Tucker Carlson Attacks Neil Ferguson

1.) Tucker Carlson argues that the Chinese response to the virus was “extreme” and “utterly inhumane.” Meanwhile, the current death count in this country is 72,271 because Donald Trump chose to “ride it out” after deferring to private equity and hedge fund billionaires.

2.) Mr. Humanity has been agitating for weeks on FOX News to Reopen America in the middle of an epidemic. The models are now predicting anywhere from 92,000 to 110,000 deaths by June. By this point, it should clear to anyone who isn’t an idiot that COVID-19 IS NOT THE FLU!

3.) The flu doesn’t skyrocket in mid-March and kill 50,000 people in April. Flu season ended a month ago. This virus IS STILL going! It might even SURGE as we head into the summer!

4.) Neil Ferguson was right to compare COVID-19 to the Spanish Flu. The first wave of that virus also came in the spring. The relative lack of seasonality of the virus as the weather has warmed is a telltale sign that we are dealing with a pandemic.

“Pandemics do not behave the same way seasonal outbreaks do. For the National Academies’ report, researchers looked at the history of flu pandemics as an example. “There have been 10 influenza pandemics in the past 250-plus years — two started in the Northern Hemisphere winter, three in the spring, two in the summer and three in the fall,” the report said. “All had a peak second wave approximately six months after emergence of the virus in the human population, regardless of when the initial introduction occurred.”

History strongly suggests the peak will come in September or October.

5.) Neil Ferguson isn’t a hypocrite. He was infected by COVID-19 and recovered from it.

6.) There is no proof that Neil Ferguson was wrong about a 0.9% IFR. The original Imperial College study also said half of cases were asymptomatic and that the death rate varied by age group.

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  1. He was breaking his own quarantine to slam a married woman with kids…how can you trust anything he says?

      • I’m sure if he was banging your wife or better yet, your son, you would be equally sanguine. Motives or basic honesty or prior history mean nothing to a historian like yourself. Accept whatever makes your enemies look bad, discount contrary facts. Yup, science. Sounds like a TV show episode my kids watched when younger, Jimmy Neutron, ” Funky Jam Dance Party-With Some Science.” Impressive.

        • It is an ad hominem attack.

          I’m not surprised it is compelling argument though to people who believe conspiracy theories are a better guide to knowledge than logic, science, medicine, math and history.

          • Ya, Science Has a Liberal Bias. The New Republic has been touting that catchphrase for years.You do know that all human knowledge flows through, wait for it. . . . . . . HUMANS!!! Shocking, I realize. Which means the honesty, motivations, and basic competence of the scientists, politicians, or internet pundits like someone we know from OD are all relevant to the question of empirical reality, as reported through HUMANS. Grow up, man. You may obey like a good little traditionalist-hierarch, but the rest of us adults question the source of our knowledge. You would be wise to do likewise.

          • It is really this simple.

            You believe conspiracy theories are a reliable source of knowledge.

            I believe that reason, science, medicine, math and history are a far better guide to knowledge particularly when all are reinforcing each other at the present moment.

            All the idiots who said that COVID-19 was just the flu have been discredited since it surpassed even the worst of all normal flu seasons. As the death toll soars into unimaginable territory this summer, these takes are going to look even more foolish in hindsight.

            I’ve seen nothing that has caused me to change my view of the matter. Where are we now? About 77,000 deaths in less than two months?

            The Iraq War was a blunder. It will pale in comparison to this screw up.

  2. …and I still haven’t seen mass death, piled up bodies, massive mourning, How much longer, Sir, shall I not believe my lying eyes?

    • My niece was like that once.

      You could cover her eyes and she would think you had disappeared.

      She got over it.

      • The PR campaign on the virus was never to terrify folks. It was done to shield people from the sight of people choking on lung foam in hospital lobbies.

    • The entire Hoax is to protect the reputation of the NHS. Not to protect good medicine nor to protect the people. What difference does it make if two people are having an affair? The Hoax is just this: make sure no images of the dying are found in hospital hallways and in lobby areas of medical Centers.

      • By November it’ll be forgotten that their was a mass die off from Covisomethunorother14. Indeed it’ll be blamed on white separatists. My stupid brother is already repeating that Trump dismantled the pandemic super reaction force and my dad is saying we are too unconnected to our continental brothers by doing Brexit. Same coin different side to Deni$e’s barbaric stance.

      • Wasn’t the “death rate” downgraded by almost HALF, yesterday?

        You are NOT presenting balanced info. You are desperately pushing the Psycho Gates lunacy, WHY are you still doing this?

        • No, it wasn’t.

