Coronavirus Deaths vs Other Epidemics From Day of First Death (Since 2000)

Apparently, I am one of the few people on the Right who believes that our liberal elite simply bungled their way into their current dilemma: either crater the markets and the economy with mandatory lockdowns, OR, let the virus spread like wildfire and infect and kill millions of people.

Coronavirus Deaths vs Other Epidemics From Day of First Death (Since 2000) [OC] from r/dataisbeautiful

I’m seeing layers upon layers of conspiracy theories and disinformation all of which blame everyone but the people who are actually in power for this fuck up which recently surpassed heart disease and cancer to become the leading cause of death in the United States.

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  1. Millions were never going to die from this. If they were than Swedes would be nearly extinct since their country hasn’t locked down.

        • Sweden has 9,000 infections and 793 deaths. It reported 100 deaths this morning. Which is about right. It can continue on that trajectory and become China or New York

          • I stand corrected on that number. When I saw it yesterday it was under 500.

            My question is this: at what number will you stand corrected? Around 3 million were suppose to originally die from it. Then they cut that prediction in half. Then it was cut in half again. Then a few days ago it was gonna be 100,000 to 250,000. Now they’re saying around 60,000. A number below the very bad 2018 flu season. A strain I actually caught and through I was gonna die from I was so sick. But it’s highly unlikely we’ll reach that many at the current pace. If 14,000 have died so far in the past 2 months it will take another 6 months at a rate of 7,000 a month to reach that rate. Considering the hospitalizations in NYC (the epicenter) have already begun to drop, there is a very slim chance of that happening.

            At how much lower of a number do you admit you were wrong? That you gave into fear? 24,000? 46,000? Or even lower?

          • No, there were always three scenarios: 1 million to 2.2 million deaths assumed that absolutely nothing was done in response to the virus, which is the scenario that conservatives and libertarians wanted. The second scenario assumed moderate social distancing. Finally, the third scenario assumed lockdowns


            Nearly 2,000 people are dying a day in April when mortality should be plummeting and you are comparing this to the flu. Who knew that flu season in the United States was March through August? If Donald Trump said 2 + 2 = 5, would you believe that next?

          • Somehow conservatives still don’t understand growth rates or that deaths are a lagging indicator, even after having it explained to them hundreds of times. Every country that it pops up in they are in denial until the curve goes vertical, then they switch to cope/conspiracy mode.

    • Awesomely Schlomo, how many mass graves need to be built before you admit you are wrong?

  2. The power elite are not hamstrung by political correctness. If they refused to take basic steps to protect borders, it’s because they wanted or needed the disease to spread. The media never properly reported the situation in Wuhan, when we think about how the government (Trump, the media, etc) have acted, it looks like the reaction of a guilty party.

    • The picture in Wuhan was never clearly presented to anyone outside of China. Remember when they flew back nationals our of Wuhan to various places? The Ukies attacked the buses and the British laid on Horseman coaches.

      • There were plenty of videos of the draconian crack-down. Not to mention the virtually empty streets of China’s largest cities. The Chinese protected themselves from the infected while the rest of the world brought them in. Trump’s tardiness in shutting down ingress of the disease and deliberately deficient testing were criminal negligence.

  3. Why do “conservatives” believe this nonsense? Because like liberals believing that “diversity is a strength” (without any evidence) so too conservatives believe that there are evil conspiracies and deep-state saboteurs at work. In 1930s Russia, it was easier to believe that there were traitors and saboteurs at work, rather than facing the reality that Stalin and communist party were monsters who had destroyed the economy and constructed a police state.

    Conservatives (like liberals) don’t like mirrors. Why are we in this catastrophe? Because millions of people voted for a TV entertainer who told them what they wanted to hear. Trump is a reflection, a “mirror” of our intellectual and moral bankruptcy.

    Trump and Clinton are the symbols of our age. They are craven, incompetent, power-hungry politicians, who cheat on their wives and serve their only real “base” : themselves.

    • 3rd and last post on this subject, simply because I just think this particular country shouldn’t be idealized as a model lol.

      As of yesterday, the state of Alaska had something like 226 Coronavirus cases with 7 deaths.

      Now, the population of Alaska is 1/6th or so of that of Mongolia, and Anchorage is 1/3rd the size of Mongolia’s largest city, but a large urban area nonetheless, and they are comparable in geographical size and rural density.

      Alaska has 2 million visitors (4x that of Mongolia in 2010) annually and is governed by Trump and has followed federal guidelines, but only mandated social distancing on March 28th according to that article.

