Coronavirus: 4/1

TruNews is the only news show that I watch:

Editor’s Note: While we were bickering about Donald Trump’s former position on coronavirus,1,049 Americans died of coronavirus on April 1. 505 of them died in New York in a single day.

Here are the latest numbers:

The South: 4/1

MS: 1,073 cases, 22 deaths

AL: 1,108 cases, 28 deaths

SC: 1,293 cases, 26 deaths

GA: 4,748 cases, 154 deaths

TX: 4,068 cases, 60 deaths

FL: 7,773 cases, 101 deaths

LA: 6,424 cases, 273 deaths

AR: 584 cases, 10 deaths

KY: 680 cases, 20 deaths

OK: 719 cases, 30 deaths

WV: 191 cases, 2 deaths

VA: 1,484 cases, 34 deaths

MO: 1,581 cases, 18 deaths

NC: 1,717 cases, 15 deaths

TN: 2,683 cases, 25 deaths

U.S. cases:

3/1: 89

3/8: 564

3/9: 728

3/10: 1,000

3/11: 1,267

3/12: 1,645

3/13: 2,204

3/14: 2,826

3/15: 3,505

3/16: 4,466

3/17: 6,135

3/18: 8,760

3/19: 13,159

3/20: 18,563

3/21: 26,138

3/22: 33,276

3/23: 46,371

3/24: 55,041

3/25: 68,203

3/26: 85,873

3/27: 104,671

3/28: 123,578

3/29: 142,070

3/30: 164,248

3/31: 188,530

4/1: 215,003 <— YOU ARE HERE

U.S. deaths per day:

2/29: 1

3/2: 5

3/3: 3

3/4: 2

3/5: 1

3/6: 3

3/7: 4

3/8: 3

3/9: 4

3/10: 4

3/11: 8

3/12: 3

3/13: 8

3/14: 8

3/15: 11

3/16: 18

3/17: 23

3/18: 41

3/19: 57

3/20: 49

3/21: 46

3/22: 111

3/23: 140

3/24: 225

3/25: 247

3/26: 268

3/27: 411

3/28: 525

3/29: 363

3/30: 573

3/31: 912

4/1: 1,049 <— YOU ARE HERE

TOTAL: 5,102 dead

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  1. Well, at least Hunter is not using any more pictures of that utterly repulsive Cuomo in his blog posts.

  2. #filmyourhospital

    Even by the standards of the professional liars this thing has plateaued.

    In Texas 6 people died yesterday.

    No Easter because 6 people died? The local mega church is literally closed down and no one is answering the phone!

    Who were they? I dont want a naked integer! I want to know something about those people:

    Race! Age! Sex! Comorbidities!

    We were told the actual virus wasnt going to be the killer (it’s the common cold after all, mild fever, a cough) it was going to be the SECONDARY DEATHS!! People dying because hospitals were triaging and unable to treat grandmas heart attack (kills 1700 per day).

    The hospitals are literally empty! I went and checked! I have neve seen the ER or the inside of the building so empty! And not just me, #filmyourhospital has gone viral and it’s also DOWNTOWN NYC!

    #filmyourhospital !!

    • I went and picked up a friend from Paris Regional Medical Center, in Paris, Tx. The place was locked down, but quiet. I met a doctor who said that he had dealt with two suspected cases that day. The official report is three confirmed cases in Lamar County. They, and all of the people they’ve contacted, are in quarantine.

      Except for takeout/drive through, and Sonic, all of the restaurant dining rooms, and all of the sit down restaurants are closed. Walmarts is on a 6:00 to 6:00 schedule. Traffic in town is real light. Except for people going to work, or to buy groceries, there’s hardly anybody around, even in stores like Walmart, or Bealls, which are open. I live out in the country and nothing much has changed here. Only the Tigertown restaurant being closed, and the Dollar General on FM79 being out of canned vegetables and shredded cheese, are different. Try to make tortilla soup without black beans or shredded pepper jack and Sharp cheddar. I had to go into town, to Krogers to get what I needed. I saw an employee disinfecting all of the buggies. Hardly anybody in the store at all. Plenty of stock on the shelves. I helped a lady in a wheelchair get cans of pinto beans off the shelf. Her teenage son had run off somewhere in the store. She had a mask on. I got out quick. And got out of town easy and quick. Almost no traffic.

      On the of the virus map of Texas, we’re in the relatively clear northeast quadrant.