          Not that any of this matters. A paranoid conspiracy theory will suffice. Hell, I must be part of the conspiracy theory too for disagreeing with all the people who said it was “just the flu” in March and April. It wasn’t the flu and here we are in May and it is still going and on the way to 100,000 deaths.

          The theory that it was “just the flu” was flat out wrong. Of course that doesn’t matter either. 500,000 people could die and the same conspiritards would still be saying it was the flu.

          • By November anyone remembering this event with accuracy will be a pariah. Be prepared for that.

    • Robert – here it is:

      “Ferguson co-founded the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis, based at Imperial [College], in 2008. It is the leading body advising national governments on pathogen outbreaks.”
      “It gets tens of millions of dollars in annual funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,”

      I’m trying to find Jew gene status. He looks like a Heeb. Heebs have been Scotland for EVER. My Bagel Alarm is going off.

      Ferguson probably quit to go into hiding. He’s going to hide out from the thousands of people who he has destroyed. Wrecked their lives.

      PS – Hunter- the people who are countering you now are trying to HELP you. PLEASE try to understand this.

      • All I see are absurd conspiracy theories and false predictions from people who don’t know what they are talking about that it was “just the flu.” I see willful ignorance and denial and rejecting science, medicine, math and history. I am not persuaded.

          • I’ve always been a history buff.

            Well, 50,000 people don’t die of the flu in April. There is no getting around that fact. Nothing like this has happened since the Spanish Flu.

          • If you are not a composite character generated in AI, there’s a good chance you’ll get infected. Certainly the men around you will eventually have to get a dose. Take care of yourself. You’ll be seeking sympathy then.

  3. I did not know about the history of pandemicks, and how they peak 6 months after, season irrespective.

    That’s important information and I thank you, Mr. Griffin, for this for having enlightened me on this!

    That said, we live with death in varied forms, constantly – from the car-wrecks that run over 30,000 deaths a year in this country to the deaths caused by opportunistic infection at hospitals averaging around 350,000 deaths a year.

    One only knows how many people are killed, as was Glenn Frey of The Eagles, by succumbing to an opportunistic infection which was a side-effeckt of taking ‘immune system modulating drugs’ for his rheumatoidal arthritis, not to mention how many people die from the horrific ‘cancer treatments’ to which many of us choose subject ourselves.

    So, at the current rate of deaths, we are on track for somewhere in the neighbourhood of 300,000- perhaps, at most, 1,000,000, in this country.

    Less than 1 in 300 people, at most, succumbing to this virus, is nowhere near the amount that would auger us continue on in this warfooting indefinitely.

    The suffering of small business owners and their employees has been immense – not to mention all those who work at the economic bottom of this society and who were living paycheck to paycheck – before this began.

    I am for everything opening now, and I have been so for over a month, once I realized that the initial disease fatality models produced by academick institutions were horrifically flawed.

    Yes, there will be death – there always is death. Life is death, death is life.

    What we cannot do is live in terror, hiding out in our homes, and going around like a bunch of psychadelic Zorros at Lowe’s Garden Center, each of us afraid to look anyone in the eye, much less shake their hand and converse.

    People need to work and put food on the table.

    We have to buck up and get going again.

    • Well, if nothing else, the “right” has proven itself to be completely unfit to be dissidents, let alone survive anything like the legendary “boogaloo.”

      Soft, undisciplined wimps who are driven insane by a VERY MILD set of restrictions that still manage to leave most of the modern conveniences in place anyway.

      Dial Modern Consumerism down to 92% from 100% for a couple of weeks and they’re in a bawling tantrum at the unfairness of actually having to be around their families, go for walks, read books, etc.

      Soft, pampered, mentally weak lab rats who couldn’t survive very long without the familiar confines of the experiment box. 99.9% of these people would lose it within a few weeks, if not days, and either run amok or neck themselves in any kind of REAL crisis.

      You just know that Denise, for one, would be rolled up into a ball, rocking and sobbing and screaming drumming her fists on the ground and soiling herself, out in the open until exposure got her, if her daily spigot of TV and shopping was cut off for a couple of days. 🙂

      • Ironbrains – you are writing about yourself. I know you like to characterize me in such a sick fashion – but my reality is the POLAR opposite. You are describing yourself.

        • You’re garbage. Watch ur place. Do more cleaning and less mind numbing comments you toad.

        • At least I’m eating something other than soul food. Which you love. And behave like them. You need to go away. Get into a tank top with your fried egg titties, protest how you cant get ur nails done by some ching chong. Stop wasting our motherfucking time.

