Global Times: The U.S. System Has Failed

I’m continuing to follow the Chinese coverage of the coronavirus epidemic in the United States.

Global Times:

“The whole world has watched the American coronavirus mess with disbelief. For a superpower clubbed with superb human resources and technologies, how did the tragedy be fall, and what exactly went wrong that triggered this monumental failure?

As a matter of fact, the US was warned of the looming public health crisis, but it turns out that the Trump administration had squandered two-month-long precious time instead of getting prepared. 

The blunder happened because the US government took things too casually. 

When China’s Wuhan faltered to an abrupt large-scale outbreak and lamented for external assistance while the new virus, infected and claimed hundreds of lives in the populous city in late January, the US took the bench and looked on. 

Thereafter, South Korea, Iran, and Italy took turns and languished under the impact of the virus’ rage, and the US kept watching the incessant tragedies and did nothing as if the contagion would cower before the US’ unparalleled might. 

What did the Trump administration do during those two months? To the bewilderment of other countries, the White House said in an articulate tone that the virus would somehow “miraculously disappear,” while the US CDC started to research and develop a coronavirus test kit based on a genome provided by Chinese scientists. However, its test kit was later proved to be seriously flawed because the CDC lab workers did not wear secure protective gloves and gowns, and as a result, they contaminated the kit. 

What else did the Americans do at that time? US President Donald Trump and his cabinet members took a long-distance flight to New Delhi and feasted with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  …

Incompetence will be the one word other countries pin on the US, the Trump administration in particular. 

Just take a look at the daily White House news briefings, and the world will comprehend what Trump has staged is of least substance, but all theatrics. 

There, he reiterated that his government is the best and has done marvelous things; he chided the mainstream US media reporters who peck at him as “Fake News”; he deplored US medical experts who dare to question his engaging in pseudoscience- for instance, he suggested sun rays, UV, and bleach can cure the virus. 

In an attempt to rescue a receding economy and help his reelection hopes in November, Trump has completely politicized the pandemic, by rushing to lift the social distancing and stay-at-home measures – which are crucial to blunt the contagion. Trump even galvanized the right-wing radicals to take to the streets to “liberalize” states like Michigan and Virginia so that he will prevail again in the upcoming presidential election. 

The US’ very institutions and its boastful system have failed, miserably!”

Rather than halt the spread of the virus, most of the American Right (including the Dissident Right) has retreated into an alternative reality of pseudoscience and conspiracy theories as the death toll mounts beyond anything seen elsewhere on the planet. The world looks on as cranks whip up outrage mobs against scientists, doctors, nurses, medics and hospitals which are said to be the center of the evil plot. After suggesting the virus would miraculously disappear after arriving in the United States, the president suggests cleaning lungs with disinfectant at his daily press briefings.

New York Times:

“It can’t happen here” is an enduring refrain in American culture, a reflection of the idea — whether invoked ironically or in earnest — that the United States has a special destiny, and stands apart from the forces shaping the rest of the world.

Now, with a devastating global pandemic definitely happening here, much of the nation is asking how and why and what it means that a country that sees itself as the world’s wealthiest, most powerful and most scientifically advanced leads the world in both cases and confirmed deaths.

It’s a reckoning that has stirred intense debate about health policy, inequality and partisan politics, but also extends beyond it, touching on history, values and national identity. And for some, the severity of the crisis — and the slow, disjointed government reaction to a danger warned about for months — has also upended their conception of the country, shattering the already battered idea of American exceptionalism, if not turning it on its head. …”

American global leadership is pretty much over.

This is the definitive proof that there is no conspiracy. The Deep State would never orchestrate a devastating and humiliating debacle like this which has severely eroded American prestige. It does explain why they tried to get him impeached for four years though. There was an actual conspiracy against Trump and an effort to remove him from office, but it was because he was a moron who was perceived as a threat to the global liberal world order which the Deep State wanted to preserve.

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  1. Has ‘The American System failed’?

