It Is Not Just The Flu

Bill Mitchell, along with many other feckless simpletons, keeps calling the Coronaviris (Covid-19) “just the flu.”

From people who are not insane:

“It first struck me how different it was when I saw my first coronavirus patient go bad. I was like, Holy shit, this is not the flu. Watching this relatively young guy, gasping for air, pink frothy secretions coming out of his tube.”

“There is a very real possibility that we might run out of ICU beds and at that point I don’t know what happens if patients get sick and need to be intubated and put on a ventilator. Is that person going to die because we don’t have the equipment to keep them alive? What if it goes on for months and dozens of people die because we don’t have the ventilators?
“Hopefully we don’t get there, but if you only have one ventilator, and you have two patients, you’re going to have to go with the one who has a higher likelihood of surviving. And I’m afraid we’ll get to that point. I’ve heard that’s happening in Italy.”

The only thing people like Bill Mitchell really care about during this cataclysmic tragedy is what is going to happen to their precious stocks.

Yeah, folks. Nothing to see here. Everything seems totally normal.


  1. Coronavirus is “Diversity” collateral. Our anti-White overlords who let it in thru open borders are the same ones who are going to “protect” us from it now. Action/reaction/solution.

    • It’s sad to see so many so-called redpilled people buying into the MSM fearmongering and government overreach.

    • Ask yourself, “If this virus is so deadly, how come none of the celebrities, politicians or athletes who have tested positive, or become infected by this, have died?” Ron Paul has correctly called this a hoax and a power grab. His son, Rand, tested positive, said he felt fine, exhibited no symptoms, and doesn’t believe that he had any contact with anyone who was infected by it. Steve Hilton (whom I usually don’t pay much attention to) is receiving (as I suspected he would) a tremendous backlash for suggesting that the economic disaster is far worse than the toll of the virus. It seems that anyone who isn’t in panic mode over this is being cast as an avaricious stock holder or an uncaring fiend who only wants to party, fiddle, and fornicate while Rome burns. The idea that millions will lose their jobs, homes and go hungry in order to avoid a few very unfortunate deaths is worth the trade off is completely insane.

      As Dr. Paul pointed out, 1.6 million people died of Tuberculosis in 2017 and, yet, the homeless and immigrant populations who have largely reintroduced it to the United States have not been quarantined over that. It is also a contagious ailment. When you don’t have any food on your table, no electricity, and no running water, because everything is shut down and no one has been able to pay their bills, lets see how you feel about safety then.

      I know, some of you Rambo, Survivalists, “I was in Nam’, Desert Storm, Afghanistan,” sort of guys are saying that you are stocked with ammo and m.r.t.’s, but when it comes time to have to resort to that, it won’t be glamorous, fun, or an adventure. And, if you’re saddled with a silly, liberal wife and soybred children, then you’re going to feel like Schwarzenegger in one those goofy, family action movies. Actually, if you have been anywhere near a combat zone, then you should already have some idea of what to expect. Still, I don’t think it’s the same as having an endless supply chain, reinforcements and a relatively safe base camp to return to. As for me, I don’t have to visit Hell to know that it’s an undesirable place for a vacation. I’ve seen enough of the postcards.

      • irAte Irishman,

        I was going to post this exact video a couple of days ago, however, the depth of analysis and penetrating observations that Dr. Lanka engages in would completely throw most individuals into confusion. Most do not want to put in the time on a 15 minute video let alone one that is 1-1:30hr long and then take that info and apply it critically to our current situation. His lecture in this video requires note-taking and a lot of additional research. It’s not conducive to the ‘fast food’ culture that we live under!

        And look how difficult it is to get most people to grasp the idea that that this pandemic is nothing but a cover or a hoax for another agenda. To try and add on top of that the idea that viruses and the ‘contagion theory’ they are based on are a complete fraud is asking people to overhaul way too much information that has been entrenched for years. The idea that viruses are a lie takes this Coronavirus deception to a whole new level, a level most are unwilling to go.

      • I wanted to thank you for sharing the video. Unfortunately, although I am able to access most of the information that is online, streaming content and audio are not available to me. But, it certainly sounds compelling based upon some other things that I have read.

