New York Reports 1,700 Additional Nursing Home Deaths

I’m sure this will be added to the existing conspiracy theories.

The Hill:

“New York is reporting an additional 1,700 deaths at nursing homes that were previously undisclosed, according to data state officials released Monday night.

At least 4,813 people have died in nursing homes and at least 155 have died in adult care facilities from the coronavirus between March 1 and May 3, according to a count released by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) administration. 

For the first time, these numbers include people believed to have been killed by the virus before their diagnoses were confirmed by a lab, The Associated Press reported. …”

It has been pointed out all along though that the official death count didn’t include most nursing home deaths. It still doesn’t include nursing home deaths in most other states.

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  1. He contracted the virus. So he thought, it has barely affected me, I’m off to fuck my Dutch mistress who’s also had it.

  2. Cuomo has been an utter disaster. Incredibly, liberals and even some mushy moderates think he has done a good job on coronavirus because his press conferences show a pulse unlike Trump’s dawn of the dead corona conferences. Trump only perks up when speaking of economics and a rally.

    New York is already a leader in people getting the heck out. Corona time will radically quicken up those moves to Florida, Arizona and North Carolina. If not for the uber rich living in Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn, the state would be pushed into a borderline empty hub. The suburbs are getting taxed into oblivion and diversity has brought ms 13 to the crappier parts. Upstate has quite a bit of beauty and votes like a Midwestern state but the freezing winters and the lunacy of capitalism shipped out tons of jobs and thus, a good amount of folks left. Upstate used to balance out the leftism of nyc but nyc now has the population and suburbia got too diverse creating a Democrat state.

    Cuomo should be renamed, ” Dr. Death.” Between his massive push to slaughter babies as late term as possible, his coddling of illegal aliens and “the blaxxx,” he is a bumbling Eye talian like his dad. Throw in his placing corona time patients in old folks homes which helped to spread and kill old timers, well, the mob could not do a better job of offing people. Finally, his admitting Democrats helped spread the virus by being ” welcoming” is another admission of liberals gone wild. There is no hope in these places like ny, nj. If not for the mostly lovely weather, would anyone even speak of California as well, or care?

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