocent? Is it because you are a civilized human being or because you are a Goddamned animal? Why do you hate Muslims Mick? WTF have they ever done to you? Or now is it because you whored yourself out to the Jews? So then you are not an animal, you are just a dirty Irish whore? You are something MIck, but nothing worth being proud of your worthless disgusting Irish filth.

    • If the Irish aren’t White why is Ireland, like UK, France, Germany, Sweden, et al, being chased down by “Diversity”?

    • Uh, Bobby Browning, who was pulling the bomb release levers over Dresden February 13-15 1945? Because they were most certainly persecuting the weak and innocent into ash.

      • November—-are you defending the Christ killers? Are you defending the persecution and torment of the weak and the innocent, then go to hell you miserable disgusting filthy Jew, it is were you belong you rotten piece of shit.

        • Whoa there. Has the CoronaChan lockdown made it difficult, if not impossible for you to obtain your medication because it was made in China?

          Btw, you defined what is an animal as someone who persecute and torments the innocent and the weak.

          The British and American bomber crews that firebombed the German city Dresden which was of no military significance, but was filled with elderly women and men, and mothers with their children.

          You made up your definition what defines an animal and a Christ killer/jew, but you don’t enjoy it at all when it turns out that by your own definition, your beloved WASPs check all the boxes, and then you react with histrionics and ad hominem attacks.

    • “Those animals who killed that kid”

      Despite being of Irish descent, I can look aside that Irish comment solely because it comes from a pathetic fake “Christian” lunatic but the part about the suspect darkie thief being a kid had me stunned.

      “Whites Christians do not persecute and torment the weak and the innocent.”

      Then, Mad Preacher Browning ends up even outdoing himself. What a performance.

  5. It is this type of caca that gives me sympathy toward the Anglo. For what it is worth all my family and friends that I have discussed this with hope there will be a fair trial. Once the arrests are made however and with black intimidation it looks doubtful.

    It is perhaps significant that my Anglo girl friends are more timid on the issue than my latin ones. I personally do not know any Mexicans who are naive about blacks. I would write what my grandmother thinks of them but it might be censored.

    • It isn’t black intimidation. It’s Jewish intimidation through the media. Blacks themselves without Jewish backing are completely powerless.

      • Very true comment. Jewish money and organizations bankroll blacks. So does Jewish run Hollywood. Blacks are so out of it they still complain about ( cough) ” white run” Hollywood. Where else can a Spike Lee be considered a ” good” filmmaker given chance after chance by the kosher powers that be? Try being a conservative white ( or even black) doing that.

        Black power and advancement has come mostly through the threat of the riot with Jewish economic, political and television backing with many semi retarded goys going along with it. Just keep the blacks calm is the mantra.

        90 percent of blacks are politically hopeless. Georgia Governor Kemp is sucking up to them now since so many blacks live in Georgia and a communist, white hating Stacey Abrams almost defeated him.This is what happens when you say nothing about welfare people having tons of kids instead of limiting it as well as being too far in the background regarding the illegal immigration invasion. White pee po literally bankroll their own displacement. In too many cases the idiots have all the kids and are paid to do it!. It would be far better to pay them not to have kids!

      • Dart,

        True. Jews are very formidable. But without white christian support where would they be?

    • Let’s see what ‘buelita would say: El mayate es problemático en el mejor caso y mortífero en muchos otros casos mi hija. Más vale evitar lidiar con él a todo costo.

      • Strumpet,

        I have never heard an Anglo use the word mayate before. You are well informed. My grandmother and her generation use the word but I have seldom heard anyone else use it.

    • Christina,

      I have no such sympathy for the WASPs. In my time spent over on HuWhite Telegram, I’ve encountered more than a few “Bulldog Anglo Nationalists.”

      If you ever decide to download the app to Telegram, and want to chat, it’s easier than I originally thought. The chats are encrypted too. I’m in several groups. My username is the same as the most lethal USMC sniper in Vietnam (that should be easy for you to figure out).

