Donald Trump Slams Jeff Sessions As Disloyal

I wasn’t planning to vote at all yesterday.

In the end, I was persuaded by my wife and nostalgia for the Obama years when Jeff Sessions represented Alabama in the Senate. Even if Sessions had decisively won last night’s election and wasn’t headed to a run off, I don’t have any confidence in the GOP to restrict immigration. At most, we would have one vote in the Republican caucus to fight a perpetual defensive battle against amnesty. Immigration restrictionists like Sessions are perpetual outliers in the GOP even in the Trump era.

Sen. Thom Tillis decisively won his primary in North Carolina last night after he was loudly endorsed by Donald Trump. This is the same guy who is spearheading the current effort in the Senate to bring in vast numbers of new guest workers. In contrast, Trump is boasting this morning on Twitter about how his chumps voted for Tommy Tuberville, which has forced Sessions into a run off election. Tuberville is running on “firing” Jeff Sessions as payback for the Mueller probe.

Why would an immigration restrictionist endorse Thom Tillis while trying to destroy Jeff Sessions? Why is Charlie Kirk the face of Trump’s 2020 campaign? To ask the question is to answer it. Donald Trump is a narcissist and a demagogue who is the leader of a vacuous personality cult. He doesn’t have any real ideological beliefs about these issues. This is why he has utterly failed to press the MAGA agenda. He never really believed in any of it anyway. The only thing he ever believed in was Donald Trump.

If Donald Trump believed in any of this shit, he would be trying to reform the GOP by empowering his ideological allies in Congress. Instead, he prefers to surround himself with people like Lindsey Graham and Thom Tillis. He endorsed Mitt Romney when he ran for the Senate in 2018. This is a guy who had Julian Assange arrested while empowering neocons like Mike Pompeo and John Bolton. He pardoned Rod Blagojevich while his friend and longtime ally Roger Stone was being sentenced to prison.

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  1. Yea I don’t think Trump believes in anything but himself. He was a Democrat for years and had a change and became a Republican so he could run for President. He probably changed parties because he knew the Democrats would be going after the rich in future elections. That’s obvious with Bloomberg dropping out. The same thing would have happened if Trump ran as a Democrat. Trump is for Trump. He says what Conservatives wanna hear but he delivered on nothing but tax cuts for the rich and other things good for the rich. How he brainwashed Working Class White People into voting for him I’ll never know. Probably because it was Anybody but Obama or Clinton. The same old 2 party junk that people believe year after year. Deo Vindice !

  2. “Donald Trump Slams Jeff Sessions As Disloyal”, sort of like the pot calling the kettle black, HW?

    Between corona and the wild financial market swings, events will be in the driver’s seat this year much more than the warped personalities gracing the TV set every night. This is without a war for “our greatest ally” either, at least for now. If Trump starts a war for “our greatest ally” before the election, all bets are off.

    Not only will he cave in the fragile economy/financial system with such a war, there will be huge, unpredictable, disastrous consequences all around. If Trump sees that he is going to lose anyway, he might as well start a war for “our greatest ally”, that’s what Sheldon Adelson paid him to do. It’s always all about Trump, Trump, Trump, that is his one and only “big idea”.

    • Trumpeldor won’t start a war before the “election”. No matter how hard the Jews push. I think even he is smarter than that. I could be wrong, though. Anyway – the ENTIRE country is freaked out by Corona Chan, so if Trump and his Jews tried to start a war now – I think he and they would get a YUUUUGE Eff Joo from the entire population.

  3. “Donald Trump is a narcissist and a demagogue who is the leader of a vacuous personality cult”…Spot. Fucking. On. I would take it a step further…he’s a lying sack of shit…and he’s the president this God Forsaken country deserves.

  4. Drumpf pardoned crooked Rod ’cause it’d piss off Kasich and maybe get Drumpf a few extra bohunk votes in Ohio on election day. On a related matter, Haxo

    received a fake-personalized letter from Drmpf/MAGA today requesting a fat contribution. Am sending back $5 in monopoly money plus some old grocery store green stamps.

  5. There would be a fitting irony to conservative white men in Alabama electing a negro worshipping college football coach over an immigration patriot.

    • That’s it, in as direct, simple, complete terms as it’s possible to state. Trump is the king of debt/bankruptcy so look for him to inflate the debt away to nothing then pay everyone off with inflated, depreciated dollars. DJT then cam truthfully claim that the U.S. Government didn’t default, everyone got paid back in full, on time. The fact that the dollar$ have lost most of their purchasing power will somehow not be part of the equation.

      DJT may accidentally turn out to be a decent president by destroying (inadvertently) the current corrupt regime by destroying the USD. The current corrupt regime is totally dependent upon the rotten dollar for its existence and power. If that goes away for any reason and honest money replaces it (like before 1913) the globalhomo shopping mall type of society goes with. The money changer$ will, of course fight every inch of the way to prevent that from happening, when the dollar goes on to the ash heap, they will go with it.

  6. Situation in Europe with Corona about to go crazy as fuck. Hundreds of Germans going down with it. It’s going crazy in the UK with infection rates. This is a terrible moment.

  7. I sincerely hope the left throws his ass in prison someday soon. Traitors are even worse than the (((parasites)))

  8. OK, now we know it’s probably going to be the moneybags’ ‘safe’ candidate, Biden, and the other group of moneybags’ ‘safe’ candidate Trump…..

    Can we get back to the Chink Flu pandemic, and if we are even going to be ALIVE, come November?
    Anyone else finding insanity in stores, looking for face masks, paranoia when someone next to you coughs? Good stuff, like the Plague……

    Oh, and lest we forget the UTTER USELESSNESS OF NON-WHITES IN OUR NATION….