        I don’t fancy myself medically knowledgeable in the least. However I do try to read between the lines, do some basic calculations of my own, and then see if others that have much more experience and insight are echoing the questions and concerns that are resounding within my own mind.

        What I continue to find astonishing is that we’re so ready to swallow the horse pill that finkish little Dr. Fauci and the Affirmative Action General Sawbones are shoving down our throats. What happened to the old gang that had a healthy skepticism about the Orange Wonder, Democrats and the Media? Now, that everyone is scared to look out their window because the Coronavirus might see them, we believe the government will in its always dependable and magnanimous way put the interests of everyday average American Joes and Janes above those of Corporations, Banks, and Foreign Interests? I see shades of the 2008 “Bailout” on the horizon.

        “Then, I get on my knees and pray, We don’t get fooled again.”


    The clear takeaway from the following article (the second I’ve seen on this very important topic) is that the DAMN ASSHOLES who are ‘managing’ this, ARE WANTING TO MAKE MONEY off of people’s illness and death??!!!

    More importantly, ISRAELI ‘researchers’ say they may have a vaccine MONTHS BEFORE ANYONE ELSE – why? Did they ‘help engineer’ this plague? Why don’t they DONATE the vaccine to the WORLD?
    Jew Know why…. $$$$$$$$$$

    And I quote from the Washington Examiner article by by Tim Pearce, dated March 18, 2020 10:26 PM:

    “Anthony Fauci is the leading expert in the United States on infectious diseases and has downplayed the existence of a cure and has said that many drugs are currently being tested that may lessen the severity of the coronavirus. The best medical tool doctors can hope for is a vaccine, which Fauci said is about a year to 18 months away from completion.”

    BULLSHIT. The First article I saw (now, conveniently no longer online- but I have a copy!) was clear that this was EFFECTIVE. Indeed, the title of the paper was:

    “An Effective Treatment for Coronavirus (COVID-19)”

    Presented by: James M. Todaro, MD (Columbia MD, [email protected]) and Gregory J. Rigano, Esq. ([email protected]) In consultation with Stanford University School of Medicine, UAB School of Medicine and National Academy of Sciences researchers. March 13, 2020

    The ‘Summary’ of that paper stated the following:

    “Recent guidelines from South Korea and China report that chloroquine is an effective antiviral therapeutic treatment against Coronavirus Disease 2019. Use of chloroquine (tablets) is showing favorable outcomes in humans infected with Coronavirus including faster time to recovery and shorter hospital stay. US CDC research shows that chloroquine also has strong potential as a prophylactic (preventative) measure against coronavirus in the lab, while we wait for a vaccine to be developed. Chloroquine is an inexpensive, globally available drug that has been in widespread human use since 1945 against malaria, autoimmune and various other conditions. ”

    Yet this Fauci (False-face) is saying, or has PURPOSELY “downplayed the existence of a cure”??????

    Either this is a a real pandemic and all profit margins and price gouging should be federal felonies, or we are being USED BY THE JEWS, and the JUDAIZED GOYIM, for the self-Chosenites’ profit and control.


    • Fr John – the oh so helpful Israeli Hebes have been working their delicate little claws to the bone to develop a vaccine – a VACCINE! With Microchips! KEWL!- for the Goyim…errr Humanity. Just a month AFTER the deadly virus breaks out. Jews are so SCHMART!

      Research, though, costs lotsa shekels. It’s re-soich, ya know – godda pay up,Goy.

      An existing treatment? Oy vey! That’s made up it’s research money, and is easy to make and fairly readily available? Naaahhh… That’s no good! Here, here – try this brand new shiny Israel brand Micro Chip Vaccine! Israel is shining a light on da vorld!

  3. This post won’t age well.

    I am nearly certain to survive this virus. I am much more worried about the coming 2nd great depression, hyperinflation, and civil war as a consequence of the economic fallout.

    Unfortunately Trump was such a blowhard about “Muh greatest economy ever” that you and Spencer are now totally dismissive of what is coming.

    • Yep. The economic collapse already well underway is almost assuredly more serious by orders of magnitude.