      Boomer X, Arian and a few other select commentators have been exemplary in the comments section on OD as usual.


      Whoever was the idiot that ‘penned’ that steaming pile of manure about the “Crucifixion of Matthew Heimbach ” and the commentators that supported that thesis should be looked upon warily in our circles.

      For those that might’ve been living under a rock, Matthew Heimbach has gone full ZOG.

      • November,

        I do not know anything about Matthew Heimbach. I have heard of Andrew Anglin of course and Ramzpaul and Political Cesspool. I do not keep up with the movement.

        I do not recall a comment about the Crucifixion of Matthew Heimbach. I read maybe half the articles and perhaps a third of the comments.

        • No it wasn’t a comment that you made. The article/column was written by another person, and HW removed it almost immediately.

          • November,

            So that was why I did not find it. I am pretty sure who probably made the comment on the crucifixion of M. Heimbach.

      • November,

        I forgot to mention that my pro Anglo (white) sympathies are very controversial among family and friends. They ask me why. I can only tell them that the enemies of the WASP are with one exception worse than the anglo. I currently live in an anglo neighborhood. I feel safe and that counts for a lot. It is hard however to support a people that will not support themselves.

        I think you can guess who I would consider the one exception. Also, my anglo girl friends are very nice and much different from the people on this website. They are mostly Catholic.

        Outside of something unusual the southwest will be Mexican de facto shortly. If anglos were smart they would court someone like me who would cushion their fall. For I will continue to speak for them when they are suffering wrong. I come from a good family and will have some influence.

        I know you are aware of this but this website is loaded with agent provacateurs and strange people.

    • “Anglo” girls are probably the most propagandized and brainwashed group of people on the planet. The reason is obvious.

      • Powell,

        No scope for Simo? Incredible!

        The Anglo girls I know are reasonably solid and recognize the unfairness of the media and the politicians, it is just they are afraid. The USA is more and more being governed by fear. Since my school is near 100% white they will voice their displeasure but with extreme caution and no outrage.

        The Hispanics at our school are what I classify as white since the school is expensive and most come from good families. Mexicans are very class conscious as well. It could be my race classifications are overly generous on some.

        Their are a few Puerto Ricans/Cubans and South Americans. All US citizens I think. They are definitely white. The 2 Central American girls are white. Only some of the Mexican girls are what you might call touch and go.

    • Arian,

      My family a few years ago hired roofers to fix the hail damage on one of our houses in the Southwest. The Anglo foreman mentioned they had lucrative offers to go to New Orleans for some jobs. All his Mexican crew refused to go because they will not work among large numbers of blacks.

      The Democrat party and their groups do not like each other. They are only bound together because of self interest and probably anti whiteness. It seems like a fragile alliance.

      I am glad to see non-Coronavirus stories.

        • November,

          Yes she is kept at home even more than everyone else. Thank you for asking.

          I asked my father who loves military history. He said Carlos Hathcock. But I found Chuck Mawhinney was number one.

          Simo Hayha, a Finn seems to have the most in history at 500 kills. That seems hard to believe in such weather conditions and for a short war. But who am I to say?

          • Go with your father’s answer.

            If you do try Telegram, the Germania Chat is pleasant, as are Italia and Alpine Chats. It can get a little rougher in some of the other ones.

            Shockingly, the only two groups that banned me were Patriotic Weekly Review and Millennial Woes. Haha.

            Mr. Knickerbocker, sorry to post off topic on your article. Allow me to share an experience of mine in matters of black-on-White violence using a firearm.

            Back in high school, my friend’s family allowed a couple of us to practice playing out musical instruments in their finished basement. After rehearsal, myself and another guy were walking back together to catch the bus home. Though the neighborhood was 70% White and was in the midst of being gentrified by yuppies, it still had pockets of “affordable housing/section-8” areas with gangbangers of the melanin maximum variety.

