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  1. Spencer can suck a fart straight outta’ my ass! He can eat the peanuts outta’ my sheeeeit! He couldn’t find his ass in the dark with both hands and a flashlight! The best part of Spencer ran down the crack in his momma’s ass, and wound up a brown stain on the mattress!

  2. Spencer don’t get that the Western plan is to infect everybody in a somewhat controlled fashion, so everything he says is useless.

    A very short summary of the optimal infection strategy goes like this:

    1. Get enough infected into the country by playing the just a flu bro in the media.
    2. Once signs appear that inland infection have started, the media start the scare the people so they demand protective measures
    3. When the infection have been exponential for some time, the government enter partial lockdown like closing schools etc, so to slow the spread.
    4. The media continue to scare the people to demand more action, so the government implement full lockdown and social isolation, perhaps martial law.
    5. This stops the spread and thus pushes the peak down so there is less death from the heath services collapsing
    6. When a drop in new critically ill patients is seen, the isolation is stopped or loosened.
    7. Now either the they let Corinachan burn out, or they repeat step 4 to 6 until enough are infected for Coronachan to burn out without overcrowding the hospitals.

    If lockdown and isolation starts before enough infected had entered the country,, the peak would just have been pushed forward in time, instead of down, so it would be pointless for the “infect everybody” strategy, that the West + Russia follows.

    That different countries are in different stages of this plan, makes it very easy to see that they follow the same strategy.

  3. Smarmy pseudo intellectual non Christian ( thus non wise, ) loser. had hope a few years ago … now wets on himself and kisses far left ass so won’t get deplatformed. Sad. Become Christian and get back to your bad ass self … or get off the air. Not worth even 5 minutes of time watching Spencer sell his soul to YouTube. Trump bad Obama good ??!!! Flunky.

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