White Advocates Must Adapt or Die

Note: I wrote this piece for another pro-white site back in the fall. Once submitted, I never heard back from the proprietor of said site. So I sat on and forgot about it during the Christmas season. I’m posting it here as it is more prescient now in the wake of the Coronavirus bringing into public discussion (and policy) many of the issues White Advocates have harped on for years: open borders and mass immigration, a Globalized economy and overseas manufacturing, the ridiculousness of diversity quotas (Pelosi forcing it into the relief bill), and shutting people up with the word racist instead of facing a disease from China .

One of the great delusions White Advocates suffer from is the belief they are the sole bearers of truth in a world of lies. Only they are saying what our people need to hear to awake from a Leftist induced slumber. It isn’t true. They aren’t the only ones and our people are more awake than they realize.

Two examples from my local gym demonstrate this.

The first happened the day before I started writing this. A passionate discussion broke out in the heat of the sauna about Pelosi and impeachment. Everyone present was a Trump supporter. As we were sweating and speaking, a woman on the upper bench said, “Another thing is that the white population isn’t having kids. That’s gonna be a big problem down the road.” Muslim birthrates, worries about their grand-kids future, and all of it mixing into massive violence followed.

The second happened this past spring in the hot tub just outside that sauna. I was talking to an older gentleman I’ve had many political talks with. He is a Trump supporting Conservative as well. He said something very interesting during a discussion of the Democratic debates.

“Well, Bernie Sanders never worked a day in his life,” he said.
“Oh I know,” I agreed.
“You know why?”
“No, tell me,” I answered intrigued.
“He’s connected to the Jewish mafia.”
“Yeah, Communism.”

None of these people are Neo-Nazis, Alt-Right, or whatever label Leftists would throw at them. I doubt they’ve heard of Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson, or Andrew Anglin. Nor do they know my true political beliefs so they weren’t trying to get a rise out of me. They are ordinary, everyday white people discussing issues they’re supposed to be ignorant of according to White Advocates.

And those are just the most dramatic examples. There are countless others from my neighbor saying she loves Trump for being the first president in her lifetime trying to help the white working class to a Trump hating coworker letting slip, “If it wasn’t for black on black crime there would be no crime” in response to the Rocky A$AP story from Sweden. Our people aren’t in an eternal slumber like Sleeping Beauty. They are waking up faster than White Advocates imagine. In fact, they are waking up without them.
They’re doing so because those issues are no longer in the shadows. The annual Amren conference is not the only place they can be discussed. They’re being screamed about in the public square.

Those screaming loudest are the enemies of our people. Long gone are the days of treacherous white Liberals sugarcoating our destruction with feel good slogans. The rising tide of color can’t contain itself. Our message is smashed into our people’s faces every time AOC and her ilk appear on TV. It is a waste of time for White Advocates to write exposes of these people. They’re exposing themselves. Ordinary whites already know about them before you hit publish on WordPress.

It’s not just Leftists doing this. Whether out of sincere conviction or cynical opportunism, members of the mainstream Right are doing so too. The best example is Tucker Carlson. His show has done more to expose anti-white insanity in 3 years than White Advocate websites have in 3 decades. Others such as Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh do so with increasing frequency. Let’s not forget the litany a YouTube personalities decrying the rise of Wokeness. Anti-white hatred is no longer an unspoken secret. We are in a different world from even fifteen years ago when Amren was the only place I could discover such hidden truths.

As for those Cuckservatives who can’t tell where the winds are blowing, they’re irrelevant. No one reads them. Their subscription rates and internet rankings testify to this. I’ve never read a single piece by David French or Bill Kristol. The only reason I’ve heard of them is because White Advocates pen articles whining about them. These losers napalmed any credibility they had during the Never Trump movement. The president has exposed them just as Tucker has the Looney Left. Stop wasting time on them. Is the goal to build a home for our people or keep bludgeoning the dead horse of Conservative Inc. that so many White Advocates feel betrayed by? At times I can’t tell.

Ignore this loser’s existence

How are White Advocates missing all of this? How are they so disconnected from our people’s awakening and the lack of any part they play in it? The reason is that they are completely disconnected from them. The Alt-Right, Dissident Right, White Advocates, or whatever term used for the same people believing the same things has dissolved into a sub-culture. From the lingo they use to the books they read, they have nothing in common with other whites around them. The sad thing is that many seem proud of this. They remind me of Karl Marx who was somehow going to lead the workers into a revolution without ever setting foot in a factory, mill, or mine. They are somehow going to create a society for whites to live in without knowing how whites live in society.

Criticize Trump all you want but his reality-show stardom, pro-wrestling appearances, and unapologetic fast food eating has more in common with ordinary whites than your obscure interwar philosophers, obsessiveness about IQ, and constant screeching about degeneracy. Is it any wonder he’s done more to move things in your direction than you yourselves have?

So what should White Advocates do? Should they just give up and go home? No. They’re role is more important than ever. They just need to make 2 major changes.

First and foremost they need to get offline. Log off their digital chains and be free among their people. I deleted my Facebook, Twitter, and other social media 2 years ago and I’m so much happier. My time is actually spent with my people instead of reading enemy article attacking them or comment sections filled with malcontents alienated from them. I see their good and bad, hear about their dreams and nightmares, experience their wins and losses with them. They’re not normies to me. They are my people and we are one.

An anthem of peoplehood

For almost 2 years I’ve barely interacted with anyone in the movement. My love and dedication to my people has grown during that time. Get away from the computer and talk to them, read the books they read, watch the movies they watch, play and work with them, actually be one of them. Then maybe you’ll be able to lead them.

Second and most important is to realize you are no longer needed as truth-tellers. You are no longer the first step on people’s journey to racial truth. You aren’t where people go to find out they are white. You are where they go after they’ve realized this. “Ok I’m white, now what?” is where you are.
Rush, Trump, and Tucker can only run so far. You have to pick up the baton where they drop it. Don’t waste time trying to wake people up. They’re already up if they find you.

The passionate defense of white identity and interest is where those figures with bigger audiences can’t go. So why are you futilely trying to compete with them where they can? Anti-white bias, white depression and suicide, and non-white crime are where they can venture. Our history and heritage is where they can’t. So focus on that, not news commentary. You’re no longer needed in that battle.

