JIVE TALK: Where did blondes come from?

Where did blonde hair come from? How did it evolve and what purpose does it serve for human beings? Why is it more common in Scandinavia? Is Scandinavia the birth place of blonde hair? Did Indo-Europeans bring blonde hair to Europe or was it already there? What is the relationship between lactose tolerance, the ability to drink milk, and blondism? There are many questions people have about blonde hair and I am going to try and answer them in this live stream and (Tom) attempts to answer them all.

Survive the Jive is a channel about history, ancient religions and nature. I’m a qualified historian, a credited journalist, and documentary film maker. I focus mainly on Indo-European cultures and most specifically on Germanic/Norse paganism but I also make videos on other subjects too. Since 2007, StJ has been an alternative media source; promoting anti-consumerist and anti-materialist perspectives. The channel promotes traditional cultures as a way to oppose globalization. The channel takes a holistic approach to programming of all sorts that inform, educate and improve us. It sometimes covers scientific topics but is philosophically anti-materialist.

Tom Rowsell is a historian, film maker, science communicator, pagan. He covers migration era, Anglo-Saxons, Norse mythology, folklore, Indo-Europeans and population genetics.

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  1. In less than 100 years the video will be titled…”Why did blonde and red hair and blue eyes go extinct?”…if things do not change.

    • Yep, the “enlightened” mongrels and colored will tell the tales of the magical, beautiful people the color of the clouds who built , invented , up-kept and paid for everything…sure they love and adore the children of satan now because they hand them free shekels and alleviate their culpability in the destruction of our societies, but that will change when we are gone.
      And its going to happen….the number of us who are red pilled and awake who are creating children aren’t nearly high enough to sustain our existence.
      Its the sad truth but it is true.
      I did my part…i have 5 beautiful kids.
      Who would want to live in a world void of white European people anyways??

  2. Lactose intolerance people can eat cheese and yogurt. My Celtic mother could not stand the sight, smell or taste of milk [its for babies ,she said] but loved cheese and plain yogurt [sweetened with sugar].I suspect that universally that was and is the case; eating cheese and yogurt does NOT corelate with lactose intolerance.

    • I have noticed this as well…but lactose intolerance is linked to pasteurization which removes lactase from milk.
      Lactase helps the body break down and absorb lactose properly.

      Raw milk contains bacteria (probiotics) that produce lactase and these bacteria are destroyed in the pasteurization process.
      Raw milk is literally a super food that was outlawed to make our people sick.
      Everything is basically a conspiracy to destroy us.
      Remember , not all conspiracies are theoretical.
      Many are provably true with very effortless research and real life experimentation.

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