      One of our daughters and her husband, our SiL, visited last weekend. Our daughter said to her husband during the visit that, “dad has been saying something like this was going to happen since I was a little girl.” She overstated the case, but is right in principle; I have been saying it for awhile now, but not since she was “a little girl.” More like since she was a young teenager.

      I have also been ‘prepping’ for such an event ever since, and she knows that all too well as well. My sort of ‘prepping’ isn’t the typical prepping I’ve seen among others, though. I just purchase an extra case or two of non-perishable items and store them away, rotating them out as necessary. It never hurts either to have a few pounds of beans and rice on hand, nor oatmeal; all of which “go a long way” in times of need or crisis. I purchased a bunch of 55 gal. plastic barrels years ago, which I use to store all sorts of stuff, including drinking water that I ‘treat’ from time to time, albeit we have a well and a generator to run the pump if needs be.

      Our SiL has never been exposed to all of this “prepping” nonsense, but he is quick and eager to learn under the current circumstances (one of the several reasons I pronounced him a “keeper” when our daughter first expressed an interest in him as a proper suitor), and our daughter is ‘full of’ all sorts of knowledge on the subject, so there ya go.

      The virus itself is just a bunch of nonsense. Our incompetent “leaders” had to overreact to it, though. No telling what will happen from here on out, but you’d better be able to do better than this little virus and the aftermath of overreaction to it to kill us all out, I can guarantee you that.

    • You’d get the depression, virus or not.
      Many sage commentators have point to
      The weakness of our false economy for years.
      Just a matter of time.

          • Nationalism rising? You can’t be serious if anything its dying down at a fast rate because its fails as political solution and has black pilled many.

            The only coincidence here is GDP is king and it was more important to our corrupt rulers to continue to do business with china despite the warnings of their dangerous eating habits that caused this whole mess

  4. So which is more likely? A new strain of evil invisible tiny monsters is trying to take over the world, or that men in white robes have convinced everyone that this is so, in order to hide the economic collapse and tighten their control? Boggles the mind that you buy the former, Wallace.

    • Someone lies once and it makes their every utterance suspect, forever. China has lied and covered up from day one – and is still doing it. If they’d been absolutely transparent and upfront from the start the world would have a better handle on this thing.

      As for the “hoax perpetrated for Western govts’ power grab”…how come countries like Iran and Russia are affected? They care not a fig for our precious stock market. Are they in on the plot? Why aren’t they calling BS?

      • Chinese can’t tell the truth.
        They MUST lie, it is essential to conceal failure and continue.
        Communism is a failed concept from inception.

      • The big red pill –

        East vs West conflict is as fake as Democrat vs Republican

        sure there is rivalry like high school football teams

        But all the big govts seem to work together behind the scenes

        13 Chabad centres in China, all with a hotline to Kushner’s rabbi and Putin’s rabbi Lazar too

        Old game … half a century ago Antony Sutton ‘Best Enemy Money Can Buy’ proved the whole US vs Soviet Cold War was fake

        US was transferring tech to Moscow the whole time, often thru Israel

      • It could be that Western influence has had too much sway in those countries. With the situation in Hong Kong, Pussy Riot, and a rising tide against the regime in Iran, what more of an excuse do they need to clamp down harder than they already do? A global government is going to act in unison. If that is what we are witnessing. The big mistake has been our naive assumption that the U. S. was going to be in charge of how the New World Order is managed. I think the leaders here may quickly have the rug jerked out from under them and be lined up against the wall by those whom they have colluded with, but are even more ruthless than themselves.

  5. Hospitals are going to be swamped to overflowing, very quickly, within a week or two.
    Forget about icu spaces , after that.

    To some quick math, new deaths are rising about 50% per day.
    If that is accurate, there should be about 10,000 new deaths each day, in a week , globally. With the US lagging behind by about 6 weeks, following the same exponential curve.

    As other channels have posted, people’s minds are only equipped to think linearly, not exponentially. They can’t grasp the magnitude of this pandemic.

    • Can you grasp the magnitude of thousands of failed businesses and millions of unemployed? Don’t you think that diseases of every conceivable kind are already rampant among the homeless and will be in overwhelming abundance in the FEMA Camps that are likely to be set up to accommodate all of those displaced by this ? Orangello has already been in discussion with FEMA. What could they have been contemplating? Something that we’ve all long dreaded, I fathom.

