1. Other than the CDC and FDA being total idiots (information I don’t think Sen. Burr got), there isn’t anything Burr could possibly have gotten in his various meetings that wasn’t public info. There was no master schedule of business closings by state and date, and if you think so, you’re paranoid. I’d rather have smart leaders that make smart trades, rather than dumb leaders that make bad predictions (like Trump, Boris Johnson, and the Iranians). I commend Sen. Burr for his display of foresight. If you aren’t making money from this crisis, you’re the immoral one. Investors have no obligation to reveal the secrets of their genius to the public (though, I mean, it’d certainly be nice if they did -but, sadly, that’s not how markets ever work).

    For the record, I am no fan of Sen. Burr’s politics -they’re of the Graham-tire “moderate” sort that deserve to be entirely cast out of public life. I do commend the depth of his vision.

    Also, don’t bash capitalism. Capitalism is why U.S. testing capacity is now ~30K per day, and will go up to ten times that in less than two weeks. American capitalism is without peer in the world. American government is pretty typically European in competence and good intentions. Lying to the public is the bread and butter of politicians; even thinking of punishing it is basically anti-democratic.

    • “Capitalism is everything that is wrong with the U.S.”

      Nope. High output per worker despite fairly moderate-quality labor inputs has always been one of the U.S.’s best features (Singapore has similar output per worker-hour, but has much higher quality average labor inputs). It’s never had a peasantry and has been a leader in leading-sector innovation for some 200 years. There are certainly disadvantages that come with capitalism, but I don’t berate its purely economic aspects.


      “The reason we can test at all is because other countries donated those tests to us, not because of American capitalism.”

      Not true. Most tests used are made within the U.S. and are made by the U.S. private sector. You don’t get to over 50K tests per day with just foreign help.

      “everything people consider good about the U.S.A. is usually the result of some kind of socialistic principle”

      Laughable. There were no socialistic principles whatsoever in any part of either U.S. political party prior to the Civil War. Instead, we had this sort of Ron Paulism:


      Was pre-Civil War America some sort of hell to you? Honest question.

      • how about the 500K CORONAVIRUS TESTS THE US IMPORTED FROM ITALY!? It’s like taking water from a guy stranded in the desert. MUH CAPITALISM. Fuck yourself, hope you can eat paper money you son of a whore

    • ” there isn’t anything Burr could possibly have gotten in his various meetings that wasn’t public info”

      Not true !

      He has access to all intelligence agency information NSA, CIA, FBI. He is Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman

      I am sure the spy services were aware of the consequences of a mass epidemic in China.

      He was trading on insider information.

      • Burr, Feinstein, and Inhofe & others traded on insider information that they got because of their government positions. Insider trading is illegal, betraying the public trust may not be illegal, but, it is certainly immoral and unethical.

        Nothing will be done about it.

        I’m feeling a lot better. I had this year’s heavy duty flu shot, and my pneumonia shot was up to date. I’m glad I had my doctor, who is a pretty good bio-chemist, pick an anti-biotic for me back in early February just in case. An anti-biotic may not cure the flu, but, it will stop or slow the secondary effects. Everyone here at the time was laughing at the flu and possible pandemic. Now everyone is blaming the government/capitalism for their poor little selves.

        I suspect the covid-19 is compounding the normal flu, and although I probably didn’t have covid-19, I may have gotten a more virulent flu, that had been spread by a weakened immune system.

        As far as I know testing for covid-19 is still not available within 50 miles of where I live!

        • Doctors have over-used anti-biotics for problems they do not work against. An anti-biotic does nothing against a viral infection(flu). This is why our known anti-biotics are becoming ever more useless and causing the rise of drug-resistant pathogens.

          “Antibiotics Won’t Help

          Antibiotics won’t help if you have flu.
          Viruses or Bacteria What’s got you sick? Be Antibiotics Aware. Smart Use, Best Care.

          What’s got you sick? What’s the best treatment? pdf icon[PDF – 1 page]
          When you have flu, antibiotics will not help you feel better. Antibiotics won’t help you, and their side effects could cause harm.

          Side effects of antibiotics can range from minor issues, like a rash, to very serious health problems, such as

          antibiotic-resistant infections, which are difficult to treat and cure
          C. diff infection, which causes severe diarrhea that can lead to severe colon damage and death.”

          • Glyphosate is an antibiotic…its in everybody food water and air…chronic metabolic syndrome is rampant in populations on western diets, SAD. It’s only a matter of time one of the trillions of virus get real on yer weak assed self.

            Fix ya soil, fix ya blood

    • Get rid of Fractional Reserve Banking, and most non-liberal, non-Marxist, political systems are probably workable.

  2. Let us not confuse free enterprise and capitalism. Both Capitalism and Socialism are international in scope. Both of them also end up with the concentration of wealth in the hands of a powerful, and often malevolent, elite. Either a few monopolies or a party elite owning all.