            So as we were waiting for the bus, we heard a car playing ghetto music with the thumping bass coming. The weather was warm, so their windows were all open. One of the negros shouted “Kill those White boys, ” where upon the burr head in the backseat passenger side leaned out the window, and fired six shots at us (revolver, I guess) fortunately, the shooter missed us, but had the bullets found their mark, would there have been any uproar in the (((msm))), or Whites rioting “for justice?” Rhetorical question, of course.

            Residents that heard the gunshots called the police (this happened before the omnipresent cell phone). We made a police report. The cops told us that some gangs have a initiation ritual, and this might have been the negro shooter’s way of joining.

            As you might expect, this violent anti-White attempted murder didn’t receive any mention in the local jewspaper or local broadcast news. Flip the script, and imagine how it would’ve been covered, even in the early 1990s.

    • It appears that they have been indicted on an information conjured up by the GBI, the FBI and the substitute DA. So there probably won’t be any grand jury proceedings. The local DA has recused himself.

      Also note that the substitute DA (a huwhite guy) had a recent dust up involving his crashing his car and being charged with DUI as a result. I don’t know if/how the case was disposed of.

      • Errata and apology:

        I gave a misinformed response to Arian regarding grand jury indictments in the State of Georgia.

        All capital felonies must be presented to a grand jury for indictment in the State of Georgia.

  6. Hopefully, this will go like the Todd Broom case, the public screaming for the DA’s head on a platter.

  7. Key to the loss of people’s liberties, is co-opting the legal system so thoroughly, that victims have no lawyers truly defending them

    E.g., James Fields getting railroaded after Charlottesville, and not a single lawyer stepping up to defend his high-profile case … leaving Fields to get sabotaged by a corrupt public defender who was part of the same mafia as the prosecutors

    The helplessless of the USA Dissident Right, is shown in that there are no fighting lawyers in it

    Along with the media control, this is the poison of the USA … lawyers unwilling to step up, because they themselves lose their right to practice law, as their penalty for speaking the truth and defending a client too fully

    E.g., senior lawyer Richard Fine in California, he talked about court corruption, was suspended from the bar, jailed, bankrupted, slandered by media. ‘Many such cases. Sad!’

    And almost no one in the USA even knows this is how it goes down, they think the legal system is like in Hollywood TV or movies

    Jewish convert to Christianity Israel Shamir says this is core Jewish agenda – kritarchy, dominant rule by judges and lawyers, who twist the legal apparatus wholesale for the oligarchy

    The US Constitution made Congress supreme over fed and supreme court judges; allowing their removal for mere ‘lack of good behaviour’, but that power remains mostly unused

    A corrupt legal system has perhaps never been fixed by anything short of social collapse and revolution

  8. Mike P made a good observation that the media only really blows up these race hoaxes when the whites involved are clearly innocent (as the video in this case shows). Because they know that whites will not defend a guilty person, and their goal is to provoke whites to defend the accused so that they can use it as proof of white racial hostility. It also serves the purpose of keeping whites in line by gaslighting them.

  9. “Asians have the lowest rates, followed by whites, and then Hispanics”:

    Some East Asian populations have extremely low occurrences of sociopathy and psychopathy (measured by standard tests) when compared to European populations, possibly due to centuries of rigid selection (execution) against “individualistic” traits.

    • Almost any characteristic you can think of, the scale is always the same….Asians>Whites>Hispanics> Blacks. Or in reverse order depending on what you’re talking about.

  10. Why is biblical history included in this list? Hunter, as a Christian, I don’t understand why you allow this slanderous NS fool post on this site. Your site is fantastic, and is one of the best blogs around right now. I read it everyday because your coverage of the virus is great. Try is a friend I guess, but anti-Christians are not friends of Christians. Let’s see what you think about biblical history by the end of this year, Trey. Praying for you, sincerely.

