The Genius of Joe Biden

Sleepy Joe strikes again.

Just when you thought the United States could not possibly be any more farcical, you watch something like this:

God bless Weimerica!

Hey Joe, the village just called, and they want their idiot back.

Even Shakespeare could not have invented a more tragic figure. This guy seems to be lacking the necessary room temperature IQ and mental faculties to be the next president of anything– golf club, PTA, building association–let alone the USA. There are rumors being bandied about that the Democrats are in a panic after seeing these interviews and are seriously considering whether Biden should be replaced as soon as possible.

The name that seems to be trending as a replacement for Biden is Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York after this recent performance:

I thought we were only supposed to care about the stock market and big business. This seems weird. Virus, smiris is what I always say. -Grug Brain

I cannot imagine a pair of bigger incompetent buffoons like Trump and Biden facing off in November. Remember when we all thought Obama versus McCain was the absolute worst it could ever be? Wrong!


  1. It looks as if Orange Jayzus is going to win a second term by default, unless the November election is (hopefully) cancelled.

  2. I would honestly rather have Biden than the gangster narcissist Cuomo. He drools about his family non-stop – yet abortion unto birth was legislated by 2 grotesque jewess’ in his state.

    • It was Cuomo’s father who popularized the excuse for Catholic politicians that, “while Matilda (his wife) and I are personally opposed to abortion, as governor I’m morally bound to support it,” and in the old man’s case he supported it with a vengeance. These Cuomos are bad people with bad intentions.

      • I’m now Christian, but I was originally pro-life based on reason. The life of the other person is not yours, so then not yours to end, especially without cause. Unless the life of the mother is in danger because of the pregnancy, the mother can’t claim self-defense, can she? Inconvenience and fear of losing material comfort aren’t sufficient causes for ending a human life. Once you excuse the taking of life because the child can be turned into a parasite and you don’t want it, for whatever reason, it’s simple to extend that murderous logic into treating anyone as disposable. The door to social Darwinism is then thrown wide open.

        • Really? Haven’t you heard the Afro call that “The most dangerous place for Afros is the womb”. Without abortion their population would be sky high all across the US. Is that what we desire? And furthermore inability to access abortion and other contraceptive methods means that the disabled, the imbeciles, and the degenerate (prostitutes, drug addicts) will start reproducing again. A large portion of women who abort their fetus are living below the line of poverty, so we’d just bring out more poor people in the world.

          Over-valuing life is neither empirical not good for any of us.

        • Oh God, I’m gonna cry now. But really do consider my words and answer me sincerely: do YOU want prostitutes, the disabled, the psychopaths, the schizophrenics, the pedophiles , and the aliens to REPRODUCE? Yes or NO

        • I consider myself a Christian, in that I believe that Christ died to absolve me of my sins. Thank God someone did! However, I also believe that God gave us a free will, and that our personal decisions will frequently be outside of his approval. Thus, the need for forgiveness.

          Having said that, I believe that a woman is spiritually accountable for taking life so casually. I also think that if some irresponsible, promiscuous, infanticidal, atheist woman decides that she is unfit to be a mother, then who am I to argue with her? I’ve told several abortion proponents that. You should see their expressions change from when I tell them I am pro-choice to when I tell them why. Truthfully, these women want you to disagree with them, and they certainly don’t want to be supported when you’re as nasty about it as some of their spokespeople (((Sarah Silverman))) are. I was singing Alice Cooper’s “Dead Babies” to some abortion rights advocates one day. They were grimacing and looking shocked and discombobulated, but I was having a great time!

          I also believe that the more children that are raised in a Christian home with a mother and a father instead of single parent households without any religious guidance, the better the World will be. Once, when a man told me his reason for opposing abortion was “A Bitch wants to Play, then a Bitch should have to Pay.” As if childbearing was some penalty for having sex. I responded, “What did the child do to deserve to have that Bitch for a Mother?”

      • @Anonymous Cuomo, Biden, Pelosi etc. etc. are all examples of Roman Catholic schizoid behavior on abortion and most other issues if pushed.

  3. I’m voting for Biden. I don’t care if he’s literally braindead and on life support by November. A braindead president is better than the Republican party having any power. With the entire Republican party voicing their support for potentially killing millions of Americans on the off chance their stock portfolio might go up a bit, it’s time people reassess who represents the “lesser evil” in this country.

    • Yes. Since Bernie is getting screwed again by the Dems Biden is the best Chaos Candidate. I hate them all though.

      O/T – I’ve been observing Twitter of late, and niggers really are, overall, the most self indulgent, worthless whining vermin. Completely useless, and a detriment in fact.

