World Plutocracy’s Last Chance

*Reprinted from National-Justice with the tacit consent of my friend Eric Striker

In 2020, a socialist is a Republican in a pandemic. A nationalist is a leftist who has suddenly discovered the wisdom of borders and citizenship. Both wings of the money-power vulture and its managerial class chicks have at least temporarily rediscovered the value of the nation, and the power of national collectivism vis-a-vis individualism and cosmopolitanism.

When the White House announced a relief plan to temporarily send every American citizen a subsidy, expand health care and mandates for paid sick leave, I expected a deluge of Jewish media concern trolls: “what about all our illegal immigrants? Why must big business continue to suffer? How are we going to pay for this non-essential stimulus white people might benefit from? Let’s attach an emergency amnesty or else this is racist and can’t be passed!” — distractions that would doom such a bill in Congress. This sentiment shockingly never materialized. If you’re an illegal immigrant, go home and get your government to take care of you. 

Ordinary Americans, especially those of European descent who are not allowed community advocates or state protections, have been indefinitely suffering from a myriad of problems on par with coronavirus in our country. The solutions the hedge fund managers, think-tanks, lobbyists and journalists usually present is to exacerbate these problems for their own profit, financial or cultural.

What has changed this time around is that the coronavirus has brought blood to the doors of rich cosmopolitans, who love to travel and go to Shabbat dinners. They’re going to have trouble advocating for their disastrous policies now that we are sharing the consequences together. 

The Impossible Becomes Possible

The fact that so few people control so many trillions of dollars on the market in liberal “democracies” around the world means that no amount of federal reserve rate cuts or handouts to banks can alone save the economy. In Canada, the stock market collapse is historic. In Britain, the Pound is in a free fall as international speculators start betting on the US dollar (sorry gold-bugs). The trend in capitalist nations around the world is to lower bank lending rates, which so far has led to short term 1-day rallies that are followed by another dive. What are interest rates going to do after you’ve hit 0%?  

The public’s dash for toilet paper, food, water and dollars is partially a product of elite fright — the only thing that really trickles down to workers from the stock market. It’s not just about getting sick, the oligarchs are afraid there will be a slave revolt if a Great Depression tier contraction intersects with many 9/11’s worth of human carnage. Peter Turchin previously predicted that a pandemic or economic meltdown would lead to the collapse of the already fragile neo-liberal order during the 2020s and many laughed.

They’re not laughing now. Suddenly, what Jews like Steven Pinker have held is an “impossible” task — closing borders and stopping immigration — has been made reality overnight in Europe, Canada, and to some degree America. 

Now, the GOP has dropped its “socialism vs America” crap to outflank the corporate Democrats from the left and propose drastic state action to prevent electoral slaughter next November. The open borders anti-white left has been shoved out of the way and eliminated from the conversation entirely. Liberal ideologues, whether economic (GOP) or cultural (the “woke” left), have finally shut the hell up so that we can have a serious conversation about our nation, though I suspect they will reboot the white noise machine the second they think the coast is clear.

In Europe, the European Union is doing the bare minimum to help Northern Italy as it is ravaged, raising the question as to what the point of regional integration even is. After initially pledging to sit back and watch Italy financially explode, leaving them with all the downsides of a Euro and none of the ups, it seems Christine Lagarde has now changed her mind as her owners started to taste the backwash. But nations are still turtling up on a very primal level. The Schengen zone has been temporarily suspended and it is now almost impossible for non-Europeans to enter the continent. Germany has declared that it will not be sharing crucial medical supplies. The supposed solidarity the EU claims to represent with its member states just isn’t there, much less for aliens who should not be allowed to immigrate to Europe by the millions to begin with.

The EU’s only point seems to be as a corral for sovereign countries for high finance’s benefit, as well as a cash cow to produce record profits for French and German corporations, who swamp smaller nations with their products and loan them cheap credit to buy them in order to hollow out the manufacturing of their neighbors and make them permanent debt-slaves. 

As citizens of the West, we now ask: Why do we only stop immigration when there’s a pandemic? Why is the largely white middle and working class only entitled to decent health care when it’s coronavirus and not any of the countless other crippling diseases that people die from, often getting into massive debt in the process? Why does Mike Pence only express solidarity with the tribulations of average Americans now? Why are so many people living paycheck to paycheck, indebted up to their eyes or working as “independent contractors” for “gigs” that provide absolutely no benefits, no stability or even basic worker’s rights?  

It is now, during a meltdown finally impacting those at the very top, that the public sees clearly that what they constantly vote for and never get is a product of corruption rather than inability. 