      • Decades ago, Ironsides, I knew a kid who, though he was probably not yet old enough to have started in elementary school, had observed his father’s occasional visits to the bank, for the withdrawing of money for one reason or another. On an occasion when he was informed by his father that a toy in which he was interested might cost more than their family could afford to spend on it, he explained to his father that he, the father, could simply go to the bank and get more money.

        You remind me of that kid.

        • I’ve lived most of my life in an extremely frugal manner. I know how to survive on short commons.

          You toads can’t even live for a couple of weeks without going to Applebees before you’re screaming and drumming your feet and fists on the ground in a braindead brat temper tantrum, threatening to hold your breath until you turn blue unless everyone agrees with your loser inability to cope with the situation.

          You’re too stupid to realize that a temporary partial shutdown is less economically disruptive than tens of millions of people extremely ill and possibly permanently damaged, and millions more dead.

          You would be useless in any kind of REAL emergency. Too spoiled and weak.

          I have nothing but contempt for you soft, worthless lab animals and your fantasy-riddled dementia.

          Additionally, you’re such loathsome PRICKS about this entire thing, and have been from the start, with your sneering little faggot accusations that Wallace must be “paid” in order to recognize plain reality that you deny, that there is no way I will ever agree with you on any point. You’re too vile to do anything but mock you as the worthless clowns you are.

          • “I’ve lived most of my life in an extremely frugal manner. I know how to survive on short commons.”

            Tell that to someone who’s interested in your autobiography. It has nothing to do with what I posted.

            “You toads can’t even live for a couple of weeks without going to Applebees before you’re screaming and drumming your feet and fists on the ground in a braindead brat temper tantrum, threatening to hold your breath until you turn blue unless everyone agrees with your loser inability to cope with the situation.”

            What are you blathering about?

            “You’re too stupid to realize that a temporary partial shutdown is less economically disruptive than tens of millions of people extremely ill and possibly permanently damaged, and millions more dead.”

            That economic consideration is debatable, which makes it worth more than the remainder of your post.

            “Additionally, you’re such loathsome PRICKS about this entire thing, and have been from the start, with your sneering little faggot accusations that Wallace must be “paid” in order to recognize plain reality that you deny, that there is no way I will ever agree with you on any point.”

            I personally have said no such thing about our host, not even close, so–how can I put this delicately?–shut the fuck up, you witless douchebag.

      • Correct, sir. This has exposed some very soft and spoiled people. There would be mass suicides if something REALLY bad went down.

  4. HW:I got quite the positive reaction yesterday when I went out in my Umbrella Corporation tee-shirt! People thought it was hysterical. Ive often said time and time again that conspiracy theories are the bane of the Racialist Right.(The Earth is round, school place shootings to happen, they are not false flag operations, Man did go to the moon-my uncle is retired from the glory days of NASA and I did meet Buzz Aldrin recently, 911 did happen. Islamic terrorist did indeed bring the Twin Towers down. It was not a false flag operation caused by previously placed interior explosives by the government) You cannot make a serious political movement with people who believe that stuff because you never know when they are going to run their mouth and destroy any positive publicity you might have garnered.When all is said and done the United States is the world’s largest open air political experiment. Let us see if there is a massive spike after some of the restrictions are lifted. Nevertheless one cannot be contained forever or there will be nothing to go back too.

  5. @Heartland…

    “Ive often said time and time again that conspiracy theories are the bane of the Racialist Right…”

    Absolutely, but, this is, at least in part, cause, and or exacerbated, by the incredible dishonesty of the government-media complex.

    It is difficult to know what to trust, and to what extent to trust it.

    To figure out what is what, I blend American media, with that from around the world, particularly from Russia, and, when I get a lot of interesting lines, on a subject, I then believe it.

    I also rely on a few blogs, starting with this one, to be honest. Even if I do not agree with a blog host in his worldview or on a particular issue, if I know him to be a man of integrity, I rely on him.

  6. The main problem with Ferguson is that he didn’t purplish the paper in late January and force Johnson to a rapid shutdown. The UK would be sitting pretty like Taiwan or Australia at this point if Bojo had been forced into a decision sooner.

  7. Despite Belgium having highest alleged per capita death rate for covid-19 in the world – chart here –


    (Tho Belgium gov admits many of such deaths are merely ‘presumed’)

    Belgium is ending the lockdown this weekend

    Starting Sunday Mother’s Day 10 May, up to 4 people can visit anyone else in their home

    The next day, Monday 11 May, most shops can be open again to receive customers

    Face masks required on public transport remaining the main thing for most people

    Belgium is one of the richest countries of the world, with a full 3.5% per cent of households being millionaires, and essentially zero poverty for legal residents, given Belgium’s minimum income for everyone

    Belgium in theory doesn’t need to open not to starve … but they are opening

    Does the Belgian government, closely tied to the most inner circles of the EU, know something profounder about what covid is or isn’t?

