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  1. I stopped listening after Celtic Women singing “You Lift Me Up,” a shrill, embarrassing rip off of “Oh Danny Boy.” I’m of Irish descent myself but Riverdance and Celtic Women are promoted by Hollywood for their celebration of paganism’s implied rejection of Christianity, being passed off with symbolism pretending to honor Irish mythology. Celtic Women is also characterized by that signature, pagan-nympho gamboling about the stage that’s so uncharacteristic of the Irish female temperament and goes a long way to explaining the show’s promotion by Hollywood. Next thing you know they’ll be featuring duets of two homos or lesbians holding hands and kissing at the end. What mawkish crap.

        • Denise is a prime example of why women should not be involved in politics or religion or even be allowed to voice their worthless opinions. A totally clueless ditz who buys into literal Jewish propaganda to abandon our true religion and worship some “pro-white” pagan God of old Europe which literally doesn’t exist and was NEVER described as “pro-white”.

          Meanwhile, the Bible, steeped in fertile crescent civilization (and these “semites” [who were white and not anything like today’s jews] had writing and complex art & architecture well before Europe), condemns race mixing and has the truth and depth your Odinist sagas (all written down by Christian monks) lack. Don’t get me wrong, pagan literature is interesting and it shows how great our race is at forming complex stories, but it is not worthy of being worshiped.

        • Sneedfeed is a prime example of why (((Christard Identity))) golem are the biggest suckers of all, and that MGTOWS should go their own way, for a the betterment of the gene pool!

        • Don’t be an ignotard Denise. The Jews have been the enemies of Christianity since the very beginning.

        • Well, y’all are now in good standing and “messiah’ loving communists now, comrade…

          As for all the BS lovers of hierarchy, …
          Fish rots from the head. Higher up the hierarchy you go, the more insanity…

          At the end of the day our rulers and their truckling dependents (including the faux “dissidents” found on this website) regard ordinary Americans as buffers to keep the lights on and absorb the blow. That is the reality. Everything else is propaganda that rationalizes political failure and serves indolence, cowardice, and greed.

        • Jeff – you are the ignotard. Kristardinsanity was created BY hebes, to corral and control their goyim resources. ALL kristies have ever done is destroy for the benefit of the heebs. Histroy tells that tale. So piss off.

    • @Trey, your comments (‘I would posit…’ & ‘I’ve always wondered…’) are not only extremely witty and humourous, they are very constructive – all signs of a soul looking to compost human manure into good garden soil.

    • Excellent choices Trey.

      Especially liked Saga and Gerry and the Pacemakers “You ll never walk alone”

      The national song for Vichy France is also excellent .

      Let s consider putting together the worst ever patriotard songs for ZOG.

      Hank Williams”Don t Give Us A Reason”, Toby Keith “Amurikun soldier”.

      Ryan ( kind of enjoying being stuck in South Africa )

  2. Live like you are dying?
    Ode to a dying people?

    You must be dumb.

    I’m not fucking dying. Speak for yourself bitch.

  3. Just STFU everybody & go back to work, screw this social distancing crap. My stock portfolio has taken a big hit & I had to cancel my last trip to Vail. So get out there & make me some money. I’ll be at the house in my rocking chair, watching.

    • You’re welcome, young fella. Just remember, Boomers are the original “youth generation.” We’re young rebels who never (except at Kent State) got slapped down. So, while it’s true Boomers are now old, fat & ugly, we still get to stand on your shoulders…forever (’cause we are really scared of dying). And don’t forget, in Amurrica, muh Constitution trumps race, IQ, history…uh, gotta stop…time for a nap.

  4. I met the original, lovely Celtic Women back when they played in the middle of the FWD.
    I have their autographs. They were extremely approachable and very down to Earth. Orla, the red haired Lady, and the only one who is truly Irish, was the most amiable, but they were all very gracious and quite unpretentious. So much so, that, because it is what they wanted, I directed them to the nearby ghetto Wendy’s off the highway. At the time, it was surrounded by a most disreputable lodging establishment that has since been demolished. But, the Wendy’s still remains.

    I agree that their brand of Celtic Music does have a prominent Pop influence. Still, they are extraordinarily gifted performers. The blonde violinist, Mairead, was phenomenal.

    Some of the Songs that I’ve had on rotation and have been loudly broadcasting include: “Godzilla” and “Cities On Flame” by Blue Oyster Cult, “Somebody Get Me A Doctor” by Van Halen, and “Die With Your Boots On” by Iron Maiden.

    However, if you want something with a little more Southern Comfort, might I recommend:
    “Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good” or “Good Old Boys Like Me” by Don Williams.

    For a Southern Celtic bent, I also recommend a band that I really like, and their version of “Foggy Dew.” https://myspace.com/unreconstructedband

    I could offer more, but I will leave it at that for now. I hope you find something you like.

  5. After the gay black guy with diamond cowboy hat rapped along with Billy Ray Cyrus, you’re going to get every music producer looking to jump onboard. gotta love this one, take country guitar and add soulless computer beats along with an auto-tuned “urban” voice replacing melancholy soulful country lyrics with words that rhyme with “blunt”..

    Voila.. 2020s biggest hit


  6. Or how about the finale of Rossini’s “William Tell Overture” (aka “The Lone Ranger Theme”)? That’ll get the blood pumping!

    • I listened to all of Heimbach’s speeches and interviews. I applauded all his activism. I even contacted the TWP and expressed interest in attending that Charlottesville rally with them. Personal obligations prevented me from going, otherwise I would’ve been there. But shortly afterwards it became clear just how dangerous it was associating with him and his group. I know people have personal lives that can be quite messy and embarrassing but that incident between Heimbach and his “father-in-law” was inexcusable. Then there was that other time where a TWP membership list was left lying around for any spy or law enforcement officer to see! Simply unbelievable.

      It looks as if the only pro-White group I’ll ever join is the one I myself put together. ZOG has either killed off or imprisoned anyone with leadership potential.

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