The Stonk Market Is Fake And Gay

Give me those shekels, goy!

The stock market and world economy is based on a Jewish rent-seeking shake down operation. The kikes control the money supply and banks, and lo and behold ipso facto, almost everything else. This neoliberal world order can no longer be tolerated by our people. Our economies should serve us and not vice-versa.

This is Max Keiser. He is definitely not perfect, and he’s not one of us, but he seems honest and genuine. If you have never listened to him, give him a chance. I have learned a great deal from him over the years, including about the Cantillon Effect, which is imperative for all of us to know.


  1. I think Occidental OXY and Marathon Petroleum MPC are good buys at current prices. Buy what you can afford. I also like General Electric, GE has been beaten up, but, they are a true high tech manufacturing company.

    Keiser is a “perma bear”, and the Italian stallion, I have no idea who he is, or what he wants?

  2. “Jewish rigged market”

    You mean like,

    Enron…….wi Fastow ?
    Zzzz best ?
    DLB enterprises ?
    Like RCA during the 1920s when sarnoff and Murray ran the stock up and down to fleece the goy ?
    Raiders …. Like Victor posner looting American corps and killing companies.
    Looters, like Carl Icahn, looting TWA and leaving amer ppl to pay the pension liability.

    Never heard of such a thing !

  3. Icahn has been smelling around OXY lately. It seems the merger with Anadarko left OXY in a vulnerable position for a take over bid by Icahn. But, I got a hunch that the Texans are going to be a little too tough for Icahn, and the Jewperson may find himself in a puddle of oil with matches being flicked at him.

  4. Trump says he wants to open the economy back up by Apr 12.

    Yeah, I want a unicorn, for my birthday.

    Precious metals rocket up, maybe JP Morgan can’t keep them down forever, hmmm ((Mr. Dimon))

      • if you are referring to (((Wall Street))) paper derivatives (SLV, GLD, Comex), yes.

        if you mean actual, physical gold and silver, hold it and watch them go up as value de-couples from the (((Wall Street))) garbage.

        • (((Keiser))) and his Jew GF, Stacey Herbert, are a mixed bag. Beware their advice re bitcoin – in which they are heavily involved – because it’s ultimately just another digital castle in the air supported by daily infusions of newly-manufactured (out of nothing) Jewbux.

      • The only thing keeping the price of gold and sliver up is TV & magazine advertising, and even with advertising both have seen price & future declines. There are portability issues, theft issues, insurance issues, conversion to cash issues with gold and silver.

    • May 1st would be more realistic. Some parts of the country will still need full lockdown to a much greater degree. There really needs to be a complete shutdown of all non commercial traffic leaving the NYC area, Western Washington, and California. New Orleans and Chicagoland may need to stay put soon as well. I also noticed quite an uptick around Detroit and wonder if the Democratic “Weed Legalizing” liberal Governor there was listening to the Auto Industry and not being as aggressive as “Babe Ruth” lookalike fat Gov. Pritzger next door in Illinois who did a decent job taking this thing seriously. If your not a trucker or courier of medical supplies you need to stay put. Probably too many have already fled NYC though to places like FL and SC that we will see a rerun of the Wuhan exodus. Also they need to get EVERYONE a mask of some sort and require public use. Sure it’s not 100% but it can drastically reduce the amount of mist coughed out and filter the floating spray out. I’ve got one 3M mask in my toolkit I bought a decade back, I wash it by hand in the dishpan with some bleach and Tide every few days and let it dry overnight. Too bad we don’t have any industry left to make masks at the capacity we need for 300 million people? So the authorities LIE to us that we don’t need them, “oh those grapes are sour, you wouldn’t want them anyway.” We also got all our store shelves cleaned of every last mask in mid January by “Dai Go” Chinese Organized Crime who shipped most of it out of the country to profiteer on this tragedy like some Ferengi on Star Trek. Americans didn’t even have a chance to make a run on the stores for the meager supply of masks, the damn Ferengi in our midst stole them all from us.

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