      In short, like Mongolia, Alaska is a sparsely populated, geographically large state with about half the population clustered in urban or quasi-urbanized cities or towns, but it is a popular tourism destination with 1st world economics, infrastructure, mobility, and trade. Yet, the cases/death numbers are comparable to Mongolia, which is being touted in this article as a model to uphold.

      Again, I’m absolutely FOR “draconian” measures to prevent the spread of this disease. But I don’t quite have the axe to grind with conservatism or Trump, not to the extent that I’m going to look to a backwater semi-communist 3rd world country for inspiration on how to deal with it lol.

      PS, I really appreciate you giving the counter-argument a voice. I disagree with his assessments more than I do with yours, but I think the right should always be defined by openness to debate and freedom of speech/expression of ideas.

  4. Observing quaranteen probably won’t hurt you. Error on the side of caution.

    • How long? 18 months? Until you get the Israeli MicroChip vaccine? When Bill Gates and Ezekial Death Panel Emanuel says you can go out? When?

        • Truth – I would go out in a second flat. I am being held, under house arrest, by my husband, who has gone bat shite insane. I did sneak out one night – and when I returned he told me to leave the property. I began calling for hotel rooms – but everything is closed. I live in a rural locale. Everything is closed here, anyways. He is watching me like a hawk. IF THERE WAS ANYPLACE TO GO – I’D GO. As soon as I can LEAVE – I’m LEAVING.

      • For some folks around these parts, the “quarenteen” probably comes relatively easy, since they probably rarely leave their houses to begin with.

  5. Watch GB SS with Sam Rielly as a Super Intendant in occupied London 1940. Len Deighton was a very intelligent writer.

  6. Hunter needs to take a breath
    New estimates for US are 60,000 and probably will be less
    Corona was a new strain and hit the US later than normal flu
    Corona IS hitting US more acutely BUT in shorter period of time
    Normal flu season is oct to apr or so
    Corona is already plateauing and will end up killing less than 2017-2018 flu season
    2017-2018 was as high as 80,000
    I ask you this…what if Corona kills less than bad flu season
    Will you admit you were a little hysterical.
    also for the record US has 5x population of Italy and Italy plateaued at 800 deaths for weeks
    which would be 4000 per capita for US and the US only topped 2000

    • The flu doesn’t kill nearly 2,000 people a day in April.

      The flu doesn’t skyrocket in late March and April as we head into the summer.

      The people who are saying that are either 1.) too dumb to know better or 2.) are lying.

      • The Flu does plateau and then go down
        It started later and therefore is ending later
        It is new and is operating on a different timeline
        Italy peaked 900 something which would be 4500 in one day for US
        Can I ask, how can your stance be falsified?
        what deaths? what timeline?
        For the record I’m not one of these “it’s exactly like the flu” people. It is deadlier and more communicable.
        I’m just a non-doomsday guy looking at the numbers

    • Don’t you grasp that the number of deaths would already be much higher if quarantine measures had not been in place for a month?

    • I have to say I am just shocked by the response of people to this. It is a complete clusterfuck. Everyone has their own pet theory, and instead of taking this opportunity to scream about open border global liberalism, they are mired in theories about hoaxes.

      Regardless, Blake Olson mentioned the recent 60k death prediction. What are the numbers associated with that? Well if the death rate stays at 3%, that would mean less than 1% of the US population becomes infected. Do you really think that will happen?

      Let’s say we get the mortality rate down to 0.5%, how many people will be infected to keep deaths at 75k? 15 million. That is less than 5% of the US population, not counting illegals. Probably more like 3% if you count them.

      Do you really think this is going to happen?

      I agree with the hoaxer crowd that shady stuff is going on. That is not the issue here. The issue is whether or not this virus is a real thing, and i think the truth is yes it, is.

      To all the people who want to see everything opened back up, you will have all the normal deaths of everyday life on top of a massively multiplying virus that will MAX OUT the hospital system and increase the death rate even more. You are getting an economic collapse regardless of what option you pick here.

      Does that mean I want to take Bill Gates vaccine? HELL NO. But it does mean I am looking at this thing through a historical lens and plagues have been extremely devastating in the past.

  7. “Apparently, I am one of the few people on the Right who believes that our liberal elite simply bungled their way into their current dilemma: either crater the markets and the economy with mandatory lockdowns, OR, let the virus spread like wildfire and infect and kill millions of people.”