    Or has it fulfilled what it’s Founding Fathers set it up to do – to be a conglomeration of separate powers that purposefully keep the power out of a few hands?

    Or, in light of it’s usurpation by so many alien entities and it’s resultant inability to follow and dispence it’s own system of law, is their actually ‘an American system’,\ anymore?

    There is not an answer to these questions, but, many – and those answers depend on how you see the country, it’s history, it’s present, and it’s future.

    Not one answer to the question of failure – that IS the answer.

    • “Has ‘The American System failed’?
      Or has it fulfilled what it’s Founding Fathers set it up to do”

      Yes it has failed.

      Any decent historian and any right thinking Southerner will tell you that the U.S. as the Founding Father envisioned it died in the Civil War. It went from a Republic made up of various states with citizen soldiers to a global empire that stomps out any resistance to the centralized government.

      Anyone who still LARPs as a Revolutionary War soldier is deluded.

      • @Outlander…

        Thank you so much for having reviewed my comment and for having replied!

        I do totally agree with you that the country has, in certain respects, undergone something of a transformation since The Articles of Confederation.

        There can be no doubt that, starting with The McKinley Administration, this country got into the business of Empire – that an endeavour which, sadly, has eaten away much of it’s original nobility, or, if not, then, at least, it’s intent.

        Of course, from the perspective of American Indians, the blight of American Empire did not start with the arrival of Lincoln, but with Sir Walter Raleigh.

        That said, I do not think your assertion that this country made a huge transition in the 1860s, or, even a small one, holds up well to a careful inspection.

        No, Sir – if you do not recall, there came a War after Appomattox brought an end to the first Confederate Government, which, by 1872, Dixie had won – and the results of the after-war left her in nearly all respects as free as she had been before 1861.

        Yes, Sir, the Southern States lost the right to sell her produce directly to foreign countries, and, yes, slavery was given a New England Yankee name – sharecropping, but, in all other domestic respects she operated independently of U.S Government opinion or control.

        No, Sir – the transformation of the republic (into something which it was never intended to be) for which the idealogical grounds were lain in in 1861, really did not get going until The New Deal, a process which accelerated with the court decisions that started with Brown vs. The Board of Education in the late 1940s.

        That said, as much power as The United States’ Government has amassed over the last 159 years, there are things that simply have not changed.

        What are a few of those things?

        States still hold their own elections, have their own militias, either in plain view or not, and the citizenry is armed to the teeth. And, for the most part, churches are still segregated, as are schools – most Whites attending White schools, either public by district or private by tuition) and Blacks in Black schools.

        Moreover, in Dixie, each town, in their thousands of them that dot our land, are still ruled and run by the same 3,4, or 5 families that were running and ruling them in 1830.

        Lastly I will tell you this : —– if The United States’ Government is ever so misguided as to come disrespectfully down here, many many of them, and, as well, those scalwags who would choose to support that and them, will rue it.

        Again, thank you for your reply. I respect the fact that you live in a very different country from me – not just on land, but, in your head.

        I, Sir, am a Southerner, a North Carolinian, and so are my people, in-laws, and friends, all over the state and Dixie. We have our laws and customs, and, as well, the vast majority of us hold to views that were held by our great-great-great-great grandfathers.

        Neither time nor death will not change that.

        • Your attempts at sounding big brained in your essay response seem to have fallen quite flat and only revealed just how unprepared you are for secession.

          One, who cares what the Amerindians think? That side note at trying to make your essay sound like “one of perspective” is not relevant as Amerindians were not Americans according to the Founding Fathers.

          The Founding Fathers did not intend for the United States of America to become a centralized empire. If they wanted to, they would have had plenty of opportunities to turn it into that, but instead they wanted to form a constitutional republic made up of quasi-independent states that cooperated with one another for economic and defensive purposes in mind. The Founding Fathers did not favor the idea of a large standing army instead preferring militia and citizen soldiers to make up their armies in times of war.

          If one were to ask Washington or Jefferson if the South had the right to secede, they’d probably do everything in their power to stop them diplomatically, but would ultimately agree and try to be on amicable terms with them.

