Donald Trump Says Losing 80,000 To 90,000 People Is a Success

If we only end up losing 80,000 to 90,000 people to COVID-19, it will be a tremendous success. The virus could have burned through and killed 1.8 to 2.2 million on the way to herd immunity.

The population of New York City is 8,399,000. In order to reach herd immunity, 70% of New Yorkers would have to be infected with the virus. Assuming a 1% IFR, we would predict 58,793 deaths. New York City has reported a 21% seroprevalance rate and 18,706 deaths there. Makes you think.

Oh, and look at this:

New York City went into lockdown on March 22. New cases and deaths peaked 15 days later. Clearly, this is proof that lockdowns don’t work and the experts were all wrong!

Note: There is no reason to believe the fire will be doused here though like it was in China and New Zealand. It is highly unlikely that even Bill Gates will come up with a vaccine in time. It took four to five years to create the fastest vaccine in history and it was an easy one. Look at New York City where it got to 1/3 of the way to herd immunity in a month with a lockdown.

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  1. The Chinese gov’t was willing to go hardcore, and do uber-draconian sh!t like welding shut apartment building doors. Blompf wouldn’t even cancel flights from Coronaland. Yes, the slanty ones lied about death numbers at first, but when you’re willing to go all 14th century and let the dead stack up until after the peak has passed, the death count will significantly go down.

  2. Whatda ?

    Can’t this blunderer do math ?
    We’re already at 70,000.
    80 or 90k are just days away !
    What about weeks and months from now ?

    • Being a Trump follower means not remembering what you said 2 weeks ago, and definitely forgetting what you expected in 2016.

      • This is so incredibly accurate. Most current Trump supporters are casuals, because how could they not be and remain sane. I have told several of them the most basic, easily researchable traits in regards to Trump and immigration, mostly about his desire to import more and more Indians on Visas. Despite finding his quotes and actions, or lack of, everywhere, they will still call you a “Demonrat” and chant MAGA because its all about owning the Libs. They dont realize Trump is the epitome of a Lib

        • Trumpism is ultimately a personality cult like the government of North Korea. If only 100 miles of new wall got built that is the fault of the Democrats. If all the wogs come in on H1-B visas that’s temporary until the economy improves etc.Trump is being sabotaged by the deep state and besides, the other guy is worse.

          Lowest black/hispanic unemployment evah! He tore up the Iran deal! He gave away the Golan Heights and the West Bank even though not one square inch of it was his to give away! You want Slow Joe Biden for President?

          Nothing is ever Trump’s fault. Deception, incompetence, failure, betrayal are always someone else’s fault. Willful denial of facts regarding Trump’s abandonment of his 2016 agenda are ignored or rationalized away. MAGA 2020!

  3. Success would be a well defended border and a mass repatriation of third world elements to their homelands. Also a reduction in population density of shit holes like New York and London through deportation of excess wogs and nogs.

    • It is literally a matter of “get ready for the exact opposite to be done, goyim”, when Trump teases his base with the pretense of following through on ANYTHING.

    • Mindblowing that what you said would be considered common sense 40 years ago, even 20 to some extent. Today though you would be considered a venomous hateful racist and xenophobe for not being thrilled about being replaced. I went to several stores today, the typical grocery and Target run. My area went from all white to being in a store, looking around, and realizing outside of myself, a few randoms and a few black people, everyone in the store is either Hispanic, Indian, Arabic, or Chinese.

      • And Biden has promised to radically increase that replacement. No matter how much crap people talk of Trump, lunatic Joe has sold his soul to non whites to be elected. Basically all Democrats have. Biden was even against Trump cutting off flights from China. GOD forbid that ” one surgery away from looking like a Wuhan resident” got in. Not to mention his unbelievable mental decline. Plus his teeth are falling out like xanax Pelosi.

        I want to know who was fast in their reaction to coronavirus in the early days outside of Senator Tom Cotton? Certainly not the places most affected like New York and New Jersey. They were saying ” go out and enjoy”!

        No matter what, no way no how will filthy Joe Biden get my vote. Nor any family members nor 90% of my friends would ever vote for that senile, bad face work, constantly lying and making gaffes fraud.

        If not for the ( mostly) jewish controlled media, people would know so much more about that fraudulent baby killing cat lick. Same goes for that drugged out, demonic 80 year old zombie, Pelosi. Since we don’t have term limits for these parasites, apparently GOD becomes their final term limit. Remember Elijah Cummings literally working on Trump’s impeachment while he was dying in the hospital?

    • @Captain John…

      “Success would be a well defended border and a mass repatriation of third world elements to their homelands…”

      That’s MAGA, Captain, and President Trump has absolutely no interest in MAGA, beyond voicing it to attain and hold temporary attention.

  4. You want 5,000 dead? What do you need 50,000 dead for? 500,000 ppppffff dead you faggots.

  5. Interesting, how both the above case and death graphs closely approximate a normal distribution curve, even with human intervention.

    • The entire thing in the UK with Protect the NHS if I’m going to be cynical: mal ensure there are no scenes of the dead and dying in the hallways at hospitals and in the parking lots at hospitals.

      The government manipulated the situation to ensure that there were no distressing scenes of the afflicted.

      Massive PR operation.

  6. This unprecedented disaster tells me how incompetent and clueless our “leaders” are. Those are the most charitable things I can say about them.

    • Any country that accepts, much less promotes, race mixing is destined to disasters, of many kinds, this is just one.

  7. You want immunity without cost, eh? Then enjoy your vaccination from “Kill Bill”, kiddies.

  8. All roads lead to The White Republic or they lead no where but extinction. To quote Stairway to Heaven there is still time to change the road you are on. May the 4th be with you!

    • “All roads lead to The White Republic or they lead no where but extinction.”

      AMEN !!!

      (I think the only real solution is find a mostly White country and migrate there.)

  9. You’re slipping. You forgot to mention that Donald Trump and his donors wanted to “ride it out” and “treat it just like the flu” back in February.

  10. As President Trump is always declaring everything he is associated with to be a brilliant success, perhaps, even, the greatest in all history, I have kind of grown immune to it.

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