Coronavirus Brings Migration To a Halt

The coronavirus has done what conservative politicians refused to do for fifty years.

New York Times:

“MEXICO CITY — A migrant shelter in southern Mexico called La 72 has for years been a popular way station for those traveling from Central America to the United States. Last year it received a record number of visitors, sometimes sheltering more than 2,000 a month.

In recent weeks, however, that traffic has come to a grinding halt, and even gone into reverse.Since late March, amid the coronavirus pandemic, no more than 100 migrants have passed through the shelter. And nearly all were heading south, trying to get back to their homes in Central America.

“We’ve never seen this before,” said Ramón Márquez, the former director of the shelter. “I’ve never seen anything slow migration like the coronavirus.” …”


This is what THEY wanted to happen!

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  1. Can any of the flu-truthers tell us why we should be opposing THEIR agenda given the results?

  2. I thought these people were fleeing here for a better life and to contribute…. are you telling me during time of hardship they are taking their earnings and running home until things stabalize. That doesnt match what the media, politicians and advocates have been telling me

  3. Here’s the truth from “PRAYING” Medic, for all the $15. an hour possessed trolls :

  4. Trump figured this was as good a time as any to pretend to put a stop to immigration. The virus will kill more elderly whites than immigrants so the demographic composition is still changing rapidly. When things “get back to normal” many ethnic Americans will find themselves out of a job while Central Americans will easily fill the gaps as quickly as the Jews and Freemasons require.

  5. So let s promote this good thing.

    Work in your local areas to encourage voluntary repatriation of non White migrants, illegals, students etc.

    Try to make life as difficult and restrictive here for them and use Coronavirus as the excuse.

    Mestizos like to party outside, trash the place – have busy body types monitor and harass them .

    It s easy and fun.

    • Be the Gauleiter you were meant to be and inform on your Mexican neighbors.

  6. No virus caused this, the lockdown caused it. In the long run, it makes no difference. The border is wide open, and they will come across later, once the welfare processing centers open back up.

    As a side note, watch Texas go for Biden in November. Texas is now a brown state, no longer a white state. I just spent a week in Georgia, it is similar, about a third each, brown, black, white. The Republican Party will soon be meaningless in Texas, Georgia, the Carolinas, and Louisiana.

    It is nice, I suppose, to escape the reality of your nation’s destruction, by taking refuge in fantasy of whatever kind, or drugs, or covidmania. Double nice if you can get paid to do it.

    No one should panic when the democrats take over the country, which is only a few months away. For white folks to have any place at all in this continent, the Republican Party must die.

    Finally, migration on the whole has not stopped. Trump is flying 500 Afghan Muslims per week here under the MAVNI program, 2000 per month. Many more from Iraq and Syria. These are permanent residents.

    It is true WE cannot fly, but THEY can. Trump loves them. Trump is a Jew. And Jews have always used the Muslims against us.

    • @Thim…

      “The Republican Party will soon be meaningless in Texas, Georgia, the Carolinas, and Louisiana.”

      A good case could be made for the Republican Party having been meaningless for a very long time.

      That said, not to worry – because the moment it becomes apparent to Rural & Smalltown Whites that this is the case, some other solution will be sought, and THAT will be the beginning of some improvements.

      To be clear – race is hardly the only area where The Party of Lincoln has been ineffective.

      They are the party of New England, and a shell of their former selves, if that is actually something to rue.

      In any case, the absurd incongruities of having White Southerners populate a party which, until only very recently, has had a very long history of being our enemy is tatamount to the fact that we refuse to fight for ourselves.

      Well, they, The Republican Party is STILL the enemy of The South.

      Just watching how they refuse to stop mass immigration, ‘homosexual marriage’, or refuse to stop satanic foreign wars, or, on a smaller scale, what they did to Judge Moore’s candidacy for senate in the 2018 is evidence enough of that.

      Hell, when people talk about the necessities of White Southerners being able to ‘name The Jew’, that seems much less troubling than the fact that we cannot even name ourselves, much less pursue our own interests…

  7. Even the UK apparently still has open borders for foreigners coming in on international flights, whilst domestic flights are virtually halted:

    While Brits Are on Lockdown, 100,000 People From Abroad Arrive at Airports Every Week – Summit News

    100,000 people A WEEK coming into Britain — that’s 400,000 people A MONTH, in spite of the kung flu and the lockdowns.

    So no, migration has not been “halted”.

    • Define lockdown though. But yes the pubs are closed and the airports are open. I’d hazard a guess that they are flying seasonal farm labourers in after they have isolated in their country of origin and show no symptoms yes. BAME casualties to covid show that the British state has used BAME as a human shield. In every hundred 100,000 the white Brits are only 21 of the cases.

    • The only thing that will stop mass immigration is if the US becomes so impoverished that no one wants to come here.

      It will happen.

    • They’ll? Come come now, Mz Denise how many Mexican landscapers do you employ in the garden or on the roof/siding?

  8. Rest assured when we get back on our feet that the powers that be will reinvest in China and open the borders back up and the whole process will start all over again. Unless of course there is a viable political alternative.I do see that happening. What should happen is for all the reds states-and red counties held hostage in blue states-to secede and form their own White Heartland Republic. Let blue states be blue states and red states be red states. Better yet let them coalesce into separate nations and never the twain shall meet.