    I’m not sure they quite “bungled their way” into the dilemma, Mr. W.. Half a century of economic involvement with what, in my youth, was still being called “Red China,” probably made it unavoidable, just as a third of a century of non-white immigration made 9/11 unavoidable, and decades of racial egalitarianism made the Katrina-ruin of New Orleans unavoidable. This is why I said here, at Occidental Dissent, a week or so ago, that I’m not convinced that Trump’s leadership has with respect to this thing has been a failure–or the “catastrophic failure”

    Decades ago, in the course of my very-limited reading of Ancient Roman history, I was struck that the Imperium Romanum went through a rough patch in the Third Century–the 200s–which is to say, two to three centuries before things went decisively against its western half circa 500. What preserved it, I was struck–and as I later saw mentioned by Nazi ideologue Alfred Rosenberg–was an inflow of Germans to the Roman soldiery (including its leaders). Whole sections of the empire were being snapped off and barely recovered or rebuilt–like the World Trade Center, or New Orleans, or the New York City medical facilities of our present moment. However well America’s non-Aryan population has come to adopt the American Aryan mentality and style of behavior, it hasn’t the racial strength to keep America going. These terrible events, which the mainstream regards and treats as “crises”–individual and unconnected–are of a piece. They are manifestations of America’s growing weakness–racial weakness.

    Did Trump and the CDC really think this new virus could be kept out of the U.S., early on, merely by the aiming of thermometer-guns at passengers who were disembarking from flights from China? Maybe they did–maybe they are just that inane–but it’s also possible that that was merely theater, i.e., that Trump realized, early on, that the only way to stop the virus, should it prove to be a great danger, would be to “crater the markets and the economy,” as you say, and that the best thing to do would be to wait a bit, on the chance that we might get lucky. In this connection, I wouldn’t be surprised if the airline pilots’ refusal to fly to China, shortly before Trump instituted the travel ban, was theater, too. One has to think that the White House and the airlines and the pilots’ union were in communication about all this. It would have been extremely difficult, politically, for Trump, “suo motu,” to ban that travel.

    This isn’t to say, by the way, that I rule out CDC incompetence. The possibility that deaths are erroneously being attributed to COVID-19 by the same health professionals who believed–or at least, appeared to believe–they could protect the U.S. with those thermometer guns is one I don’t discount.

    Having been born in 1953, I still remember Nixon’s “opening to China,” or whatever it was called, when Henry Kissinger went over there, during the Cold War. At some point, in an episode of “All in the Family,” there was a flashback scene in which Archie Bunker’s hippie son-in-law to be tells Archie that Nixon might well establish American relations with Communist China, and of course, Archie, the fathead, scoffs. Personally, I was one of those scoffers, although I was cowed by the liberals who would explain what Neanderthals my anticommunist kind were. Here we are, half a century later, and we’re so entangled with China that, as I’ve said, it was probably impossible for America to deal with this virus painlessly.

    If there’s one notion that has underlain every comment I’ve ever posted here, Mr. W.–whether we’ve been discussing slavery, the South, or anyting else, it’s something by which I was struck many years ago and which may be stated as follows:

    The future is built, at every moment, not by what one pursues–but by what one avoids.

    If there is only one thing that I can communicate to you, it is that. Politics, “movements,” are but the tip of a mountain, the mountain that is racial strength–or weakness. The future, to say it again, is constructed at every moment, by what you avoid doing and saying, whether it is in the rearing of your children; the thoughts that you entertain; or the simplest bit of human interaction, in the course of the common day.

    Last night, I happened to catch part of the PBS broadcast “Frontline,” whose particular subject, on this occasion, was the Chinese government’s treatment of the Uiyghurs, in China’s northwest. What struck me most of all was that the lives of the Uiyghurs was a modern one, revolving around smartphones and involving automobiles, highways, and modern residences. I am old enough to remember the television images of Chinese “commuters” and the like on bicycles, in Beijing, around the time Nixon first went there; and I remember watching on television, when I was growing up, the black-and-white Hollywood movies that were set contemporaneously in places like China when my parents were coming of age, in the 1940s. Unless I’m completely misremembering, the only modern elements in those settings were Western colonial intrusions, so to speak.

    Anyway–that’s what I’m saying: Don’t play the liberals’ game. The same liberals who spend half a century leading you down unwise paths will blame the disasters on you when the disasters arrive. They’ll charge you with having ignored “the memo” about Osama bin Laden, or the coronavirus, or the poor condition of the New Orleans levees. If you enter into debate with them on those things, you’ve already lost.

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