Conservative Moral Conundrums

This is Keith Woods. He is an Irish YouTube sensation whose takes are so hot your eyeballs may melt from watching. In this video, he is taking a huge dump on Con. Inc. and the Conservative movement writ large. The video is concerning the moral impotence of these grifters and why sacrificing your family or yourself to the god of GDP may not be the best course of action.

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    • The medallion business was just loaded with jews, brokers, lawyers, loan agents, fleet owners.

      They would go to the city auctions, run up the bids to increase the price of the medallions they already held. Then get gullible immigrants (pakis, bangs, Haitians etc) to take out big loans, million plus.
      Loans were interest only, balloon payments, early payment penalties.
      Bankrupt the immigrants, take back the medallion, rinse and repeat.
      They made 100s of millions.

  1. GDP is very false.
    The GDP deflator is rigged to give false growth numbers, much like unemployment stats.
    American ppl are conned, they gullibly consume wrong numbers wo any analysis. They are either trusting, lazy, stupid or don’t have the time.
    So many of zogs numbers are false.
    Use your good sense, look around at your personal situation.


  2. Woods says we can either ally ourselves with state power or capital. Capital won’t serve our interests, so it would make more sense to try to get the state to act on our behalf. So it would help our side to get involved in building the economically-left/culturally-right populist society most of us would like to see. People like Woods help give us the philosophical grounding necessary for such a project.

    • Hey, Boomer X, my idea for a General Strike is gaining ground in Bernie Bro. and Sis circles, along with resistance to paying rents and other debts at this time. I know people here are not generally aligned with Sanders because he is too soft to resist the Culrural Marxism his supporters profess along with their economic collectivism, but sometimes it pays to link up strange strange bedfellows for discrete but common goals. Could the destruction of the Oligarchs and the construction of the JRC Sovereign Wealth Fund based UBI be on the way, along with a Federal Reserve funded Debt Jubilee (by paying off all private debts of legal U. S. citizens owed to domestic creditors)? One can dream.

      • Outlawing usury combined with a debt jubilee would go a long way towards neutralizing the power capital has over us. I also would like a permanent “bailout fund” for the taxpayer instead of corporations. It would be in addition to your excellent sovereign wealth fund idea: a pool of emergency funds for catastrophe victims. Catastrophes can be either societal or personal, of course. No one should be left destitute by misfortune.

        • Hello again Boomer X. I actually have also though after the 2008 fiasco that a systemic risk insurance fund should have been set up that financial money changers would have to pay into as a mini transaction tax so that taxpayer bailouts and TBTF would be a thing of the past by setting an absolute limit on how much of the losses would be covered. I also felt the best way to spend the Obama stimulus and the Fed’s initial foray into quantitative easing was to pay off all mortgages and rental contracts in America at that time. That policy would have in effect put hundreds or thousands of dollars per month into people’s pockets, and would have given investors an incentive to Invest in businesses once the 99% started spending the extra money, as they surely would have in that version of the debt Jubilee. Genuine social security covers ALL risks to income, not just those approved by TPTB at a particular point in time. We all share in the burden of generating wealth, let us all share in the benefit as well. Unite, comrades.

    • Keith Woods’s relativism is a sickness you don’t want to catch, although understandable in the face of the evil done in the name of the good. Liberals and conservatives have each got their own version of Truth and it’s determined by fear, of Western culture on the left and of state power on the right, unless in the latter case it can be marshaled to do conservatives’ bidding, in which case it’s OK, he tells us. I couldn’t finish listening.

      He’s right to point out that Conservatism Inc is rotten at its core, but it’s almost the antithesis of conservatism properly understood, with the former now hijacked by Jewish money to destroy metaphysical conservatism by pretending capitalism is its essence, while cleverly acquiescing in leftist court decisions that abrogate the Constitution with so much toothless gumming that puts vague principles before people. Samuel Johnson observed of the proto-preppies in his day that they have that caution cowards borrow from fear and attribute to policy.

      As an exemplar of Conservatism Inc, a few years ago the Heritage Foundation was telling us that if Iran was attacked unprovoked, meaning incineration of its cities from high altitude after crippling its defenses, and it shut down the Strait of Hormuz in reply, there’d be next to no effect on the world’s economy. Besides being propaganda Israel itself wouldn’t dare advance, the metaphysical horror of suggesting incineration of innocents by the tens of thousands should be measured in its effect on consumer prices at home should have had that bunch of preppy scumbags in their Brooks Brothers button-down shirts and tassel loafers instead leg-chained and in jump suits picking up trash along the highways for the next twenty years. Conservatism Inc (including Fox News) is becoming indistinguishable from the Likud Party and guilty by implication and RICO principles in its crimes against humanity across the Middle East.

