Racism Is The Real Virus Not The Kung Flu, Bigots

We are not allowed to be upset with the Chinese people despite all their weird eating habits, terrible behavior, and the fact that their culture has always been a hotbed for disease development.


What we are always supposed to be obsessed with is how bad White people are, ways can we prostrate ourselves for the aggrieved POC’s of the world, and protecting the neoliberal economic markets for the benefit of the über-wealthy.

Look at this high-IQ society in action:

Chinese people are awesome, just ask them. They have that sweet 105 IQ average that all you Mensa members love to obsess about.

Remember, if you have a problem with any of this, you are a racist White bigot. It is not them, it is you. True diversity and cultural enrichment can only be achieved when all the stupid racist White people are dead and gone. Beat it, Whitey!



  1. Okay, I have to go to the pharmacy everyday. I was at the checkout, two Asian ladies in front of me. They left, literally 1 minute after they were gone, and through a shoal over my nose and mouth, all I could smell is their dinner. I’ve never had this happened before. It smelled like Chinese fish heads for over 1 minute after they left the store. They didn’t belch out a huge burp nor fart. They simply were just there for 20 seconds, which was enough to stink up the entire checkout area base solely on what they ate. We’ve had issues with that same smell before, were we were told it was okay to kick out Chinese people who bring fish heads and their smelly food onto buses in Vancouver, but this was a first. The pharmacy doesn’t sell that crap, and they didn’t have anything besides what they bought in the pharmacy. They literally stank up an entire store because they ate the shit they eat.

    • If the Democrats are so race blind, why don’t they prove their respect for the Chinese by demanding we treat them over here the way they treat us over there? It turns out the Dems are demanding nothing short of white displacement and the eventual extermination of whiteness itself.

    • The smell was so obscene, a starving Ethopian would find it repulsive. Alas the great media and cultural Marxist trope is that my opinion doesn’t matter, as a European male who uses his crapper as an exit only. Plus remember, I was wearing Kung-Flu protection over my face, the foul smell still seeped in because two Chinese ladies simple exhaled a few times. I was baffled and still am how anyone could smell up a place so badly without farting, shitting themselves, or burping. Even Westernized Chinese would find this appalling, this is some Mainland Dietary shit. Thanks to our new friends from China the price of crack house exceeded 3 million in Vancouver. Young people know they will never afford a house or condo. The price of globalism.

    • Since the virus I’ve become more aware of other people’s body odor. Even when I am outdoors walking in the fresh air I notice the body odor of people walking by.

      Another thing Chinese do which is extremely annoying, in my supermarket they go through all the fruit and vegetables squeezing every one, and then they don’t buy anything. Because of this I have decided to buy my groceries online.

    • Yup. Was just glancing at Fox news comments and the mostly white, self hating liberals were lambasting Trump for his China comments mentioning these so called hate crimes against them by Trump supporters. Riiiigggght…the same way Jussie Smollet or whatever his name is was attacked by Trump supporters in Chicago no less. Hmmm. The stories and videos I have heard of Chinese being attacked were done by blacks! Can only imagine their comments too.

      So sick of pitiful white people always sucking up to be defenders of the non white world as few of the non white world says Jack to defend whites.

      Just like this smear of, well the stock market under Obama was plus ( insert number) and for Trump it’s negative 3. As if a pandemic has nothing to do with it? Just purposeful distortion. Like him or not, the market was doing great under Trump until the Chinese virus hit.

      If people think we just go back to so called normal after this, then they are dumber than I think. People travel too damn much with their ” gee maaaannn, let me see the world before I die approach. Let me get pictures with the goat herder in Chechnya. Let me get muh pictures with the Vietnamese guy picking his nose eating chicken heads.Let me pose in the mud hut in Rwanda with Haba Haba. Let me chill with Mexican drug lords as we get Montezumas revenge later on. It’s disgusting and played out.

      I read China sends out 6 to 7 times more flights to America, Canada and Europe today than they did in 2007. I am sure some go to Africa but only for takeover purposes. What good can come from this overall? Have Sars, the Coronavirus, and being literally owned by China not enough?

      Whites are too stupid and brainwashed to see the inevitable full takeover of their lands by third world immigration, diseases, multiculturalism that leads to simply being swallowed up.

      Getting drunk watching porno and sports ball while only yelling “racist” at other white people while saying Jack as Italians are dying in large numbers due to coronavirus or whites in America are the victims in interracial attacks 9 out of 10 times. The stupidity is mind numbing.

      Now Cuomo the literal baby killer at birth promoter and promoter of mass illegal aliens is viewed as some sort of corona virus king. The same guy who turned down 14 thousand ventilators some years back.

      Just like capitalism is the disease. Lazy, it does not matter what culture you are attitudes is the disease. Now go travel to Iraq and kiss a yak before you die, silly cucked white morons. Oh, and make sure to Instagram it!

    • “God must bring His judgement on China … They are a plague on the whole world.”

      He already has. They are Chinese, and therefore, outside of the Covenant.

