Conservative Inc. Demands Human Sacrifice

Step up to save the economy, Trump chumps!


  1. Please pretty please, end the quarantines, make this get drawn out as long as absolutely possible. I’m sure that will end well.

    Ps; Did you take over the site permanently? Someone else has probably already asked this but i’m too lazy to go through all of that.

    • “I am only helping out until Hunter makes his triumphant return.”

      If Whites had any constitution, dozens of locals would be helping HW.

      • @ trey
        Re: Charlottesville

        Do you know that Charlottesville was almost an exact repeat of what happened to the German Bund at Madison Square Garden in 1939 ?

        Jews hired thugs to attack and wreck the meeting of the German Bund. A jewish mayor, laguardia, assigned Jewish cops to stand by while a Jewish hired mob ( hired by Meyer lansky ) tore up the meeting and attacked the attendees.

  2. Yes, kill off the old Whites (there will be minority exemptions, of course), so we can have jobs and healthcare for Latinos and immigrants.

  3. It’s the not the problem of the US (((elites))), if many proles needs to die to get herd immunity, since herd immunity means they can just replace the dead white people with more immigrants.

    That said, I don’t think the ones that decided not to stop Coronahan, with any means necessary, have seen how somebody young and healthy die from this virus. I don’t know what will happen if the importance of open borders forces burgers to see relatives die this way at home, because there are no space in the hospitals? I thought I was pretty immune to gore, but seeing somebody young hyperventilating themselves to death was like, I want off this ride, NOW.

  4. “It’s just the flu, bro” – all those who joined in and drank the profit-first lobby’s kool aid, what were you thinking?

    Why did you think siding with profit-first capitalists was going to get us somewhere, when their interests span the globe and they see slowing down to put the interests of nation, its health, and its borders first as a hindrance?

    Did you trust them and their analysis?

    Every ideologist crafts his or her response based on what matters to him or her. Obviously, the GOP chose its response. Obviously, the GOP won’t reach out to the Bernie Bros with UBI. Think about why.

    • @AWK
      “Why did you think siding with profit-first capitalists was going to get us somewhere, when their interests span the globe ”

      Exactly. It boggles the mind how nationalists ever saw these Stock Market/Israel First freaks as an ally.

      You aren’t fully aware of our situation, until you realize there is no one that cares about Whites in either party. Whites are the only racial group that has no representation, no matter who we vote for.

      “In a global pandemic, “sober men” ignore the CDC and WHO and especially the scientists and public health experts, and tune into Ramzpaul, Rush Limbaugh, Charlie Kirk and Larry Kudlow ”

      How nationalists ever took RamZ ‘I support nationalism for Jews, but not nationalism for Whites’ Paul seriously, I do not understand.

      I saw that Finnish nationalist chick SwanOfTurrella arguing with him over conrona virus last week. If she is smart she will practice social distancing from Corona Paul in future.


      And lets not forget that its not just their old White voting base the GOP elite want to die to keep their stock prices up. They want the younger ones to take all the risks at work, while they sit at home safe from the virus, collecting dividends from their stock market.

    • The “conservatives” still have an almost religious faith in DJT and that the virus will magically start dying out and things will “get back to normal” as though it were just a bad dream. No doubt DJT is vastly superior to the frightening thought of Hillary in charge but DJT is dealing with a force of nature he has no control over. He happens to be President while corona burst the economic bubble created long before he was elected but he doesn’t seem to realize that Leviathan and its appetite for war, wogs and welfare ultimately caused this and it’s too late to re-inflate another bubble.

      The damage is done to the neo-con grift, corona has shown the limits of the current regime. It can’t solve complex problems and it isn’t very competent at basic tasks either. Throwing money at everyone but the lion’s share to big business will just enrich The Usual Suspects again. The next lesson for normies will be that government is actually hostile to them if they are white as the government clamps down on civil liberties.

      In the name of corona, as the economy implodes and inflation takes off whites who have prepared for bad times, sometimes years in advance will be castigated as hoarders and gun nuts who caused these problems. The wogs burning the shithole cities of America will get a pass, racism is the root cause of of their manifest failure to adapt to civilization. As Autumn approaches if corona reappears as the Spanish Flu did a century ago will the government force the third world types on whites in the suburbs because the wogs have destroyed the cities?

      • At least Spencer’s not a Nazi who wants to suck the Pope’s ass. LOL. That seems to be a recent development here on OD.

        Meanwhile, Kevin Johnson CEO of Starbucks says everything is just fine in China. Who do you believe? And the Holy Roman Catholic Pelosi is loading the Coronavirus relief bill up with all sorts of diversity legislation.

  5. So-called Christians like Patrick in the cuckservative movement are awfully anxious to sacrifice fellow children of God on the altar of Mammon. I’m disgusted with their hypocrisy, and willingness to kill others for profit.

  6. This is a good time to start keeping a jourmal of national events. To log events of historical significance.

    You are now going to witness the first major step of America moving from a First world nation to a turd world nation, economically.

  7. While ya’ll are in self imposed isolation, there’s the Survivors 1975 TV series on Bitchute.

    A Chinese scientist has an accident with strange substance in a vial and gets infected. Then he gets on a plane and travels to different cities around the planet, spreading his illness.

    The hospitals are overwhelmed and 99% of patients die. People stop turning up to work, then the telephones stop working, the trains stop running, and then the power goes out everywhere.

    A woman in it is told by a doctor to leave the city, because with all the dead the cities will become open air cess pits. On her journey to the countryside she meets a vagrant who survived using social distancing.