      Keith also implies a moral symmetry between the left and the metaphysical right which is the height of relativistic nihilism. Conservatives who want a society ordered by Christian Logos cannot be simply bunched in with the liberal fellow travelers of communists responsible for the massacre of over 200 million on the altar of modernism during the last century alone. He means well and is certainly a good person, but needs to rethink some of his ideas because they do have consequences.

      • To achieve policy goals, you need the power to implement them. Leftism (when not merely pro-corporate, as it is in the US) acts as a counterweight to the power of capital. I didn’t hear (and haven’t heard from him) a recommendation of communism. But the choice between sides has become more binary. It’s possible to graft cultural conservatism onto leftist economics, but to get the chance to do that, one needs to have political power — or at least access to it.

        Thanks for the thought-provoking commentary, Anon.

      • I was initially impressed with Young Keith, but my impression is souring. He’s starting to come across as a self-important young arsehole, who has no real connection with the subjects on which he opines, and has grown to love the adulation he’s accrued a wee bit too much .

        Hopefully he’ll grow up. Before he’s 40.

        • He’s only 24. His regular appearances with Richard Spencer do bother me. Being associated with Lord Spencer hasn’t worked out too well for some.

          • I’m glad you’re here, but wouldn’t you rather be a regular member of “The McSpencer Group?”

    • Heard him say in one video hes a siin fein respecter weird political stance to side with them but whatever maybe he can get a big gerry adams beard one day if thats the case

      • Well actually, he was pointing out how sein fein are in bed with pro immigrant corporations who are currently replacing Ireland’s ethnics in the name of GDP. He is an Irish nationalist but not blindly. None of us should be blind, especially about what is dear to us, because our enemy is expert at misdirection.

        • Fair enough Fred I thought he was talking from a pro IRA stance but apologies if i’m mistaken. Yes siin fein are fake as shit and are pro immigrant, pro gay, pro abortion etc.

          Personally I thought the troubles was stupid tug of war bullshit to begin with not to mention IRA had been working with MI5 so alot of glow in the dark bs behind the scenes

  3. The jews #1 boi pucci is streaming from th’ goy haus now. A moral reprobate if there ever was one. Cracking the whip on us po’ niggaz’ on the ole’ masonic plantation. I sincerely wish Brother Woods would self-manumit from the spencerian grift plantation. Otherwise I hold his essays and podcasts in high regard. oh yeah…piss off KW.

    • Thank you for having posted this brilliant young man, Trey. I was not familiar with him. He is a man of his generation, he thinking along the lines of how to fix the failures that have accrued over the last 7 decades.

      Defects in his thinking?

      The United States, even before the Constitution was ratified, was born, and intended, as an anti-statist amalgamation.

      I am not only the descendant of men who fought successfully fought the ‘statist’ inclinations of Rothschild’s Parliament in 1775, but, as well, the descendant of numerous Virginians, North Carolinians, and Georgians who fought the United States Government, when it determined to become statist, and who succeeded by the mid 1870s,

      Though The White Southern Race successfully preserved the anti-statist concept of our Founding Founders in the mid 19th century, our verdict and result to maintain the founding blueprint was overturned in a judicial-cultural-political-media-academick war that took place between 1948 and 2003.

      We have ‘statism’ on full display in every avenue of our lives, these days, Sir, though, it is in the hands of New England Yankee Gentile Culture, The New York Jews, and a vast consortium of foreign national and corporate interests that infest the body politick, nowadays, with their blessing.

      To me, the problem is NOT that we are anti-statist,for nothing could be further from the truth. No, the problem is that the state we are in is wholly subverted – not just in the legal sense, but, one that is logical and ethical.

      As a smalltown Southerner, I live in the ruins of a failed & malicious New England Yankee Gentile State, though, it is much more our fault than theirs, because we have lost our balls to correct the situation, as recommended and practiced by our forefathers.

      Our forefathers, both North & South, were very very clear on the point that, if the complex system they composed failed to contain statism, that problem was to immediately turned over to the offices of the state militias.

      • Thank you so very much, Trey. I very much appreciate the tenour with which you are running this blog and I am glad to finally meet a New York Gentile who actually thinks your way, because, in the 12 years my wife and I were guests in your country, we never met anyone remotely close to you!

    • Hunter is not on vacation. In this time of Miasma Hunter has great responsibilities so had to leave us to fulfill his duty, he’s just not one to brag about the sacrifices he makes so he instructed Mr. Knickerbocker to tell everyone he’s on vacation. Hunter may, or he may not, return to us. Godspeed.

      Hunter bravely lives up to his responsibilities in this time of severe scourge of affliction that has fallen upon the world causing distress and misery to so many of our countrymen. It is through our fault, our most grievous faults, this curse has fallen upon us and Miasma fills the air. We are beleaguered. In this time of epidemic, distress, disorder and disease, we must follow Hunter’s lead and make restitution for our Sins, Amen :

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