Shut It Down Now: Why Bill Ackman is Freaking Out

From the FTN Website:

In an emotional 28 minute interview on CNBC’s Halftime Report last week, billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman phoned in from his bunker to tell CNBC’s finance savvy audience that “hell is coming” and the only way America survives is to shut down everything for 30 days. The current pace of penny ante incrementalism must stop or capitalism cannot be saved, per Ackman.

Jazz and James play some critical parts of the interview and tell you the real reasons Ackman (and others) are losing their shit.

Full episode:


  1. Jews are neurotics. They live in fear of the next pogrom. What I did like is his description of it as like a tidal wave sucking the sea out. The normies playing on the beach do not see it will soon rush back in and consume them.

    Shutting things down for 30 days won’t save this system. The supermarket shelves are empty and I bet their warehouses are just as empty. They won’t be able to refill the warehouses to stock the shelves in time, because they have to wait for the next crop to grow. When the general population realizes it can’t buy food, it will be Mad Max time. Then the army will be used to suppress them.

    • Yes. An it’s beautiful. The Hebes tell themselves how superior and schmart they are – but they are absolutely incapable of self-reflection. They ALWAYS create the pogroms.

      We need to point that out. All the time. Everything that has happened is THEIR DOING Yes – there are loads of treacherous golem, of all shades, doing their bidding – but THEY are the source. The poison in the well. Goebbels stated that all propaganda must be true, and blaming the Jews for everything is the TRUTH. .

      We must stay on message. And demand a Jubilee

      The Army? As in the Private Sheffey Army? FUCK them. There aren’t enough of them.

    • The ADL is asking for $65 billion in aid—that’s $billions—despite having net assets $92 million. It’s chief function had been serving (up until recently) as an arm’s length directorate of the FBI, turning that agency’s function largely into a Jewish gestapo. Now the ADL is run by Jason Greenblatt, implicating the ADL as an Israeli espionage and sabotage operation via Starbucks. Other “non-profits” asking for $billions include Agudath Israel of America, Haddassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America and the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. For context, years ago the St Louis Dispatch reported that in its area 100% of DHS money for security went to Jewish groups, and the number overall, as reported by Napolitano, was about 80%. The implication for preferential treatment of Jewish groups that we’ll never hear about should there be rationing and martial law are obvious.

    • What Army would that be? The ghey-tranny one? The “green card” beaner one? Pvt. Daquarious and Gen. Dindueesha? Did you get a good look at the NY National Guard in New Rochelle? Smdh…

      • I did see the Nashunal Gar in Jew Rochelle. Lulz…..I will refrain from commenting in this subject. Due to Occidental Dissent’s Guidelines.

    • “They won’t be able to refill the warehouses to stock the shelves in time, because they have to wait for the next crop to grow. ”

      Which is why every white man should start a garden for this summer, NOW. There are even vids about which crop to grow, that work as a natural replacement for toilet paper- lol.
      And work with your White neighbors, to trade/barter for different crops, and skill levels. Don’t everyone plant cucumbers…. oh, and if you can, raise chickens. They love the bugs that decimate home gardens…
      Self-sufficient White Men on the march. “Tomorrow belongs… to me!”

  2. You can’t pay any attention to what a Jew or a Catholic says…Jews because they are liars who hate White people. Catholics because they are schizoid, and hate White Northern Europeans. Both Catholicism and Judaism are cults.

      • He’s a longtime anti-Catholic and anti-Irish troll. He’s not a real white a nationalist, he’s some kind of anti trying to 1.) sow division and 2.) discredit us by making us look crazy. Notice that the stuff he pushes is not anything that any real white nationalist has thought in many generations. The anti-Irish, anti-Catholic stuff is a parody of what liberals think the alt-right is about. It comes from circa 1840 Protestant nativists that the troll read about in history books.

        It reflects poorly on the alt-right that this troll and others like him are not removed from our spaces. No other ideology has such week ability to detect or deal with hostiles as the American alt-right. There is too much tolerance of bizarre behavior and crank opinions in our spaces. People who push outlandish and divisive BS should simply be banned and rebanned immediately when they pop back up. ALL political ideologies other than American white nationalists do this on their sites and spaces. Trying going on neocon or leftist forum and making the kinds of obvious trolling comments KW makes here and you will be instabanned. We have to be more like that.

    • “… Catholics because they are schizoid

      You are projecting your own very severe mental illness(es) here.


      Why do you let this broke joke keep posting here?

      • Trey,

        It’s not so much about Catholicism/anti-Catholicism, but the fact that he is, like ATBOTL so correctly described, an obvious bad-faith troll, here to make the site, and our ideals, look ridiculous; and, worst still, to gratuitously sow division between Whites (where NONE NEED EXIST — like you said, it’s not 1620 anymore).

        *Knickerbocker – are you a descendant of the settlers of Nieuw Nederland?

  3. Bill and his buds can see the end of an era. The era of institutional looting of America through control of the high ground from their successful long march through the institutions over the last century is over. The money has been turned into debt and gone bad. It’s about to lose purchasing power rapidly through the reverse Midas touch of the Federal Reserve and its spawn, inflation.

    As the money goes, so goes their power and institutional/cultural control. What comes next is still up for grabs but the future cannot look like the immediate past, the last seventy five years or so. The wealth of the country is spent, replaced by unpayable IOUs.

    The past since 1913 relied upon potentially infinite debt/infinite “money” with finite resources backing the money. The explosion of debt from WWI then the 1920’s ended with a bang in 1929 and the Great Depression. The same system gave rise to the so-called “civil rights” frauds and all the turmoil of the 1960’s resulting in Pres. Nixon severing the last link with gold backed money in 1971. This resulted in massive inflation and unemployment.

    Pres. Reagan’s neo-liberal policies bought some more false prosperity at the cost of de-industrialization and the looting of pensions and S&Ls in the 1980’s. That too ended with a bang in the 1987 stock market crash followed be the Federal Government rescuing their pets and creating more bubbles. 2008 came and went, it was the last chance to painfully reform the country but nothing was done but increase the debt.

    Debt, debt, debt is the rocket fuel of the whole neo-con project. It creates moral hazard resulting in perpetual serfdom for the debtor while concentrating wealth in fewer and fewer hands. It’s like a pyramid carefully balanced on its apex instead of its base. Corona is the black swan that just tipped over the pyramid, now there is no going back.

    • “The era of institutional looting of America through control of the high ground from their successful long march through the institutions over the last century is over. ”

      From your mouth, to God’s ears! Exaudi oratione nobis, Domine.

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