Everything for the Corporatocracy, Nothing for the Plebs

Remember when you delusional miscreants thought you were going to get a huge chunk of bailout money and that sweet, sweet healthcare you keep hearing all about since our government cares so much about us? Sorry goyim, only Shlomo gets any serious amounts of free money; the rest of us will just have to go back to work if we need shekels for food, water, shelter, medicine, or diapers. Grandma is old any way, she had a good life.

Notice how any talk about providing help to the average American is always coupled with how much money Wall St. must receive first? Boy, capitalism is so great.

For all those people who rail against any system other than the American version of this greedy histrionic corporate technocratic plutocracy, or as many like to call “the free market,” I find it amazing how much “free money,” subsidized by the hard-working American taxpayer, Wall St. receives yet people still call this system capitalism. I wonder how rich I could be if I could just put a one with as many zeroes after it as I decided onto a computer screen, loan that to people, and then sit back and reap the rewards. If those poor saps could not pay it back, I would seize their assets, garnish their wages, and write off any losses on my tax returns. Seems fair to me because that’s capitalism. USA!! ‘Murica!!!


Where does all that money come from, you ask? You think they have this big vault where they keep all this fabulous money? Absolutely not, there is no vault; it’s a computer screen and keyboard underwritten by the guns of the US military and the backs of the American taxpayer.


Shlomo gets to make as many bad business decisions as he wants, and then the rest of us are supposed to happily bail him out.

“Fuck you, pay me”-Shlomo

“Well, we do support capitalism. Ok, Shlomo!”-Americans

Are we not sick of the lies, treachery, scams, deceit, and abject theft that is happening right before our very own eyes? This is absolutely disgusting.


“Bro, it’s just the flu”– Guy who knows everything

“It’s just the flu, bro. More like a cold even.”-Midwit thought police


But muh markets, goy!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Who needs Democrat leftists to roll out the Cloward-Piven strategy of overloading government services when you’ve got the Republicans running the Senate? It’s also way too convenient that the virtual lock-down has people who’d never believe the lying TV news now glued to their sets for several hours a day with the effect of being so gaslighted they’ll accept almost anything, including spying on their neighbors. How convenient is that for a police state. I hate to say it, but Tucker Carlson is as on board the fear-porn soapbox as the others.

    I’ve almost fallen for this hoax a few times because it’s so intense, but then I see Fauci, Cuomo, Schumer and the rest of the scum posing as public servants fanning the flames of mass hysteria and realize all’s right with my thinking. We’re in for the biggest rape of America in history, if not its final conversion to a totalitarian-socialist police state, and it’s coming to us under the pretext of “we’re the government, and we’re here to help.”

    • What’s the definition of insanity ? So … should we KEEP voting then bitching … voting then bitching … voting then bitching, if it hasn’t and never will change anything ? No ? What SHOULD we do then ? How about CREATE a new country ? FOUND a new country.

      We have MAYBE till the end of Trumps next term. MAYBE.

      • oh joy more more christi-insanity of worshipping a jew at the heart of their “religio-politics” prostrating of the people of Dixie and worship of the globalist “hierarchical” “theocratic” (((messiah))) “dominionist” despotic usurious totalitarian and communistic monarchy .. . enjoy Dixie, as it no longer believes in the sovereignty of the people as individuals and as a nation nor the principle’s of confederation.

        all brainwashed…. no man is God …. not Caesar, Not Pharaoh, not any Messiah and certainly not any Bretwalda “king of king’s” monarch …

  2. This video clip explains everything. “Paulie” the mob boss, is really the Jewish/Corporate wealthy elite who just robbed the US treasury, and the poor sap restaurant owner is the American working/middle class.

    • The Mafia in general is very joooish…
      Most of LCN and its rules/ identity stem from the talmud.

      I’d venture to say that 90% of “Italians” in politics or hollywood are at least 25% jewish on their mothers side, naturally….to hide who they are for good reason.

      Family lineage and prominence is matriarchy with jews, who invert everything natural in our world including what our world actually is!