    Can we expect a Hunter Wallace ‘Belgians are gonna die en masse!’ post?

  8. I’m not sure why you’re speaking of a “second” wave, Mr. W., when no first “wave” has yet come and gone. Even if the daily U.S. deaths, which plateaued at ~2,100 on April 7, were to drop back to near-zero over the next five-and-a-half weeks, which is how long it took them to reach that level, the “wave” would be a mesa, not a spike like the one in the 1918 graph you posted above. You seem to be speaking in the past tense, without warrant, of this first spread of the infection.

  9. If someone dies of blood loss, shock, or cardiac arrest in a car crash they are ‘presumed’ to have died in an automobile accident.

    If someone is run over by a truck 3 days after the D-day landings did they die in combat? Are they a military casualty or did they die in an automobile accident? One of my great uncles died shortly after D-day because someone casually threw a shovel into the back of a truck after clearing German mines all day and it triggered one of them. Most of them were killed. Was that a combat death or an accident?

    If someone has a McDonalds burger crossed the road and is run over, that’s a traffic fatality if it happens in Pittsburgh, and a US military death if it happens in the Green Zone in Bagdad. Same event listed as different things. OMG it’s all a hoax?

    In real life you have to presume a lot of things because life is messy. None of this is proof that WW2 or the Iraq war didn’t happen.

    Life isn’t a spreadsheet but the data needs to be entered in one of the categories anyway.

    You aren’t a child and this shouldn’t have to be explained to you.

    • I don’t know to whom your little philosophical passage was addressed, Sharrukin; but since the CDC speaks of Covid deaths as presumed or confirmed–whatever the distinction might be–references by Mr. Wallace, our host, to “confirmed” cases made it unclear whether the deaths he’s presenting and tallying each night are all the deaths that the CDC is attributing to Covid or only some of them.

  10. Yea I don’t see the Coronavirus going away anytime soon. It’s not the Flu for sure. Covid-19 was created in a lab and it was released on purpose or not. Biological Weapons don’t go away in Summer….they last forever. The Chinese was working on this virus and the same goes for the US and probably other industrial nations. It’s the new “War” methods. The cowards running the nations and the World think these viruses will kill more people quicker and destroy economies much faster than actual Wars. What’s the next step after this? Chemical Warfare can be tracked and linked back to the nation or people that released them. The only step forward for the establishment of Satan is an all out Nuclear War. We must stand with all good Nationalists and those who love Peace in the World and stop all this from happening! Deo Vindice !

    • @Brian Pace…

      I totally agree with your words and sentiments, my Southern Brother!

    • “Satan” already rules this realm. Although sometimes I wonder if Satan is actually the Good Guy who has been treacherously slandered and framed by The One who truly rules. Alternatively, neither of them exist at all.

      • @Powell…

        If you do not like the concept of ‘Satan’, you can substitute the maxim by early 19th century transcendentalist German philosopher Schelling, who said…

        “Good is the conscious will, evil the unconscious.’

  11. How many people posting here actually know anyone personally who has the virus or who has died from it?
    I know of one person dying from it (grandparent of an acquaintance, 90 years old) and one person with it (from my church).
    I’d be interested to hear from anyone from a larger metro like NY, SF…

    • I’m in the boonies – but I’ve only “heard” about people who were touched by CoronaChan.

      Meanwhile – my heart breaks for the working people, forced to wear those filthy masks, who are destroying their health.

  12. Is there a legal exception to the lockdown if you had the disease and recovered? That seems like a poor excuse to me akin to Vice President Pence saying he didn’t think he needed to wear a mask because he’s tested every day. Say Mr. Ferguson goes to his mistresses house and she’s contagious and he gets the virus all over himself as he bangs her and goes around her residence touching all sorts of items getting the virus on his hands. On the way out he touches her common area apartment door and on his way home he stops at the 7/11 for gas and contaminates everything he touches. He’s still taking risks that the lockdown was meant to mitigate and given his position and his prior support of the lockdown, this indeed makes him a hypocrite.

  13. An acquaintance has told me that a friend of hers, a Virginia hospital worker, has died from it. A relative of mine who, though fairly young (in his 50s, I’d guess), has been for years in a nursing facility because of some sort of early-onset dementia that devastated him, has supposedly been affected, but I don’t know whether he’s been sickened by the virus or, instead, has merely tested positive for it. He’s from New Jersey, not a big-city area.

  14. I suppose I would feel completely different about all this if I were out of a job and out of money.

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