The Milo Recordings Gayop

The recent ‘drippings’ from Milo really had me thinking about where all these recordings originated, so I began asking some of my friends throughout the movement about what they know. The results were, though I cannot say for sure but I have been told by several credible sources, that the audio recording was sold or given to Milo a while back by one of the men who were made famous from the Groyper war against Charlie Kirk and TPUSA. I was also told by my sources that the leadership of the Groypers and AIM (American Identity Movement) may have some knowledge of this transaction. I cannot confirm this, but I was told that it is 100% fact. I am only bringing this to light now because I am deeply concerned.

This is an ‘alleged’ recording of Richard Spencer et al. :

This video seems cut or edited. Is there a longer version in Milo’s possession? Is Milo saving the extended version as leverage or to eventually cause more harm to innocent people?

This is the ‘alleged’ Spencer audio recording:

I find the connections the Groypers and AIM all seem to have to Milo extremely strange.

Here Milo is promoting American Identity Movement (AIM):

Here is Nick professing his admiration for Milo and states they share many common enemies:

Nick and Patrick Casey seem to be very good friends:

This man was doxxed as a result of the video:

I find it alarming and curious that Nick Fuentes and Patrick Casey did not immediately disavow Milo for releasing the video after one of their own people has been doxxed. I wonder why?

Milo has a history of cavorting with Antifa-type people. Here is an old tweet from his @Nero account on Twitter:

Has this all been one big gayop from the beginning? It is obvious that Milo does not care about doxxing people because he wants to settle a vendetta against Richard Spencer, but have Patrick Casey and Nick Fuentes also followed Milo down this very dark path? If so, this is an unforgivable all-time low for these two. This will not affect Richard Spencer at all, but every man in the room in Milo’s video has been put in danger of doxxing by Milo.

If I were a Groyper or a member of AIM, I would be asking some serious questions to my leadership right now.

Questions like:

  • Why are Nick and Patrick not disavowing Milo since he is doxxing their people?
  • Where did these ‘alleged’ recordings come from since everyone in the room was reported to be somehow associated with Identity Evropa/AIM?
  • What does Nick specifically know about the ‘alleged’ transaction between this Groyper person who may have sold the recordings to Milo?
  • What else does Milo have?
  • Who else is going to be doxxed?

Just start asking some questions, lads, because you should be deeply concerned.

I am a White Nationalist and have been for quite some time now. The fact that Milo doxxed a person who fights for our cause is sickening to me, but what is worse is that his own leaders will not stand up for him against the perpetrator of this very heinous act. Patrick Casey and Nick Fuentes have lost all credibility in my mind. If you are associated with them in any way, I suggest you distance yourself immediately because they obviously do not care about the well-being of you and your organization.

If you have any more information about this, please contact me by DM on Twitter or in the comments section below this story. You will remain anonymous.


  1. I understand that the CV is getting over-saturated, but Milo? Really? It’s your site dog!

    Here is some disturbing footage apparently from Hungary where large SWAT-type teams are walking the streets and, it appears, randomly grabbing men by force and throwing them into waiting vehicles. I could see this coming to the U.S. weeks down the road. Lord knows we have degenerate cops that are willing to do job. Disturbing video to say the least!

  2. “Drippings” from Milo? Ewwww!

    This is yet another example of why people out to be leaders of a movement should never be trusted. Even if they believe what they’re saying (which I doubt), they’re in it for the grift. Their true allegiance is to themselves; their ultimate cause is the exponential growth of their bank account.

    Plus, they’re always unsavory characters you wouldn’t normally associate yourself with, so why pay any attention to them in the first place? Why would Whites with an in-group preference want anything to do with a queer heeb with a dark “husband” or a creepy, sexually ambiguous spic?

    • Interesting that I’m not the only one who finds Fuentes strange, repulsive, and a bit on the lisp side of things.

      • I’ve seen Fuentes described as “suspiciously clean.”

        Plus there’s the high-pitched voice and the absolute lack of manliness.

        And the fact that he is exclusively filmed with males. The only time I’ve seen a woman enter the picture is when his mom complains that she made cookies for the nice boys at MTV.

        And the obsession with fags. The Groypers all talk about homosexuality more than homosexuals do. Huge red flag. Or maybe a pink flag.

    • Who, at this point, is so bone-deep STOOOOPID that they don’t know that ANY involvment with the Sodomite Jew Milio the Sodomite Jew who is a Sodomite Jew “married” to a Negro sodomite because they are both sodomites but the “husband” is a Negro and Milo is a SODOMITE JEW is a total DISASTER? Who is the bone-deep STUPID?