      Don’t worry, you’ll be safely protected behind multiple rows of barbed wire while dwelling in a tent in the desert, ala Joe Arpaio. Don’t worry, the fresh air and sunshine will do you good, as will the spartan diet. Pink Underwear Optional.

      • “Don’t you think that diseases of every conceivable kind are already rampant among the homeless”

        None of this transmissiblity !
        None, combined with this lethality !

        The economy was bound to collapse, regardless. It was a feeble house of cards, as we saw in 2008.

        Now it is bigger and more feeble.

        • “Can you grasp the magnitude of thousands of failed businesses and millions of unemployed?”

          I was lectured plenty , on the great depression and peoples experiences.

          How about 10s of millions unemployed ?

          Can YOU imagine the world’s superpower, with a failed currency , full of orcs ?

          • “Full of Orcs” has been my experience since childhood. They are practically inescapable. Even areas that were once devoid of them are now infected. But, I grew up surrounded in an Orc saturated environment. I did a lot of fighting.
            Our “Amigos” from South of The Border have been causing an exodus from some of the neighborhoods where the Groids used to be prevalent, as the ghettos become barrios.

            “Failed Currency,” not quite, yet. But, a dollar with greatly diminished buying power. A tripling or quadrupling of rental costs, automobile payments and other necessities. American factories closed and the operations moved abroad resulting in an endless array of cheap, flimsy plastic shit made in China. Household appliances (alarm clocks, televisions, hair dryers, toasters, etc…) that don’t last more than a couple of years. Mexican produce contaminated with human waste. I’ve seen all of this and more, so a worthless dollar has long been on the horizon. I just can’t see a justifiable reason to force the collapse.

            “Tens of Millions” are unemployed. Restaurants, Shops, Salons, and many other “Service Economy” jobs have been put on indefinite hold and may never return. The questions are: how long will those people be out of work and how will they sustain themselves in the meantime?

            We may be on the brink of finding out just how transmittable all of these old harmless diseases like Tuberculosis, Measles, Typhus and Hepatitis really are. But, if you prefer one of those classic maladies, then take your pick. I’m sure that your opportunity to contract one of them is increasing along with the rise in the homeless and immigrant populations.

  6. See the article today by Bill Sardi, and from others, on Lew Rockwell’s site or the res ipsa comments by Dr John P. A. Ioannides from a few days ago on the grossly misleading COVID-19 stats.

  7. “Just the flu bro” crowd are such a cancerous group of retards. yeah “Just the flu bro” stay the fuck away from my family and I and go die somewhere else.

  8. I’m with you on the stock market. That is a jew bribery mechanism and always has been. That does not obscure this as a global hoax in order to cover up the bank bailouts and financial fraud the traitors have wrought upon us.

    The little people with bills to pay are being fucking destroyed by this. Government workers and jew bank money printers get paid anyway. It’s not their problem financially speaking.

    • Pro Publica is cited in this article, unfortunately.

      Pro Publica was started by the jewish family Sandler(not Sackler of Purdue). They looted by making bad loans with their Golden West Bank which they sold to one of the majors, I now forget which one, just before the 2007 housing crash. I and many had followed them on the blogosphere way back to 2005. They made out with billions while everyone else was left holding the bag.

      Fast forward to today. Pro Publica ran the hit piece white nationalism around a year ago. It is a jew owned hit piece publication.

  9. It’s TB, the plague, meningitis and Spanish or Hong Kong flu which represent the biggest threats to public health. This chink virus is none of those things. While not dismissing the seriousness of this illness altogether I can’t help but feel that 85% of it is hype and hysteria. We have more to fear from the government’s response to this outbreak than from the outbreak itself.

      • Yes. Some people don’t get affected very much, while others, even young, may die or receive long-lasting lung damage. I don’t want to find out, personally.

  10. If ZOG was wondering how easy it would be to corral and subdue the herd using threats and disinformation now they know.

  11. I thought Christians were supposed to workship God. Instead, by closing the churches and not even going to church on EASTER, they are worshipping a…virus.

    They deserve the hell they will experience sooner than they know.