          This idea of the “South winning the war ultimately” is a cope. Not only did you lose the war, but you had cities burn down and for a brief period of time weren’t even allowed to govern yourselves. It was all these ideas centred around “Reconciliation” from the North to the South that would see Southern men signing up to fight and die to help build the American Empire. Whereas Scotland got their own special form parliament in the UK for their part in building the British Empire, where is the South’s?

          “Lastly I will tell you this : —– if The United States’ Government is ever so misguided as to come disrespectfully down here, many many of them, and, as well, those scalwags who would choose to support that and them, will rue it.”

          Yeah I saw how you didn’t take any Yankee guff in Virginia. Let’s cut out the self congratulations and live in reality. The South, just like any other place in the West, is a disaster and at this point in time, no one is going to be making anyone rue shit. You can’t convince me your Star and Striped coloured collar is actually a Star and Bar and that the South could declare independence tomorrow if the North made things bad enough for them.

          It’s already bad, and the whole point of Southern Secession movements should be to make things better, not delude yourselves into preserving the status quo. Learn to hate your chains, throw out your occupier’s flag, and maybe you will find your independence.

          • @Outlander…

            We are so fortunate to have someone as knowledgeable and experienced in the matters of secession, sovereignty, civil war, and general consensus-building as you, to guide us in The South through the coming years!

            Thank you very much for knowing so much!

    • ” as the death toll mounts beyond anything seen elsewhere on the planet. ”

      That is not true.

      By proportion, our death toll is below UK, France, Italy .
      All countries who have lost their WHITENESS, by embracing the race mixing , euphemistically called ‘diversity’.

      Go brown, go down……forever !

      • @Arian…

        Race-mixing is a problem, Arian, but, not 1000th the problem that is identity- and idea-mixing.

        Western Whites, more populous at this time in history than ever before. are mostly healthy of body, but, not so in the head.

        That, Sir, is where the mixing problems are.

        If we can advance the premises of Chryst & Sovereignty, most of the damage inflicted can be undone.

  2. How does that saying go? Trump is not the leader we need but he is the leader we deserve?

    HW is right that ZOG should’ve taken the looming threat of the Charlie Chan Wu-Tang Klan virus a lot more seriously and enacted a number of proactive measures at the start of this year. But he’s mistaken when he says that the billionaires aren’t profiting from this disaster. Like hell they aren’t! Maybe they weren’t expecting this particular pandemic but they have it all set it up where they WILL profit from emergency situations. Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates have both become literally billions of dollars wealthier since the start of this insanity around March 1st. The house always wins.

    And it was the capitalists who gave away our ability to manufacture the medical equipment we now so desperately need. In the words of those retarded Trump supporters “Let that sink in”.

    • Trump has FEMA seizing ppe equipment from cities, states, and hospital while he sends a million masks to Israel and these idiots defend him.

      The US military has its soldiers making their own DIY masks but for Trump and his defenders Israel comes first.

      • And the mass of idiots will largely remain ignorant of this fact, or not care too much about it if they do know.

        • ” the mass of idiots will largely remain ignorant of this fact,”

          What do you expect ‘INTEGRATED’ public schools to produce, other than idiots ?

    • “The Deep State would never orchestrate a devastating and humiliating debacle like this which has severely eroded American prestige”

      That’s because you fallaciously think the DEEP STATE is somehow intrinsically American. The (((DEEP STATE))) is utterly ALIEN, through and through. Even the recent FashtheNation podcast on ((((Hamilton))) made that point crystal clear- this has been going on, for over 200 years in America- and for 2000 years, in Europe/Christendom.


  3. These things are meant to fail. Everyone looks at all the stupid and inept actions of those in charge yet never questions if it could be intentional. You cannot bring in a new system without destroying the old one. It can’t look intentional or it will wake the foolish herd up. The whole charade of equal rights for women, minorities, queers – and everything in between – as well as the bashing and feminization of males – especially white males – is to level the playing field and destroy the potential warrior response. The destruction of our history is also deliberate because that history will be re-written for future generations. Look to the past to explain the present. There’s an awful lot of missing links. Why did humanity go from zero to one thousand in a mere few centuries?

