Russia Bans Coronavirus Conspiracy Theorists

Russia is the world’s next big coronavirus hotspot.

Moscow Times:

“Russian prosecutors have shot down online conspiracy theories about the coronavirus’ manmade origins as fake, the Prosecutor General’s Office said in a statement Wednesday. 

Prosecutors ordered Russia’s media watchdog to delete videos claiming that Covid-19 “is a genetically modified bioweapon artificially created to implant microchips into the population and establish a global world order” from YouTube and Russian social networking website Odnoklassniki. The videos also claimed that the virus was created to “destroy humanity under the guise of vaccination” and that numerology could predict its spread. …

Russia last month passed a law punishing those who spread “intentionally false” information about the coronavirus with up to five years in prison. A number of Russian social media users have been fined under the new law, and several anti-lockdown protesters have been charged under the law.”

Every crisis is an opportunity for conspiracy theorists.

It doesn’t matter what happens in the news. If I have learned anything from spending 20 years on the internet, it is that there is always a conspiracy that explains it. There are always cranks and hucksters whose goal is to capitalize on the situation to promote themselves and drive clicks to their websites. These people prey on suckers and are even less interested in the truth than the mainstream media.

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  1. I’m not OK with lunatic conspiracy theories about this virus, but I’m certainly not going to celebrate restrictions of freedom of speech (anywhere or by anyone).

    • Personally, I’d rather they spoke their minds about it freely, so that we can identify the wackos and morons straight out.

    • Great point, Memebro!

      Don’t forget my friend, “Russia” also bsns holocaust revisionism, as well as any serious investigation of the Red army, and Soviet war crimes, during WW2 (… what they euphemistically, and propagandistically refer to as the “great patriotic war”)

      This might have something to do with Putin’s rabbi, Berel Lazar, weighing in on the matter(s).

      • Southron – now that James Allsup is doing FTN podcasts – the info is top notch. They just did a breakdown on Putin’s Kosher Konnections:

        • Thanks Denise! Yes, very, very interesting (and sad) for sure about Putin, and his Chabad kabal buddies.

          • @Southron…

            For those who really dislike all Jews, (and, thus, tolerate no Jewish associations in a man) Putin is always seen as a sophisticated shill for Zionist interests.

            No one completely knows what is in the heart of a man, but, we can see from a man’s actions and words plenty of what Putin thinks and values.

            Though Putin is an avowed nationalist, he is, as well, an avowed anti-racist, something which perplexes those nationalists of The White Nationalist Stripe, both here and in Russia

            Putin has a kind of hybrid Czarist-Soviet view of The Russian Nation : —— ‘czarist’, in that he is Russo-centric. ‘Czarist’, too in that his idea of Russia includes the over 100 ethnicities that have comprised The Russian Empire for centuries, and, ‘czarist’, too, because he sees the connection of Church as State as vital – which is why Putin has incorporated the Russian Orthodox Church into his government – Arch-Patriarch Cyrus included in many of his cabinet meetings.

            Yet, at the same time, Putin has a ‘Soviet’ view, this being that, again, he is an avowed anti-racist. Putin accepts and supports the contributions of
            all those within the former Russian Empire, if they are going what he feels is Russia’s best way that a synthesis of old and new.

            Too, he is ‘Soviet’ in his attitudes’ because he has not maintained the old czarist prohibition against non-Orthodox holding high positions in government.


            As to Roman Abramovich, he is one of Putin’s oldest associates, and one thing you can know about Putin – he tries to keep up his long-held friends and associates.

            In fact, one day I mentioned to a Russian friend of mine that I thought it best to start referring to Putin as, ‘Czar Vlad’. He liked that, he adding a few reasons why he thought it was valid – one of those being that Putin kept a very small clique of unchanging advisors.

            It’s lonely at the top, and having been the target of many assassination attempts, none more that Putin are aware of this, and of the need to have those old associations around, in whom he can absolutely trust.


            Even though Putin is half Jewish, his relationships to Jews is very very chequered.


            Because, on the one hand, he maintains good and close ties with Israel, not the least for which there has been a constant flow between Israel and those many many former Russian Jews who immigrated there.

            On the other hand, Western Jewry absolutely detests Putin.