The Price of Doing the Wrong Thing 

Corporations, especially those in charge of airline travel and plane construction, are begging for bailouts after blowing trillions of their profits and Trump tax-cut on parasitic stock buybacks that have been wiped out in the blink of an eye.

A modern country cannot survive a total collapse of its flight industry. They have no cash on hand and these scum are trying to extort the taxpayer into massive subsidies, which they will predictably try to use to continue malpractice like astonishing compensation for failed CEOs and speculative counter-productive trickery that led to them being in these dire straits to begin with.

Enough of the Reaganist nonsense. Pay their shareholders what their stock is currently worth and nationalize these companies.

In respects to our healthcare system, investment banks are planning for companies to gouge consumers on life-or-death medication, including a potential coronavirus cure. This monstrous plan must be met with an iron fist, including criminal charges if necessary. 

On the foreign policy front, the Zionists setting foreign policy in the Trump administration have decided to suddenly increase “maximum pressure” sanctions on the ability of Iran to use banking services, despite being one of the hardest hit by the epidemic. These are sanctions most of the world is expected to abide by, and the country’s request for a $5 billion dollar International Monetary Fund loan could be rejected. Some estimates suggest that millions of Iranians will needlessly die at the hands of genocidal Jewish brutality if this policy holds. The right thing to do is to purge the Israeli agents in our state apparatus and lift the sanctions now.  

Whatever happens in the future, this time around a lot of countries around the world are sick of America. Russia has responded to attacks on its economy with a counter-punch on American shale oil, another industry currently desperate for bailouts. The Chinese have the power to leverage their $1.5 trillion in holdings of US debt and dump it, thus crippling our bond market. Not to mention that they currently produce all kinds of vital supplies we will need. 

Some will follow Trump and Fox News and get angry at the Chinese for this. They do share some degree of blame, though they made enormous sacrifices and demonstrated amazing national cohesion as Western media attacked their measures to successfully contain the outbreak for now. But it’s important not to lose sight of the real reason we’re in this mess: American capital, which is unprecedented in its greed and lack of patriotism. 

The elites should see this as a powerful warning that they cannot get away with what they’ve been doing forever. Graft and inaction during this global crisis is not just morally wrong, it will provoke the angels of vengeance to bring them their just desserts.

If you’re wondering why the biggest bookseller monopoly has decided to ban all copies of Mein Kampf except for the Anti-Defamation League version, it’s because our overlords know we’re going to be furloughed at home watching. World War II is the founding myth of neoliberalism and globalism, and as its discrediting moment grows nearer, some might conclude that there was merit to Hitler’s struggle. A third nationalist position against capital and the left is an existential necessity. The current scramble by our governments proves this, but what if its too little, too late?  

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    • Yes, I too, was wondering the same thing. Hunter, we all hope you are well, and we miss your keen wit and insight into the issues that beset us. I read of lot of stuff on a lot of webpages, and Occidental Dissent stands high above the rest in quality. You have a loyal readership that sends you the best and worries when you go dark. Be well my friend.

  1. Our anti-White governments have caused a major crisis. Many will die and we are going into an economic depression that we may not recover from. The people are fearful and soon will be angry when they watch their loved ones die, they lose their incomes, and the comforts of civilization disappear. They will be looking for answers. Now is the time to tell them about the alternative.

    If we had a Pro White government none of this would be happening.

  2. “If you’re wondering why the biggest bookseller monopoly has decided to ban all copies of Mein Kampf except for the Anti-Defamation League version, it’s because our overlords know we’re going to be furloughed at home watching.”

    Well, I have the solution. The only copy allowed in my library:

    The best version available. Enjoy!

  3. We’ve past a milestone, over 1000 deaths per day, globally.
    A week ahead of my anticipated date.

    US is what, about 6 weeks behind the world?
    Maybe a 1000 deaths per day by mid May ?

  4. This article is a perfect analysis of the recent situation. Good reading stuff for the corona-holidays. Whatever happened to Onkel HW, his substitute also does a very good job.

    National Socialism is the best political system! Die Idee ist unbesiegt… 1488…

  5. I like Hunter and I like Trey doing some articles, too. Good kick in the pants stuff! Nationalize some things and help the people first. Gee, what a concept.

    Ya mean no more average people making average money defending sports ball thieves and their billionaire America wrecking owners and their venture capitalist buds?