    Our rulers think in centuries while we think in decades. But, their rulers think in millennia. Symbols rule the world but only if you’re paying attention. Observe, don’t just watch. The answers are right in front of you.

    “Hosted by Ritossa Family Office, a family business dating back 600 years to time of the Venetian
    Empire in Europe, and with deep roots into Europe & the Middle East, this is the 11th event in a
    Global Series covering Dubai, Monaco, Riyadh and Miami – and the fourth one in Monaco.”

    Deep roots?

    “Family Offices” – have any idea what they mean? Bloodlines. And, look, they’re all different colors and religions!

    Who are the Ritossas? More people you never heard of. These are some of the people who rule us and you never heard of them. They are in these positions because they are all related to some degree or another.

  4. The United States has always been a nation in search of itself. Is is a mistake to think the divide is only red verses blue. There are multiple visions of America at play. It started with Federalists verses Anti-federalists and took off and replicated form there. The history of the United States is that it is a profoundly reactive and not a proactive nation. It always gets caught by surprise with its pants down metaphorically speaking. The difference is now the oceans cannot protect us because other nations now have intercontinental missiles, aircraft carriers, submarines with ballistic missiles, and bombers capable of reaching the United States. This is what happens to a people when their response is always White Flight and never white fight. Soon there will be no place left to flee to. The United States is terminal and it was terminal long, long, before COV-19 reared its ugly head. America is a nation in search of itself. Always seeking, never finding!

  5. Very good post. “The world looks on as cranks whip up outrage mobs against scientists, doctors, nurses, medics and hospitals which are said to be the center of the evil plot.” Spot on.

    Also excellent today:

    Bernhard, the German “Moon of Alabama” blogger has come a long way from his first coronavirus post last month that was completely dismissive (“coronavirus is nothing to worry about”) to this mature view.

  6. American/USA system? Since 1861, the USA became the Yankee Empire with the southern states being subjugated against their will as conquered territories/colonies. Yankee Empire system is most appropriate.

    Now the Republicans (Lincoln was a tariff man) are just plain greedy. They are the types that would sell guns and whiskey to the Indians if they could make a profit.

    If this “miracle virus” wipes out all these fat cats’ fortunes then they deserve it. It has already done so much for the common citizen. It has set back globalism, the federal government, PC. Brought back xenophobia, brought back some taboos long forgotten and states’ rights. It will now force us if we ever get another chance again to keep all our jobs local. It has closed down the liberal university ivory towers of Marxism — the home bases for Antifa, given parents and students options for education which doesn’t require indoctrination from the Left, given (mainly the South) more hunting and fishing time, etc.

    Poverty is Wealth. Sickness is Health. The games continue.

  7. Until Whites can disentangle themselves from this toxic social disorder, we will have nothing but a future of failures.

  8. After seeing that Lady Maga thing in your pic yesterday I went to its Twitter. Bizarre and “the Right” is both confused and lost. It was shaming people for wearing masks and social distancing, while “Conservatives”, many Christian themed types were joining in and celebrating it and another gay grifter named Brandon Straka as well as their message of “real conservatism”. All these things really drain you of any hope

  9. The USA and ” civilised ” west has the worst health bar none. All our food is toxic, our water spoilt by glysophates …

    Chronic metabolic syndrome, heart disease, NAFLD, diabetes, lung issues in NYC from last 911. Etc etc etc…

    Also we warehouse our elderly because we suck as ” families” thanks adorno et al.

    Yes our imbiciles running our governments are exceptionally inept at crisis managment even though they war game these exact scenarios constantly…its occam razor all day…

    But the oligarchs are glomming onto this “pandemic” to usher in further draconian measures to control you.

    Western man led by a trump chabad lubavitcher refused the global warming thing, that cabal will fight back, and they are.

