HIVlo Vows To Doxx More Of /Ourguys/ On Telegram

My friend Nils Weger DM’d me today with this message regarding Milo Yiannopoulos after seeing HIVlo’s Telegram post:

He’s vain in a psycho- pathological way. Milo seems to suffer from histrionic personality disorder. He would even share his own dox just because it is about him.

I have to agree. Milo has always been unhinged, but his mental illness appears to have completely taken over every aspect of his rational mind at this point.

Milo Yiannopoulos is simply running an Antifa-esque doxxing operation. There is no other way to describe it. Not only is he absolutely proud of his actions but he is also flaunting it. Milo in his deranged way believes he is completely dunking on Richard Spencer and the Alt-Right, who have soundly rejected Milo and his open advocacy for pedophilia, but in all actuality what Milo is doing is doxxing innocent people who may have merely shown up after being invited to a party or social event. Thanks, Shlomo.

Milo’s Antifa connects seem to run deep.

1dark0ne, Melanie Warner, may have lived with Alex Pilosov, the notorious confidant of none other than weev, according to my sources. Alex Pilosov’s apartment address was once used to register the Daily Stormer’s domain. Warner seems to be connected to Unicorn Riot and Antifa through various friends and acquaintances. She may also be involved in the various Antifa hacker communities as well. Cohencidence?


Milo wrote a story about Pilosov when he worked for Breitbart:

If you are a moron, you could interpret Donald Trump’s statements in the GOP debate tonight to mean he wants to start shutting down specific websites or services on the internet. He clarified later that he was talking about geography: limiting access to, say, Syria or wherever Islamic State is operating from.

Trump is right not only that limiting or knocking out the internet is the best way of hampering Islamic State, but also because there is at least one solution that is eminently feasible. It’s just that sneering commentators aren’t educated enough to know about it.

It’s technical, so don’t expect to follow this all the way through if you don’t know what a URL or an IP address is, or if you work for Buzzfeed. But I’ll lay it out as simply as I can without penning a research paper.

The ownership of IP addresses, which are labels attached to any device connected to a network, are determined by announcements using a protocol called the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). Anyone with sufficient access can make a BGP announcement.

Now, all the internet service providers that together comprise the core of the internet are American. That’s what Trump means when he says the internet is “ours.” Announcements from American ISPs are thus the most respected and listened-to announcements.

In theory, all President Trump would have to do is have the FCC exercise its regulatory authority over telecommunications infrastructure and arrange to make announcements for the IP addresses owned by Islamic State.

Any traffic intended for Islamic State, on about 95 per cent of the internet, could be redirected to the United States and then “nullrouted” — essentially, dumped into a black hole, perhaps after being analyzed by the NSA or the military. Problem solved.

Would this completely remove ISIS from the Internet? For the most part, yes. All but the most tech savvy jihadis would be gone, and while there would be plenty of ways to get around this fix they would be time consuming, expensive, technical and easy to locate. 

For instance, there would be satellite links and Inmarsat phones left. But such devices are easily traceable for airstrikes. With the regulatory authority to do so, a Trump administration could knock out most of Islamic State’s internet capability in a matter of days.
That, at least, is the solution many self-described hackers have been discussing on Twitter over the past few days. Their disagreements seem to be limited to ethical boundaries, rather than the efficacy of the technical solution proposed.

The video below demonstrates BGP hijacking in action. The hackers featured, Pilosov and Kapela, go further than the above strategy would require.

Nothing to see here, folks. Just the as per usual Jewish nepotism.

Nick, when are you going to disavow this freak show after he doxxed your friends, big guy?

Patrick Casey?

My guess is never.

Special thanks to @Taimuaut0 for all the research and assistance for this story


  1. Its so funny how all the AmNat groups (Daily Stormer, AIM, Groypers, etc) who broke off from the Alt Right are all turning out to be involved with Jews, Antifa, and federal agents. TRS was on that shit too, but they’ve wised up so they can get a pass.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole AmNat wing is some carefully devised plan to help white nationalism discredit and destroy itself.

  2. This same group of people were knocking at the door of the alt-right, or whatever you prefer to call it, in 2015-16 and their offer was rejected. Looks like the Amnats/groypers took the deal. It’s not going to end well for them.

    • That’s why all of these people turned against Spencer all at the same time. Spencer turned down the offers from these guys like Bannon to guide the alt right into becoming Republican party tools, so they sent all of their puppets like Milo after him.

  3. Jews being Jews. This is something Anglin will never respond to. On a side note Sam Hyde is part tribe as well.

    • “Sam hyde is part tribe as well”
      Where’s the Proof for that one sport? whatever 00.1 decimal point of heeb Hyde is, it wasn’t enough to keep his show on the air and from being blacklisted from any future endeavors as a comedian

  4. I always thought it was a mistake for the right, of any stripe, to associate with Milo; the guy drinks out of a water bottle shaped like a penis, how much more vile can you get?

  5. I attended the several Milo parties, including the Cernovich Trump inauguration event. This isn’t through 20/20 goggles but the truth. I found it strange from moment one that a group of “conservatives” were rallying around a gay man who was doing porn light art shows and bathing in blood and “e celebs” craving attention like Cernovich, Martina, Gavin, Britney Venti, etc etc. Nothing about it felt organic, and everyone was so excited to be a part of the tolerant Proud Boys, Twinks for Milo or Cernovichs Alt-light squad.

    Most people are by most definitions just normal. They don’t want to be around costumed Wignats role playing as Himmler and frothing at the mouth and they certainly don’t want to be around Milo as he is dressed like a woman or Greek God while making one sexual innuendo after another right to your face.

