Elizabeth Warren Drops Out

After spoiling Super Tuesday for Bernie, Elizabeth Warren is out.


“Sen. Elizabeth Warren quit the Democratic presidential race on Thursday, leaving former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders as the last major contenders battling for the nomination to challenge President Donald Trump this fall.

“We didn’t reach our goal, but what we have done together – what you have done – has made a lasting difference,” Warren said on a call with her campaign staff ahead of the official announcement at an event in Massachusetts, according to a transcript provided by the campaign. …”

If Joe Biden wins the nomination and the presidency, he will need someone to run the government as a shadow president like Mike Pence. I believe he has said that he is likely to pick a woman as a running mate. Klobuchar would help with rural and suburban Midwestern swing voters. He might go with Elizabeth Warren though if the party is badly split and he needs to mollify progressives.

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  1. Warren’s main appeal was to the white, suburban leftist, and their nebulous loyalty flitted from Buttplug to Klubber to Fauxcahontas and back again. That’s because the main issue for many Dim voters is “electability”: Who will beat Trump?

    Warren has thoroughly discredited herself with the regressives, though, with whom she was ostensibly allied. She stayed in the race just long enough to f-up Bernie’s chances. There was no other reason for her to stay in, considering her descending vote share in the primaries. It was a naked, obvious power play meant to get the duplicitous harpy more influence with the higher party echelons.

    The Dim establishment is now all behind the Senile Child Molester, perhaps the most vulnerable candidate against Blompf. But Dim voters are (for now) stupidly falling in line with the elites’ choice, and ignoring the widespread vote fraud. It’s ultimately pointless, because Biden is a deeply corrupt pol who can inconsistently string together coherent sentences. His vulnerabilities are legion. On the debate stage, Blompf will leave only Dementia Joe’s entrails behind. The Dim inner circle, like the Recuck party hacks in 2016, apparently would rather lose the election than their unfettered access to party money and political power.

  2. I disagree. The odds are against Warren or Klobuchar as VP pick. They are way too white, from white majority states. He needs a black woman, one with governing experience. A black woman who will unite both white liberals and black people. Someone who, no one, even Trump, would dare to attack. Who? The choice is obvious: Michelle Obama.

    Michelle Obama as VP would draw every registered black, Latino, and white liberal to the polls.

    Trump in turn, in order to win, would have to draw every white voter (including us) who voted for him in 2016 to the polls. With NO WALL. no mass deportations, no ending of birth-right citizenship, that is a dream: a fantasy. Without the ones (us) who voted for him in 2016; all the whites who wanted a wall: Trump loses to a Biden/Obama ticket.

    Anyway, that’s how I see it.

  3. it’s no race at all. It’s over, as demonstrated by the Big Fix on Tuesday:

    Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Texas flat out stolen; + hugely inflated victory margin in VA.

    that’s why the betting line is now 80%+ Biden; the gamblers know when the fix is on.

    if Biden isn’t completely senile, he’ll pick Poki as his VP; that’ll draw back some of the Berniebots

    and give him an even chance against Drumpf. Incidentally, I wouldn’t short-sell Sleepy Joe

    in a debate with Drumpf. During the 2016 VP debate, he wiped the floor with ‘lyin Ryan.

  4. Everything- I repeat, EVERYTHING about this women (and all those like her – Katherine Jefferts-Schori comes to mind, as does Hillary) is IRREDEEMABLE. She’s a b*tch, she’s a poltiical whore, she’s a shrew, she’s unwomanly, etc. etc.

    May she quickly meet her maker, for all the trouble she has caused this election season, and all her life.

  5. Below an interesting web post about black community support for Joe Biden – blacks being a key overall 25% of USA Democratic primary voters –

    Which also touches on a number of classic Hunter Wallace historical themes, the view of whites here by blacks more positive, even counting in the segregationist era, to which Biden is old enough to have been connected

    From 4chan under a black community banner –

    « Black Brothers n Sisters Be Ridin’ With Joe Biden

    Americans, please support your black brothers n sisters, by supporting the man the black community knows is best for America’s future – Joltin’ Joe Biden. We Be Ridin’ wit Biden for good reason.

    Too often, liberal whites and Jews presume to speak for ‘people of color’ and the black community, but they cannot do so with authenticity.

    This is not the time for radical change in America – this is a time to evolve and grow slowly and take care of our problems we have long had.

    Donald Trump is not a bad man. He has lifted more black people out of the hell of prison than Brother Barack ever did. Leading whites like Biden and Trump, understand that very often the black man in prison is a ‘rando’ [random unconnected person] like they say, not the black man who committed the crime.

    In younger days Biden was friends with segregationists. They were not all evil people either, blacks know this. Biden understands, Biden is deep.

    Blacks are not perfect and share responsibility for the problems and crime in black society. Blacks need uplift, they are America’s special, sometimes messed-up children. And this white-bashing all the time is not good ethnic ethics. And we do not need at this time unlimited tens of millions of new people in USA, till we solve the problems with people we have.

    If you believe in justice for black brothers n sisters, support Joe Biden, he is a man for all, and give Donald John Trump honorable retirement for letting all so many black people out of jail for a fresh start. »

    Related meme photo –

  6. On Twitter, most Democrats said that they won’t vote for Biden. Some said that they’d riot over Sanders being screwed out of the norm nomination.

    I’ve said it before. How the South and interior West vote, is irrelevant. The sixteen Northern states and Mexifornia hold all of the controlling votes. They have since 1860.

    All Biden has to do is get those six Yankee states that voted for Trump the last time, to switch back. Which may not be as hard as it appears, given the fickle nature of Yankees.

    Biden’s gonna drop the anti-White rhetoric and run an old fashioned 1980s campaign based on getting back extinct union steel mill and auto plant jobs, and corn and soybean subsidies for the Rust and Corn Belts.

    It’ll be entertaining to see him and Trump debating whose soybean subsidies program is better.

  7. They’re going to pick somebody that can carry Biden through the election. Somebody that they and the constituency would like to really see as president. Somebody who will get votes for the Biden ticket, and if Biden’s elected, take his place when he steps down in 22, for health reasons.

    That individual isn’t Pocahontas, Hilary Clinton, or Michelle Obama.

    Furthermore, this is the last gasp of the White, ostensibly “centrist,” Democratic Party.

  8. America has been gone for a long, long time.
    I believe the usurpation to have been completed by 1864.
    Lincoln was our first tyrant and crypto jew. What he did to our land was incomprehensible and traitorous basically gave it to jews and non-White beasts.
    The War of Northern Aggression aka Civil War was an act of treason and Lincoln and every politician who sided with him should have been disemboweled and shot.
    This is the time when they created the corporate fiction known as THE UNITED STATES, illegally passed the 14th Amendment, and disappeared the 13th Amendment. Everything that has happened since then is null and void and are legally acts of treason against the REAL people and owners of this land, the ‘posterity’ of the signers of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    We were conquered then and sadly most people still haven’t figured this out!!

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