    You might have a relative working in covid19 -aids county hospital but most of the 7.7 billion don’t and won’t.

    If fear of death runs your life you might need an adjustment.

    There is a boogeyman and he’s under every pandemics bed.
    What the world needed, another invisible enemy to battle, another “war on____”?

    Its tiring, I pray the end is peaceful and the next is glorious.

    Go outside and strengthen your immune systems.

    I think it best to disregard this site for the near future. It’s not conducive to a healthy lifestyle.


  10. I mean. I’m in general agreement on the coronavirus stuff (though I do have some concerns that it’s a bit overblown)

    But I don’t understand why OD is becoming an outlet for Chinese propaganda. I’d tone that down a bit.

    • Yes, Hunter’s take on the chinks is disappointing, although I do think he’s on the right track otherwise.

  11. I was thinking today about how there seems to be an overlap between flu truthers and climate truthers. Has this event changed the way you view climate change and the need for extraordinary authoritarian government measures like the Green New Deal to save us from an impending climate apocalypse? Why are epidemiologists more worth listening to than the many climate scientists out there that say man-made climate change is a serious threat?

    • The difference is that engineering your way out of a problem is not the Floofers way. The Floofers divide into bloodthirsty and fatalistic and some other things beside in the taxonomy. Many are also lying and posturing and maintains quarantine while goading others to break quarantine. Sone are obviously disinformation peddlers from think tanks in the Cass Sunstein school of dissembling attempting to connect nationalism and junk like FE, moon hoaxes etc.

      The Anthropomophic Climate Change threat is very different from a contagion. Plenty of anti racist multiculturalist pro migrant liberals have said bizarre stuff about WuFlu and have done things to make it all worse. Many leftists do more damage to the co2 level than the average conservative. The only thing that could have stopped wuflu was immediately grounding aircraft in January. No anti racist or Extinction Rebellion spoxx ever suggested grounding passenger jets. Only fascists disgusted by Johnny Foreigner were suggesting closed borders.

  12. The US is on the list of China’s “10 Inevitable Wars”.
    They have stated they will use bio-weapons, both in the document “Unrestricted Warfare”, and in General Chi Haotian’s speech to CCP leadership. Here is a paragraph from that speech:

    “…Conventional weapons such as fighters, canons, missiles and battleships won’t do; neither will highly destructive weapons such as nuclear weapons. We are not as foolish as to want to perish together with America by using nuclear weapons, despite the fact that we have been exclaiming that we will have the Taiwan issue resolved at whatever cost. Only by using non-destructive weapons that can kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves. There has been rapid development of modern biological technology, and new bio-weapons have been invented one after another. Of course, we have not been idle, in the past years we have seized the opportunity to master weapons of this kind. We are capable of achieving our purpose of “cleaning up” America all of a sudden. When Comrade Xiaoping was still with us, the Party Central Committee had the perspicacity to make the right decision not to develop aircraft carrier groups and focus instead on developing lethal weapons that can eliminate mass populations of the enemy country….”

    The release of the corona virus was an act of war.
    The release of the corona virus has given the marxists the leverage they need to accelerate the destruction of not just America, but what is left of Western Civilization.

    • I said as soon as they threatened us with releasing more bioweapons that we should have nuked them immediately. The Russians wanted to do just that when LBJ was president, but we told them we would consider nuking china an act of war. First we prevent the Japanese from keeping them in check during WW2 and then we prevent the Russians from nuking them.

  13. Commenter Arian mentioned this above, Mr. W., but I’ll flesh it out: The following are numbers from the April 23 NY Times page that was linked within the NY Times article you excerpted …

    Cases per 100,000 persons:

    US – 264
    Spain – 456
    Italy – 314
    Germany – 179
    UK – 208
    France – 180

    Deaths per 100,000 persons

    US – 14
    Spain – 47
    Italy – 42
    Germany – 6
    UK – 28
    France – 33

    The U.S. isn’t doing badly at all there, in comparison with those countries that are the only ones with which it should be compared in this situation. Only one of those countries–Germany–has a lower per capita death toll, and U.S. per capita deaths are half those of the next country up (the UK).