    Where is muh sports ball jersey and hat of my favorite black guy playa to fit on the pudgy bodies of white murican middle aged guys worshipping their hee- rooowws as they wonder why duhh beer costs 11 bucks?

        • Neither did I.

          One a different note…

          “What has changed this time around is that the coronavirus has brought blood to the doors of rich cosmopolitans, who love to travel and go to Shabbat dinners. They’re going to have trouble advocating for their disastrous policies now that we are sharing the consequences together. ”

          Or, has Holy Writ states: “So do not be afraid of (((them))). For nothing is concealed that will not be uncovered, or hidden that will not be made known. What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the housetops.…” St. Matthew 10:26 ff. [Christ speaking of the Jews, as if you didn’t already know…..]

  6. The fear mongering may be un-merited, one of the better-run games of the hidden ruling cabal

    Alternate views are being censored … Data analyst Aaron Ginn posted a detailed piece about how the coronavirus threat is overblown, the economic and social damage from the draconian measures will be far worse … original article censored by Medium but still on ZeroHedge

    Ginn points out how South Korea took a lot of measures without shutting down normal business & the economy, which is needlessly and fanatically destructive … would be better to spend funds on medical gear and improvement than bail out businesses and people

    The virus is less contagious than claimed, and seems to be subject to ‘Farr’s Law’ on epidemics, predictable mathematical decline, on a fairly quick timetable

    Median age of the dead in Italy is 80, with 99% having other severe health conditions, average being 2-3 other health-ravaging issues

    Veterans Today has an unusual ‘sarin nerve gas mimics Covid-19’ death multiplier theme, recalling US Senate material on nerve gas live ‘experiments’ in NYC subway stations

    VT says Israeli micro-drones, delivering low doses of pneumonia and heart-failure-inducing sarin, are what seem to be causing a Covid-19-infected death rate over 1%, and that Italy, Spain, China, Iran, NYC area etc have been under this kind of chemical weapons attack

    • “Median age of the dead in Italy is 80,”

      Not any more !

      Just watched a bbc Chan 4 interview with a doc from Lombardi,
      Median age is 60 and dropping 30s and 40s yr old are dying.

  7. What am I missing about the real story being inflation? There are a lot of astute commenters here who may have some insight. If there’s to be a China reset in which America’s manufacturing base is supposedly rebuilt forthwith, this will necessarily require massive monetary inflation (measured as an increase of the money supply) that will not be “exported” to China to constrain inflation. This money will circulate without benefit to wage earners, who, through a series of steps, experience a real cut in their wages. At the same time the newly counterfeited money, initially and then for a year-and-a-half or so, circulates almost solely in the hands of the Fed’s partners on Wall Street. They get even richer while productive workers pay the bill with a reduced standard of living despite an increased level of productivity. This coming massive inflation will also amount to asset stripping of savers again. Small investors stop-loss orders on their stock holdings were just stopped out at huge losses as they were in 2008.

    I disagree with the author that a supposed flight to cash has caused sales of gold or gold mining stocks. I heard Neil Cavuto and a guest work through this scenario the other day, but the fact is that investors with gold holdings and gold mining stocks are the last people in this country or anywhere who need to sell off gold or gold stocks for emergency cash to buy groceries, as Cavuto’s guest absurdly maintained. They come across to me as propaganda shills who have the appearance of knowledge but know nothing, as Plato put it in the Phaedrus.

    I’m no gold bug, but I’d say the price of gold must be held down because investors smell massive inflation in the air, not least from the proposed and wildly inflationary helicopter money of a few hundred billion that, nonetheless, is a fig leaf to cover the much bigger inflationary windfall the Fed and Treasury will be bestowing on Wall Street yet again. Gold must be destroyed to conceal the biggest economic fallacy of all, such that cash holdings or government bonds represent a store of wealth in the long term. If everything preceding and during the last financial crisis coming from the Fed, the government, and the financial media has been proved either false or an outright lie, why would anyone think any of it is true this time around?

    • @ anon

      YT chan ‘money gps’ follows a similar line.
      He sees inflation for manifold reasons.
      So does yt ‘Gregory manneraino’.
      Several ppl for yrs have been suing jp morgan for manipulating gold/silv prices.

    • Anonymous;

      You are correct sir that typical individuals who own Au and Ag (and Pb) as well as mining stocks have not sold and may have even increased their positions. Leverage cuts two ways, both up and down. There has been massive selling of everything by the monster hedge funds to meet margin calls because of the enormous leverage they use to run their “businesses”.

