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  1. HW states:

    “ Conservatives have concluded the lockdown was the problem.”

    I respond:

    Or, like economic Conservatives Cowboy Cliven Bundy, libertarian true believers Ron Paul and Rand Paul, Ronald Reagan insist (ed) Americans should welcome anyone and everyone who wants to come here provided they want to work a job – any job (food processing, elderly care etc) because these 3rd works migrants supposedly have better work ethics compared to us White Anglos.

    As Conservative savior CA governor Ronald Reagan once said :

    “Anyone can become an American “ ( anyone apparently includes tens of thousands of Coronavirus Kung Flu plague carriers , Sub Sahara Black Africans with the Ebola plague etc)”

    Ryan resumes :

    One very positive result of the Coronavirus is that the Libertarian lunatic cult members have gone in to hiding. Let s find their hiding places , paint symbols on their roofs like on the Jewish holiday of Passover only this time our Gods like Kalki don t Passover


  2. The abjection of the numbers. Even if the Chinese under reported the deaths and cases by half this is embarrassing for the US and I might add for the UK. Even if you factor out BAME casualties. Shit this even crippled a prime minister.

  3. (((Conservatives))) are mad that corona virus didn’t kill as many Boomers as projected, so they are going to open things up so it kill more of them.

  4. Laura Ingram ought to just walk around a few cities without a mask etc. Go into every shop etc. But she does t believe a word of what she’s saying.

    • What a powerful shill, perfectly selected for the targeted audience, even advertising religiousness (consistent with Pharisaism and contrary to Jesus’s teaching) while cheering on the imperialist wars that she doesn’t suffer in, and the forcing of people back to work in unsafe conditions – like a local UPS driver now sick, says the replacement who must also make up to 170 stops a day.

  5. Sweden is not on lockdown, shops, restaurants and bars, workplaces open

    UK is on brutal lockdown

    Fewer cases and deaths in Sweden, both in absolute terms and per capita, charts here


    Of course Sweden doesn’t have national authorities like in the USA, paying corrupt hospitals $13,000 plus for each fake no-proof-needed claim that a sick or dead person ‘had coronavirus’


    The USA gov offer:

    “Are you a hospital or other US health care provider authorised to receive Medicaid funds?

    You may qualify for receiving a share of $42 billion in Covid-19 fast US government CASH PAYMENTS!

    Average US government payment for your Covid-19 patient is $13,297

    Put your patient on a ventilator, that TRIPLES to an average $40,218

    Just 100 ‘coronavirus’ patients, and you have between ONE and FOUR MILLION DOLLARS

    Your patient uninsured? NO PROBLEM

    No Covid-19 test performed? NO PROBLEM

    Patient showing zero symptoms of Covid-19? NO PROBLEM

    Not sure your dead or sick patient has coronavirus? NO PROBLEM

    Don’t delay – Get your COVID CASH on the way TODAY!”

  6. It really does seem that the Boomer and 95IQ Fox News “conservative libertarian” set are fixated on two things… Revenge against China and revenge against the “Demonrats” for manufacturing this whole thing as a means of taking down their president. They all seem to believe despite being world wide, it’s a Democrat and “Globalist” plot. Although these ideas run contradictory logically on all levels, its where they are going..

    And then you have the QTard conservatives who believe this is a 12D chess move where Trump is bringing indictments against Tom Hanks Oprah and the Clintons

  7. Look! This article is still up and running…


    While this article was removed for saying much the same thing!


    I just love the unified, OBJECTIVE reporting on ALL sites about this Chinese Origin VD…..

    “It is no exaggeration to say that most models that the best and brightest offered the public, from the imported Imperial College in London to those from the University of Washington and many more besides, were not just inaccurate, but quite mistaken in two tragic ways: First, they were accepted as gospel by governments and thus their flawed assumptions became the basis for policies that in many cases may prove counterproductive. Second, the modelers themselves either did not promptly correct their warped inputs, or were not completely forthcoming about their data and methodologies, or blamed their flawed assumptions on others or circumstances beyond imagination, or claimed that their mistakes were in fact salutary—if not sorta, kinda planned—in galvanizing a presumably infantile public to accept draconian measures that it otherwise would not.”

    Helps the lower-IQ American understand everything, so well….

  8. This year will go down as one of the mildest flu seasons in U.S. history.

    1958 Asian Flu, 70,000 dead Americans

    1969 Hong Kong Flu, 35,000 dead Americans

    • This is all becoming a dreadful bore, madam. White people are starting to resume their normal everyday lives, chink virus and ZOG patrols be damned!

  9. The data that really disappoints me is the UK. The PM really does have dictatorial powers. President not so much. The only thing he cod have done to hurry the observance of lockdown anyway would have been to personally wear a mask. There is a credible case to be made that every advisor was just hedging their bet and feathering their nests. The PM can on the other hand issue dictat.

    • BJ is a useless clown surrounded by stinky Pajeets. What did you expect? Corbyn would’ve been much better.

  10. Kristi Noem, the Republi-tarian governor of South Dakota continues to resist science and reason, which she calls “herd mentality” She thinks it is NOT the role of government to maintain public health, but that it IS the role of government to wage endless trillion-dollar imperialist wars for the benefit of Israel and a tiny superwealthy elite. She also believes that “South Dakota is not New York City” as if the laws of nature vary in different places.