    • @Brad, Just noticed that the first coronavirus death in very rural Fayette County, Pennsylvania occurred about 16 hours ago. Fayette Co. is on the northside of the Mason-Dixon Line. The first reported case of COVID-19 in Fayette was March 22nd.

      COVID-19 is highly contagious,

  3. Remember what the world was like before the arrival of corona-chan? No one ever died from anything.

    • Remember what the world was like before the arrival of corona-chan? No one ever died from anything.

      When even the common cold was extremely uncommon!

  4. Yep, hit the 1000/day projection apr 01.
    Now , will it hit 2000/day a week from today ?
    That will give us a general projection on this exponential expansion.

    This is a critical time juncture, we’re entering the ‘instep’ of the exponential expansion. The next two weeks will tell a lot, about the size of this monster.

    Anyone care to guess where the inflection point will be, when it transitions to a logistic curve ?

    (I think the 100k to 200k death projection is to just calm the public. I’m guessing 500k to 2 million, within a year’s time, from now.)

    • Hopefully, they’re overselling the death projections so that Trump comes out looking better when the numbers are a lot lower.

    • From what I understand, the 100k to 200k estimate is assuming the self-enforced distancing plan works, which doesn’t seem to be the case.

  5. At some point, the increasingly angry efforts at diminishment, with their sliding justifications (“It’s just a mild cold virus!” “The numbers are all fake!” “Think of the economy!” “But muh liberty — I’ll infect anyone I darned well please!”) start to sound like they’re just grab-the-next-thing-at-hand covering tactics for some other, personal issue at play here.

    • You mean, like they’re scared shitless and trying to convince themselves nothing’s wrong? 😉

      • There are all sorts of possibilities.

        1. A colossal ego that one absolutely MUST consider oneself right all the time, and, were one to admit that one had been a blithering idiot in one’s initial dismissals of this pandemic, then one would suffer an unbearable realization of one’s own stupidity, and the pundit equivalent of loss of face. This could especially be the case of a slew of one’s earliest predictions had been proven laughably false.

        2. Pure trolling, especially if one has a history of trolling one’s own side, or simply trolling for its own sake, because one is just a jerk.

        3. Cynical brand building. More people are acknowledging the seriousness of the pandemic, so how does one build one’s brand and get attention? Go against the grain, even if one doesn’t believe it. It’s much the same how many “prominent” members of the dissident Right come out either with jaw-droppingly awful takes just to get attention, or pick fights with other dissident Rightists for the same reason. It’s the D.R. equivalent of what Hollywood PR agents do, and just as pathetic.

        4. “Autism” (or whatever that is). I’ve heard people claim that they’re “going crazy looking at the same four walls” and such nonsense, that self-isolation is, for whatever bizarre reason, driving them crazy, so they’re making all sorts of dismissive claims about the virus purely because they desperately need the hyper-social, go-out-all-the-time consumerist world to come back.

        The last one is the most baffling to me, but I’ve seen people blurt out such confessions — and then go on and make one of the other excuses about the virus (“Just a cold virus” “Muh liberty” “Economy” in a stream-of-consciousness of rationalizations), when they’ve just acknowledged that their real issue is some personal weird hang up about not liking being alone. Poor babies.

        But ultimately, it doesn’t matter. At least Trump is not giving in to such rubbish and, for now, treating this crisis with the seriousness it deserves.

  6. So just over 100 today. These numbers don’t make any sense. None of this does. Why does Texas have such low numbers while New York’s are off the charts?

  7. Disregard my previous comment, I read the number incorrectly. Still odd that Texas has such low numbers though.

  8. Corona Chan has done what Congress and trump wouldn’t do in 3 years. It slapped pelosi silent And closed the border.

    Sad day, when a pandemic has greater effective loyalty than our own national government.

    I suppose we will have to wait for a black plague to get a White nation 🙁

    • This would happen anyway.
      Bubbles always pop 1929, 2008 etc.
      Wuflu just accelerated the process.

      Average tract houses selling @1.1 million, pfffft.

  9. Why tempt fate? Why experiment with lives when we don’t really know what the possible effects will be? The data modeling for infection and death rates has been crap, so those advocating for no routine changes also can’t use it on their behalf. This is a new situation with many unknowns, after all. So far, deaths have been kept down, but how much of that is due to distancing and quarantine measures?