  9. Some of the major assumptions in the West, over the last century ( that mass migrations are good, individual rights trumps all, that homeschooling is odd, that mobility is the most important thing a civilization can guarantee) – are having their underpinnings weakened by this virus.

    Many of these assumptions of the previous century are far far more dangerous to Mankind, not to mention all it’s individual races and countries, than is this virus – worse even than The Bubonic Plague have been these assumptions, to my mind.


    Because new bodies can be generated, but, rebuilding lost civilizations does not occur.

    We have spent the last century tinkering with the underpinnings of practically everything that ever has been.

    All in all, it has not been a good thing.

    I am thankful this virus. It is turning out to be a more true impetus than President Trump was once supposed to have been.

    • Corona has acted as a catalyst for economic breakdown, hastening a process already underway and catching the hostile, elite, ruling class unawares. The ruling class requires the corrupt system to keep functioning, particularly with regard to finance to maintain their power. If economic collapse happens the current political arrangements of the hostile elite ruling over us will be swept away, this has happened before in history.

      The WSJ, mouthpiece of Big Capital in the U.S., wrote a story yesterday connecting the 1918 flu pandemic to the rise of the Nazis in Germany. Obviously, this is meant to alarm people in the U.S. that any disruption to the status quo i.e. ending wogs coming in to the U.S., regulation of business (usury laws) and stopping foreign entanglements (our greatest ally) will bring Adolph back from the grave, then it’s WWII all over again.

      This is a common scare tactic. Instead of reductio ad absurdum the WSJ uses reductio ad Hitler to frighten people to support the liberal establishment’s destructive rampage across the West with the Republicans’ old chestnut: “The other guy is worse!”

      The 1918 flu pandemic ended in 1920 for all practical purposes. Kaiser Wilhelm II resigned in 1918 leading to anarchy in Germany and the rise of the Weimar Republic. The Weimar Republic was an extreme example of “liberal” democracy in action. It’s policies resulted in the destruction of the German middle class because of the government’s venality and incompetence. The hyper-inflation of 1923 ruined the already diminished savings of the middle class and allowed the Usual Suspects, fresh from their revolution in Russia to enrich themselves in the turmoil.

      The middle class was the foundation of political stability in Germany and its impoverishment by Weimar policies ironically removed the government’s main support and opened the door to political extremes on the Right and the Left. In spite of that it wasn’t until 1933 that the Nazis came to power, long after the influenza had receded and the Great Depression ruined all Western economies. These “liberal” policies collapsed political stability in Germany, impoverished millions and radicalized politics.

      These are the same “liberal” policies the WSJ supports that are now having similar outcomes. The idiots in charge cannot learn anything from history apparently so they make up fables about cause and effect. The takeaway is basically if you don’t want political extremism then don’t follow “liberal”, nation wrecking policies that invite blow back.

      • “so they make up fables about cause and effect.”

        ((They)) always do that.
        It’s a technique ((they)) use in most every argument.

  10. If migration is reversing then that’s great. But, if we are still stuck with the same traitorous politicians and the same traitorous elitists then what difference does it make? They’ll bring them in again sooner or later.

    Remember, we are going into a much colder climate in the Northern Hemisphere which will greatly affect food production. So, OUR migration may be what’s in the cards. Are you capable of being a Nomad to save yourself and your family? Now you don’t have to believe all this “data” but be prepared for it. Just in case. JUST IN CASE.

    Go get some seeds and learn how to be truly self-sufficient.

    You’ve been warned. There’s no going back once the wheels start turning.

    • “Remember, we are going into a much colder climate in the Northern Hemisphere which will greatly affect food production.”

      Wrong. Production zones are actually moving further north.

  11. As culture is often a precursor for what happens in politics, I’ve been watching what has been going on in the pop-culture world. For years, the film, TV, comic and video game industries have been run and staffed by virtue-signaling SJWs that put agenda before profit. What are some of the results of force-feeding secular religious propaganda down our throats instead of entertaining us? Movie theater chains are going under. Major comic-book publishers Marvel and DC are scrambling to stay open. (Their unsellable hero gender- and race-swapping crap has been killing off comics shops for years, though.) Disney, having lost heavily on woke Star Wars projects and inclusivity-themed cartoons and shows, recently had to raise $6 billion to stay afloat. CBS bought Star Trek and then proceeded to lose viewers and money like a sieve on the social-justice space opera “ST: Picard.”

    One positive result of this pandemic is that the process of collapsing woke entertainment has been sped up by a few years. The empty-headed, self-congratulatory woke elitists (that love to insult the audiences refusing to buy their poorly-made products that preach social justice ad nauseum) can’t any longer count on funding streams from their fellow travelers high in the corporate hierarchies. I’m hoping this trend of rejecting the PC world soon moves to the political realm. There aren’t many signs of that yet, but the cultural effects on society often take years to show up politically.

    • Yes; crops are rotting in the fields, cattle are rotting in the fields, lawns are rotting in the fields, houses are rotting in the fields, computer programs are rotting in the fields and all for the perpetual lack of more wogs to do the jobs Americans won’t do. I hope these traitors who want to drive wages down to zero choke on a chicken bone.

  12. “I hope these traitors who want to drive wages down to zero”

    Exactly as the rich and the Jews want.

    They also drive up costs for the average person, rents, insurance, the price of used items, school (if u want ur child safe), long expensive commutes ( to live in a safe area) and more.

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