    Nature is teaching South Dakota a lesson, but at least as of yesterday the governor refuses to learn it. Instead she used a media briefing yesterday to promote chloroquine as a miracle cure, which was found ineffective by the Chinese months ago. Here is the “maverick” French chloroquine doctor credited with the discovery by Trump and Fox News, although he borrowed the idea from the Chinese who were trying everything: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hddIofxquqw – and here is Doctor Zelenko, of New York City, who uses ineffective chloroquine “as a zinc ionophore”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3J_1B7kJbk

    People are hoarding quinine water now.

  11. I guess nobody told that Ingraham bitch that Corona-Chan stowed-away on that hospital ship and is starting to infect the crew. Also, it turns out you can catch the Wu-Flu from corpses…don’t bring out yer’ dead…torch the house instead. The Gray Ghost will be pleased to follow the progress of the little Confederacies for re-starting “muh economy”…Greatest Economy Ever! MAGA!!

    • I never liked Laura “Look at all the pickininnies I bought!” Ingraham. And she’s got the voice of a tranny.

  12. If I was a King, or a “Lord Protector” (i.e. Oliver Cromwell) then I would have FOX news closed down and the owners/producers and on-air Trump pimps would go to the wall.

    In a war, or any national catastrophe, when you allow an enemy or counter-revolutionaries to confuse the public with their propaganda, it undermines the whole war (containment) effort.

    Right now, those who shill for Trump and try to convince the public that its all a hoax or “overblown” are not just enemies to America, but enemies to humanity.

    I was convinced the first week in January that this was a monster virus by watching videos of Chinese soldiers and police forcing people into their homes and sealing off large cities at gunpoint. That’s what it resembled: a monster. It was like watching a sci-fi film, only this was real life.

    Media whores like Laura Ingraham are like Judas Goats leading the public to slaughter.

    “What what about the economy? The stock market?”

    Well, conservatives and tea-party types are always longing to return to 1776. Well, guess what? In 1776 America there was no such thing as a stock market, global corporations, or Jewish investment bankers.

    Life went on in 1776 without an “economy” and we will too, but we will not survive this suicidal delusion of worshiping the God of Wall Street.

  13. The truth finally came out that Covid-19 was invented in a Chinese lab and tested on Bats and little Pigs. The sick pigs got eat by the other pigs. The list goes on and on and eventually those animals was sold at the wet market. The lab got a $3 plus million dollar grant from the US Government. So in other words the US was supporting the lab. The Daily Mail exposed some of the story. However you look far enough and find the rest of the story. COVID-19 is a Biological Weapon and probably one of the worst even invented. This is a classic example of why governments should stop developing and stockpiling Biological, Chemical, and Nuclear Weapons. All countries should walk back from the cliff. The Coronavirus is only the beginning….what happens if one of these ignorant governments (like the US Government) gets mad and launches a Nuclear Weapon against one another? You’re looking at the end of the World literally. It’s time we have Common Sense, Morality, Trade, Peace, and Respect between countries of the World. Deo Vindice !

    • Probably you are aware, Mr. Pace, that the United States’ Government is involved in every manner of shady business, most of it subcontracted out to other places in the world.

      Or, at least, so said the statements and books of former CIA officers, those who had long been involved with such.

      In any case, your comment, both in substance and tone, is to be lauded.

      Sadly however, the common sense to which you refer, is not likely to come into play longterm, or with any consistency, because, as The American Indians say – you are your own worst enemy, or, in the case of Humanity, it’s own worst foe.

      My wife used to read suspence-science fiction novels like this in the 1980s, which I thought a bit fanciful, but, I have lived long enough to realize that the views I once held of Mankind were what was ‘fanciful’ … not my wife’s books.

    • This is the corona-caust dissident website now…nothing else need be spoken of.

      Of course nigger on human crime continues its out of control epidemic like status that not 1 single ZOG whore or the lugenpresse gives one flying fuck about.

      http://www.newnation.org is a pretty telling site about the reality of nonwhite predation that plagues weimerica for 60 years since the split second intergrading was forced upon Europeans.
      What a cohencidence…if we just only gave them more and more free stuff, they’d stop raping and killing everyone at astronomical rates…duh.

      As Denise and others have pointed out, what do people think these knuckle dragging rape apes are going to do when the gibs stop coming and the walmarts run out of food??
      Do people really think these low IQ simians will start hunting and fishing and trapping?

      More like- they’ll just do more of what they already do…which is rape, rob, assault and murder white people for sport.

  14. Not what the Shah Reza Pahlavi dictatorship would have done:

    “If we had to define Iran’s economy in one brief sentence it would be: All are considered, but the needs of the lower classes must come first. No Iranian would deny this has been the case since 1979, and it really became eye-openingly apparent after the end of the ‘War of Sacred Defense’ (Iran-Iraq War): there has been a constant decrease of slums and absolute poverty, and a constant increase of infrastructure, education and production and diversification. Not only does this explain the country’s huge jump in seemingly all economic metrics since 1989, it also explains why Iran could rally 300,000 volunteers (…) to go door-to-door to inform, help and prevent the spread of coronavirus – there is support, trust, unity and two-way dialogue. When corona first hit, many Iran-ignorant commentators assumed it would devastate a backward nation governed by an unfeeling totalitarian state: while over 5,000 have died, Iran’s proportional death rate is better than almost every Western nation….”

    Source: https://thesaker.is/irans-resistance-economy-the-post-corona-wish-of-the-wests-silent-majority-1-2/

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