      This includes Au and Ag which was typically a small percentage of hedge fund portfolios because of recent appreciation in precious metals and their use as an insurance policy. These fools are cashing in their insurance policies at a loss because of panic when they need that insurance the most. This was documented on Zerohedge recently but I can’t find the link now.

      The hedge funds are desperate, are suffering huge losses and are TBTF just like the banks in 2008. This gives these scumbags enormous leverage with the Government by threatening to collapse the financial system unless they are first in line for the gluttonous bailouts they and their pet politicians believe they are entitled to. Of course they will all get bailed out (again), that is why the Federal Reserve exists.

      The problem for everyone is that they have gone to the well too many times. 2008 was the last chance to reform the system which is fundamentally flawed because there is no check on the amount of debt in the system. The enormous debts, miles high, is the Achilles’ heel of the whole economy and financial system. If that had been reduced and bankruptcies enforced as well as jailing crooks back in 2008 the Fed would have room to bailout now.

      Instead the Fed is a one trick pony. All they can do is print, print, print since interest rates were already close to the zero bound anyway. This will cause an explosion of inflation sometime in the near future as confidence wanes in the U.S. Dollar because of this enormous printing.

      Ironically it was DJT who correctly called the economy a big fat bubble and warned of a stock market crash when he was running for president in 2016 and BHO was in office. DJT was correct and events are now proving that. The economy/financial system was a big, fat bubble that just got pricked by corona. There is no going back now to lowest black/hispanic unemployment evah, highest stock market evah and the rest of FOX TV, Rush Limbaugh, Chamber of Commerce, Republican bullshit.

      • Gold without massive shorts hammering the price would otherwise be the canary in the coal mine alerting the world to massive theft by the Fed on behalf of Wall Street, achieved by increasing the money supple exponentially without any form of production or savings behind it.

        If the Fed massively increases the availability of no-interest/no-liability credit (and thereby the creation of money out of thin air) and the Treasury quite literally counterfeits hundreds of billions with these helicopter checks, and, if this inflation will no longer be “exported” by China’s absorbing the excess dollars, it would seem that inflation here will go through the roof.

        I hope I’ve missed something, but I’m afraid it’s going to, for one thing, wipe out savings. People will still have so many dollars in the bank, of course, but the purchasing power will have been stolen by the Fed and Treasury to benefit not just Wall Street, but the parasites in DC whose paychecks, you can bet, will keep pace with inflation. That’s why the left loves this crap. They get to watch the people they’re supposedly serving suffer. So, seniors living on fixed income or on savings will have nearly everything stolen from them to cover Wall Street’s crimes, again. Those lucky enough to still be receiving a pay check will have their wages cut without their having a clue. We should remember that the actual rate of unemployment recalculated by shadowstats using the government’s former and more honest methodology is still above 20% and the real rate of inflation is already about 6%, which is almost 3x the official nonsense.

        Unless I”m missing something, this is all a preparation—a smokescreen—covering a drastic reduction in the standard of living in the West to cover the crimes of Wall Street and in fact enrich the bastards even more. And as far as I can tell, the Goldman Sachs-led cabal is still calling the shots. It’s also radically alarming that the role of one-world apparatchik-flunkies like that ghoul from the WHO and Fauci have as their chief function taking down the economies of the West, apparently so it can be blamed on a virus far less virulent or harmful than the seasonal outbreak of the flu. Where are those stats on Fox or CNN side by side with the COVID numbers?

        • @ ed & 12ax

          Both of u touch on real points , of serious concern.

          ” a virus far less virulent or harmful than the seasonal outbreak of the flu”

          Ed, be careful on that, we are only 2 months into this. We don’t have any solid parameters, yet.

  8. I’m waiting to see what will happen now that the hair salons in Dallas, Tx. have been ordered closed. We may see an increase in the “natural look.” But, I’m thinking this may lead to some rioting over the inability to get a weave.

    Someone over on another site mentioned something about the Negroes being dazed and confused by the whole ordeal. Like they know something is happening, but they can’t figure out what it is. I’ve noticed this too. As the commenter observed, and it appears this way to me as well, It’s seems that they’re having trouble understanding that they aren’t currently the focus of everything and they are unaccustomed to the lack of attention that is not being paid to them.

    I’m wondering how widespread and under reported the following situation is? Baltimore surely isn’t the only place where this is occurring. The authorities in the FWD have already said that crimes that don’t involve violence will not result in incarceration. Giving a free rein to all sorts of property theft, vandalism and other shenanigans.

