Andrew Anglin: The Reality Situation

Editor’s Note: I see that Andrew Anglin is very mad at me. I’ve been catching up with his previous work at before he surfaced at Daily Stormer.


I haven’t heard this one before.

Why does Anglin now want to enslave us to modern existence?

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  1. I’d look to the future on China War and Economics going forward.

    The disease will now run its course. You gave people fair warning and hopefully its saved thousands of Whites from suffering needlessly from infection.

    I’ve had several colleagues discuss losing parents and grandparents now but no middle age youngsters dead so far. It’s really a plague.

    What we now have to do is secure the kids a territory and control.

    This might be Generation X’s moment.

    If we can sequester the boomers and give the Zoomers a shot at a country of their own we’ve been good custodians.

  2. I don’t get this: how can a black be a “Nazi?”

    I’ve seen his website: no question this guy is a Nazi. But how did a White-African (or “wigger”) get such a following of white nationalists who despise non-whites, especially inner-city blacks? I don’t get it. Do his followers on Daily Stormer know that he’s black?

    • This was his previous persona.

      He was in the Philippines at the time. The New World Order was after him. It was trying to enslave him to the system by implanting a microchip in his brain.

      Anglin was living in the jungle. He was the White savior of the Philippines. He talks about how Christian missionaries should be shot and the White race should be bred out of existence. He was a back to nature liberal who wanted to escape from civilization. Very interesting stuff.

    • Andrew Anglin described himself as a performance artist, so nothing he says or does should be taken seriously.

      Daily Stormer is not a Nazi site. It is a comedy website for Republican Zionist Jews. I kid you not, the comedy DS produces is what Jews are into.

      • The term “nazi” is an anachronism. The Nazi party ceased to exist in 1945. It’s like someone running around calling people Whigs. It’s absurd.

        We know the reason the term still has life, (((they))) need to keep it going so that no one forgets the holohoax.

        For without the holohoax, people who “know” but are afraid to speak its name would feel free to do so without recrimination.

        That’s why I don’t use the word nazi, unless I am referring to that time in history. It plays right into (((their))) hands.

  3. That black guy has a room temp IQ lmao

    “there’s somthing off about gay people, dawg”


    • Room temperature IQ? That’s generous of you, but certainly not outside the upper quartile for sub-Saharan Africans; I think the average for Somalis is 69 IQ, if memory serves.

      This specimen sounded more like the product of “Great Society” inbreeding, bastard son of a single mother (and grandmother) whose IQ reads like a refrigerator thermostat after the door has been left ajar for a half-hour.

  4. Angelo John Gage did pretty much the same thing as Anglin, always changing his tune and always scrubbing his content.

  5. Considering the history of the CIA using mentally-ill drama queens like Charles Manson for their own nefarious purposes, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Anglin is a less-deadly variation on this old theme. He might be getting some shekels from the ADL, for all I know. Puppets on a string usually aren’t aware of their true sugar daddies, so the wigger probably doesn’t know his main paymaster.

    • He admits to having jailbait girlfriends. The Philippines is crawling with American intelligence agents, so I would not be surprised at all if he got caught in some underage sex sting and got turned into an asset.

  6. Anglin is nothing but a clown, a court jester if you will.

    Nobody in their right mind takes anything he says seriously.

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