  3. Capitalism has many deadly faults,

    But open markets are necessary to fulfill demand and determine value.

    Some balance has to be found.

    • Most European countries don’t have open markets in publications. Books that question or have alternate history of ww11 are outlawed. Books on ethnographic and racial studies are mostly outlawed.

      Media that has non-sjw content is outlawed.
      Entertainment that jabs at certain ethnic, racial, social concepts is outlawed.

      Not open to web hosting alternate political concepts.

      Not an open market

  4. Creative capitalism, ford, Edison, firestone, Westinghouse etc. should be encouraged and incentivized.

    Parasitic capitalism, porn, casinos, alcohol, tobacco, high interest loans should be crippled.

  5. At this point modern day capitalism has become nauseating. This pandemic has exposed just how unprepared we were because there was no profit in being prepared.

    Death or the potential of it is the only thing that takes people away from their “god” capitalism where you acquire the most money and stuff as you try to screw your fellow citizens and comically for many, then go to church or synagogue on weekends.

    There is nothing good or moral seeing men worth 100 or 50 or 10 billion dollars. It’s perverted and evil. It seems this kind of perverted wealth has exploded in recent time. Even the obscenely wealthy were never worth 50, 80 or 100 billion 20 or 30 years ago. Heck, we have a president who would put down other rich people who were not as wealthy as him. I guess it must chap his ass to see some astronomically more wealthy than him.

    There are some good things about capitalism like it stirring competition and creativity. But it has become like a boxer in the ring with no discipline always going for the knockout as he lacks defense and has no sense of overreach or fatigue..

    I am disgusted with the fact all Americans don’t have health insurance. We are the only advanced nation not having it cuz of ” muh profits.”

    We zombie nation on sports ball as guys like Tom Brady, in an obscene slutting of money, leaves his team of roughly 20 years so he can make ” muh money” with another team pushing 43 years old which is Methuselah like in sports ball world. Because being worth about 300 million is just not enough to toss a ball and get through life, y’all.

    Look at that robot Cole who pitched for the Astros and the minute they won the World Series he took off his Astros cap and put on another because he was a free agent. Gee, can’t even party first, skeezer capitalist pig? He went on to sign an evil deal with the Yankees paying him something like 35 million per year to play once every 5 days since he is a starting pitcher.

    Do I really even need to speak of the too often semi literate black players and Spanish players who suck off the ( mostly) white teet fans who pay these guys 10 to 40 million per year due to the capitalism virus? Yes I want them taxed heavily and to make far less cash. Only a push toward more socialist policies would do that.

    Important and decent humans are not respected in capitalism. The deranged, obsessed, greedy till the last drop are respected in capitalism.

    It took a pandemic to expose how greedy capitalism shipped out jobs and vitally important materials are not used here because ( insert latest slave wage country) will do it radically cheaper. Suddenly you look back and are untold trillions in debt, make little at home, have millions within missing a couple of paychecks from going under, reward the scum of society who don’t pay workers well. Yes, this is what the undisciplined boxer called capitalism has turned into. Yes, capitalism is the disease, indeed. Socialist policies are coming to America because they need to. It may have taken the coronavirus to take out the capitalist virus.

    • I am coming around to this thinking more and more. The problem is, these forthcoming socialist policies in the US will primarily be used to prop up the unproductive orcish underclass.

      • Capitalism props them up now, Powell. The orcs are plopping out most of the kids. Capitalism has put zero restrictions on how many kids they can have to receive welfare benefits.

        Our system has also pushed in mass millions of immigrants due to the 1965 immigration act. We had normal amounts of immigration before the act that was mostly white. After 1965 it became heavily from the 3rd world and the numbers allowed in rose exponentially as time went on. Throw in the 18 to 30 million illegals allowed in as well all done on purpose by capitalist whores for the best bang for their vile buck. Country be damned.

        Capitalism has forced us to obscenely pay orcs to bounce and catch a ball as the mostly weirdo whites cheer on their overpaid gods. Booty masters like the Kardashians become incredibly rich for showing azz or creating a makeup line as they bang their latest black boy toys. All this brought to you by capitalism. Decency and honor be damned. When it’s never enough nothing good comes from it.

    • ” . . . Do I really even need to speak of the too often semi literate black players and Spanish players who suck off the ( mostly) white teet fans who pay these guys 10 to 40 million per year due to the capitalism virus?”

      It’s even worse, don’t forget that these scumbag businessmen who own these teams and are filthy rich also get massive tax subsidies twelve different ways to Sunday.There is all kinds of corruption involved when a team builds a new stadium, practice facility or just threatens to move to a new venue. The local politicians and other businessmen work diligently to help “their” team by transferring costs to the taxpayer.