        • Yes. They are outraged. There is something else, now, in the world, taking attention away from them. They are blaming Trump, of course, but White People in general. EVERYTHING is Wite Peepos fault. EVERYTHING The Virus is Wite Peepos fault, which is ruining non-stop Gibs, but it’s ALSO Wite peepos fault for trying to take care of Wite peepo,at all, and not THEM. The stuff they come with is UNBELIEVABLY. Incoherent and self pitying. Some of the whining is SO stupid you can’t even believe a nigra, even a nigra, is THAT stupid. But they ARE.

          Jews have gotten over on Whites for centuries, because I’vecome to the conclusion that Whites can be suckered bhy ANYTHING that sounds plausible. Jews are very clever when it comes to verbal trickery. They are just as self-indulgent and selfish as nigs – but they are better at concocting rationales, etc. They use language to sound “intelligent”. So they can pull off their scams when dealing with honest people. I know Whites have allowed ourselves to pander to Nigs because we feel sorry for them. Because, as a Race, they are SO STUPID. I think it’s a misplaced instinct for trying to protect singularly idiotic children. I think CoronoChan will kill a lot of White DoGooderism. But I may be indulging in wishful thinking

          In addition – I REALLY HATE GOOKS. They are all over Twitter, trying to guilt everyone into feeling sorry for them. They are VERY inept at inspiring sympathy though. The crap they spew is so clunky and inept it’s almost funny. You can really get away with insulting them, ON TWITTER, right now, because they are so tone deaf. They beg for sympathy with complete arrogance. I just want all of them to be fed TO dogs.

          Finally – I always have known there are a lot of stupid, crazy people in the world. White Nationalist sites are a specialized demographic. We have loads of …ummm…difficult types….shall we say, in our ranks – but most are intelligent, quite so, and even though we have spats and disagreements and feuds, the vast majority of We Waycissts are capable of processing and analyzing the world around us, and expressing thoughts and ideas in a cogent fashion.

          No so on Twitter! The sheer numbers of blithering idiots out there is rather staggering. It’s kind of fun though, to be swimming around in the Normie Ocean. I am on what is essentially House Arrest, due to Corona Chan. Eons ago I was an agreeable and diplomatic creature. I’m trying to relearn how to be more subtle in my commentary. Twitter is a great place to practice Normie mores.

      • “niggers really are, overall, the most self indulgent, worthless whining vermin. Completely useless,”

        You had to read twitter, to reach that conclusion ?

        • No Arian. I knew that – but I also, IRL, met Nogs that are not a total waste of space. They are few and far between, but they exist.

          But observing them on Twitter really drives home how many of them there are, and how horrid they are.

  4. no f*cks given here:

    ‘Murkan ‘lections are a Zionist Uniparty

    inner family squabble. If U vote for anyone, you are

    validating the (((system)))

    that is destroying us.

  5. I’m voting for Biden. The circus surrounding both of them must end for a minute. Back to basics and start the hell over. Mnuchin (the best people) coughed up a 6 Trillion dollar package to rescue Boeing & cruise ships & Trump hotels? From where? The stock market just got 1.5 Trillion the other week. We don’t have a fully functional hospital in rural flyover USA, and I’m still not going to fly on their damn airplanes or cruise on those petri dishes. I’m getting so pissed I may even vote for Bernie. If we’re passing out Trillions like this, it may as well come directly to Americans to spend as we see fit.

  6. It’s sad watching a guy who was sharp lose his sharpness. He didn’t have to run for office again. It is his own fault.

  7. All of this overreaction to Coronavirus reminded me of this old segment from Creepshow, “They’re Creeping Up On You!”

  8. The Grumman Avenger Torpedo Bomber went from drawing board to prototype in a month. A month later, production was in full swing. Four months after that, the first squadron was deploying just in time for Midway. During the second World War, there were numerous examples of mass production of extremely complex weapons of war that went from an artist conception to a fully operational status within a phenomenally short period of time.

    Contrast that to today, when we can’t produce a million face masks and few thousand ventilators which have been around for years. No need for an evaluation phase or trial and error, these products have already been tested and proven, they simply need to be manufactured. Yet, a country that once churned out a multitude of modern, innovative and technologically advanced aircraft from design to battlefield by the thousands in a matter of months, can’t seem to figure out how to manufacture cloth face masks in sufficient quantity within a reasonable amount of time.

    • Yeah, me too. I had to keep rethinking myself as I was composing that message, because the comparison between what America could accomplish then to what it is unable to do now just seemed preposterous. Yet, there it is. And, that is just one example of what a once motivated, capable, and, obviously, on average, a better educated and highly skilled people were capable of.