One thing that has always bugged me about this movement is how culturally barren it is. For all the bitter criticisms of Cuckservatives, White Advocates seem as allergic to the arts as they are. You are obsessed with IQ and DNA as much as they are with elections and economics. Both leave our culture in the hands of those destroying it.

Where are the podcasts analyzing the great works of our people? The late, great Jonathan Bowden understood the importance of celebrating them. Trevor Lynch’s movie reviews (and other Counter-Currents articles) are the only things that come close since his death. But it’s nowhere near enough. My favorite podcasts is In Our Time on BBC radio. I’ve learned more about our people’s military battles, scientific achievements, and artistic masterpieces than all pro-white blogs and books combined. Instead of those inspiring things, it’s depressing news stories and bitching about current politicians over and over again. Let that sink in. An enemy institution has taught me more about my identity than all my allies’ outlets combined. White Advocates need to dedicate less time to being William F. Buckley and National Review and more being Melvyn Bragg and In Our Time.

The past embodies our identity as the future does our interests. White Advocates should be churning out articles about the world they will build. An ethnostate is the solution to many of the ills our people suffer from currently. So where are all the works describing how an ethnostate will be a good thing? How An Ethnostate Will Make Whites Healthier, How An Ethnostate Will Make Whites Wealthier, How An Ethnostate Will Makes Whites Safer, How An Ethnostate Will Make Whites Happier are just a few of the topics that should be able to fill a book of essays by now. You, White Advocates, have to tell our people in detailed terms why they will be better off building a new society for themselves instead of desperately trying to crawl back to a colorblind one for all. Simply giving them an endless catalogue of horrors makes them do just that. If you are the only ones that can guarantee them a future, then you have to tell them why they should choose it over oblivion. Be campaigners for the future, not just complainers of the present.

My last point will preemptively address a criticism I’m sure many are muttering to themselves. It’s something along the lines of, “Of course those in the mainstream are saying those things! They’re secretly reading our sites!” Well, that’s a good thing. You’re secretly moving the Overton Window; time to write about the next step so they’re read that too. They’re already plundering the material you’ve focused on for decades so give them new things to plunder in order to open the window even more. Make the next Tucker Carlson secretly read about the ethnostate as the current one does anti-white bias.

The world is changing fast. But White Advocates don’t realize it. That’s because they’ve hidden themselves in an alienated little bubble. But they have serious work to do. They need to get to it or suffer the worst form of political death: irrelevance.

My book Awesomely White is available here.


  1. Nice hopeful piece about an alternate reality but conservatives are indolent, cowardly, and stoopid. 56+ years of evidence. Big name keyboard conservatives in the pro-white movement are stawk mawket chumps (Brimelow, Taylor) supported by a few wealthy types and read by lesser tools in FUSA’s hinterlands. When the rubber meets the road conservatives shut up, sit down, and betray peers. Not even worth discussing, actually, but I’ll be happy to compare notes in 2028 if your website is still around.

    • Paycheck conservatives are in it for the money. They will always twist it back to open borders and markets because that is what their masters want. But Tony is right about entertainment. Entertainment is where the anti-whites did most of the psychological damage to our people, while we do nothing in that area.

      For a recent example, take a look at the Bitchute front page. It is all politics all the time. There is so much politics, the front page is boring. What they need if they want to draw people in is more entertainment. They need silly cat videos, movie reviews and movies, people playing games, and other hobbies.

      • Ugh, anyone who supports open borders and a globalist economy (capitalism) is not a conservative IMO. Ask one of them, pointedly, if they really support exporting our factories and jobs to Asia. They will probably be at a loss. My theory is that “capitalism” was used as a foil to the communist USSR during the Cold War so these dopey wanna-be conservatives somehow have capitalism wrapped up in patriotism when nothing could be further from the truth.

        • If you don’t support globalism and mass legal non-white immigration, then it is you that isn’t the real conservative.

          Conservatives have been traitors and cowards for 100 years. Dabney called them Radicalism’s Shadow in 1897. See his quote below.

          Conservatives in all White countries were the main push behind shipping all our industry overseas and then bringing in 100s of millions of non-Whites “to do the jobs we won’t do”. When I was a teenage I watched them make the economic arguments for it in in the 1980s.

          They also said in 2016, the jobs would will return and the White working class should Just Go Die. This week last, they told their very loyal older White voters to Just Go Die of the corona virus to save the GDP.


          Southern History Series: Robert Lewis Dabney On Northern Conservatism (1897)

          May 8, 2019 Hunter Wallace Alt-South, American South, Conservatism, Dixie, Feminism, History, southern heritage, Southern History Series, Women 6

          Editor’s Note: I’m borrowing this quote from Robert Lewis Dabney from Counter-Currents. Robert Lewis Dabney was a Southern Presbyterian theologian who served as a chaplain in the War Between the States and as Chief of Staff to Stonewall Jackson. The Southern conservative tradition has been dormant since the Southern Agrarians in the 1930s and ought be revived, updated and blended with a healthy dose of German historicism and used to relentlessly attack Northern conservatism.

          “It may be inferred again that the present movement for women’s rights will certainly prevail from the history of its only opponent: Northern conservatism. This is a party which never conserves anything. Its history has been that it demurs to each aggression of the progressive party, and aims to save its credit by a respectable amount of growling, but always acquiesces at last in the innovation. What was the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of conservatism; it is now conservative only in affecting to resist the next innovation, which will tomorrow be forced upon its timidity and will be succeeded by some third revolution; to be denounced and then adopted in its turn. American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader. . . . Its impotency is not hard, indeed, to explain. It is worthless because it is the conservatism of expediency only, and not of sturdy principle. It intends to risk nothing serious for the sake of the truth, and has no idea of being guilty of the folly of martyrdom. It always when about to enter a protest very blandly informs the wild beast whose path it essays to stop, that its “bark is worse than its bite,” and that it only means to save its manners by enacting its decent role of resistance: The only practical purpose which it now serves in American politics is to give enough exercise to Radicalism to keep it “in wind,” and to prevent its becoming pursy and lazy, from having nothing to whip. No doubt, after a few years, when women’s suffrage shall have become an accomplished fact, conservatism will tacitly admit it into its creed, and thenceforward plume itself upon its wise firmness in opposing with similar weapons the extreme of baby suffrage; and when that too shall have been won, it will be heard declaring that the integrity of the American Constitution requires at least the refusal of suffrage to asses. There it will assume, with great dignity, its final position.”