            It goes back to Putin’s first years in power, when he prosecuted a group of Russian Oligarchs who, throughout the Wild Yeltsin Years of the 1990s, had been selling Russia, but by bit, to The West, the end result being that, before Putin came to power, The Russian Economy bottomed out so low that basic services came to an end, and Russian grandmothers were hawking drugs to keep from starving.

            Of these perhaps 30 some Russian Oligarchs, over 20 were Russian Jews.

            The first years of Putin’s reign, were basically a war against these men, they who, ultimately, either agreed to join him, wound up in jail, or wound up dead, as did the most ruthless Russian-Jew tycoon of them all – Boris Berezhovsky, he assassinated in his mansion bathroom in exile in England in 2013

            Over the years, Putin reseized Russian sovereignty from, for lack of a better term, The Anglo-American-Rothschild Clique, and ever since, Western Jews have been out to get him, they villifying him in the public eye at every turn.

            Too, Western Jewry hates Putin because Putin has restored The Russian Orthodox Church. To understand the historic role Putin has had in reasserting the Orthodox Christian Faith in Russia, you just have to know this…

            In 1917, at the end of Czar Nicholas II’s reign, The Russian Orthodox Church boasted over 30,000 churches. By the end of the Judeo-Bolshevist period, in 1989, that number of functioning churches was down to 300 – and few attended those houses of worship because they would be harassed by the KGB, who, as well, forced Orthodox clerics to report parishioner confessions.

            Today, thanks largely to Putin, The Russian Orthodox Church has exceeded Czarist levels, 31,000 churches either having been restored, recommissioned, and or built anew by the donations of wealthy White Russian tycoons.

            And, speaking of The Russian Orthodox Church, either in Russia or abroad. – most of those clerics are madly supportive of Putin, a great deal of these men, in private, as critical of Jewry as any White Nationalist.

            To them, Putin is a historic figure, the magnitude of someone like Ivan The Awesome or Peter the Great.

            And speaking of ‘Judeo-Bolshevism’, the rearisal of this term during the Putin Years aggravated Western Jews to such an extent that they filed suits in Russia to keep professors from using that term, their argument being that it was unfair to blame any one race for the Bolshevik phenomenon.

            The Russian Supreme Court, however, rule against them, some years ago – they asserting what Putin has said in public – at least 3/4 of the murderous Russian Revolutionaries, who committed a genocide many many times greater than the one, and the number, alledged by Jews to have been perpetrated by Nazi Germany, on White-Orthodox Russians, in the revolutionary years and the years of the Stalinist purges, from 1917-1953.

            The figures one will hear in Russian Academic circles is that Judeo-Bolsheviks perpetrated the murder of some 30,000,000 Russians – and that does not include all the lives ruined.

            It got so bad in The Soviet Union that much of young Russia was in state-run orphanages by the late 1930s.

            Again, Putin has not shied from dredging this carefully buried tragedy up, and calling a spade a spade.


            Lastly, and, perhaps as importantly as anything else- Putin has instituted substantive financial grants for those Russian couples who want to have children.

            This has led to a turnabout in the bad birthrate demographic of the 1990s, and, as well, has put Russia on the map for the country with the most children homeschooled.

            Additional,y Putin has rebuilt the Russian military, to such a point that Western Military analysts now consider it at least 5 years more advanced than the forced wielded by The United States.

            Putin has rebuilt other aspects of Russian life, and or given special emphasis to them – such as making the attempt to proliferate Russian language and literature a top priority, this to ensure the survival of the language.

            What Putin has not been able to do is resuscitate the smalltown and rural Russian economy, and some White Russians are very angry at him for allowing non-white ethnic Russians in to do jobs of menial labour, in cities like Moscow.

            Though Putin remains very unpopular in Russia with White Nationalists and Western oriented Liberals, with the rest of the nation his approval has been very high – usually in the 65-70% range.

            Most Russians do not see Putin as anybody’s shill, but, as a patriot who has stood up for them and the country.

          • One last thing about Putin – he is anathema to debt, and, that so, The Russian Bank, during his years, has not only taken a theoretical control of the ruble, but one which is practical – that leading us to the main point – Russia has no debt.