    The part of their argument where higher flu death numbers in past years are used to suggest we live “normally” don’t work for me, either. I see it as an argument for using measures (well short of quarantine) that will increase the chances of people both not getting or surviving the flu. The dissenting doctors seem to be using science to justify a more libertarian ideology. They are willing to accept more death to see if they’re right or not, so we all need to go back to our regular lives? Even outside of this pandemic, I have difficulty accepting that. To me, life isn’t so cheap as to be callously thrown away on an experiment.

    The idea that people wanting to use caution in this situation are hysterical is pure projection. I’ve come to my conclusions over weeks of reading and considering, and not by jumping at shadows or squeaks. And I’m still learning and evaluating. The idiocy of labeling anyone concerned about the welfare of fellow humans as cowardly is easily dismissed out of hand. The rabid insistence of challenging that everyone must do as the foolhardy suggest or else they’ll call you names reveals to me an angry, stubborn child. One on the verge of hysterics, if they don’t get their way.

    The fact is, I don’t go to corporate media on any story, and don’t believe what gov’ts have to tell me. I’m agnostic about information (as much as I can be), and I see that most people commenting here are also that way. I don’t see people with differing views to mine on this topic as acting in bad faith. Although, certain people seem to be promoting rifts and deep division. I hope that stops, and soon.

  10. Yan from History Reviewed Channel’s video’s,on South Africa’s virus shut down reaction, is informing on draconian government crackdowns on little if any deaths from Bat Chinese lab Zog Virus in that Country!

  11. The gambling and live entertainment industries are scheduled to re-open for business on May 1st. Amazon prime video and take-out pizza till then.

  12. Ram Z Paul has really proven himself to be a fraud and a half. His perspectives have been both pathetic and controlled

    • Not that. I think the issue is that he doesn’t understand nor command crowds.

      Who commands the crowd? Isn’t that the real political and economic question?

  13. I don’t know if any of you younger people have any savings or plan on making saving a part of your life once back at work, but the bailout will eventually be paid for by a drastic reduction in your standard of living, which follows immediately from the China reset; confiscation of your savings, not only through the just-enacted hyperinflation, but through punitive negative interests rates in which you get charged interest for parking your money in a bank; and through a massive reduction in the purchasing power of your wages.

    You’re all now under house arrest but you can call it whatever you want.

    Good luck.

    • Most young people are in deep debt and have no savings or ability to accrue savings. Inflation is only good for them.

    • @ anon

      Ever consider, America just sliding into a very low level economy, like years of poverty ?

      Keep in mind, America has lost its Whiteness.

  14. As with everything else liberalism does, the American government response to covid-19 has given us the worst of all worlds. Shutdown without effective protocols to stop the virus. Destruction of working class with bailouts for rentiers and finance speculators. Lying to the public about masks being ineffective while lobbyists actually fight against production of more PPE. Public officials adding fuel to the fires of conspiracy theories. Using the pandemic as opportunity for obfuscatory race baiting, while simultaneously attacking Whites on the basis of the racism the government themselves are fuelling.

    I can see why lolbertarians are upset. They have only ever known bad liberal government. But the solution to bad liberal government is not to double down on liberalism and “smaller government.” The solution is to destroy the suicidal and retarded ideology of liberalism.

    • As I’ve stated elsewhere this “pandemic” feels more like a ZOG training exercise or practice drill, madam. No doubt ZOG is also learning how to better manipulate the public into responding the “correct” way.

    • Not saying the kungflu isn’t real , but I trust not one single literal word that comes from the ZOGmedia.
      If they said it was 5:15pm right now ,I’d have to look at my watch ,my phone , the laptop and my oven clock to make sure.
      They lie so much it’s astounding that they have a shred of credibility in any way

  15. ..”Lying to the public about masks being ineffective”

    Sure, the stockpiles were depleted under Obama and never replenished. When we run out of Whites there will be no foresight.
    Welcome to northern S Africa.

    Want a real scare ?

    The US no longer has a national grain stockpile.

  16. Fetal alcohol syndrome baby Charlie Kirk belongs in the ovens right along with that tranny demon-creature Kushner.

  17. This will go down as one of the biggest failures ever of Government and a medical system. However will anything change? Sure a few things. However the Government is the government and the Medical Industrial Complex is still the Medical Industrial Complex. The only thing that will really change is Americans went through another big test run of how the New World Order wants society and the economy in the future. The whole essential jobs thing is nothing but Amazon and Walmart fighting a Fascist war through the government and putting competition out of business. The unemployment numbers are huge now even higher than the Great Depression. Who knows if these jobs will return but we have another big problem in the future….Automation……another Virus that will spike Unemployment forever. Deo Vindice !

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