Millennial Woes Retires From Nationalism

I won’t pretend to know what is going on here.

I’m just posting this to have something else to talk about besides coronavirus.

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  1. How was this disgusting homosexual slob allowed to worm his way into nationalist circles in the first place that’s what I want to know. The fact that he has “quit” proves he was never sincere and was only ever a grifter riding the wave of the 2016 Trump phenomenon. Expect more high profile “alt-right e-celebs” to throw in the towel as the Trump presidency becomes untenable.

      • Huge difference from milo and MW sure woes is far from perfect but he isn’t in the same category as milo, woes has actually done some decent work

    • Yes him sitting in his dungeon for 5 years making a few 100 video’s was just a big plot to be part of the great nationalistic movement… Lol, wouldn’t it be much easier for him to have gone to the other side of the political spectrum if that was his plan…. I think it’s all BS

    • Anyone pointing out the obvious, that the supposed woman in the texts writes like a man. She may very well be a woman, but she doesn’t write like one.

  2. What is it with so called Nationalists adopting stupid “stage names” like Millennial Woes anyway? What are we Lady GaGa or something? The recovery and survival of the European people is a serious concern. We need serious people and serious leaders if we’re to win this fight. So much controlled op, childish BS. Maybe the fucking Kardashians can help us. Please.

    • Basically he was just an arty melodramatic queer who saw Islam as a threat to western liberalism and so he started to say mean things about Muslims on YouTube which was the fashionable thing to do in 2015. Of course this lead to a lot of nationalists getting confused and thinking he was some kind of pro-white advocate when he was really just a “counter-jihadi” type interested in maintaining the west as a sanctuary for degenerate sodomites like himself.

    • Because he was an internet personality who got doxed and decided to continue using his internet name. Understand now Boomer?

    • He was a good commentator on racial and cultural issues. He could speak to a millennial audience whom a sterner approach would have turned off.

      Being a good commentator doesn’t imply or even necessarily lead to being a good political leader, though. Being able to effectively organize and lead people requires something of a different skill set – a more mature, steadfast character, for one.

      WN is still way too small to attract people with leadership abilities, though. For now, the important task is changing minds and “getting the message out.” Without that, there’s not much to lead anyway.

  3. tl;dr

    Millennial Woes has genital warts from a bad HPV strain that he caught during his days as a depressed homosexual. All these women are gossiping about him hitting on women at a conference. At least that is the allegation as far as I understand it. I don’t know him and have never met him. There is a lot of drama about it in the UK. So he retired from the nationalist movement.

    • How does one have a past as a queer, but a present as a hetero? The only effective “sexual preference change” therapy I’ve ever read about involved taking hallucinogens and reframing one’s perceptions in the altered state, which is dicey to say the least. The confused guy must be bi. The few bisexuals (and transsexuals) I’ve met had great mental and emotional confusion when it came to sexual issues.

      • “How does one have a past as a queer, but a present as a hetero? ”

        When right wing trads convince gay men to pretend to be hetero.

        Encouraging gay men to sleep with women, you say? What could go wrong?

    • A lot of people who retire are perverts. They realize that globohomo actually serves their interests pretty well. Like that fat pagan guy who is now a standard radlib antifa, quit nationalism because he decided he was actually “pansexual” and “poly.”

  4. Smart fellow. In time everybody will “retire” from this fake nationalist bowel-movement which, like jews and Spahnranch, elevates GDP over their own people. Watcha gonna do when da cultural left comes for you? Nothing. Except rat out friends. Guaranteed.

  5. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I hope Colin gets it together. He’s a very bright fellow. Messed up, but very bright. He simply needs to grow up very fast, since he’s pushing 40. His adolescence has lasted into his 30’s. This is a problem. He, alas, is not an exception. I wish him very well.

    • @Denise…

      No, whoever this Millennial Woe is, he is not only not the exception, he is the rule,

      The adolescence of men reaching into their 40s is the really dangerous epidemic, if you ask me…

    • Hear Hear…I refuse to dump on Woes. but I’ll take a big, steaming one on kike ford. Muslims kill their apostates, Christians take note…

      • Luke is starting to look like Gilbert gottfreid ffs lol
        You know that unfunny shrill voiced vulgar comedian those wondering who i’m talking about

  6. “Please no more Luke Ford links.”

    You no likeeeee self-absorbed, hypochondriac, narcissistic, porn addict ?

      • “Luke Ford is the Perez Hilton of the Alt-Right.”

        With one HUGE difference: Perez Hilton is a success. Ford’s streams have to struggle to crack 1K views. Mostly they clock in the low hundreds, even though he and his tiny circle of bitter, maladjusted outcasts (Claire Khaw? Colin Liddell? Jennifer Scharf?) drone on for hours.

        • I watched a Ford video once. He was doing Alexander Technique exercises while talking about his sex life after he converted to Judaism. That was enough for me.

  7. This is unfortunate; my wife really likes him. I thought he was a bit weak beer for me but I can see why he has a following. He always came across to me as depressed. Poor guy.

  8. I always resented MW, his chain smoking set a very bad example for any young ppl drawn to the cause. Not even enough consideration & self-discipline to make a good impression. Plus, the dungeon like background.

    Now, that I hear the rest of his behavior, no loss.

    • I’ve always liked Woes. I liked the dark background. For HIS videos. He began making them to help with his depression, and a lot of people connected with him due to their own issues. The esthetic effect was very appropriate. I ran across him a few years ago. He was making viddies about the Islamic invasion of Europe, and that’s what drew me in.