      Don’t you folks who profess Christian belief understand ANYTHING? Or has the Bernays Mayonnaise been spread over your brains so thick, that you ACTUALLY BELIEVE that “God loves Everyone?” The Orthodox Christians have a clearer path and racial memory back to Biblical Christianity. They rightly say, ‘God loveth MANKIND.” And by that, they mean, ADAM-kin(d) and NONE OTHER.
      As I stated recently in an article on Russia Insider:

      “The people and the Church are an inseparable whole. ”

      Hilaire Belloc wrote the same idea of the traditional Roman Faith, prior to the liberalism of the post-war generation that gave us “Vatican Ewww”… “Europe is the Faith; the Faith, Europe.”

      This is THE tautology that Caesaropapal Rome, the liberal Protestants, and militant Talmudism (i.e., Zionism) and demonic faiths such as Islam, both envy and loathe – God has A Chosen People- and He chose us ‘before the foundation of the world.’ And that they (the above-mentioned bastardized racial Trinity) are NOT that people; and only those who are ” of Adam’s seed and David’s line,” can be ‘sons.’ The others (being OTHER) can only hope at best to be merely ‘servants in the house,’ and not ‘king’s kids’ – which is demonstrably visible in the entire history of White/non-white relations: because God’s word clearly posits that things like chattel slavery exist, even in the Kingdom. [cf. Epistle of Philemon, and “I would rather serve in your house, than live in the homes of the wicked.” Ps. 84:10- only a servant…. serves!]

      That “Chosen People,” royal race, holy priesthood… is, and always has been, the White Race of Magna Europa, and ONLY White Europe. Even during the days of Biblical Israel, it was the White Adamite who alone was God’s ‘known’ race [Amos 3:2, Ez 9:2]. Russia, (for all her posturing, is still Europe) -she, along with the Norse, were among the last Adamic nations to convert to their ancestral faith, before the ‘millennium’ of St. John concluded, as witnessed to in Revelation. “And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.” [Rev. 20:4] Is it surprising, then, to see that the first great Schism of Christendom, happened ‘within a generation’ [AD 1054] after that millennium???

      Attempts by cults and heretical sects to ‘Sailer Strategy’ the world for “Christ” post-Schism, preach a) heresy, and b) a ‘different Christ’ – just as St. Paul said, 2000 years ago [Gal. 1:8, Jer. 23:26- remember, Jer. 13:23!]. It is ONLY the TRUE ‘Judean’ and the White ‘Hellene’ that are to be the biblical recipients of the Gospel. [Rom. 1:16] It is the false and Mischling Jews -who are the ‘other,’ who are the people who trusted in a false ‘blood’ ancestry, as St. John notes[John 1:13] who are irrevocably excluded from this kingdom, until they deny their spurious claim to inclusion. This is manifest, because those who ARE God’s seed [Gen. 3:15], ‘have an unction from above [1 John 2:20]. Christ clearly said the Jews, did not [John 8:44]

      The “Israel of God” then both exists in contradistinction to, and is utterly ‘other,’ than any other claimants/countries or peoples appropriating such a name, and the Church alone, as Holy Orthodoxy says, is the full recipient of Christ’s atoning sacrifice. All the others merely partake of ‘common grace.’ And, as Monarchy is the only system that Orthodoxy views, that hierarchical society is mirrored in the Kingdom, fallacious eisogesis of Gal. 4:28 notwithstanding! “In the previous post we looked at Galatians 3:28, a text leaned heavily upon by feminists and egalitarians, and why it doesn’t really support an egalitarian reading.” – https://russia-insider.com/en/let-her-not-demand-equality-russian-christianity-completely-rejects-feminism-part-2/ri28413

      And this factoid is why the Hypostatic Union of Divinity with the Body of Christ is both mirrored in lawful unions, why only Christians have the Sacrament of Matrimony, and why such an idea is included/summarized in the words of the Metropolitan. Fiat Lux.

      comment written on

    • You better be concerned what Chinese do in China !

      The next global plague might start there, the one that ruins your life.
      The weapons that might kill you.
      The financial system that makes you poor.
      The engineering that takes your job, or the jobs that pay you.

    • not at all. TSJ documents one aspect of the current kosher (((Culture of Death))) –

      legalized abortion, PORN, sexperv, miscegnation, and Judeo-“feminism” –

      which the Jews and their shabbatz goyim inflict inflict in order to

      kill White family formation and birthrate. It also

      documents the Jews as an integral genetic sub-race, and

      enables hardRights to sharpen their Jewdar.

      Some people get it, some don’t.

  2. Much of the west coast is becoming a Chinese colony,
    From Vancouver to San Diego.
    University of Irvine, USC, uc davis are turning into Chinese universities,
    Built and paid for by sucker Whites.
    All for the privilege of Chinese mobster kids and ccp party members, often the one in the same.