      • @Alex and Gerald F:

        Ahh, but what you don’t realize is that it’s ALL GOOD when the economy goes bad.

        There is a certain sector of White Nationalism that says “Worse is Better.” That’s not necessarily true. As long as Whites have something material to lose, they have grimly zipped their lips over the most outrageous Anti-White antics.

        But what you don’t get is what a former frequent contributor by the name of Kievsky who went onto create a now defunct blog called Mindweapons. Support for Liberalism is a “mile wide and an inch deep.”

        Many a race realist on the right has noticed White Leftists mouthing all kinds of “woke” platitudes from their gated lily-white enclaves. They live more segregated lives than your average Ku Klux Klan leader (that isn’t a government agent provocateur or undercover FBI agent).

        He called them “Paycheck Liberals” whose “social justice” sentiments would evaporate within seconds of their checks halting from their Jewish Paymasters.

        This CoVid 19 Hysteria is a perfect opportunity to push our talking points.

        Having our industry shipped overseas is a national security risk especially if it is the epicenter for some disaster like a major earthquake or virus.

        Allowing foreign populations into the country who might be either sick or not even sick but be carriers to citizens who don’t have any didn’t work out for the Amerinds any more than it did for Europeans who died from the bubonic plague that originated in the East.

        These talking points MUST be disseminated into the American social media. These talking points MUST be pushed into any town halls and MUST be pushed onto the talking heads so that pointed, rhetorical questions disguised as our talking points must be filed at all political candidates.

        Never let a crisis go to waste; we can USE this.

  2. People are not amazed In how the Jews were able to pull off this Covid-19 disaster?
    Probably a virus created in laboratory plus the histeria fomented by the media worldwide in unison. Amazing to watch.
    Even in tiny cities in deep South America many are wearing masks with empty streets and closed stores.
    The Central Banks will be the owners of pretty much everything of real value and a cashless society is coming.
    Deeds of political geniuses, like it or not
    What started soon after the unbelievably inane, autistic and naive “Protestant Reformation” entered its final phase

    • Even in tiny cities in deep South America many are wearing masks with empty streets and closed stores.

      The power of Talmudvi$ion

      If White Advocates are to be genuinely serious, they must stop watching most everything on tv, and 90+percent of movies.

      When South Afrika got the boob-tube for the first time in the early 1970’s, it was all down hill from there as a distinct White Volk, with a very unique culture & consciousness.

    • What started soon after the unbelievably inane, autistic and naive “Protestant Reformation” entered its final phase

      The re-judaification of Christianity. The true beginning of the end.

      • Virtus- that re-judaification of Christianity started with the Roman Schism, in 1054, per the Orthodox.
        It fractured a second time during the Reformation, but it REALLY got going, with the Scofield Reference Libel becoming the ‘talmud for the Terminally Stupid Generation’ a century ago.

        Dispensationalism, Baptist minimalism, and all the rest, is a shoddy attempt at Synagogue worship, minus the Sacraments, the only valid Priesthood, and the effecacious grace given thereby.

        And comments such as this, “States with high Catholic population are the worst affected. This may due to the unhygienic habits of Catholics” either are ignoring the OTHERNESS of those so-called ‘Catholics (who are mostly mestizos, and other forever pagans) or is on the same level of ‘Irish need not apply’ bigotry of the 19th Century. It doesn’t even deserve a rebuttal, it is abhorrent to any sane White Man.

        (Oh, and just ignore Denise, she’s only a woman.)

        • It fractured a second time during the Reformation, but it REALLY got going, with the Scofield Reference Libel becoming the ‘talmud for the Terminally Stupid Generation’ a century ago.

          “$¢ofield Reference Libel” … spot on, John.

        • There is actually probably some amount of genetic difference. Catholics are more prevalent in The South and West parts of Europe, Protestants more North and East. I wonder why the Northern European death rate is still lower than Spain and Italy. It is said that Germans are overall less healthy than Italians, but their death rate is much lower. So is their health system just superior, or is their a genetic component playing a role here?

          • Powell,

            It’s chiefly because the population of northern Italy (where most of these alleged “corona” and other genuine influenza viruses are present, especially this time of the year) has the second-oldest population in the world.

          • Most of the Protestant countries are situated in Northern Europe where there is less sunshine and colder climates. While Southern Catholic Europe would be warmer, so I’m thinking that Northern Europeans evolved an immunity to viruses because they would be more prevalent up there whereas these viruses disappear in warmer weather.

          • Spain and Italy have massive amounts of Chinese immigrants. In fact, Italy had thousands of illegals from Wuhan. But I’m tired of telling this whole story because no one listens. But as someone spelled out perfectly in another post, this “pandemic” is the greatest issue that’s ever come along for pro-Whites to use to show real-time evidence of our basic beliefs.

      • Catholic countries like Italy and Spain are the hardest hit by Coronavirus. In the US too, States with high Catholic population are the worst affected. This may due to the unhygienic habits of Catholics.

    • I somewhat agree with you. I don’t think the “Protestant Reformation” has entered its final phase. When the desperate times come, as they will, the people will look to the Heavens for the comfort and promise that they can no longer find on Earth. As Ray Wiley Hubbard so cleverly phrased it, “Some get spiritual, ’cause they see the light. And some, ’cause they feel the heat.”

      But, I do believe that this is just another large step toward the implementation of a one world government. Locking down the populations, closing businesses, and, in some cases, calling out the National Guard are measures that serve as a trial run. And, it gets people used to a new status quo. As you’ve pointed out, a cashless society, and the end of small business. Corporations and Banks being the only property holders. Eventually, the Communist Global Government will seize control of those as well, and then we will certainly see the starvation and homelessness become the norm. Christians will be imprisoned, beaten, and murdered for professing their faith, but they will be eternally redeemed.

