The Kung Flu takes a HUGE bite out of the Big Apple

Is it possible that everyone in NYC will soon be Kung Flu fighting?

Well, the great news for the people who die of the Kung Flu is after suffering alone in agony and not being able to hug or kiss their loved ones goodbye they are promptly thrown into a waiting refrigerated truck with a bunch of other dead bodies bound for the crematorium as soon as there are vacancies at the morgue.

Refrigerated trailers for keeping dead bodies are pictured set up outside Manhattan’s Bellevue Hospital this week

Saves money on the funeral. Capitalism for the win!

NYC is now the epicenter of the Kung Flu. The reports concerning Covid-19 that are being reported are of varying degrees of negative and positive news. If the USA can beat this devastating epidemic, NYC will be the proving ground for that. If not, we should all prepare ourselves for a very long and difficult next few months.

“Just the flu, bro. Bro, it’s just the flu”-Your Jewish boss


  1. Headline….

    “Coronavirus Challenge: It involves licking a toilet bowl, and it could kill you”


    • Avoid Hebes and Orcs. But I don’t have to tell you that, do I?

      FYI here is a fun viddy by the brilliant Vincent James, detailing the way Chink demons are deliberately spreading their bio weapon:

      To any an all Yellow Fever Victim Race Traitors:

      *redacted by Trey Knickerbocker*

      • Thats pretty telling video which proves that there are no “good” nonwhites being forced into our lands.
        There is a mentality that is pretty widespread amongst many white nationalists that Asians are ‘good’ minorities….
        I grew up in the multicultural hellhole of SoCal and if these gooks are so passive and law abiding then why do so many of them act like negroes and in violent street gangs?

        • I despise that “Asians are OK” BS. I also loathe alleged WN men who whine about White women and Darkies, but flaunt their Yellow females. Race treason is race treason.

          Trey edited the end of my original commentary – but let’s just say I wasn’t wishing Gook-o-philes a long and happy life.

        • “I also loathe alleged WN men who whine about White women and Darkies, but flaunt their Yellow females.”

          Well, I would too, but I’m not aware of any WN men – at least in my humble circles – who have, let alone flaunt, Asian female partners.

          Is there someone you know or are aware of in our movement who does and who should be mentioned for purposes of opprobrium ?

    • Much of upstate New Netherlands is beautiful.

      Hope you have a place you can get access to up there, Trey.

  2. Like Elmhurst area is 75% immigrants, flooding into and overwhelming the hospital.
    Most ppl don’t understand the full consequences of mass infusion of orcs.

    It’s the civilization equivalent of licking a toilet bowl.

    • You are so right. Whole areas in Queens that formerly had the character and identity of American towns, which they were, are now more Wuhan than America.

      Last time I was on Queens Blvd you’d think you were in the third world somewhere.They come here to be like us and then vote to turn America into a third-world shithole because, as Nietzsche observed, the dirty secret is that for nonWhites democracy is all about vengeance, not governance.

      Fox News and CNN, meanwhile, and now linked at the hip churning out nonstop fear porn, are gaslighting us that Jewish and Indian doctors are our new leaders whom we must let do our thinking for us. It’s been a few hours and I’m not sure what we should be thinking, so I’d better turn on the TV.

        • I wish everyone had your clear vision of the obvious, instead of
          “They come here for freedom and liberty etc.”

          If this country goes into poverty, we’ll see their real motives.

        • wait , you don’t believe in the republicucks “muh magic dirt n sheeeeiit” theory?
          Dassss raycissssssss…

  3. BHO thought it wasn’t “fair” or something that ebola was raging in Africa but not in the U.S. He did his best to spread ebola to the U.S. by bringing back infected people from Africa to the U.S. without proper quarantine. We missed a bullet there by a fraction of an inch, an ebola epidemic would have left corona in the shade, no comparison.

    All of these wogs are dangerous especially when they have access to modern technology. The Chinese are like a smart kid who gets a great chemistry set for his 12th birthday and the next day he and his buds blow up the garage. At least they haven’t had a nuclear meltdown. Yet.

      • Even the Republicans wouldn’t sell MIRV technology to China while Reagan was President and they were allowing scumbag businessmen to sell just about any technology to China after Reagan was elected in 1980. Clinton allowed Loral Space and Communications Ltd. and Hughes Electronics to sell MIRV technology and other ballistic missile technology to China after sufficient bribes were collected.

        This enormously increased the striking power of Chinese nuclear equipped ballistic missiles after 1998 and when combined with satellite reconnaissance technology also sold to China put the U.S. Navy is serious peril in the event of war. Bernard Schwarz was in charge of Loral in 1998 at the time of the transaction. He was also the largest single donor to the Democratic Party, a big donor to the scumbag Clintons and yes, one of them, too.

  4. Before the (((allied))) kangaroo court at Nürnberg executed him, Alfred Rosenberg warned the Americans that they were allowing a “yellow peril” on their west coast to form a beachhead from which it would spread throughout the continent.

  5. Boy i hate the chinese rn but isn’t it cruel irony that corona virus has done more to stop globalism then the orange traitor faggot has ever done?!
    Reminder to all the Qtards that Blumpf had knowledge of the virus in December and did nothing and con inc and demoncrats still can’t push through a bill to save us without huffing and puffining like a bunch of old incompetent retards?

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