      • How about Houston Texas now under lockdown by order of a 29-year-old Ladina lawyer and Harris County judge, Lina Hildago. Willl the FBI be investigating who gave her the order, and possibly following that thread back to its source?

        • Houston is an absolute shithole that should be locked down every day of the week. It also deserves the incompetent poc that are running it, since it is an 80% brown city. But, it only exists as an economy and nothing more, so there really isn’t anything else to protect.

  3. I can hardly even speak to normies anymore.

    There is just no getting to so many of our people…specifically the Rep. country club boomer types.
    I run across them nonstop in Naples , FL.
    But its basically everyone in general seems totally oblivious to our genocide.. ….most are even lower in awareness than sheep when speaking about what is really happening to our people and this world.

    They are so unaware at what inevitably awaits them in our own societies , even in best case scenarios!
    Humanity has been so removed from nature.

    Its almost as if these privileged people don’t really care what the future holds for their kids and grandkids.

    What type of people worship money and apathy?

    What type of people blindly accept whatever they are presented with about anything and everything in life?

    What type of people have no deep intellect or long view of any kind?

    A people that have been completely and totally mind warped by the jewish disease..
    The jews sell death, lies, perversions and total destruction.

    That is what they offer to any society or any people and its always masked as “freedom” and “progress”.

    What type of people worship the societal “caving in to” the most depraved and degenerate behavior by the masses?

    I had a guy randomly go into a virulent tirade yesterday at work about the unbearably evil dems and how wonderful it is that we all have prezdunt podadoe during this time of crisis.

    Yeah ,with his nonstop pandering on twitter bixnooding about negroes and their fictional work ethic , or how we should be thanking Israel for their free medical “help”…

    How does an american citizen get anything for “free” from the terrorist apartheid state of israhell?
    Is that kinda like buying myself a “gift”?

    Imagine all the money we could have (negroids included) if we could take back the funding of israel from the last 7 decades and change?

    • “totally oblivious to our genocide.. ….most are even lower in awareness than sheep”

      They DON’T CARE .

      • That is true , and i wouldn’t care if most of them weren’t lifelong friends or family members.

      • Most white people do understand the basics at a foundational level, illustrated by their revealed preferences for white everything, everywhere. But they’re extremely status and socially conscious.

        The moment being pro white becomes high status or even acceptable, the game is over for the neolib order.

        If you look at times, across the West, when our line of thinking about race, identity, morality, ethnic solidarity etc. wasnt harshly punished, it was the mainstream.

        Look at the Jim Crow laws, the marches against integration etc.

        Its there in white people, and they know it is always right there ready to ignite. And they’re right.

  4. Matt Gaetz is the most dangerous enemy the alt-right has right now. Fake nationalists in the GOP are a false flag. We have to hit these types hard now, before they gain a mass following. Instead, expect to see people in our movement pump him up, giving him more clout, that he will use to steer whites back onto the kosher plantation. Then after that happens, those people will say building our own independent movement is hopeless and we should vote for the GOP.

  5. God forbid the government should ever do anything that benefits white working and middle class Americans, not Wall Street, Big Business or the Israeli lobby. BTW, what happened to all the socialist-hating boomers? They’ve suddenly disappeared, just like their 401(k) investments. I guess now they want a “handout” from Uncle Shmuley too?

  6. The US has been a crony capitalist state for over a century. That’s weak-tea fascism; it’s for the top 1% only. Their wealth is guaranteed, and all expenses are passed onto the backs of the hoi polloi. The state is centered around saving and preserving those that already have damn near everything, period. We’re basically a banana republic with enough luxuries and distractions to keep the majority obedient zombies.

    That’s why I’ve commented about the need to develop alternative economic and cultural systems within the overarching one. I don’t think many would be willing to put in the cooperative effort needed to build something like that, but until the economically left/culturally right political consensus rises to defend the peasantry, that’s the only real hope I see for us. Outside of a revolution, that is.

    • “expenses are passed onto the backs of the hoi polloi.”

      And all the bleeding and coffins in the wars.