  11. The only reason those two innocent whites were arrested and charged with murder is because the SJW, whites, politicians and the govt are fearful and intimidated by blacks and what violence they might do if they don’t get their way.. White people could learn a lot from blacks and Muslims when it comes to using fear and intimidation but unfortunately, whites are afraid of being called racists and doing what it takes to win. We are in a war for our survival and wars are contingent on violence, otherwise they wouldn’t be wars.

    • One need only study Medieval Europe to see that whites are more than capable of intimidation. And they weren’t clueless about (((them))) either.

      Someone already said this, but it’s worth repeating. We are a conquered people. People who come to this site and others like us already recognize this fact. The issue is with the majority of whites that cannot see what is right in front of them.

      It’s been hard for me to come to the conclusion that the nation I was born in and have loved all my life is gone. It’s not coming back.

      I used to believe that there was a political solution, that all we needed was for the “right” people to take power. Then it would turn around. Now there may have been a time when that may have been possible, but that time is long gone.

      The only solution for Whites is for us to go into survival mode. Of course in order to do that, you first need to accept that you are a target. Most Whites can’t or won’t see this because of our material prosperity.

      It’s going to take something very dramatic to wake people up. Unfortunately, that something is going to be very unpleasant.

  12. “The only reason those two innocent whites were arrested and charged with murder is because the SJW, whites, ……….”


    It’s by pressure from the nose behind the curtain.

  13. Republicans and Democrats joining together on something that isn’t related to Israel? “Conservative” media like Ben Shapiro joining with the mainstream media, the ADL and SPLC?

    I am shocked

  14. Also important to note that the D&C JIDF trolls are out in force on /pol/ and every other site on this one. It’s no conspiracy theory to say that this whole “Justice for Quez” thing is a well funded, well organised psy-ops.

  15. Guys out doin’ B&E’s trying to bare knuckle fight his armed apprehenders get shot every fkn day somewhere in the world…only in judeo occupied countries is this even news…TaBron, LeBron,Jerome,Tyrone and the rest are always idolizing “cap in you ass” gangsta culture until one of their boys gets “capped in the ass”, which TaBron, LeBron, Jerome, Tyrone and the rest would have done themselves if that ” nigga” was doing that to them…its all so tiresome…all of it!

    • Regarding Milo vs Shapiro, they are bad in different ways. Milo is gutter and in a way that gets old fast. He’s kind of like an eric cartman without nearly the repertoire that Cartman has.

      Shapiro is more like an ideology that a lot of people might have, if they didn’t realize how colossally corrupt big business actually is. I went the exact opposite position because I’ve formed very negative opinions about big business.

      But I do believe Shapiro has the potential to make very good points and I don’t say that about everyone. I’d say his main idea is a bad idea but he’s actually someone I would consider listening to because of his intellect. He’s someone who could reform if he understood that his corporate utopia isn’t a utopia.

      • Shapiro is a fast talking POS snake oil salesman and beyond any sort of redemption.

    • “Ben Shapiro is actually pretty bright,”

      How many producers does he have coaching him and prepping him ?

      • Bibi Shitpiro’s daddy provided him his launching pad into the kosher conservative stratosphere at Breitbart. Shitpiro Sr. even employed ghostwriters and put Ashkenazi manlet Bibi’s name on the byline.

  16. People are too negative, too defeatist.

    I go all the way back to Tawana Bradley racist rape hoax – that was the start of the Rev (Not!) Am Sharpton . Who boldly proclaimed this case would make him and the Brawley advisers (The biggest nigge&$s in New York .

    We’ve been thru so many of these Emmett Till race/sexist hoaxes since then :

    Duke Lacrosse team rape hoax
    University of Virginia fraternity rape hoax
    Rodney King hoax
    Trayvon Martin hoax
    Freddy Grey Baltimore hoax
    Michael Brown Ferguson MO hoax
    That 300 lbs loosely cigarette street seller that died if a heart attack in NYC hoax

    There are so many hoaxes and scams in my ex city of Chicago that I ll need a full time blog for them – there are currently 3 excellent Chicago crime blogs/race realist blogs:


    In almost all these cases the truth eventually won out , the persecuted Whites eventual faded from the national news and they went on somewhere else to resume their lives .