      I loved his voice. I found his Scottish lilt to be very soothing at the end of a long day. His vocal patterns and mode of speech are so soft that I could listen to his videos late at night – I am a natural Night Owl – and not disturb any one on the house. His “take” on things, in his videos was very philosophical, and sweetly rueful. He was very polite and engaging with his Commentors. We’ve “spoken to each other” many times, in the comments. Oh – he has a very, very pretty face. His looks are just to my taste. People have been ragging in him for years to cut the smoking and the gallons and gallons and gallons of Coca Cola…to some avail. I got him to change his hairstyle.

      I also loved the crowd, The regular people that posted comments were witty and fun. I’ll miss the threads. I’ll miss the Milleniyules, too They were WONDERFUL! Christmas won’t be the same without them. Alas – nothing is the same…

      So – a man approaching middle age went amok with some gals half his age. It wasn’t the first time, i the course of Human events – and it certainly won’t be the last. He must have been very badly behaved if Collett is in such a tizzy. Many, many people have done far worse things. His behavior has been very cringey – but Colin is a long way from being the worst arch criminal in Human history.

      I hope he returns to making videos. I hope he sets his life on a better path. I truly, truly wish him all the best.

      • “I ran across him a few years ago. He was making viddies about the Islamic invasion of Europe, and that’s what drew me in.”

        He was not making those videos for any love of Europe or the white race, he was making anti-Islamic videos because he himself is a homosexual and he wants to keep the west queer-friendly. In other words his videos are made for purely selfish reasons not a love for one’s own people. Homosexuals can NEVER be true nationalists, they are spiritually defective and will always bring petty drama and squabbles with them. They have no genetic investment in the future and so their activism is narcissistic at best, disingenuous at worst. They need to be excluded from our organisations WITHOUT exception.

        Always be suspicious of anyone who rails endlessly about Islam but studiously avoids talking about the other Middle Eastern tribe who actually let them in. These people are invariably traitors, Zionists, homosexuals.

        • @Ricky Butt-Goy Vaughn Millennial Woes is a race realist who’s red pilled on the JQ, but you talk as if he’s some kosher civic nationalist who’s only concerned about Islam when that isn’t the case. In fact he dedicated a lot of time to criticizing such people (Tommy Robinson, MAGApedes, etc).

        • @Ricky B-GV…Woes is a fascinating and very courageous guy. He put himself ‘out there’ at no small risk to himself. Unlike you, an anonymous troll who jeers at others far braver than yourself. This is the main problem with the white right, it is infested with vile Nazis like yourself who crawl around, Gollum-like, in the darkness and spit out insults at those who show themselves openly. Woes has more courage, more wit and more insight than you and your kind will ever have. Assuming that you’re not some kind of infiltrator from a left-wing group or a government agency, trying to destroy the white right.

  9. If you don’t like him, vent privately. What’s the point of attacking him now? Who would want to be the public face of white advocacy when it’s so obvious we like to eat our own. Some things are far better left unsaid.

      • Jews have nothing to do with my comment. He was a white advocate and did not betray anyone from what I can tell. Did he dox someone? I don’t think this thread, in this type of forum, looks particularly appealing from any perspective. IMO.

        • He eats semen, allows men to masturbate in his rectum, puts semen in his rectum, licks anuses, puts his penis in other men’s rectums, etc. Not someone I care to have as an advocate.

          • Sounds like a closeted priest.

            May I ask….. how do you know all these personal preferences of his and who the heck let the cat out of the bag? What about women who lick mens’ anuses? Are they okay? Would he have been cleared if he put his penis in female rectums? These sexual perversions are widespread among heterosexuals these days, too. What about the use of leather doggy masks, scrotal inflation, and are furries welcome here?

            I’m just playing with ya … but I’m sure there are a few secret hetero pervs among us that do worse. But, they know how to keep a secret and that’s what counts.

        • “He was a white advocate”

          No, he was a “western” advocate. BIG difference. He wanted to keep those nasty homophobic muzzies out of the west, but based black guys in MAGA hats are welcome to screw white women and make mulatto children. These people are cancer.

          • I agree they are a cancer but….. 80-90% of whites will never qualify for this club. Perhaps the term “white advocate” is obsolete?

  10. “What’s the point of attacking him now? ”

    Not an attack.
    An observation, a lesson to be learned for ppl who enter this task, in the future.

    Learn by the faults of others.

  11. Disgusting behavior from woes if its true he was preying on a former sexual abuse victim a 18 yr old girl at that, also how many women did he spread his HPV too? Shameful display of character to do something like knowling to infect people. No wonder he took the I didn’t do nothing wrong, I retire from nationalism defense here


    I never heard of ‘Millennial Woes’.

    That said, I am perplexed at all the virtuous litmus tests Nationalists have for one another.

    2 Questions for you…

    #1. Do you think that soldiers and patriots questioned each other about each others’ credit record or sexual pecadilloes in the 1770s & 1860s?

    #2. Do you think that there ever would have been An American Revolution if only non-sinners had been allowed to fight?

  13. A YT channel called ‘Phantom Organization’ admitted that most of the allegations against MW are untrue, he is responsible for most of them.

  14. this dude is an admitted degenerate. had sex with guys when he was 17, described himself as part gay, thinks “there is no moral argument against beastiality” WOW.

    this event was caused by him send a dick pic (he claims it was a found photo and not a photo of him) but that’s irrelevant, you should be doing that. the claim is also that the receiver was under-aged.

    basically, he’s an immoral slob that doesn’t belong in this. he only got clout because of his doxxing.

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