    • ” . . . We’re basically a banana republic with enough luxuries and distractions to keep the majority obedient zombies.”

      True. What if the feetsball loving, 60 oz. Big Gulp drinking, 1/4 pounder chugging, bloated, 400 Lb. “sports fans” sitting three feet in front of their 60 inch HD TVs wearing jerseys with food stains on the front and “their” favorite Negro playa on the back can’t get their feetsball fix later this year because of corona/bankruptcy? That will not happen absent the Second Coming, feetsball will go ahead as scheduled.

      Prediction: The U.S. Government will use the U.S. Army and Air Force to provide logistics, the Treasury to produce the Monopoly money (out of thin air), dip into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (if necessary) to make certain that feetsball goes ahead as scheduled, all else be damned. Let’s not forget, “We’re one people, one country . . . ” etc. according to Mr. President, a big feetsball fan himself. If feetsball were cancelled now there would be rioting by Summer forcing the Government to reverse itself, they don’t want to do that because they are infallible.

      • If the Dems win in November and the lockdown paradigm is still in effect, expect massive redirection of food, medical supplies, fuel, etc to Dem strongholds enforced by National Guard convoys while supermarkets, gas stations, and medical facilities in Republican areas are starved out at gun point. This is anything but extremist and a straightforward extrapolation of very real Dem proposals right now to punish Americans for being white and demanding vastly increased unmerited preferment for POCs in industry and government. These scenarios must be taken as seriously as the Republican lack of adequate response.

        Additionally, that Monopoly money masquerading as $6 trillion in credit facilities and stock/bond purchases by the Fed will drive the prices of staples for those not on the dole through the roof and amount to confiscation through the hidden tax of inflation of wages and any savings that may remain. Recall of cash leads immediately to control of all purchases through Amazon etc as retailers shutter their doors for good and mom-and-pop operations go the way of tumbleweed. Talk about insurrection of American peasants with pitchforks or pea shooters is ludicrous since historical precedence suggests metro police and National Guardsmen will open fire on Americans in the streets to protect the homes and businesses of our Jewish overlords. The ADL is asking for $65 billion, along with other Jewish supremacist organizations. They apparently know what’s coming.

        • A good portion of the military is non-white also making them a permanent potential threat. The civilian police will obey whomever pays them but will leave military style combat to the military. After all, the police are civilians, not military, it’s just a job and the worst that can happen to them is that they get fired, they cannot get court martialed.

          • Back in mid-1970 at old school, spit-and-polish Fort Riley, Kansas blacks were rioting and harassing whites even though outnumbered and getting away with it by congregating in gangs setting out for a fight. The MP’s of the First Military Police Company of the First Infantry Division based there ( a battalion-sized, riot-trained, rapid-response unit) were ordered to restore order in one scuffle and nearly every black MP walked off to side with the black rioters against the whites.

            Nothing happened, and that was back then. Consider today that the Pentagon seeks out disaffected minorities, whether of skin color or sexual perversion, and furthermore gives them unmerited preferment and promotion under the guise of being “mission critical.” Now if that preference is “mission critical,” the question arises whom the Pentagon serves, because it apparently isn’t the heartland of America. What I cannot understand is how they can they live with that shame?

        • Maybe, just maybe and understand me that’s a reeeeely big maybe, that might wake-up those insufferable SHTF/WROL slobs. Call me a hopeless optimist…or a fool…and you’d be right.

  7. Anonymous;

    ” . . . What I cannot understand is how they can they live with that shame?”

    They have no honor, only ambition.

    • They’re a bunch of retirement whores.

      Each one is counting the days and hours until their retirement party, then vanish like a ghost.

      They’ll do anything, to reach that goal.

  8. The bubble was purposely inflated by Trump and the Republican party. They just thought it wouldn’t pop until Trump’s second term. And they never expected a once-in-a-century pandemic to be the trigger.

  9. “never expected a once-in-a-century pandemic to be the trigger.”

    Wi world travel and orcs mobilized,
    I think it will become more frequent.

    Without White societies, things will go into rapid decay.

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