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  1. “Extinction events” occasionally happen on Earth. The last one was about 12,900 years ago, if you believe Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson. It was a “megafauna disaster,” as many animal species were wiped out, along with most humans of the time. Planets die all the time in the universe, of course. Asteroids in our part of the galaxy could wipe out a good chunk of us, if we don’t smarten up and take preventive measures against that risk. Our time will come, one way or another.

  2. If we’re able to expand out into the stars, the end of Earth won’t be a big deal. If we can avoid a fatal asteroid or comet strike — a big if, in the long run — we’ve got hundreds of millions of years of breathing room to figure out a way off earth before the sun gobbles us up. It’s impossible to even imagine what life might be like that far out.

    The more immediate foreseeable threats are catastrophic dysgenic decline and a “skynet” scenario. For now, the first of those seems far more likely than the second. I’m quietly confident that, in time, the present hysterical IQ-denial will prove a temporary blip. In the longer term, simple, unobtrusive eugenic measures that create a fertility differential in favor of higher IQ will win out. There’s no need to rush either. Even a rise of one IQ point per millennium would have a dramatic effect over the course of 100,000 years.

    • You sound every bit as autistic as you no doubt actually are. Did you get kicked off of Anglin’s BBS forum?

  3. If we didn’t have heebs overlords brainwashing us to hate ourselves 24/7 with antiwhite propaganda or 10 holocaust museums in every major city in NA, and oil corporations polluting our earth and destroying natural habitats we might be able to prevent the world from ending so quickly but unfortunately we can’t have nice things

  4. One individual had a dream that an asteroid would impact in April of 2029 off the California and Mexican cost and he claimed God uttered a word he did not understand and when he looked it up it was the name of an asteroid NASA is already tracking. He said that is mentioned in Revelation under the name Wormwood which was a burning star that fell into the ocean. Its on You Tube.

  5. On Friday the 13th April 2029. The name of the asteroid and the world God is allegedly to have uttered is Apophis (NASA classification 99942)

  6. When the end comes I hope to be enjoying my last meal at Miliways, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe!

  7. If the scientists don’t soon get a grip on this Coronavirus 19 ; i.e., treatment, data; do anti bodies confer immunity? And if yes for how long? Is the virus mutating more lethally or less, or the same? Will it peter out in hot weather[I’m still hopeful], or diminish only to return with a vengeance? Does distancing really curb the contagion? After a peak will there be a drop in infections and deaths or just a leveling off, etc., etc…. Until this virus is understood , I still have in the back of mind an anxiety that this could be an extinction event. As dramatic as some celestial event causing life on earth to end,[ is that really what killed the dinosaurs?] these microbes which are neither organic or inorganic , alive or inert, may be what , as this catastrophe going on now shows, overpowers precarious humanity. I’m scared seeing how the deaths in the US went from 60 thousand to 70 thousand in like 2 days! And idiots want to open up even more! [I hope I’m wrong and they’re right].

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