      In the meantime, the people will grow accustomed to spending increasing amounts of time isolated within their pods. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lYLyWH0W6Y. Immersed in video games, streaming video, net flix, message boards, and the most technologically advanced sex toys in the world. This will be a vacuous, soulless existence. There will be nothing to celebrate, nothing to commemorate, nothing to perpetuate. The access to the big sporting contests and musical performances will be limited to the most affluent. Its almost to a point now where a family has to spend their entire life savings just to go to an amusement park. So, the worker bees sequestered in their hives can pay a premium to have sports and concerts downloaded onto their omnipresent screens and virtual reality roller coasters with 3-D glasses will substitute for the thrill ride experience. But, the call of the wild will eventually surface. Maybe, only on isolated occasions at first. Eventually, the lid will come off, as it always does when people live under a system of constant oversight and oppression. Many of these people will turn to God.

  3. ‘One of the great delusions White Advocates suffer from is the belief they are the sole bearers of truth in a world of lies.’

    Very true, Trey, not to mention that ‘White Advocates’ oft have the knack of seeming whiney, misanthropic, conspiratorial, grumpy, impolite, paranoic, downtrodden, and utterly dismissive of, and or to, the very brethren they yearn to evangelize.

  4. Thank you, Mr. Martel. You are correct.

    To other commentors – the first 2 comments on this article,as I write these words, are 2 Black Pillers. Ignore them.

    Mr. Martel is correct.

  5. @Trey… very much agreed that Tucker Carlson is not only an intrepid, couth, and just man, he has been devastatingly good at finding appropriate ways to nightly discuss topics that have been very purposefully rendered taboo, over the last 75 years.

  6. So if what you say is true – average people know about Jews, and they know about race – and they still support free market neo-liberalism… Shouldn’t you conclude that blaming other races and Jews is a bad ideology? Perhaps the free market small government suck up to corporations ideology that many white people espouse is the problem. In other words if whites thought in terms of class war – the people vs the corporations – the world would be a much better place than whites currently sucking up to Ronald Reaganite ideology. And if non-whites could turn their hate to corporations instead of to whites, that would also be a win for everyone.

  7. Aaaallll those white ( mostly some sect of Christian, ) patriots just waiting for a PLAN. A MANIFESTO. Or at least an easy to remember phrase they can “get,” and “share.” A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY.

    Who will found The Confederate Party and the Confederate Design for our section of America ? As more and more whites dream of a modern version of Mayberry / 1950″s America …. we need to come through for them ( and us. )

    WHO can pull the sword from the rock ?

  8. The ghettoization of the dissident right has been largely self imposed. There are two primary factors for this, both of which I’ve commented upon and made lengthy posts on here, to not much avail (this is basically the reason i havent posted here in months)

    I’ll reiterate them for the sake of keeping this issue alive, as it is pivotal, this isolation is killing us.

    1) Self ghettoization has occurred because the “movement” has been intentionally factionalized by eceleb personalities. Much of the ideology these guys express can’t stand up to sunlight, and all of them are hiding their true nature from their followers, so not unlike a cult in its late stage, the faction becomes walled off and isolated from reality and the people of the outside world.

    a) Currently, or until recently, we had a TRS faction who worship Seventh Son and Enoch. These guys were instrumental in the optics war, and supported and endorsed, still haven’t acknowledged that ricky vaughn was a political operative, potentially a deep state agent of literal Divide & Conquer who they facilitated to do exactly that to the Alt Right. Another example is Enoch hiding his wife from the Alt Right until it couldn’t be hidden anymore, then clamping down on the issue and forbidding its discussion after never dealing with his own dishonesty and hypocrisy. Potentially they are feds. I haven’t decided. It doesn’t matter though, because the FBI couldn’t have done a better job.

    b) Daily Stormer – Weev is a subversive Jew, likely also an asset of the government as has been expounded upon at length on this site. Anglin is poison. An unfunny, agent of nihilism and degeneracy in the movement feeding lies to young white guys about women and anything else he wants to forcememe on a daily basis.

    c) Cantwell – This faction is basically dead. The man has self destructed. A drug addict, alcoholic and generally unstable genius of broadcast media. But generally has been as toxic in his effect as all of the above. I hate to think how much of the money he has received from dissidents has been flushed on his habits. He has always been honest that he’s had issues with drugs in the past, but never honest that he hadn’t the self control to kick them altogether. I backed Cantwell for years now. I too have had substance abuse issues, and currently struggle to control my desire for their sedative effect, and the righteous high of a good speed bump. i know the feelz. But still. The loyalty I’ve felt to him because of this understanding has kept me from admitting to myself he was as much to blame for this isolation from the real world, as all these characters.

    d) SouthNats – They are distinct and separate, but have only recently began to intentionally set themselves apart from the above groups, mostly out of self preservation and a need to distance themselves from the above groups because of their obvious bad faith. This is the only group left that I have even a tangential affinity for. Its generally coherent, fairly cohesive and typically genuine and polite. Muh cozy new ghetto. But ghetto it is.

    e) There are others, but these were a few of the bigger ones. Fuentes (closeted catboy), Greg Johnson (toxic old drama queen), and of course the fucking pagans, who never miss an opportunity to create discord by arguing about why its more authentic White to kill small animals and spill beer while wearing a thors hammer necklace. Muh pagan oak, muh forced conversions by charlemagne and muh kike on a stick and other forcememes.

    This iteration of the White Advocacy movement began, based on statistics and racial demographic studies based on hard data, well reasoned argumentation and a genuine claim to be pursuing the truth, and celebration of our peoples accomplishments. It has devolved into a collection of circle jerking echochambers like the above, which have divided along factional lines of ideological autism, and an attempt by these “leaders” to capture d’nations from an extremely stingey listenership (to their credit, people have been hesitant to give these people money, even during the halcyon days). Also, because the abover peronalities cant stand to share oxygen with other egos as big as their own, and would rather burn down the movement than cooperate to a common end. They have infact burned it down. Are some of them Feds? Probably. Does that really matter since the result has been the same? Not for the purpose of this post.

    2) The JQ – There is no greater example of an aspect of this thing that has served to isolate us from reality. The toxic level of antisemitism in this thing which has pushed us into a habit of focusing on our opposition to and hate for everything Jewish, to the extent we have become an essentially negative ideology, defined by antisemitism itself, and no longer defined by White Advocacy which is an essentially positive ideological framework where in we pursue and advocate for our own interests, rather than against those of everyone else. Both attempt to accomplish the same end. The latter as a worldview is simple, coherent, sustainable and not at all convoluted and requires only one statement to be true, “Its ok to be White” in order to justify its MO, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children”.