    Best of all it is 1975 Britian, so there is no DiVeRSIty yet.

  8. ALL of this is the JUDGMENT OF GOD against a perverse, corrupt, AND blasphemous generation-

    yes, I’ll call it the BOOMER JUDGMENT. Cuz I am one of those stupid people, but I am one of the ones who: never smoked pot, got drunk, thought Woodstock was ‘cool,’ engaged in thousands of one-night stands prior to (or after) AIDS, never gave a damn for ‘women’s/gay/diversity rights,’ or had (or desired) a bumper sticker that said, ‘I’m spending my children’s inheritance.” I sought, as a sinner among sinners, to seek first His Kingdom, instead of this world’s paltry baubles.

    This is a DIVINE CHASTISEMENT, and it needs to be said over and over and over and over and over again.

    GOD IS NOT MOCKED, and TRUMP is a latter-day… Julian the Apostate, AND Forrest Gump…. rolled into one. HE IS THE WORST RULER THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN. Stupid is as stupid does, but the DEMS are WORSE!!!!

    Our prayer, our desire, is to see God’s Wrath spilled out on the godless, the Jews, the Sodomites, and the Liberals- in both camps.

    “Howl, you rich. Weep, you self-righteous.” THE LORD IN HEAVEN LAUGHS YOU TO SCORN.

    Let the PLAGUE PURGE OUR LANDS, and reduce the ‘surplus population’ – call it YHWH’s ‘Collateral Damage’ mode, if you will.

    And may the Jews all perish as a result of this… for they are the SUPREMELY GUILTY RACE, who killed GOD/Christ.

    DEATH TO THE JEW WORLD ORDER. – O Christ, hear us. O Christ, graciously hear us.
    Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis.

  9. The hell. I remember conservative inc. through disgraced Sarah Palin saying that Democrats would implement “death panels” only to promote it themselves. The excuses for this weak, embarrassment of a “party” continue, sans me and mine.

  10. Without a definition of conservatism the article and comments are floating in mid air, particularly given that the name has been hijacked by Israel-first Trotskyite Jews who started subverting America the day they got off the boat in NYC a century ago—at the same time those of them remaining in Russia succeeded in inflicting the worst horrors in human history on that Christian nation. The solid American conservatism of Russell Kirk and Richard Weaver, on the other hand, is the virtual antithesis of Conservatism Inc whose writers now cherry pick Weaver primarily to disagree with him because his views are unsettling to the Jewish billionaires’ money that fronts Conservatism Inc for its purposes alone.

    Weaver wrote quite a lot more than Ideas Have Consequences, such as The Ethics of Rhetoric and Visions of Order, The Cultural Crisis of Our Time, which couldn’t be more opposed to the sort of money-denominated liberalism wrapping itself in the mantle of conservatism that still wants us to believe that Wall Street and corporate cronyism are the apex of free enterprise and the American Way.

    But more than putting corporate greed ahead of people, Conservatism Inc has also undermined what it claims to support by elevating the sanction of court decisions (which can only work to the public good in a cohesive society with a unifying culture) by putting them above the survival of America itself. The sleight of hand continues to this day as Conservatism Inc treats leftist court decisions that amount to a coup d’etat as disagreeable but nonetheless settled law, as opposed to the acts of usurpation and abrogations of the Constitution they demonstrably are. To gauge how far this has gone and who’s behind it, the Talmud and decisions of Israeli courts are now routinely cited as the basis for Supreme Court decisions.

    So, rather than risk spoiling the NFL season and backyard barbecues, Conservatism Inc let this shit ride when it should have been marshaling us in the streets and nipping it in the bud. Fox News and the Republican Party treat what amount to calls for white genocide in America as if they’re politics as usual and, moreover, neutralize our response by absurdly implying the inexorable trajectory of the POC juggernaut now whipped into a homicidal frenzy by Soros and his ilk can only be opposed by more of the rigged democracy that’s brought us to this brink of extinction.

    The talking heads on Fox News get paid many millions and in some cases tens of millions a year and yet fools believe they’re on their side. As Spengler observed a century ago, newspapers exists to serve the interests of those who own them and no other. The Israel-first Murdoch family that controls Fox has in fact successfully gutted the US to serve the expansionist, supremacist goals of Israel, and more Americans have gone off to die and be maimed in unnecessary wars in the ME because of the influence of Fox News than any other.

  11. But to be honest we all knew long before COV-19 that the United States was unsustainable. There are natural laws that govern the world of politics and nations just as gravity govern the Cosmos.One of these laws is the Law of Political Scale whereby an institution or nation becomes too big and too diverse to govern itself effectively. The United States has been way out of scale for quite some time. A nation can survive bigness if it is not diverse. But it cannot survive both bigness and diversity.Nor does it work the other way whereby a nation can survive diversity if it is not too big.(And by diversity I mean multiracial diversity in case somebody tries to drag up Switzerland to refute my arguments.)

  12. Nobody is calling them this but Trump and the Republicans are the new American fascist party. Fascism is the power of the state combined together with corporate power. Why is Trump helping all these big corporations? If corporate America does not have the ability to survive on it is own, then it does not deserve to be in business.

  13. These people are insane. A health care disaster that results in every hospital in the country overloaded and people dying in the order of hundreds of thousands or millions will not cause the stock market to recover. Even if it would, it would not be worth it. American conseevatism has become a threat to all people on Earth and it needs to be destroyed.

  14. “…will not cause the stock market to recover. Even if it would, it would not be worth it.”

    Obviously, you don’t think in ((their)) terms.

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