Tyson Fury: The Greatest White Hope

As a person who has been actively involved in combat sports throughout my life, I love to see stories like Tyson Fury’s. At a young age, I was inundated with a constant anti-White narrative about White men in sportsball and boxing, and how we could never really athletically compete with the glorious Black man and sheeeeeeeeeiiit. Sorry, cracka.

It was not always overtly explicit, but the refrain remained consistent. Now, I am certainly not going to go into some Steve Sailer statistical graph diatribe about fast-twitch muscle fibers or all Caste Sports here, but I’m sure most of you know what I mean.

That is why when I watch something like the video below, I cannot help thinking about how many anti-Whites are seething because of Tyson Fury’s recent boxing match domination. I imagine Tariq Nasheed throwing whatever device he is using or smashing his television, which makes me smile ear to ear.

A White man in professional boxing was basically a punchline for the longest time compared to their Black, and quite often Hispanic, counterparts. They were disrespected and thought of as inferior in every way. Then, something changed when Europeans became heavily involved during the last 20 years or so. Suddenly these European Whites were rising to the top of various weight divisions and winning belts again. The talking heads were in disbelief because they imagined it to be an impossible feat. Even White American boxers started getting back into the fray and were competing at the highest levels. This was all statistically amazing, just ask Steve Sailer, since the white participation rate in sports like boxing is extremely low compared to other races.

Fast forward to now. The greatest heavyweight boxer in the world is once again White. Most experts would pick him to beat any other challenger at this moment. What is most shocking about this is not only is he White, but also the fact that he has been his own worst enemy for years by abusing drugs and alcohol. It seems he has gotten his life back on track with his absolute soul-crushing domination of his last opponent, which is something we should all be very proud of because he is a true gladiator and testament to our people.

To be frank, I am not advocating for anyone to do boxing, mma, or any other martial art because of the high level of danger and injury, but it is exceedingly gratifying to see one of our own reaching the pinnacle of the boxing world. Fury is a shining beacon of what is possible for us. So many times in the current year, they tell White men what we cannot do. As history has proven time and again, we are capable of almost anything.

As an aside, Fury is called “The Gypsy King.” He is not a true gypsy like those who originated from India. Tyson is an Irish Traveller, a group of people who are the descendants of ethnic Irish who lost their lands when Cromwell invaded Ireland. The Irish Travellers have been commonly called gypsies as both a slur and a somewhat appropriate description due to their lifestyle similarities with the Romani (true Gypsies).

Gypsy (Romani)

Additionally, he’s like me before I have three beers.

“Ok, I promise I will not talk about politics tonight.”-famous last words

Three beers later….

…….and based.

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    • @Jack

      When I was young I sparred with a ranked light heavy weight. Before I would get in the ring with him, and I knew how to protect myself, I would make him promise not to hurt me. LOL. Even if I would sting him with a lucky punch, I would say. A pro fighter can hit you three times before you even realize you have been hit.

      One of the down sides of pro boxing are all of the hangers on, gamblers, and general assholes like most Italians and Jews. And boxing doesn’t pay until you reach the upper rankings, so for years you run the chance of getting hurt for a couple of three hundred bucks.

      My old sparring partner was killed by a mob thug over nothing, and, that put an end to his career permanently. This is another reason White men have gotten out of pro-boxing.

      • Thanks for your excellent comment. Yes this is true , the American boxing world has been dominated by unsavory , low life Js, Ities and Blacks in management like Don King.

        In contrast the British boxing management has successful White management like Frank Warren who do give talented White boxers good training and good management, but also do the same for talented Black British fighters like Lenox Lewis and Chris Eubank.

        My favorite White boxing champion in the last 25 years has been Joe Callazhage.

        Joe C was very smart and insisted the best Black American fighters come over to the UK to challenge Joe for his titles – he knew the American boxing world was corrupt and biased against White fighters. Joe did take two big $ American fights at the end which he won against Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones Jr.

        Thanks again for your intelligent comment.

  1. Irish gypsies are a poor representation of Whites. The quality of this blog without Brad is appalling.

  2. Occidental Dissent has gone from the best site on the Right to the worst in the last few weeks. You’ll never live done falling for this virus hoax.

    • This “plague” is killing elderly people with advanced health problems.Should we panic.even though 99% of the victims would’ve been dead of something else within months anyway? Healthy people with the virus say the symptoms are milder than the typical cold, and far milder than the flu. Is it wise to plunge America into a Great Depression that will destroy millions of lives because weaklings and cowards fear the sniffles?

      • There is no Great Depression coming, you are the one spreading false hysteria. The alt-right needs to separate itself from racist boomers. We need our own spaces where racist boomers are not allowed.

      • Due to the contagiousness of the virus, I think the main worry is that it will completely overrun hospitals due to the sheer number that need intensive care. I’m sure you can understand why that would be a problem. For whatever reason, our leaders chose not to ensure that we had the necessary medical infrastructure and an adequate strategic national stockpile to deal with a pandemic like this.

