Liberalism Is The Real Virus

The liberal West is the laughingstock of the world:

Nigeria’s response has been amazing.

Mongolia has done an even better job containing the virus.

For those who are keeping score, New York has 123,000 cases of coronavirus. Nigeria has 232 cases. Venezuela has 159 cases. Kazakhstan has 584 cases. Mongolia has 14 cases. Vietnam has 241 cases. What is wrong with this picture? Why is New York being walloped?

I would like to hear an explanation for this outcome which is not liberalism and globalism. How is it that China’s neighbors in Asia are so unaffected by the virus?

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  1. Inheritophobia is the sickness of the West. It might also be called Heritophobia.

    The pathological fear and disgust at the idea of white people inheriting and preserving their culture, history, and HERITAGE.

    Say NO to Heritophobia. Say NO to White Nakba.

  2. They probably don’t have a lot I the way of Chinese nail salons in Mongolia, or the various stans. Not much in the way of public transportation, foreign visitors or Walmart’s either. I’m sure you get my drift. Also, those folks take anti-biotics like candy.

  3. Why is New York being walloped? 

    Divine judgement.

    There are too many Catholics and Jews in New York.

    • Instead of blaming catholics,was not new york and the very own Cuomo who legalized abortion up to the birth?

      • But then the Catholic nuns have always been the biggest practitioners of abortions and infanticides.

    • Incomplete sentence, Marcus : ———– ‘Divine judgement. There are too many Catholics and Jews in New York … who have invoked the ire of The Almighty with recalcitrant about the requisites of their faith.’

  4. Because the reports out of China initially were CIA agitprop attempting to kindle another “Hong Kong rebellion” only this time in main land China itself, and the Chinese Govt response was more political than medical in nature?

    Because the CIA did the same thing right after in Iran? (mass graves!!)

    Because Spain and Italy were calling any death a corona death pursuant to a political agenda, just like NYC?

    Because viruses don’t spread selectively according to political necessity, hitting Milan but sparing bordering Germany, annihilating Enemy States but sparing Texas, that’s silly?

    Because the common cold only kills you if you are old and frail or have serious comorbidities?

    Because Sars 1 killed 1000 people (that we know of) therefore the null hypothesis for Sars 2 should be something similar – not assumed to be an as yet never before seen Hollywood apocalypse virus with super magical properties like evading masks like a ninja?

    Because the Rising Tide of Color and our friends in New York dominate US media, academia and medicine and hate us and Trump and want us all dead so they own-goaled themselves out of pure boodlust and hatred?

    Am I getting it?

  5. These are not huggy freely people. With infirm seniors and people living with compromised immune systems.

  6. The chart is misleading. It needs a section of cases per capita not just total cases in each country.

  7. And let’s be real here for a moment, how reliable are the numbers coming out of Venezuela in comparison with those out of the Netherlands or Scandinavia? Venezuela stopped functioning a long time ago, I don’t trust their numbers at all. The same goes for African countries.

    • Exactly.

      I’m not a “it’s just the flu, bro” guy, quite far from it. I think this outbreak is as alarming as all hell.

      But really, any Africa data can probably be dismissed out of hand, for starters. Casualties there are no doubt just absorbed into the constant unnoticed dying of those foul, violent, and savagely primitive bipeds.

    • Exactly. Even more so for African countries, whose medical infrastructure is basically nonexistent in most places outside a few large cities in the couple semi-functioning countries on the continent. And even in the semi-functional countries like Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Ivory Coast, etc, the governments are the most corrupt on the entire planet.

      Any numbers coming out of Africa are 100% useless.

    • But, you trust the numbers coming from The United States, Van Speyk?

      I just of a coroner in Shelby County, Alabama, by the name of Evans, who said that she was seeing quite a number of deaths, back in January, this being of folks who had perished from what she called, ‘a strangely intense pneumonia’.

      When asked if she thought the casualty county in this country was correct, Coroner Evans said, ‘no,’

  8. the nurse in tears is mos def a “crisis actor” after all the system is laying off 6 million in medical fields…there are plenty of india temp visa workers willing to work front lines in this new war on terror fighting the most insidious invisible enemy…for a permanent green card!

    I had the flu and never got the hallucinations! @fluGyped

  9. It’s hardly surprising that Mongolia has a low rate of infection. Their country is the size of western Europe but has the population of Delaware.

  10. China’s neighbors deeply distrust China. They know what they are dealing with, and have no qualms about being “racist” and shutting down borders (and arresting/quarantining Chinese nationals, which is what happened in Vietnam & probably other places). Western countries are too cowed by political correctness & too physically distant to observe Chinese malfeasance up close, with political/business/media elites who are afraid to ruffle Beijing’s feathers and lose $$$.

  11. Liberalism does to a nation what AIDS does to a body. Namely weaken it to the point that a minor crisis becomes a major crisis until it destroys society. Liberalism is less an ideology than it is a political pathogen and a media borne pathogen at that.

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