    • I would’ve needed a shower after going to that kind of event. The “celebrities” promoted by (((shadowy figures))) behind the scenes keep trying to steer us in the milquetoast, assimilationist CivNat direction. They always seem to have the stacks of money necessary to organize or show up at every inorganic, astroturfed event. None of the alt-lite scum are the sort we want to be around: homos, proud race mixers, heebs, closeted or “experimenting” bi/queers, etc., disgusting etc. They’re saboteurs of European people, our civilization, and our survival. Shun them and any of their fellow travelers.

      • It was an exciting time. We all were excited about Trump and there was a comradery about being a supporter at the time. But when you got there and it was like a Hollywood premier with Milo and cernovich posing with people.. It felt dirty. The art show i won’t even get into as it would make you sick. It made drag queen story hour look wholesome… But the conservatives loved it and ate it up. Everyone thought it was great. I’m a pretty easy going guy but I didn’t have fun at any of these things. The level of drug usage alone at some of these groups get together was mind blowing especially if you don’t do and never would do hard drugs.

        I dont really care if Milo is gay. He seems like a pleasant enough huckster. Charming even. But like Charlie Kirk and TPUSA or Nick Fuentes and the catbois, i always assumed conservative or on the right meant more than economics and supporting greatest allies. It doesn’t

        • What are the “conservatives” trying to conserve anyway, drag queen story hour, the big, multi-cult, diverse, globo-homo shopping mall?

  6. And how is Fuentes even relevant. He is an obnoxious dwarf who has the view that he is a combination of Elvis, Justin Timberlake and Pat Buchanan. Who are these low esteemed fans giving him money and hanging on his every word as he mocks them, calls them idiots and then goes into a story about how throngs of people gather around him wanting to just catch a glimpse of his greatness. The catboi nonsense is really just irrelevant as this little person shouldn’t have any type of voice representing adults over the age of 18…

    As for the doxing. My rule has always been don’t say anything online you wouldn’t say in a public place. I am a rather moderate person by nature, but even if you the type to use slurs, treat online interactions the same as you would having a conversation at the local restaurant or store

  7. I’m not sure how any American thought that a jewish homosexual could be, in any way, a spokesperson for European people…there needs to be a strict policy against ANY association with jews… Ur a jew?..Out!…ur friends with a jew?…Out!…You talk to jews?..Out!…you have friends who are friends with jews?..they’re out or you’re out!
    Observing from Canada, I see jews and shabbos goyim trying to turn the defence of our people and nations into a boobies, beer and dildo party..this is their way to smear, subvert and attract the lowest denominator to our ranks..anybody promoting homos, dildos, alcohol, drugs, parties, abusing our women, being a fat disgusting slob or any other subversive activity is persona non grata IMO.

    • A mans words and actions reveal his intent, no matter how hard he tries to hide it, and I’m not talking about something a man did or said when he was hypnotized by the talmudvision and “pop culture”, I’m talking about what a man in this movement is doing today…this isn’t a party, never mind a homosexual jew party…all these guys giggling and joking all the time are a millstone around our necks…A LOT MORE guys gotta get serious or we’re fkd!

    • “…there needs to be a strict policy against ANY association with jews… Ur a jew?..Out!…ur friends with a jew?…Out!…You talk to jews?..Out!…you have friends who are friends with jews?..they’re out or you’re out!”

      This is part of the Justinian Code, and is enshrined in a sort of fashion in the “Rudder’ – the theological record of all the conciliar decisions from Nicea in 325 on up to almost the 19th Century. It once was the main book of ‘canon law’ that the Orthodox consulted on a whole host of matters….

      “The principle of “Servitude of the Jews” (Servitus Judaeorum) was established by the new laws, and determined the status of Jews throughout the Empire for hundreds of years. The Jews were disadvantaged in a number of ways. They could not testify against Christians and were disqualified from holding a public office. Jewish civil and religious rights were restricted: “they shall enjoy no honors”. The use of the Hebrew language in worship was forbidden. Shema Yisrael, sometimes considered the most important prayer in Judaism (“Hear, O Israel, YHWH our God, YHWH is one”) was banned, as a denial of the Trinity. A Jew who converted to Christianity was entitled to inherit his or her father’s estate, to the exclusion of the still-Jewish brothers and sisters. The Emperor became an arbiter in internal Jewish affairs. Similar laws applied to the Samaritans.”

      Just sayin’

      • There’s good reason why jews were excluded from White society…we have more than 2000 years of reasons.

  8. all faggots are diabolical narcissists: they would literally sodiomize themselves

    if they could…but can’t, so hire each other out. Milo is particularly repulsive

    because he’s a sodomite and a miscegnator. Milo and VoxDay (who banned Haxo

    from his site for telling unpleasant truths about ZOG-stooge Drumpf) are,

    incidentally, best buds.

  9. That guy from anime right news has been on top of these stories for a long time. He’s the one who wrote about Trump/Kushner’s genie energy connection and about Douglass Mackey’s boss Richard Schwartz (smartcheckr/clearview).

  10. The groypers basically worship aliens like Kanye West and Michelle Malkin. They also allow all sorts of mongrels (including Muslims and Jews) into their movement. They’re quickly becoming Kekistan 2.0- interesting at first but quickly self destructive.

    • I stopped visiting the Stormer forums even for laughs when I saw Anglin on there touting “Kanye West” and saying that Beethoven has no cultural value or significance any more except to a few history geeks.

      He can keep his Negermusik.

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