    The cure is far worse than the disease, so go to church. Gather in public. If your preacher huddles at home, scraping his hands raw with sanitizer and covering his face with a mask – fine. YOU be the preacher. And tell the truth.

    • I thought Christians were supposed to workship God. Instead, by closing the churches and not even going to church on EASTER, they are worshipping a…virus.


      For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. ~2nd Timothy 1:7

  12. Fear mongering Jew crap. It attacks mostly Non-whites anyway. No accident that the epicenters of this are all Jew and immigrant infested areas. It isn’t just that they all live on top of each other like rodents. They are genetically susceptible. White people with type O blood have almost nothing to fear. Hard for them to even catch it. If you do get it just go on a fast, drink water or no sodium/sugar added juice beverages (don’t guzzle). Non alcoholic beer is a great choice, even more hydrating than water. No solid foods whatsoever as they can compress your esophagus and put pressure on your heart and lungs. Get bed rest but try not to lay on your back as it can compress the lungs and heart making it harder to breathe.

      • Most don’t know that there are Chinese living in Italy, mainly in the Lombardy region (Milan). I’m sure that’s a cohencidence, much like the early deaths from corona-chan on the West Coast also being Chinese, but shhhh! It’s waycism to notice those things. The woke Milanese holding a hugging ceremony with Chinese immigrants to show how enlightened they were probably now really, really regret that stupid choice.

      • Arian, 100,000 Chinese workers were imported TO Lombardy, to work in the (((rag trade))) -which cheeses me off no end – so that the clothing produced there-in could still carry the “Mad in Italy” label. Do we have names of those who died? Yes, Italians have died. But I believe a lot of those dead are Chinese.

  13. Is Koch’s Postulate totally a slam dunk?
    Is it absolutely incontrovertible that viruses actually exist and are capable of infecting a healthy human being?

    Sequence-Based Identification of Microbial Pathogens: a Reconsideration of Koch’s Postulates

    It would seem like there isn’t total consensus in the field of Microbiology.

  14. The propaganda on Fox is out of control. I assume on CNN it’s worse. Neil Cavuto has a black guy on who led some sing-along in Texas, “Lean on Me,” with Cavuto feigning humble gratitude for help pulling us together. So here’s this propaganda shill who makes twenty times what the president of the United States earns, or thereabouts, pulling together with one of his bro’s from the hood in Texas. What a stinking whore. I apologize for this rant, yet just one minute of TV news is utter madness or, rather, a carefully scripted design to instill it in the rest of us. Stinking whores.

    • Pulling together is the very opposite of what we need, we need isolation.(segregation) 🙂

      I know, the staged propaganda is so thick, you can walk on it.

      Have you seen the sudden burst of pro-immigrant ads on YT ? How wonderful immigrants are, welcome them, make them feel at home etc.

  15. The bs death rate for corona-chan in China is 3.4% (probably much higher), and is currently DOUBLE that in Italy. People being brought down by it often experience respiratory arrest. This isn’t the flu, this isn’t the cold. It’s important to not exaggerate effects, but it’s just as necessary to not minimize them, either.

    Positive things coming out of this include the border closings, stimulus finally being given to the have-nots along with the haves, and the understanding that globalization is deadly to one’s own self and loved ones. The part about it being a danger to Western culture and civilization didn’t seem to make much headway, but at least the existential threat has. Will we still be anti-globalization after the crisis has passed? Some will have changed their minds on the matter, and that’s a silver lining. The elites have been hurt by this pandemic too, so hopefully the lessons learned will not be soon forgotten by the professional managerial class.

  16. Yea and I’m sure with the aweful Coronavirus spreading around the World that the Super Rich are buying up everything behind the scenes. It’s so bad for all people. Now’s the time for coming together and defeating the Coronavirus and doing something good in the World. Deo Vindice !

  17. its not a big deal….until it is. and yer breathing tube is frothy red stuff oozing out all over yer bed sheets….

    but another 911 with invisible enemy is really stretching it for me…i thought they would never top the ballzness of 911…(((they))) are really workin it this time!

  18. ” coloreds will start rioting”

    Yes, until someone they know dies.
    Then they will be hiding in their sec 8 home, waiting for sappy whites to deliver food to them.

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