    Why did the contagion erupt on a similar scale, all at once, in those countries that are the heart of “the West’? I don’t know, but it probably had to do with their cultural and economic prominence, which connects them worldwide in ways that other countries probably aren’t connected. That probably goes double for the U.S., which should probably get a gold medal for keeping this thing down to Shitstorm Level 1.

    So, there–I’ve done your work for you, while you’ve been making meaningless statements about such things as the situation in New Zealand.

    As to what that Chinese writer had to say in the Global Times article you excerpted–let’s remind ourselves what was going on about three months ago …
    (“China Blasts U.S. for ‘Overreaction’ to Virus, Spreading Fear”)

    You might remember, too, my recent remark here, at Occidental Dissent, that, in my memory, it was the liberals who, at first, were downplaying the danger of the virus and that “the script flipped” only when the Democrats began using the contagion as a stick with which to batter Trump. It’s just taken me about two seconds to turn up, via Google, the following …
    (“Health experts warn China travel ban will hinder coronavirus response”)
    (“Coronavirus quarantine, travel ban could backfire, experts fear”)

    So–if you’ll permit me to say: Cut the bullshit.

    • The cynicism of the the left is a bottomless ism.
      It’s cup runneth over…the flip on the virus should be methodically documented. I’d not be surprised to find a strong clear pattern and even language use.

      The first person I heard say “it’s just the flu” was actually a left wing activist who is a retired nurse. That was in early February. It was rayciss to be conscious of Wuflu and CoronaChan, but it is responsible civic mindedness to Covid19.

  14. The one thing we are seeing about this virus is that it aggravates any co-morbidities people have. Of course the Usual Suspects, i.e. Bill Gates, are pushing a vaccine that will probably launch any day. The one thing that is not being stressed is clean eating, fresh air, exercise,particularly in sunshine and vitamin supplementation that would defend one’s immune system.

    Initially, it looks like this was designed to cull the herd of the old and sickly who would be more of a drain than a contributor to the welfare-health safety net. Otherwise why would nursing homes be forced by Cuomo to take Co-vid victims?

    But shutting down the whole American economy by treating as vast and diverse a country as the USA like the overcrowded New York City, New York is another thing altogether.

    To Trump, it was a matter of personal pride to bring the economy back. I think he started out with good intentions and was taken to the woodshed more than once by the Usual Suspects until he backed down, but he still tried to do some good.

    He looked totally ambushed and unprepared for it. Otherwise, I could see secret meeting with governors and then having the governors meet with the mayors to modify any pandemic mitigation efforts to each one’s particular turf.

    Like the latest, when he wanted to suspend anymore immigration because so many Americans were out of work and available to fill any open positions.

    The one thing that does not come up during this debate as to when to reopen is when are we getting our factory base back? NO one is talking about it and this is a definite national security threat when a hostile power controls production of even our medicine.

    The evidence is simple to see. There is no intention on the part of the scumbags who pass as our “leaders” to bring them back EVER.

    There is an interesting prediction that we will see a two-thirds reduction in population. It could be germ warfare. Then again – and this is what I’M hoping – is that it will rats from every spectrum of the rainbow jumping what they see as a sinking ship.

    The more I watch this thing unfold, the more convinced I am that this is a deliberate crash of the American economy by the Usual Suspects who have been quietly moving all operations to China for decades now with China ultimately taking ascendancy by 2030.

    Check this out:

    The only question mark that remains is if the Co-Vid virus would have had to be unleashed during a Hilary Clinton presidency? I suspect not. She was all on board with gutting the country into a third world banana republic and would have simply cut herself and her husband at the head of the line of those looting the country.

    • I’ve notoced that the TV never seems to give generic ideas for remedies and diet. Fitness they do. But it’s striking how it is all about public policy and tolls.

      Extermination does sound like a possibility. But it’s exterminating the ancient and the nogs.

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