Amy Klobuchar Drops Out

Boring Amy is out.

BETO, Buttplug and Boring Amy all endorsed Joe Biden at his rally in Houston tonight. The Democratic establishment has decided that Senile Joe is their best bet as the Never Bernie candidate.

Note: Tucker had a good monologue on how sad this is tonight. Joe Biden’s mental decline is clearly accelerating.

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  1. To make matters worse for the DNC Ukraine is now starting an investigation into Biden and the prosecutor who was canned.

  2. Klobuchar is the candidate of boring old rich pro-Israel cat ladies who would vote for the center-right in Europe. They’ll probably move to Bloomberg now that she’s out.

    • Or maybe the candidate of boring, old rich, pro Israel dog nutter ladies who dress up their dogs and call them their ” kids.”. Tee heeee. ?

  3. I keep thinking that they’ll (DNC) push for Joe and get him the delegates and just then he’ll really lose it. Hillary Clinton ends up drafted as the nominee. Or Bloomberg will buy it.

  4. His gaffes would provide good entertainment, but I’m not immature enough to decide my choice based on a desire to be entertained. If I was, i’d be a GWB fan. Though I do think Biden is more reasonable on social issues, but Bernie speaks to the millennial generation.

  5. “Boring Amy?” I would call her “Bouncing Amy” for that embarrassing video of her at a campaign rally.

    I will always remember her for being the one to being up the “rape gangs” at the Kavanaugh hearings. You know– Brett and his pals drugging, raping and terrorizing girls at parties and how these terrorized girls kept showing up for more parties.

  6. Good riddance, Amy. She is another disgusting anti white traitor. The Democrats are filled with them. I crack up when they call her a ” moderate Democrat.”. Really? Based on what? Just like the literal communists in her party she favors open borders, wants at least 10 times the refugees Trump lets in now, favors ” muh reparations” for the children race, is anti police as she caters to blacks, is extremely pro abortion and extremely pro homosexual. I can go on but you get the point.

    Where is this moderate label she gets? It is simply a media creation. She is as leftist and evil as any of them. This piglet will turn Minnesota and the entire nation into a third world swamp for her short term power.

    I much prefer the admittedly socialists like Sanders and Aoc over these shady “moderate” hustlers like Amy, Pete Butt plug, Booker, Castro, etc. This is why Sanders and Aoc draw crowds. You may not like what they say for the most part but they say it with conviction. Compare them to a swamp creature like Senile Joe who at this point is ready for fishing and all you can eat buffets instead of running for president. This senile old man will get eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a debate against Trump. It won’t even be close. A debate between Sanders and Trump is far more interesting.

    You have to worship something in life. For true Christians it’s GOD/ CHRIST. For atheists or similar it becomes one or all of the following: money, the earth, the state, sex, drugs, alcohol, sports, actors, longevity.

    The Democrats are basically an atheist party. Even GOD got booed at their convention. ( don’t worry, kids, GOD gets the last laugh) Many of these Democrats fearful of Sanders are simply showing their worship of money. Look at nasty, pitiful Judge Jew Dee. She’s all in A tizzy and backing fellow kosherite Bloomberg because they are both greedy slobs terrified of being taxed more by a Sanders administration. The hooch is making about 47 million per year to be a fake judge on tv being incredibly rude to all people crazy enough to go on her show. Gee judge, you can’t simply back Trump instead?

    It’s obvious people like the judge and these ( cough) moderate Democrats love and worship money. Compare that to Aoc and Bernie saying billionaires should not exist. The problem for these money loving fake moderates is the rapidly approaching future for the Democrat Party and America is socialist. No way an extremely diverse nation like America goes another way. The uber capitalist pigs bringing in hordes of cheap labor and illegal aliens were as good for the socialist movement as any famous socialist name you can think of. Then throw in the massive disparity in wealth. Why do you think so many super wealthy hate Trump?