    • Property prices because of CCP elites bailout option, being Canada, in case they get caught in graft or no longer in good party standing, are all migrating here and abusing the immigration process. Their money has made the price of a crack house exceed 3 million in the City of Vancouver. We can’t afford to buy a house, ever. I was laughing watching a documentary here, about a FED who entrapped a mentally ill Canadian Paki in a Ph.D. program in Montreal with terror charges for Al-Qaeda in Iran. Which doesn’t exist as Iran is the enemy of Al-Qaeda. It was the theater of the absurd. A non-existent terror organization run by a FED entraps an idiotic drooling mentally ill PhD. student we’ve imported and his idiot friends, who wanted a “military laser” to cut rail tracks. And to top it off the State Broadcaster has a Paki do the interview. Why or who do we continue this farce?

    • Yep. I can’t bring myself to watch those videos. Should have let the Japs do what they wanted with them.

      • The Japanese have always regarded the Chinese in a very less-than-flattering way, to say the very least.

        • Oh, it’s another case of right-wingers fantasizing about Imperial Japan’s treatment of China made sense, conveniently forgetting what they did/planned to do white countries during WWII. I’ll never understand this strain of Japanophilia.

          Really what the fuck causes this? “WOW!!! Those chinks are AWFUL!!! Those Japs were TOO kind to them!!! They treated them like that because they’re EVIL!!! *ignores near-universal testimony from US soldiers and allied troops and civilians from other white countries of their barbarism, how they planned to plague bomb LA etc. etc.*”

          What you see in those videos is how Japanese troops treated white POW’s and civilians all the time.

          Either you’re making exceptions for Japan but not China (IE there’s a social reason why Japan acted like they did but not China now) or they’re both inherently like that.

          • Utjam – so what? No one is really defending the Japs. We are just wishing the Japs took out the Chinks. Would that have been a bad outcome? There are far fewer Japs than Chinks.

            Remember that.

          • Denise – Japs didn’t have the capability to take out the Chinks, even when Chinks were in the middle of a civil war. Meanwhile, Japs dragged US into the war, after getting their backsides handed to them by Georgy Zhukov in Mongolia.

          • Denise – A little ways down, there’s someone saying the world we be better off if Japan controlled east asia and the pacific. And when people talk about the “Japs taking out the chinks”, they often speak of it in the vein of Japan doing it because they were so revolted by their behavior (“The Japanese have always regarded the Chinese in a very less-than-flattering way, to say the very least.”) and not because they regarded nearly all other groups as subhuman. There was nothing righteous about what they did.

      • The world would’ve been a better place if Imperial Japan ruled the South Pacific and the Far East.

        • In the words of an old blind US p.o.w. who watched fellows starve to death in jap camps.

          ” I wish they’d nuked the entire GD country”

        • Huh, I don’t think they’d stop there, especially given how they treated white POW’s and civilians throughout the war. I think they’d probably end up using the west coast as a bio weapons testing site.

          I mean you know about these things right? Does seeing chinks torching dogs cause right-wingers to become unabashed Japanophiles and forget everything they did to Americans? Right-wing Japanophilia is a disease. Ralph Townsend should have been executed for how much he assuaged Japan.

          • There were lots of Italians who hated the Americans for bombing their country and unleashing Negro troops on Italian women. Every participant in WWII had something to be ashamed of.

    • Arian – this is for you. The Amazing Polly, on Doktuh Deborah (((ruh roh))) Birx, and her affiliations with Bill Gates, (((Bono – Good GOD!))), The UN, the WHO, that weasel Fauci, the Zionist Pence, and the Hedge Fund gangster MUTANT Chris Hohn:


      The Amazing Polly is not a racialist or WN in any way. She simply seeks connections, in order to explain the evil and madness unfolding everyehere.


      We are being SCAMMED.

      FYI Trump wanted to ditch Birx, but Pence the Joo Worshipper and IVANKA the Walking Bagel begged Trump to keep her around. That’s the sound of the Shoe, Dropping.

  3. We’re supposed to feel bad about referring to the chink origins of that damn virus because of racisms. Yet the chinks feel no guilt whatsoever about deliberately killing off thousands of Tibetans and Uighurs and replacing them with ethnic chinks.

  4. A few thoughts are in order: Trump apologizing for calling it the China virus proves that it offended Ivanka. China just completed building a 1000 room hospital in 11 days! Compare that with how long it would take the United States to do so. In my youth I new two people who were POWS: one held by the Germans, One held by the Japanese. Hands down the Japanese were worse. Torture with wooden splinters driven under the fingernails with a hammer was routine for American prisoners. The POW held by the Germans said they were never tortured or mistreated but in the last months of the way they almost starved to death. Let us also not forget Japan also wanted to conquer Australia and probably genocide its Anglo population.

  5. Greetings from the western cape in South Africa !

    I m stuck here , can t fly out .

    The whole SA country is going on lockdown tomorrow at midnight.

    Wish me luck!

    Where is Brad /Hunter Wallace ?

    Is he Ok?

    I hope so

    I send all OD readers my very best

    South African White European women are amazingly beautiful and some are friendly unlike $&&))@ lib women from Chicago .

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