        • Due to the contagiousness of the virus, I think the main worry is that it will completely overrun hospitals due to the sheer number that need intensive care. …

          This is not a real explanation, just the msm/establishment narrative justifying their tyrannical behavior.

          Amazing how many right-wingers, who, ostensibly, are otherwise so sceptical of the government — and especially the (((media))) –are so quick to believe them now.

        • Hoax virus ?
          30,000 deaths in 3 months ?
          Exponential growth rate, even log charts are turning up.
          (Who knows what the Chinese numbers are.)

      • I think that people will need to modify their hygenic and social habits as a result of this. We’ve dodged a few bullets with hemoragic fevers in the last decades. Penecillin, literally Oxford’s gift to human kind has made it too damned easy to be a filthy bastard.

      • Negroes have longer arms than we do, that is an advantage. But you can go to Bitchute and Lord Molyneux has about 100 fights on video where the White clobbers the Negro.

        Remember that boxing has a reputation for being fixed. Also we dominate sports that depend on raw strength in the Olympics (where PED testing is mandatory): wrestling, gymnastics, swimming, powerlifting and the field (not track) events.

        The main danger in fighting Negroes is that they come back with an army or a gun or the media. Then you’re in freefall! They’re not that tough, otherwise they wouldn’t be being ethnically cleansed by Mestizos from their own neighborhoods!

  3. He licked the Negroes blood. As much as I wanted to celebrate his victory, that overshadowed it for me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmMt-dh85WI

    The Klitschkos were very good. Vitali was the more aggressive, Wladamir may have been the more technical. They never received the recognition that they were due, it was always claimed that the division was weak. But, they stayed at the top of it for over a decade, accumulating between them all four titles. They were criticized for honoring a promise they had made to their mother to never compete against each other, and I think this probably prejudiced the opinions of those who wanted to see the siblings go at it.

    I saw an interview with the brothers where they talked about a meeting with Don King to negotiate the possibility of signing on for his management. They described initially being impressed by King’s demeanor and language, but then he began to play classical music on the piano. At first they were enthusiastic, until they noticed that King wasn’t actually striking the keys. They said, let’s get out of here, and hastily exited. King’s influence may have served to rob them of some the credit that they should have been accorded.

    I don’t know what it is, other than hard scrabble conditions, that produces such quality fighters in the Ukraine, but they have sure exploded onto the scene.

    Tyson Fury, a self described Gypsy, is a very questionable choice for a role model. The Irish Travelers have some redeeming qualities. In particular, their women are assigned feminine roles and they practice ethnic solidarity. Other than that, it is hard to find anything else good to say about them. They appear to live off of scams, criminal activity, insurance fraud, and other nefarious activities. Here close to home, we had a father and son who had a policy on an older relative, but didn’t want to wait for her to die to collect. So, they murdered her. The Irish Gypsies will take out multiple policies on a single individual.

    Still, it is always good to see even a degenerate White man clonk out a Negro.

    • Stop being such neurotic puritan. We have to stop finding fault with our own people all the time. Learn to celebrate white achievements with no caveats.

      • So, in the age of Coronahoax, licking a Negroes potentially STD infected blood is o.k.? Why not go down to the ghetto and get some Brown Sugar? This has nothing to do with hate and everything to do with hygiene. I’m not too worried about the Coronavirus, but I’d be running to get checked for hepatitis after orally coming into contact with some Negroes blood. Even if it splattered onto my face while I was pummeling him. I sure as hell wouldn’t be licking it off him. But, what ever makes you happy. You can have all the Negro fluids you desire, Nosferatu.
        This is what happens when people watch too many episodes of the Walking Dead.

        Insurance scams, murdering relatives for money. Sounds like good neighbors to me. Oh, wait! They’re nomadic, rootless, Bohemians, so they can only be your neighbor until they move on in their R.V.s. Until then, they will come by and borrow and steal from you.

        Damn, Trey, I didn’t want to have to go there with you! I hope you understand the point that I’m trying to make. It should be glaringly obvious.

  4. Of all western European peoples, the Irish have truly known what it’s like resisting oppression, for the last several hundred years.

    • Indeed Trey, indeed.

      I think Ireland, which historically was always rather poor, in no small measure due to their collective oppression, felt that being part of the €U “club”, (erroneously) thinking that all the historic wrongs would be corrected.

      Boy were they wrong on that one.

      • They really identified with the Blacks when they came to the USA, too.

        Maybe more liberal elements of the 20th century Irish perhaps, but certainly not when they first got here (the Draft Riots, competing with Blacks for jobs in northern cities) — nor the way the Irish reacted to forced busing in the 1960’s and 70’s.

      • Trey, you think the Irish identified with blacks in America? Irish Catholics in the South fought for the Confederacy and defended slavery and later Jim Crow. Irish in the North rioted when blacks were moved into their ethnic neighbourhoods. Irish immigrants embraced the American concept of White supremacy because it elevated them to a position they never had as the “niggers” of the British Empire.