      Little Nicjy “Ben Shapiro” Fuentes is a homo, too And isn’t his daddy a Heeb?

  3. “but what is worse is that his own leaders will not stand up for him against the perpetrator of this very heinous act. Patrick Casey and Nick Fuentes have lost all credibility in my mind. If you are associated with them in any way, I suggest you distance yourself immediately because they obviously do not care about the well-being of you and your organization. ”

    Perhaps Pat and Nick care deeply but they are crying inside, because they can’t do anything, because (((Milo))) has pictures of them with Cat Boy. Show some compassion!

    But seriously. Why should a White Nat care what Civic Nats do? Civic Nats want to live in a multiracial society (PC), while White Nats want to live around other White people (very un-PC).

  4. Come it is so obvious, the gay anal crowd will never accept Christ and his teachings so they are the perfect foil for the Jews, to use, in order to steer whites away from Christ, your one and only true salvation. Spencer, Milo, that freaky right winger in Frisco aren’t you picking up a pattern by now?

  5. Hey now, don’t be an “optics cuck!”

    A room full of guys screaming “Seig Heil” and giving Hitler Salutes is exactly the sort of thing you need to appeal to the White American working and middle classes, Christians, and socially conservative types.

    And of course we all know that white Southerners love nothing more than Neo-Nazis in suits chanting “Seig Heil” in a Washington DC hotel conference room.

    In fact, the only thing more effective would be wearing uniforms – complete with an armband – and marching around for the media. Make sure your call up the SPLC to let them know where to send the reporters!

    If you have any disagreements with any of this, it’s because you are an “optics cuck.”

  6. Imagine getting owned by a dork like Charlie Kirk?

    All he had to do is reply, the Premamble to the US Constitution is addressed to “Ourselves and Our Posterity.” and no one else.

    If a group of slave owning, racial segregationist, Indian fighting Whites say, this land is for “Ourselves and Our Posterity” (Posterity means all of one’s descendents), do you think they meant Indians from New Delhi, or Chinese from Hong Kong? DUH…

    Mentioning the immigration laws was good. Mentioning them with the Preamble would have been devastating.

    But if he had learned Whitaker’s talking points like a pro, he would have crushed Charlie Kirk, and the video would have been memory holed.

  7. This is nothing new. Many younger people in the movement worked with and like Harold Covington, who is a 100% certified police informer as per certified state documents that were official court evidence in the Combat 18 trials in the UK back in the 90’s. IIRC, the documents from the British government stated that HC had worked for the FBI in the US as well as UK intelligence, but they certainly stated the later. This was submitted by the defense to support the argument that they had been set up or framed by the state. This was in the Charlie Sargent murder trial or related proceedings.

    Despite every single pre-2000 white nationalist like Don Black, David Duke, William Pierce, Nick Griffin etc. telling them over and over that HC was an informant and agent provocateur, millennial alt-right kids wouldn’t listen. At one point, when 95%+ of the people who read this blog were not involved, most white nationalist websites had warnings about HC posted on their pages. HC got my email address and sent me spam for years. This is in the days when the online movement was around alt.nationalism.white, Stormfront and He did the same thing to thousands of people. Yet even knowing all that, millennial nationalist don’t care at all. They think it’s okay to be buddies with or support police informants, like being a police informant is some kind of legitimate disagreement or minor personal flaws Part of the problem is a lack of street smarts and common sense from the millennial alt-right, who are mostly low-T nerds with poor social skills who never played outside as kids.

    • I’m glad you brought this up. Few people really look into the history of this “thing.” People seem to be making the same mistakes over and over again because of that.


        This site has a lot of information about HC’s role as a long term informant and agent provocateur. Around 15 years ago, millennials started joining the movement. Most of them knew HC was a police informant, but didn’t care. They read his books and praised him anyway. The nihilism of millennials is shocking. Their total lack of values extends even to not believing in “no one likes a tattle-tale,” something the overly maligned boomers took for granted. I would never touch a HC book.

  8. The groyper thing had a short shelf life. Charlie Kirk won and they’re still standing outside the tent begging to be let in. Kirk is dining with the Trumps. I don’t know what they hope to accomplish.

  9. Even if the video’s legit, imagine getting more mad about Richard having a stupid shit fit than by anyone who associates with a fag who gets ploughed by a n***er.

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