    “Burger-flipping robots are changing the food service industry by offering their services to restaurants for about $3 an hour.” –

    • I like the idea of burger flipping robots it the jetsons come to life. One of the reasons I avoid fast food is I can’t trust the non white staff/ or white staff for that matter doing something with my food. If companies saves money from this and this makes fast food cheaper in the end i’m all for it and I’d eat more of it. Fast food should be cheaper anyway

      • I always hated the Jetsons. Now, I know why. All of the Buck Rogers among us deserve to live in a world without any human contact whatsoever. No cooks, no waitresses, no store clerks, no craftsmen, no nurses, no doctors, nobody at the customer service counter except an unsympathetic robot to complain to. As for the people preparing food, I always look to see who is staffing the restaurant. If I feel uneasy about them, I leave. This includes about ninety nine percent of the time that I see a Negro, at least half the time I see a Hispanic (especially males), and occasionally when the staff appears to be unhygienic Whites.

        Almost everything, except 60″ Televisions, should be cheaper. Homes, which used to have 20 year mortgages that were paid off early, now have 30 year mortgages and are frequently refinanced. Automobiles that used to have 36 month loans and were traded in for a new model are now saddled with 60 month loans and are driven until they fall apart. You can afford a T.V. that will occupy an entire wall, but you cannot afford the wall to put it on. The home was once the affordable necessity and the big screen t.v. was the luxury item that you saved up for.

    • One of his daughters married an Asian guy and they have several children. The Left went nuts when Sen. Sessions was nominated for AG. They publicly, repeatedly, viciously heaped scorn upon his daughter/son in law and their Asian children. For tolerant, multicultural, diversity loving people no one is as petty, hypocritical and insane as the maniacs on the Left.

  9. Jeff Sessions represents a rare opportunity for us-He was the first member of Congress to support Trump in 2016 and look what it got him-Trump denounces him, while endorsing Mitt Romney! As a senator, Sessions could criticize Trump and hold his feet to the fire on 2016 campaign promises like “draining the swamp” and the Border Wall. Sessions needs to lay low until elected then unload on Trump. Sessions runoff opponent, former coach Tommy Tuberville, coached at Ole Miss before leaving for Auburn and was against all things confederate-I’d walk a mile out of my way to vote against him. Also, i’ve got a new nickname for Trump-“Agent Orange”-Sessions should call him that once elected-the national media would eat it up like a spoon!

  10. I hate to say it but there are lots of white folks who absolutely love contradictions. They feed on them. And, Trump is the ultimate contradiction.

  11. In this pivotal time we needed a Statesmen instead we got a carnival barker. No Tricentennial!~ The United States will not last that long. Also expect Corona Virus to make its way in waves from Canada’s Chinese population.

  12. Jeff Sessions was disloyal to Trump? No, Sessions, like his successor current U.S. Attorney general William Barr, didn’t want to become Trump’s “consigliari””..Godfather” Trump apparently thinks the U. S. Attorney General should become his personal defense lawyer, and devote himself and all of his time and energy to defending him. Too bad Roy Cohn died-he would have been Trump’s dream choice for AG.! Sessions (and Barr) want to be traditional Attorney Generals, Sessions in particular wanted to use the U. S. Justice Department to launch an assault on Affirmative Action, by interpreting the 1964 Civil Rights Act according to it’s plain anti-racial discrimination language and attack Affirmative action as a violation of the 64 Act-Wouldn’t it be delicious irony to see prestigious colleges, universities, and professional school big-shots being found guilty of racial discrimination, along with all the state and local politicians- proponents of ” minority set-asides” in government contracting? Maybe Sessions would be a great Republican candidate for President in 2024? .Sure beats Mike Pence or Jeb Bush!

    • Trump has never criticized anti-white discrimination. It’s part of his pandering to blacks. The MAGA retards don’t care about anti-white discrimination at all. The literally never mention it.

  13. Hunter has posted that Trump is taunting Jeff Sessions on twitter-Great! This sets up a winning scenario for us. Sessions can win his runoff-get out the vote for him, Alabama, and send Tuberville to the locker room for an early shower. Then, Sessions can use his bully pulpit as newly-elected Senator and point out to a press hungry tor anti-Trump news, all of the promises Trump made in the run-up to the 2016 election that he hasn’t delivered upon, and can criticize Jared and Ivanka’s baleful influence as Trump advisors. result- Trump has to follow through on his promises. Furthermore, Sessions can by doing this set himself up as a presidential candidate in the 2024 election.

  14. Alabamians- Jeff Sessions has the best record of any member of both the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate on immigration according to Numbers USA., the top anti-immigration PAC in America. While in the Senate he successfully led the effort to resist Amnesty for illegals, and as Trump’s Attorney General made enforcement of Border laws his priority. Tuberville, on the other hand, said he wants a Border Wall so we can run background checks on proposed immigrants, and once checked we can let most of them in and put them to work and on a path toward citizenship! As Ole Miss’s football coach in the 90’s Tommy Tuberville was against all things Confederate, and led the movement that resulted in banning the Rebel Flag from football games, the playing of Dixie by the Ole Miss band, and replacing the “Colonel Reb”‘ mascot with a black bear so as to be more in keeping with his recruiting philosophy for prospective players..Jefferson Beauregard Sessions would never do any of that, but then he’s not a race traitor like Tommy Tuberville… Tuberville will be a typical Chamber of Commerce Republican who, iff elected,, will be bowing to the wishes of the donor class who are willing to sell us out and transform our nation into a third world hellhole so long as the donor class gets cheap labor in the short term. Vote for a real conservative(Sessions) rather than a neocon phony(Tuberville) Tomorrow is election day – Stand up and be counted!

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