      • Far more Irishmen died charging Marye’s Heights than they did fighting the Yankee draft.

        Irish are cucks.

      • Irish ARE more cucked than others. As an ethnicity, they are more liberal, degenerate and anti-White than any other group of ostensibly White people.

      • … And, yes, they were a significant number of the foot soldiers for the yankee war of aggression.


        A lot of the Irish at that time were forcibly conscripted into the Yankee army, largely because of the parts of America they lived in, not necessarily out of any ideological convictions.

        The Germans, unfortunately, on the other hand, either as native-born, or especially as recently arrived immigrants from the failed 1848 revolution (Carl Schurz, for example), seemed largely motivated out of ideological conviction to fight for the “Union” — in particular it’s proto-bolshevist notions of “equality”.

      • “All British people–ALL–English, Scottish, Welsh, etc., are descendants of the Irish to a large degree.”

        This is ridiculous nonsense. The English and the Scottish are NOT descendants of the Irish. The reverse is true, however.

    • There are many reasons the Irish and Irish Americans seem like the worst Cucks, worst racial pussyfooters. There is always the problem of rural peasant people moving to cities and getting taken in by Lib Leftist politica parties that attack White middle class people out of envy or just competition for government jobs like cops and firemen. Irish used to get these jobs in once White cities like Philly, Boston or Chicago. Irish can still get some of these plum government jobs if they toe the anti White PC Lib line.

      Since anti White Lib Jews dominate Hollywood, the American TV media, lots of Irish were/are still able to stay in the media industry taking a Mel Gibson Braveheart lie that “we Irish are another discriminated against minority like Blacks, Jews, Gays, Muslims. Occasionally *$&*#$ like the SPLC, ADL try to get a few Irish Catholics to join witch hunts against us White Racists saying the KKK-first targeted Catholic immigrants.

      There s A Father Coughlan bio movie where Father Coughlan vows a real fight against bigoted American Protestants burning a cross near his Catholic Church.

      Anybody else’s notice that the only White heterosexual guy allowed to speak at the National Democrat convention was an Irish Catholic mayor of Boston?

      It s just been the prevailing reality that various forms of anti White working class “liberalism” have been the dominant ideology at the Ivy League elite schools like Harvard and Yale. The Bush family, the Kennedy family, the Mittens Romney Family, the Clinton Family, the Obama family keep sending their children to these corrupt anti White Ivy League colleges like Harvard and Yale? Why? It s still perceived as the path to wealth and privilege, all the Presidential nominees from both parties (except outsiders Reagan Eureeka college, Donald Trump) have gone to Harvard or Yale or both.

      Nouvou riche Irish will go with the flow , accept prevailing anti White Lib Leftist politics or some God awful Neo conservative false opposition as long as it still gets them accepted at Goldman Sachs , careers in our military , academia etc.

  5. We need to be a Pan-European movement. If you’re of European descent, you’re my brother or sister. Focus on uniting under basic principles like the 14 words, and push the other stuff aside. We’re having our culture and civilization taken away from us, so not liking someone merely because they’re Irish or Polish is totally nonsensical. It’s a self-destructive and short-sighted form of tribalism.

  6. He’s a great fighter. And I enjoy seeing White fighters beat black fighters regardless of their backgrounds. Most fighters have sorted backgrounds. Colin McGregor is also a very good Irish fighter. I’ve trained in jujitsu in some very competitive mma gyms here in Las Vegas. The best and most dedicated fighters I’ve trained with are probably Eastern European, but there were some good Mexicans as well that stick out in my mind. In one gym we had a dude from Hungary, hardcore.

    I’m not sure why any White person would care that he is a Tinker, he’s still White. Irish people are White. Any chance we get to have Whites dominate in any sport is a good thing. White fighters have a home in mma and do well unlike sports like basketball where blacks dominate because of physical stature. The blacks are also good at basketball because most of the players grew up in inner cities where there is nothing else to do but hang out at a park and shoot hoops.

  7. Most technically skilled heavyweight in the world right now is the undefeated Oleksandr Usyk from Ukraine:

  8. Hi Trey,

    I m reading your excellent blogs on full lock down on the Western Cape of South Africa. I think you have been doing an excellent job taking over for Hunter . I hope Hunter is OK.

    I have long experience writing and commenting here on OD. I would enjoy private messaging with you or texting, WhatsApp to share my experience.

    I strongly encourage you to uphold Hunter’s very sensible comment guidelines – don’t let trolls or just negative people insult you, flame you or other solid writers, Alt Right, Dissident Right people.

    Stay strong brother.

    J Ryan
    Stuck with rich SA golfer snobs

  9. According to a still alive veteran from the days of the British Union of Fascists, some of the most hardcore and anti-Jewish members were the Irish Catholics. He put this down to their deep Catholic religious convictions that were add odds with the Anglo-Zionist British Establishment. Remember William Joyce, the so-called Lord Haw-Haw (although he actually wasn’t,) who was an Irish-American hanged by the British State after the war on some minor technicality, probably at the behest of a certain tribe.

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