      It’s common for bonds to be sold backed by state or municipal revenue putting taxpayers on the hook if the team fails. The bonds have tax free income and are typically purchased by wealthier individuals. The bonds are also insured against failure so the wealthy will get paid no matter what with losses split between the insurance company and the government/taxpayers.

      Other businessmen and local “dignitaries” are even cheaper whores; free tickets so they can cheer on “our” team suffices. Police, fire building inspectors etc. overlook transgressions by the owners/players because of their support for the team including judges/prosecutors allowing felonies to be downgraded to misdemeanors and misdemeanors to get a slap on the wrist. Only serious crimes like Aron Hernandez’s multiple murders can’t be ignored.

      The bloated, semi-alcoholic, pre-diabetic feetsball fan wearing the jersey of his favorite Negro playa pays multiple ways for his sports indulgence, costs he cannot afford. Corona is mercifully euthanizing these horrible sports, at least temporarily. With the damage to the economy it looks like big, obscene pro sports may be all done for the foreseeable future including the equally horrible Olympics.

      Good riddance to bad trash, let’s hope college sports goes into the dumpster too.

      • Amen to that. College and Pro sports in America have become nothing but massive wealth extractors and vehicles for race-mixing. Down with all of them.

        • I have a bigger problem with professional sportsball then college or lesser proto amateur leagues sportsball. One is heavily profitable for corporations and incentived for greed and corruption. Pro football is so dumbed down, remove alcohol from the NFL and see how uninterested people become alcohol makes people more fanatical and stupid

          The other is more community based fun, and enjoyable to watch as a experience. Olympics is pure bullshit so much money is spent on these stupid games, our world could be a better place if we didn’t have this stupid shit to throw money at but muh entertainment, hardly entertaining either. When somebody is watching Olympics on tv I feel like going to sleep its so boring and long winded

    • Jeff, you’ve done a wonderful breakdown of the wrack and ruin- but it’s not “capitalism” anymore than it’s “guns kill”. It’s the person wielding the weapon. Henry Ford was a BRILLIANT capitalist. Research what he did with his fortune. So was Milton Hershey.

      If you want a thriving, functional society, you need GOOD PEOPLE. When you have (((BAD people))) – everything goes BAD.

  6. “At this point modern day capitalism has become nauseating. ”

    ((They)) can corrupt nearly any system.

  7. There are many people who still refuse to turn to Marx when it comes to an in-depth understanding of the workings of Capitalism. This is a continued mistake for those trying to understand what Marx’s aim was when he set out to understand Capitalism ‘in its totality.’

    Volume 1 of ‘Capital’ is the only one which Marx completed and edited himself and was initially the first of a planned 6 volumes that were drawn up in 1857 by Marx. Volumes 2 & 3 were left unfinished by Marx and were posthumously rearranged and published by Marx’s lifelong friend Engels. ‘Theories of Surplus-Value’ was published by Kautsky and must be viewed as fragments of ‘Volume 4.’

    Like I stated above, from the beginning, Marx wanted to present an all-around analysis of Capitalism ‘in its totality’ and the never completed volumes 4,5, and 6 manifest where Marx wanted to go with his plans. The titles of those volumes were to be:

    Volume 4: The State
    Volume 5: International Trade
    Volume 6: The World Market and Crisis

    It is my opinion that Marx could never have written those complete and thorough volumes 4,5, and 6(especially 5 & 6)because he still lived at a time when capitalism was young and when the overall structures of the world-market and international trade were still being formed. But what Marx did understand and never wavered from was that Capitalism contained the seeds of its own destruction within itself!

    To understand Marx and the ‘forces of production’ and ‘logic of Capital’ that he is seeking , one almost needs to spend 5 years reading Hegel, and more specifically, reading Hegel’s ‘Logic’ and the ‘Philosophy of Right,’ both which are an enormous and difficult undertaking. Much of what Marx did was to invert Hegel and ‘put him on his head.’

    The Capitalism we live under today is a completely different animal from the one Marx wrestled with. From the advent of the internet to the enormous technological developments that have come about since the mid-19th century, Capitalism has almost taken on a life of its own. Whether your one who hates Marx or not, it was Marx who initially laid bare the problems of Capitalism and to this day, no consensus has been reached on the problems of Capitalism. But it is Marx who we must return to in order to attempt to understand Capitalism ‘in its totality!’


      • Marx as person was about as repulsive an individual as one can get. He was a slob, rarely bathed, and was a complete asshole, but when one sits down and wrestles with his ‘Grundrisse’ or ‘Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts,’ one cannot help but recognize his penetrating mind. His writings are as relevant as ever today!

  8. Marx, like Freud, like most any of ((them)),
    a torrent of ambiguous and nebulous words of no real value.
    ( other than to confuse and befuddled the goy.)

  9. Yea I think everybody with any common sense and morals have ignored political ideologies and economic philosophy at this point and working together in such a bad situation. Prayers for all. Deo Vindice!

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