    So let s get to work getting the truth out on the latest case. So far the true facts seem to support the White crime watch folks same as in the Trayvon Martin case.

    People are asking here what to do?

    Those serious about activism can e mail me or co tact me through Amren or TPC

    • Jaye Ryan,

      Are you still stuck in South Africa? Our mutual friend Dr. Jarl Carlsson is trying to get ahold of you, but he doesn’t have your new phone number.

      If you can, you should give him a call.

  17. Leave it to the bikes to rile up the joggers absolutely disgusting and evil for them to do this even if the father and son were guilty as a worst case scenario why rile them up?.

    My understanding it was self defense but look at all the killings, black do to whites every year thats never reported or made into a big deal. These heebs are truly evil and a spawn of the devil himself for this

  18. This is a great article filled with tons of information. If Trey and Hunter were liberals, they would be hired by a Jewish controlled magazine or be on CNN and msnbc making fat cash. Even standard conservative Fox would hire them. But reality is barely allowed by controlled news.

    So we get another blitzkrieg of this case in Georgia while black crime and HIV rates are barely discussed.

    Remember the case in Detroit where black savages broke into a house filled with white people and proceeded to stab and shoot to death all in the house including a white man in a wheelchair. They put a bullet through his brain. Another white was butchered to death in the bedroom. Yes, barely discussed and no 24/7 news on it. Truly demonic on the media’s part including Fox!

    So Fox and the left wing stations are covering this case in Georgia 24/7. Even if you think the two white guys were yahoos, the case is already being set up for conviction by Trump, heavily so by Biden, Governor Kemp, the GA. Attorney General, the entire media and vile civil wrongs groups. Gee, I am so glad blacks committed no evil crimes against whites and others since that incident happened. Lol.

    It’s the same game all the time. The massive blitzkrieg of black crime gets ignored including the hate crime attack in New York where a senior citizen white guy was going to work in Times Square around Halloween and he was then surrounded by black savages saying , ” boo” while punching and kicking him. No hate crime charges and not even sure if there were even any arrests.

    It’s almost like full scale race riots have to happen to force media to even acknowledge the white victims over the past 60 years. Truly demonic and disgusting. Great article. Thanks!

  19. Hi Christina,

    This is J Ryan

    Great to read your always sensible comments here.

    I m on CV lock down in Africa!

    My first trip to Africa – everything was going great.

    Now I m stuck

    Europeans here are nice, sensible about racial realities and European women here are beautiful and friendly ….

    Unlike Chicago.

    Take care Christina.


    • Mr. Ryan,

      Thank you for the compliment.
      Glad to hear from you. On vacation from Chicago? Africa sounds interesting. I think visiting a park and seeing lions would be wonderful. Swimming in the ocean sounds scary with sharks etc. I saw Jaws relatively recently and I think I will stick to swimming pools and lakes.

      Plan on any articles soon?

  20. And meanwhile in my former city of Chicago :

    What a Week
    Wild ass Wednesday this week:
    Nine people were shot, three of them fatally, Wednesday in Chicago, including a 19-year-old man who was killed in Marquette Park on the Southwest Side.
    Thursday says, “Hold my beer:”
    Five people were killed and nine more were wounded Thursday in shootings across Chicago.
    Two days, 8 dead and 15 wounded.”

    Zio media and cuckservative fake opposition media not covering these tragedies in my former city.

    • Jaye, it’s basically expected at this point. Most killed are no loss to society. It’s been going on for decades with no end in sight. It’s clearly genetic with whitey having no stomach to at least limit how many sprogs blacks can have.

      Some say abortions at least limit how many kids they are having but actually limiting how many kids welfare people can have would be far more effective. Because that would put a major crimp in ” baby mama” and “baby daddy” culture.

      Chicago will never come back outside of literally replacing the homeys that live there. Incredibly,the most advanced culture- whites- are the ones being replaced.