    The negative antisemitic worldview requires no end of convoluted reasoning to shoehorn everything thats happening into the framework of its central tenet of faith, that its the Jews fault. No normy is going to buy that, especially right now. Everyone knows about Jews to some extent, as the OP demonstrates. We aren’t keepers of truth, we are autistic faggots lost in a quagmire of our own making trying to spin an elaborate tapestry out of increasingly thin and dubious threads. Nobody has time for it, and nobody outside this thing cares. Worse, the Shibboleths and lingo we use to vitue signal to eachother and identify the most hardcore and the wokest among us, serve as identifiers of our ilk, and allow us to be easily isolated by the actual gatekeepers.

    Tactically, ideologically and in reality, Antisemitism has been turned into a cul de sac from which we cannot escape without excising all of the purveyors of it, many of whom are so fanatical about it, that they will attack anyone who dares question the reasonableness of their approach.

    I stopped posting here because I got tired of repeating myself and getting stepped on by advocates of the above toxic personalities still dutifully trying to hold the line of their respective ghettos, and by the increasingly unreasonable fanatics of antisemitism that flame anybody that questions the wisdom of guys like Patrick Little, who literally walk around on the streets making asses of us all, for the sake of raising awareness of the JQ.


    • We don’t need more of you’re philosemitic shit, kike. If we want to build a populist mass movement than the best thing to do is focus on unity against the Jews. (I’d add capitalism as well though.) The problem with the “movement” as it is is it DOESN’T focus on antisemitic unity and instead promotes divisions like men against women and Christians against non-Christians. Andrew Anglin refused to support Patrick Little, who was based, yet happily supports Fuentes who isn’t even White and hates Pagans, “wignats”, etc.

      • @Jicf:

        I respectfully disagree with your focus on “unity AGAINST the Jews,” because most of WNs already have that and it has gotten WNism absolutely nowhere.

        Instead we need to focus on Unity FOR/WITH Whites.

        Denise, you probably might remember this, but thanks to Anglin and his ilk, hostility towards sympathetic women in the movement got so bad, that many of us dabbled in our own blogs.

        Remember that article by one blogger, I forget her handle, but it was titled:


        It was during the worst of the Obama era recession and everyone, particularly non-protected, non-affirmative action White men had to hustle to get the crappiest work. She noticed a young White male loading materials out in the cold and being very cheerful, helpful, and professional. Well, she was so impressed with him, she got his name and not only made a commendation call to the store manager, but also wrote a letter of appreciation to corporate about what a great worker her was.

        He got promoted to a higher paying job shortly after.

        Now why do I bring this up?

        I was temping at a job and I mentioned I needed some dental work and this Dot Indian girl referred me to an Indian dentist. Not a single White worker there referred me to a dentist, never mind a dentist who was White.

        Speaking of which, I read an article where a great White worker was told by her company that they had an opening and asked her to refer a candidate to them. She referred a Dot Indian girl. When I read this, I knew that in five years, if she wasn’t forced out, she’d be the only White worker in an an office full of Dot Indians.

        I have seen East Asians hawking the services of East Asians.

        Mexicans do that, too.

        And, no one can deny that Jews have never been shy about tooting their own horns. Jonas Salk wasn’t the only researcher working on a polio vaccine. He had a whole team of Aryans working with him. But he was the only scientist who got the credit and the Nobel Peace Prize.

        Aryans peopled the space program, yet I will bet dollars to donuts that not a single Aryan programmer stands out, because Aryans don’t promote themselves.

        They don’t believe in bragging about their people’s accomplishments, but they sure are quick to meekly hang their heads in shame, beat their breasts and do the mea culpa whenever some Cultural Marxist pins the blame on them for something people who weren’t even related to them, but looked like them did!

        And that’s our problem in a nutshell. That’s why the OTHERS are eating our lunches.

        The Jews and their antics aren’t the problem; they are a big symptom of a great White defect.

        None of us know how this Corona Virus stuff is going to shake out. Hopefully the American economy gets bad enough that the Rainbow Invasion figures out that its best to stay home and hopefully they all pocket the loot they’ve made and the rats leave the sinking ship.

        In the meantime, Whites, and White men, in particular, are going to be the first fired and the last hired, because everyone else is a protected group thanks to the Victim Totem installed in this country.

        Now is the time to network like we never have before, be quick to do each other favors, tip each other off to any and every opportunity for employment and advancement, every bargain and money savings.

        We need to be little Vito Corleone’s. We do them a favor, they owe us a favor. One hand washes the other. We have back up in troubled times. If we can come out of this with the tightest racial cohesion imaginable, we can prevail.

    • I agree with a lot except for the jewish analysis. That was the whole problem. This movement kicked out anyone who knew the truth: Donald Trump owes his fortune to jew wall st. bankers. I learned about this way back in 2004. This was an alt youth movement. Nobody gave a rat’s ass about what a fifty year old had seen and been through and seen because they drank the kool aid.

      The system of finance we have was fought over from the inception of our country. Washington never spoke to Jefferson again after Jefferson opposed Hamilton’s aristocratic financial system. It is the same system we have today.

    • Sock – your entire post does NOTHING but sow division between assorted factions, and obfuscate the very real and deadly machinations of Jewry, Now is the PERFECT time to point out that Hebes ARE responsible for EVERYTHING that’s gone wrong. People never change course until they are up against the wall. Al of America, and major parts of the world ARE – and it’s ALL because of JEWS – and those willing to cover for them. Sock.

      The most laughable, tragic, and evil section of your screed is you rotten attitude towards Pagans. (((Christians))) have done NOTHING but kill and destroy for the jew DEVILS, for an jew-created facsimile of the original Gods. “Jesus” is an amalgam of Osiris and Balder. ANY Pagan path is infinitely more authentic than the synthetic alien desert (((god))). The Nature Gods die, and are reborn, in correlation with the seasons. The Pagan faiths connect us TO this world. The Semitic Deset Fraud dies so we can be “reborn” into death. Suffer and slave in this world; don’t worry about controlling your world and destiny. If you are a good little slave you get to die and got to “Heaven”. Where you spend Eternity in them iddle of a DESERT, with no green things, or water, or food, or anything. You sit in a city made of METAL, with every orc that washes up, for all time, worshiping a volcano demon. And you slur Pagan rites? Snicker – I hope you get your metal home in the sandland, next to Shitaveous and Shaneequa for all time.