            To those who would suggest Jews are nation-Wreckers, and that Putin is a Zionist shill, it’s worthwhile to note that neither they, nor anyone one else, has any substantive leverage against The Russian Nation.

            This is in stark contrast to this country, and other countries in The West, and is certainly in stark contrast to the circumstance Russia was in, when Putin came to power.

          • Despite Mr. Putin’s efforts, the many Soviet-era problems still continue to persist: Russians are still largely an atheistic, profligate people. Russian women kill more of their unborn children per capita than women in any other country. Many young Russian women choose to work as prostitutes in Chinese brothels, and have among the highest HIV rates in the world!

          • @Ignatius…

            Yes, Ignatius, though The Russian People are a people of genius, deep feelings, and profound awarenesses, though, too, there is a profoundly self-destructive running through them – sadly, perhaps larger than any other place in the world.

            In fact, not only has Vladimir Putin been unable to change this dark streak, neither was The Soviet Union able to change it or cause it.

            It was hiding in the bogs when Alexandre Nevsky rode in…

        • @Denise…

          And something I know you will appreciate, Dear Denise : ———– in the last decade Vladimir Putin has put the entire Russian nation on an anti-GMO organic nationalist food production stance.

          You can easily research more about this, but, the long and the short of his policies are this : ———- Russia is to depend on good wholesome food that is produced by the wider Russian Empire nation for Russian consumption.

          I know that, as my wife and I have watched Agra-tech poison the food chain over the last 25 years, and the soil, we have been looking on in envy at Mr. Putin’s policies in Russia.

          Wish we had some politicians here who knew something and who actually gave a damn about what goes into our bodies.

          Sustainability, from every degree of 360 degrees, is the notion that Putin has brought forth.

  2. Hunter Wallace tier numbers

    300,000 dead per day from gov Covid-19 measures:

    World Food Program warns (25 April 2020) that the COVID-19 pandemic will cause “famines of biblical proportions”;

    WFP Executive Director, David Beasley, told the UN Security Council that in addition to the threat to health posed by the virus, the world faces “multiple famines within a few short months,” which could result in 300,000 deaths per day—a “hunger pandemic.”

    Meanwhile, President of Tanzania John Magufuli, nicknamed ‘The Bulldozer’, has spectacularly trolled Bill Gates, the WHO apparatus & the whole covid-19 panic

    The President secretly had his security team swab imported ‘coronavirus tests’ on a goat and on a piece of pawpaw fruit … assigning the two samples human names and ages … The laboratory declared both ‘covid-19 positive’


  3. They are not going far enough! However it should be temporary until this is all sorted out. Then they should go after loud screechy toads

  4. Like I told the State GOP Chairman: You can kiss all of the Chinese, and, Jew ass you want, but, let’s not forget that COVID-19 is a bio-weapon that came out of a lab in China.

  5. Nobody knows (except those who may have released it) where the virus came from, but we do know with absolute certitude that elitists are using this situation to push a globalist agenda, just like global warming propaganda is about pushing a globalist agenda. If there is a belief among the powerful that “conspiracy theories” must be banned, it is because of the truths they express, even the most outrageous and ridiculous conspiracy theories spread and gain popularity because of the un-trustworthiness of so-called “expert” opinion.

  6. Conspiracy theories are inevitable when there is little or no trust for those in authority.

  7. Russia Bans Coronavirus Conspiracy Theorists

    It’s a pity this site refuses to do the same.

    I mean, you say you’re already censoring some of the very looniest comments (God only knows how bad they are, given the ones that get through), so why not go the whole hog?

  8. Again

    How about more news from sensible places (Central European White and high authoritarian Asian ) that handled the Coronavirus right (closed borders) and are now very open:

    Japanese commuter trains are still running , little Japanese children are safe to take public transport alone – try that in Atlanta or Chicago.

  9. All these disinformers and troublemakers, along with hundreds of political, economic and cultural fifth columnists, Western NGOs and West-leaning Oligarchs, need to be called out and stopped in Russia, which is under relentless aggressive “hybrid war” attack by the global Hegemon, and fighting a real, historic-scale deadly pandemic that has barely even begun. Life or death battle for Russia!

  10. I think the only thing that matters is the government be honest about how Covid-19 happened in the first place. It’s common sense how it spread…Deo Vindice !

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