    I will vote for Trump again but unless there is a huge transformation in who can immigrate here along with not allowing welfare people to have more than two kids, the future is socialist….bigly.

  7. Creepy Cornpop Joe and Bolshevik Bernie is all that remains now boys, and the DNC obviously wants Cornpop to win after Buttplug and klobuchar recent dropouts

  8. Bloomberg recently said if hes president Israel would get whatever funds they need and he wouldn’t put a limit on them apparently 8 billion isn’t good enough?. Contrast that recent statement with the one he gave a month ago saying maybe cpac has too much influence. So much for some accelerationists thinking he was based because he was woke on race so was campaign trail Trump

    • Oh, and Minnesotans now have to seriously THINK about which Socialist Communist Premier they REALLY want as Party Chair… umm, President….

  9. BIDEN / ABRAMS FOR WEIMERIKWA!!! C’mon you box-wine-imbibers! Here’s our last, best hope to take back Weimerikwa for shit-libbery, faggotry, and infinity-brown-replacements!

  10. In an interview with some yenta from The New Yorker a while back, Amy Klobuchar admits to having a competitive edge by manipulating Minnesota’s farmers on strictly local matters, such as rural cell phone coverage, and the need for their kind to relentlessly pursue the distasteful campaign work of interacting with locals.

    This frumpish phony showed her capacity for the nastiest sort of blind partisanship when she disgraced the Kavanaugh hearing with the question about blackouts which Kavanaugh returned at a hundred miles an hour, leaving fellow Ivy Leaguer Amy looking like an idiot. She’ll never forgive him for this.

    With Biden out on the golf course most of the time when he’s not napping, she could be the de facto president getting down to the serious business of impeaching Kavanaugh while confiscating guns as the sine qua non of exterminating whiteness from every institution of influence in America. As a Russian monk-seer predicted a century ago, what they were doing to Russians was merely a prelude to what they intend for America.

  11. I wonder how much Buttplug and Shabbos Amy were paid off to drop out….promises have been made, obviously…

    FYI Shabbos Amy says she’s not a jew – but she couldn’t be more slavish to the Tribe if she was one.

    “She is the only one of seven presidential hopefuls who voted with AIPAC on an anti-BDS bill.”

    Guidelines prevent me from offering my thoughts on this trash.

    Commentors -open that little link on Amy. And her Jews OWNERS. It’s very blatant about how jews DO things.

  12. The Demo’s have become the party of senility at the top, and the party of violent thugs and perverts at the bottom.

  13. I wouldn’t fuck Amy Klobuchar with Joe Biden’s dick. Plus, she’s a big meany to her noble savage constituents.

  14. The Corporations have ultimate power in the Republican Party. However the Corporations also have power in the Democratic Party as well. The whole Moderate Democrats thing really just means Corporate Democrats. The establishment is blocking Bernie Sanders over Medicare For All and other Populist issues that might help people. I’m sure the Medical Industrial Complex is dumping millions of dollars in donations on Joe Biden, Trump, and other politicians who will work for them. It’s really sad. The Medical Industrial Complex only cares about money and profit. It has no care for helping people and it sure don’t care about people living a healthy lifestyle. That would mean less money for those scum who laugh at sick people while counting all that money. The establishment hates the idea of people being healthy in the World. Deo Vindice !

  15. DNC strong-armed Klobuchar real good: a few hours before she dropped out, they had a mob of BLM thugs storm into and shut down her last Minnesota meeting. As to gun-grab Beto, he’s nothing; it’s the Jew billionaire wife,one (((Amy Sanders))) that calls his shots.

    at a wild guess, the other (((Sanders))) will get the bulk of today’s delegates, but Biden (one way or another….) will get enough to stop him short at the Milwaukee Convention. Tic will prolly be Biden/Warren, which might well suffice to make Drumpf a one-termer. And, since Bernie’s a livid corpse, think Prez. Pocahontas w/in a year or two.

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