      Thanks for filling in for Hunter. I appreciate all that you’ve been doing.

  9. Biden was a placeholder to run crazy Bernie out. They are hiding old senile Joe and going to convince him to step aside and let Andrew Cuomo be the candidate.

  10. Note that the illiterate grain trader from Strattford on Avon wasn’t the author of the plays, nor did anyone attribute them to him during the time they were written and preformed. If you have nothing to do look up the public domain book “Shakespeare Identified” by JT Looney and you will see there are way, way too many coincidences for it not to have been the 17th Earl of Oxford Edward DeVere. The plays were autobiographical and lampooned his enemies in the court, that’s why they didn’t want the general public to figure out who the real author was. It was an open secret among the nobility and writers, but not the public who a couple generations ago put the mantle on someone with a similar name to DeVere’s pen name.

    • Yes, how does a nobody from the sticks have such a sophisticated education and inner knowledge of royal court workings.

      Me thinks something is rotten upon the Avon.

  11. Its almost as if this creepy pedo is wearing a shock collar and whenever he is about to reveal (((their))) plans or stances , he gets the voltage and is warned to shut up…

    By this time next year the 5g grid will be in place and able to remotely target anyone in a crowd who the ZOG deems a threat.

    This is what we are up against…

    The Virus came from the stratospheric aerosol injections (chem-trails)

    Everyone on the plane already has it – EARTH IS NOT A GLOBE


    It is activated through electro magnetic frequency radiation (5G)

    This is the mysterious vaping illness from last year. They targeted vape
    users for a cover to their test run. (same symptoms/popcorn lung)

    5G can target an individual in a crowd, create flu like symptoms or stop
    that person from absorbing oxygen.

    (MIMO/Full Duplex/Beam Forming/60GHz)

    This virus can be turned on and off at will in any location.
    (targeted population suppression)

    It is the method of choice for crowd control.

    It provides a gluttony of fear. (Fear feeding)

    It targets paper money. (clean cashless beast system)

    Finish the Isolation that social media started. (mandated isolation)

    The common cold is a corona virus.
    They have no cure for the common cold because it mutates into new strain in every patient. COVID-19 mutates into a new strain within every patient as well and the vaccine is an obvious chipping like
    control mechanism.

    Excuse to track everyone. (vaccines w/verification chips/bio mesh)

    The virus is real to most and now that it has been brought into the consciousness
    of humanity, 5G can be used to induce symptoms in as many people as
    needed to reignite panic.
    As a result and for all practical purposes,
    you keep the virus forever and are a spreader forever.
    A sort of 5G activation to present the contagion anyway they see fit, any time, any place.

    They have the perfect weapon to make society turn on anyone who refuses
    to get the chipped vaccine and exclude that person from everything and those who refuse
    become the problem.

    This time next year, you will need the vaccine in order to leave your
    house or many other scenarios that can be easily enforced.
    5G will alert authorities to anyone on the street without the
    vaccine marker.

    Perfect time to impose biological marshal law as well as eliminate
    dissidents, elderly, in-firmed and impaired as no one will be out and about to see
    Most dissident websites , alternative thinkers and almost everyone who is awake is
    aware of 5G dangers and controlled opposition like “Q” (and many others) have never mentioned it.

    Not even any of the books you can link to through Q’s trip codes addresses it.
    And they talk about almost every other “conspiracy theory” I have ever heard of.

    Everything is a distraction from the dangers of 5G until it is fully
    At which point it will be too late.

    Pray hard, regardless of your belief, the thing they will worship as
    their antichrist is having his throne prepared.

    Funny how those who hate/deny Christianity can still deny that the enemy kikes follow the same playbook but in reverse.

    Mainstream religion is all garbage, though i must say it was once something much different than it has become.

    Love as if your people as if your life depended on it…because it does.

    • Most dissident websites , alternative thinkers and almost everyone who is awake is
      aware of 5G dangers and controlled opposition like “Q” (and many others) have never mentioned it.

      Not even any of the books you can link to through Q’s trip codes addresses it.
      And they talk about almost every other “conspiracy theory” I have ever heard of.


      Bless you, Brother, for so eloquently telling the TRUTH

    • I don’t know what to make of this, but there may be some truth to it. Chem-Trails were brought to my attention a few years ago. It was pointed out to me that Contrails quickly evaporate a short time after the aircraft passes by. But, the Chem-Trails tend to linger and they are often criss-crossed. What I noticed that last few days is, when I went outside, there seemed to be something in the air that caused some nasal congestion and slight throat irritation. I thought then, half joking to myself, “Coronavirus in in the air.” I may have been more correct than I knew.

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