    Here is an interesting take on the “Corona Hoax,” as I called it when all of this hysteria commenced. I’ve always kind of liked Ron Paul. I don’t agree with him on everything, and I don’t think he had the bearing of a President, but I have a lot more respect for him than I do his son. And, I’m far more inclined to believe him than Trump, Schumer, and the bilateral chorus of panic inducing politicians and media shills calling to set politics aside (surrender your liberities) in the name of an overreaction to an affliction that very few will ever get and many will never know they had.


      The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Minnesota has asked the state government to “aggressively” limit arrests to “the most serious offenses” during the coronavirus pandemic.

      “We believe that each of you recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic threatens all of us, but particularly the most vulnerable, impoverished, and marginalized Minnesotans. Without creative and thoughtful action from you, this crisis will only exacerbate the longstanding race-based and wealth-based inequalities Minnesotans already suffer from,” ACLU Executive Director John Gordon said in a letter sent Tuesday to several state officials, including Gov. Tim Walz, Attorney General Keith Ellison, and state court chief judges.

      Gordon’s letter includes several recommendations for protecting “the health, safety, and rights” of Minnesotans in the criminal justice system. His first suggestion calls for “aggressively limiting custodial arrests to the most serious offenses.”

      • If we don’t control petty crimes, they will quickly escalate to major crime.
        Criminals will test the limits of ‘toleration’.
        The ACLU knows this, it’s part of ((their)) scheme.

  9. They say this virus might kill globalization and globalism. Killing them? I don’t think so. Doing them a big damage? If Lady Fortune is in our side, then perhaps.

    • Watching the Holy Roman Catholic Cuomo demand Trumpo “nationalize” the medical supply industry.

      • The Cuomos are union thugs, who as far as the Catholic thing goes use their Catholic baptism as a stalking horse to destroy the Church. British historian Paul Johnson pointed out that the most virulent antiCatholic Masons were from Italy.

          • Don’t worry, Virtus. The Cuomo family may call themselves Catholic but it’s just something they say. They are clearly humanists. Governor Cuomo is pro abortion, pro homosexual lifestyle, has never or virtually never quoted Scripture. Like many who call themselves Catholic, he is just a humanist/fallen away GOD less man. This is how they get in power since so many voters want to vote for politicians who promote a ” do whatever you want” lifestyle. Cuomo also panders to Godless thugs like Al Sharpton and countless others in the black and Latin caucus.

            This “hero” is simply sweating a bit since he too is aging entering his 60s. Now it’s discovered he refused to purchase 16 thousand ventilators in 2015. Cuomo is a con and nothing but.

          • Cuomo and his brother the anchor on CNN are both a couple of greasy Italian Roman Catholics. They fit right in with the crazy Catholic Church. LOL.

            Why don’t the Catholic hospitals have any basic equipment? Did the nuns who run the Catholic hospitals blow their money on bingo.

          • Don’t worry, Virtus. The Cuomo family may call themselves Catholic but it’s just something they say. They are clearly humanists.

            Precisely Jeff.

            I wasn’t even trying to ‘stick up’ for Catholicism — just wanted to point out how utterly foolish Krafty’s ocd obsessions are … who never offers a unique or original insight about anything (including his anti-Catholic hate).

            Exactly, the issue with people like Cuomo, his “Catholicism” — or any other “religion” (except Judaism) — is utterly irrelevant to who/what it does a Zoo Yawk politico, since he is simply a $habbos goy (just like Krafty).

      • Hey Krafty Wurker, look up your your history. If it wasn’t for Catholic clergy, there would be no such things as hospitals.

        Dickheads like you are typical of the American education system. Everything you know comes from watching the idiot box since age 4.

        • You are the type that thinks Mother Theresa was a “Saint”, and the Pope is “infallible”. LOL. You are the one who is a dickhead, for believing the Catholic Church, and its craziness.

  10. soon trump will be touting “record post-corona highs!” and “record low post corona black unemployment!”

    in the drive to pin the common cold on trump they gave him a get out of jail free card

    • Krafty,

      If anybody is a greaseball, it’s you.

      I’m in no way defending Catholicism, and certainly not Cuomo, but you are utterly sick if you think Cuomo is in any way motivated out of Catholic piety in his political behavior.

      You behave like a histrionic, attention-seeking little child on this blog.

  11. Existential times demands existential politics! We are, as the Great Philosopher predicted, entering the century of destiny. The 21st century will determine our fate for all times. We will awaken to a world in economic shambles in which globalism, open borders, and national interdependence has been totally discredited. What we do with that knowledge is up to us. To be or not to be!

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