    • “c) Cantwell – This faction is basically dead. The man has self destructed. A drug addict, alcoholic and generally unstable genius of broadcast media…”

      Radical Agenda is no longer online. Last post 1/22/20 Cantwell is in either prison or custody. Merely an FYI.

      “The most laughable, tragic, and evil section of your screed is you rotten attitude towards Pagans. (((Christians))) have done NOTHING but kill and destroy for the jew DEVILS, for an jew-created facsimile of the original Gods. “Jesus” is an amalgam of Osiris and Balder. ANY Pagan path is infinitely more authentic than the synthetic alien desert (((god))). ”

      And then there is the perennial Kali, Ms. Denise – who has finally flipped due to social distancing, and Corona isolation. Poor, deluded female. Oh, wait. I repeat myself…… Where’s her Spawn, to corroborate her mania? I’m surprised he’s not commented at the same time, within a five minute window…. sigh. It’s all so tiresome.

  9. I agree with the premise of this article. I might add, we need to take this rare opportunity to keep White children out of the schools from now on. This is the only good thing to come out of this Coronahoax; that White parents may get accustomed to home schooling and find that it is preferable. What I’d like to see is White professionals and tradesmen taking the time to apprentice their friend’s and neighbor’s children. Keep them out of the education lending trap as best as we can. A community of educated, racially conscious, White men and women can surely do a better job of teaching White students than the current crop of minority and liberal White teachers in the sociological indoctrination centers that they are required to attend.

    And, I agree, the celebration of our people’s art, achievements, and history should be paramount. Planning for the future, as you so aptly observed, should be rooted in the strong foundations of the past. Not cast like a pair of dice, hoping that a winning number comes up. We can envision a future, even within the confines of totalitarianism, where White people can begin to embrace themselves and each other, and use the unparalleled examples set by our forebears as inspiration to propel ourselves forward, sans the inhibiting guilt and gullible altruism that has slowed or stagnated our progress for over a half century.

    If you notice, other ethnicities and nationalities have calendars that are specific to their race or culture, with select dates marked as holidays that only they observe. We need to produce calendars that feature the birthdays of great explorers, inventors and artists. They should include battles and events of historical significance that hold meaning to our people and their existence. This coupled with celebrations and observances of these individuals and occasions that are catered to appeal only to the White race, may give us back much of what has been stolen in regards to pride in our identity and being able to define ourselves as something other than consumers, voters, and generic “Americans.” Produce these in quantity and distribute them liberally, free of charge, to those who will benefit from them.

    • Thank you, Cowtown. This comment is the only practical comment on this article. The others are babbling about “Don’t name the Jew!” and “Pagans” hurr durr.

      Pathetic. It’s like a hasbarat buffet.

      • More Jew-naming and more acceptance of Pagans are exactly what the movement needs more of. The extreme Christian bullshit will just drive the younger generation, except a few autistic antisocial weirdos, away from the movement. And anyone unironically saying we should promote neoconservatism, or anything resembling it, should be gassed.

        • Jijcf – exactly! I constantly astonished when alleged White Advocate males – and we all know White males are being absolutely abused and persecuted BY ZOG which means JEWS – are the ones that most vociferously babble about a return to Christardinsanity, which is the seed of our ruin – and won’t even NAME the enemy intent on, and very successful, in our destruction.

      • Thank You, Denise. I must say the more moderate tone that you’ve lately adopted is very becoming to you. I can sympathize with the temptation to put everything in caps and call people names, I just find it to be more dignified, and White, of us to be able to avoid these things. At least on the internet. Save it for when you’re face to face and they lash out at you with their venomous slurs. It is much more satisfying and quite a bit more effective. But, even then, it should always be composed of moderated and thoughtful commentary delivered in a scathing fashion. At least, that’s what I strive to do, when the situation calls for it.

        Beat them to the bottom of the sewer, if you must, but sink to their level with style.

    • Good comment. Removing our children from the public Marxist daycare indoctrination gulag is one of the most important steps we can take. (Even better, never let them set foot in there in the first place!)

      • @Jannie…

        Yes, returning to the traditional methods of education (child being constantly by his parent’s side, and learning what they know) is probably the most vital step to build a better future.

    • “If you notice, other ethnicities and nationalities have calendars that are specific to their race or culture, with select dates marked as holidays that only they observe. ”

      We already have this- it’s called the Church Kalendar. Days denoting the True Faith of real Christian saints, men and women, scholars, soldiers, peasants, kings. And it’s only the ‘hurr-durr’ pagani out there, who resist (like their kinsman, Die Juden) these commemorations.

      Oh, and let’s not forget the inevitable return to the Julian/Orthodox calendar, much overdue.

  10. You are still wasting everyone’s time. Both political parties are jew owned. Trump is more jew owned than anyone else. Wall St. has been his back yard his entire life!

    This movement was warned about Trump being a shabbos goy for Wall St. His cabinet is entirely Goldman Sachs.

    Yes, non whites vote for their interests against ours. But it is a two front war. The war is against wealthier whites and jews who make their money off of other people’s labor through the stock market and high finance. Those people are the biggest enemies of all.

    Trump and Wall St. helped bankrupt my family. I was happy when Charllotesville happened. It should have taught you the lesson you deserved to learn. You guys were cheering on a spoiled, rich, white guy who got his money from cheating others with his Wall St. connections. I saw Trump gambling on real estate back in 2005 or so, and many saw the crash coming. Whites who actually worked like me got screwed who were actually preparing and not gambling. And I had to watch a bunch of twenty something white guys who haven’t worked enough shit jobs or been screwed cheer that loser on. Well, now some of those guys are in jail and now know even more than I how it feels to be screwed by someone with more power than you.

    A new movement is needed that combines honest finance and defense from anti white policies. You can’t have one without the other.

    • Yes, Mike. Now they’ve bankrupted the county. We were wrong about Trump. We wanted to believe, because Clinton is a known HORROR, and Trump was saying all the right things.

      I was highly skeptical of the dangers this virus posed, until the past few weeks. The (((Trump admin))) was the last (((Government))) to shut the borders – and they STILL aren’t really shut. They send out conflicting messages to a terrified public every day. Stay inside/go back to work/stay inside/go back to work. Jews regard us as their CATTLE. We are RESOURCES. WE exist to serve THEM, Healthcare workers are now DYING. But Jew Street is losing shekels! Die Goyim DIE! We’ll just replace you with fast-breeding Mestizos!