      We are witnessing this in Georgia as tons of blacks live there. Blacks are overwhelmingly the reason some speak of it becoming a blue state. Stacey Abrams nearly became governor due to hordes of racist blacks and some moronic, self hating whites. Whites have become the ding a lings voting for politicians who are seeking their destruction.

      The real falling apart is when whites are the minority in entire states. If Georgia keeps going in the direction it is, it will clearly become a Democrat state. The shooting down there and the never ending reporting on it shows the media wants race riots and it also shows the huge black numbers in Georgia. Baby mama and baby daddy culture destroy things as much as corona time. The difference being there is a strong hope and focus on corona time going away.

  21. According to the U.S. Justice Department in 2005 over 34,460 White women were sexually assaulted or raped by Black males.

    The number of Black female rapes by White men is statistically 0 because they have fewer than 10 cases nationally.

    • ” 34,460 White women were sexually assaulted or raped by Black males.”

      Those are just the ones who lived to report it.

  22. Scallon,

    If someone took your knowledge of WWII and converted it into gasoline, it would get a flea’s motorcycle halfway around a cherry pit.

    You probably also believe in the fable of the six gorillion.

    Go play in the kiddy pool. You’re not ready for the deep end.

    • If your knowledge of history were turned into gasoline, they couldn’t power a tick’s mower two laps ’round a fruit loop.

      I don’t believe in Six Gorillion, but I believe the Nazis received their just deserts for their crimes against the people of Europe.

      • Scallon, try loosening your yarmulke, as it is cutting off the flow of oxygenated blood to your brainwashed anti-historical facts cerebrum.

        By you ingnorance and lack of reason, the White girls of Great Britain are deserving of being drugged, raped, and murdered by Pakistani “grooming gangs” due to the imperial and colonial polices of the English Empire.

        • November,

          You were relatively easy on him. I do not recognize his name so he is probably just a hit and disrupt person. He is just trying to get somebody’s goat.

  23. Blacks rape and murder white people for sport all over this despicable , dying corporation called JEWmerica everyday.
    This has been going on for 6 straight decades since the split second jews forced intergrading on whites.
    I mentioned this the other day when normies brought up how baaaaaa’aaad the 2 white men in this case are…
    I believe i called that this dindu would be revealed to be a dirty criminal…but as usual, it doesn’t matter.

    All that ever matters is that whites are to punished nonstop after any interaction that turns to violence with a darky..

    Our perverted , kiked out judicial system often allows negroids to use the “n-word” defense in rape, assault or murder cases and it often works -yet when its a clear cut instance of self defense by white people we must be crucified and denied basic rights..

    Then when and if whitey wins the court case he must live out his days a marked man by the tribal negroes who all hate and murder each other like its the equivalent of shaking someones hand or saying “hello” to a passerby but they can sure constantly muster up enough tribalism to put that aside and riot and/or attack random whites for revenge against whatever white person the jewish media has slandered or accused of “racism”…..
    Of course no such outrage exists , even by our own people, when some evil negroes beat a 2 yr old white child nearly to death or rape our grandmothers on a daily basis…

    Just go check out and look at the disgusting apes they’ve caught in the last couple weeks alone.
    Any sane people would’ve waged war against such a hostile tribe of evil and utter useless creatures like africans.
    The negroid is the most damning plight ever forced on the white race in jewmerica.

    The Arabs took negro slaves and so did many other groups of people in their history…i wonder why Arabs and Chinks don’t have cities filled with the useless, burdening ancestors of slaves in their cities destroying their countries with their never ending cries of reparations and revenge?

  24. It’s nice to read you again here, Trey. I do not disagree with your premise, but the image offends me. These have been the best couple of months for our families (my famlily) in years. That picture shows up and traumatizes me. Is this a reminder of what I should be afraid of? They don’t come over here because the mall is closed. No Sneakers, No Bling, No All-You-Can Eat Crablegs. What is the purpose of this article? To keep us afraid?

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