      Any one would can’t see this right out in the open doesn’t deserve to live. We should be screaming this from the rooftops. Are we?

      • the $2 trillion Corona-chan Porkulus bill answers the question as to whether the Jew-communist demoncrat pty or the Jew-zionist Drumpf reoubliscam pty is more murderously anti-White:

        the demoncrat version appropriated an additional $300 million Jewbux to accelerate the shitskin-insourcing, white-genociding “refugee resttlement” racket.

        the Drumpf-republiscam final version added another $50 million.

    • [i]combines honest finance and defense from anti white policies[i]

      Hmm… Now that sounds an awful lot like a certain European country in the 1930’s and 1940’s… One which didn’t fail, btw, but was betrayed by its fellow Aryan brothers, and then systematically annihilated by all the might of world Jewry and its despicable shabbos goy All-lies.

      The fact of the matter is, if you consistently and intentionally dance around the JQ, you will never actually be addressing the root of the problem, only its symptoms. One man dared to take the weight of the white world on his shoulders and give everything he had, including his life, to further its cause. And he did so successfully, while acknowledging the disease.

      White advocacy and the Jewish Question are inseparably bound with one another. Period.

      • @GJT I agree. Almost every post I write contains the JQ. I often criticize those who ignore the JQ when I do post. I encourage you to read the first paragraph again:

        “You are still wasting everyone’s time. Both political parties are jew owned. Trump is more jew owned than anyone else. Wall St. has been his back yard his entire life!”

  11. Great piece! There’s a lot of great white history, culture and music (even being produced today, shock! gasp!) that we can enjoy once we move away from the TV, sportsball and garbage pop music.

  12. This article is not really right. I have been a full blown WN since 1992. Average white people were more “racist” in 1992 than they are now by a lot. They were also more anti-establishment before 9/11. A lot of the conservative cop outs that we argue against didn’t even exist back then. Rush Limbaugh was a major force pushing white conservatives away from nationalism and towards globalism. Rush told his listeners not to vote for Pat Buchanan in 1996 after Pat jumped out to an early lead in the primary. Rush personally did more than any other person to repress pro-white sentiment among conservatives. He fanatically supported free trade and wars for Israel as much as he repressed any real talk about race or immigration. Anyone who sees Limbaugh criticizing “wokeness” as some kind of sign that we are close to victory or that he is helping us is a fool.

    Also, the bashing of pro-white activists as failures or not being influential is false and harmful to the movement. Jared Taylor and every other sincere white nationalist has done far more than neocon media frauds like Ann Coulter or these other clowns. Anne’s and Tucker’s conversions to nationalism were very late and came after a lifetime of being neocon globalist imbeciles of the worst sort. Go and read old Tucker from the 90’s, he was a braindead neocon nitwit with noting remotely interesting to say about anything. We white nationalists used to loathe him, he was frequently a butt of jokes in our circles for his stupid bow-tie good-goy schtick. I accept that he is on our side now, but without the “1.0” movement pushing nationalism relentlessly for the last 30 years, there would have been no conversions of anyone.

    • Jared Taylor admitted that before 2016 he had come to feel that he was doing nothing more than keeping a record of what was said. A “We told you fools so!” for future generations. If that’s not an admittance of failure than nothing is.

      “1.0” movement accomplished absolutely nothing. It was a clown circus of Nazi LARPer’s and hiding in the woods militia morons.Hunter has documented this extensively. If you want to be generous you could say that their ideas were stolen and watered down by the mainstream. But that brings up the biggest point. It is those people that change things, not the fire-eaters. This blog is dedicated to the South, and it’s 2 biggest icons, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis, were not fire-eaters. They were even later to change for Secession than Tucker and Coulter have been for nationalism .The fact that this movement still can’t comprehend that it needs such people (late comers jumping on-board) is why it has gone nowhere. The people in it have no real political comprehension whatsoever.

      • “Nazi LARPing” is not the problem. We need more trailer trash 1488 types, they are based af. I’m all for expanding our base, and reaching out to so-called “normies”, but that shouldn’t mean reaching out to suburban neocons and boomers who would die for Israel. It should mean reaching out to reaching out to low-income Whites with a platform of fanatical antisemitism, 1488ism and radical left-wing Marxist economics. Lots of people would support that. And working class people aren’t pussies, most of them find swastikas and racial slurs funny, not offensive like the pathetic bourgeoisie.

        • ”…and radical left-wing Marxist economics.”

          On board with your overall point, but invoking the ideology or spirit of the jew Karl Marx in any way whatsovever has absolutely no place in a visionary cause for White people.

        • Back in the 80s I knew several skinheads when they were the media’s favorite demons du jour. Some of them were just like the media stereotype, some of them were not. All of them had the guts to stand up for being White when it was just starting to become politically incorrect, and faced job discrimination, loss of social standing and police harrassment for doing so. Plus they weren’t afraid to go toe to toe with black thugs and get their hands dirty. They would have regarded the alt right clowns and meme warriors as cowards.

      • @Tony…

        “This blog is dedicated to the South, and it’s 2 biggest icons, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis, were not fire-eaters. They were even later to change for Secession than Tucker and Coulter have been for nationalism.’

        What a great contribution to the conversation this remark is!

        Thank you and God bless you!

      • Jefferson Davis was a terrible president and Robert E. Lee was too much the noble Christian gentleman to fight the likes of Grant, Sherman, and Sheridan with the same sort of ruthlessness they unleashed on the South. (Maybe Bedford Forrest would have been a better CinC.) Not to mention the fact that the British agent and kike Judah Benjamin was given way too much power and influence. After he was done subverting the Confederacy he made good his escape to Limeyland where he entered the bar and died a rich jewish lawyer in the country that worships the jews and does their bidding like no other until the USA was completely conquered.

    • I’d add that this whole idea of “This person came around after me so he doesn’t count!” is a bunch of grandstanding idiocy. You’ve been full-blown since 1992, I’ve been since 2006. Does that mean I’m very late in the game? No. People come around at different times cause of of events, experiences, age, ect. Anyone coming around at any time shouldn’t be shunned just because they didn’t come around sooner.

      Sam Adams never gave up on converting his cousin John to independence despite his extreme reluctance. If Sam had acted like most in his movement than his ideas wouldn’t have won.

      This mindset needs to go.

      • Well it all really depends on when they come around and what they did before. For an extreme example, I wouldn’t be too accepting of someone who ran a death camp for whites “coming around” 15 minutes before his side was going to surrender. It’s one thing to be a fence sitter till you decide, but it’s quite another to anti-white for years and then suddenly want to switch sides. If someone has had a real change of heart they should have to make right what they did previously before they should even consider being accepted. Until they do that, I reserve the right to not trust them. Just the way it is.

      • The constant in these ghettoized subcultures is the behavior of faggoty hipsterism, where length of time in adherence to a failed strategy = status level.

        Someone tell me how “paganism” is going to wake up normies. Most dont even give a shit about Christianity let alone this fake historical revisionism that is muh paganism in this thing.

        This behavior of factionalism has gone on far too long for me to hold any hope of a broader coalition that includes these people. They are far too attached to their ideas, and forget this isnt a debate, its a fucking war. There is no runner up prize.

        The people who can market their ideas most broadly, by defintion hold the high ground by sheer force of gravity.

        None of these autistic subcultures have a prayer or any appeal at all to anyone with sense.

        It is well past time to stop trying to include these people.

        The better ideas and approaches will inevitably rise to the forefront, and whichever of those I feel has the best chance of accomplishing the 14 words, will be the one I apply my considerable resources to. But not before i see one.

        • Asatru is rapidly growing among working class whites in America, especially in the South. It has more appeal to normies than being a trad. Christian because folkish Asatru has actual congregations called kindreds. If you are a trad. Christian, you have to join a Church that is not in any way pro-white or based on white identity. You essentially have to keep you pro-white views on the back burner and your church will never center your own identity like Asatru does.

          Your mocking of our ancestors’ culture and aloof superciliousness in the service of inaction expose you as an edgelord type with no mental connection to normal white people.

      • “The best example is Tucker Carlson. His show has done more to expose anti-white insanity in 3 years than White Advocate websites have in 3 decades. Others such as Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh do so with increasing frequency.”

        This is one of the stupidest things I have ever read on an alt-right website. It’s such a small brained comparison too, as if independently published news letters have the same reach as the most coveted prime time TV spots in all of corporate media. Rush Limbaugh is not on our side, guy. Tucker Carlson did not do more help white people that the entire pro-white movement has.

        Most of “WN1.0” was a bunch of WWII, Korea and Vietnam war generation men, often veterans, who were associated with John Birch Society type paleo conservatism. Those are the people who subscribed to the Spotlight newspaper, The American Mercury, Insaturation and American Renaissance. You seem to think some tiny FBI false flag groups from 20 years ago were the movement.

        One of the ways our movement has failed is to not give better ideological education to people who have come recently. Around the time Obama was elected, we were flooded with newly racist neocon boomer types who want to drag all kinds of cuckservative baggage into our movement. In fairness to us, these racist boomer types are not interesting in learning anything.

        The absurd thing is that you only came to us because we were already being effective and influencing you. Now you tell us we did nothing and that we need to to bow down to Rush Limbaugh.

  13. Most people believe it’s wrong to be “Racist,” even if they hold those beliefs. That is how strong cultural conditioning is, which is why culture should be our main focus. So, choices in everything from education to music to books (as mentioned by others in the thread) need to be redirected. That means encouraging others to go outside the mainstream and seek out anti-woke material. If you want a different society, provide the means to change the culture. As the current system is geared towards multicultural globalism, to alter the cultural consensus people would need to go outside of that system. In other words, we need to be the counter-culture.

  14. This is a very good article. I agree wholeheartedly that we need an ethnostate; I have believed for years that this is the only solution, yet I am unsure how to approach it. I know, however, that there are intelligent whites out there who can find a way for us to do this.

    I will disagree on one point in the article. I do believe that we need a social media presence. The last thing we want is for the anti-whites to have complete control of the Internet atmosphere. I, myself, have learned much by reading articles and tweets and I might never have joined pro-white activity if it had not been for this information, and so I believe that we should continue to have a presence on the Internet while working towards our own ethnostate.

    • I don’t think social media should be abandoned completely. It’s great when you’re still learning. I read a ton for years. But once you’ve read it all and realize it’s the same people same the same things over and over again for the sake of the new people coming in, it’s time to step away. Many never do. They live in social media instead of just learning from it.To them white people are just a topic in a comment section instead of flesh and blood. Those of flesh and blood are those dreaded “normies”.

    • For starters, the rift between Harold Covington and Hunter Wallace notwithstanding, Covington’s quintet of entertaining and compelling novels about carving out and defending a White ethnostate in the Pacific Northwest provide a gold-standard blueprint.

  15. This is the century of destiny. By the end of the century China will surpass the United States economically and militarily. Also by the end of the 21st century Nigeria will be the third most populated nation on Earth behind India and China. Where do you think all those extra Nigerians are going to go? People may be awakened but awakening without action is a dead end street as your awakening dies with you. What is our solution? An Ethno-State here, and Ethno-state. there….No! What we need is Supra-nationalism, the greater nationalism of the race. In other words the total unification of the entire Anglo-Sphere into one metapolitical collective granting non-white areas of the former United States and Canada complete self-autonomous status.The days of the Nation-State construct are numbered but the answer is not a multitude of free and independent Ethno-States because we must stand united on a global basis to counter China. This may seem wild and unattainable but future trends will reshape the world and make it inevitable. This future United Anglo-American Union I speak of will be the salvation of our race. Sort of like Yockey’s Imperium North America instead of Eurasia.

  16. We are literally living the meme : better to die than be called a raycisss…Camp of the Saints rides again. Open borders is the issue to pound against. Corona demands it.

  17. Reading through these comments, I will say this – being brilliantly well-informed, courageous, and very articulate,are all excellent things.

    Yet, if it is smothered in dismissiveness of all others whose viewpoints are not 100% yours, or have not been held so long, it becomes moot.

    Was it not The Good Lord who said that, when we are full of ourselves and not of him, he will see us brought low, and, as well, stifle our best efforts?

    The best advertisement any of us could ever have for our worldviews is to be unfailingly kind and civil – especially when we disagree.

    Let us encourage the best in each other.

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