Politico: Why The White House Immigration Plan Failed

UPDATE: Trump is even worse than I thought on immigration:

Neat trick shifting the refugee numbers over to asylum seekers.

Donald Trump’s official position on immigration for over a year now is that he wants “people to come into our country in the largest numbers ever, but they have to come in legally.” We need to increase legal immigration because a shortage of high-skilled workers is holding back the GDP. He has already raised the caps on H-1B, H-2B and H-2A visas.

That’s what Donald Trump said in the 2019 State of the Address and now that the WITCH HUNT is over he recently returned to the subject in a more scripted way in the 2020 State of the Union Address when he said “we are working on legislation to replace our outdated and randomized immigration system with one based on merit, welcoming those who follow the rules, contribute to our economy, support themselves financially, and uphold our values.”

The choice in 2020 is voting for the Jared Kushner plan to INCREASE legal immigration for business lobbyists, OR, the open borders Democrat nominee.


“In May 2019, President Donald Trump unveiled a much-anticipated proposal to overhaul America’s immigration system and launched a quiet campaign to build support.

It’s gone nowhere — and few believe it ever will. …

Trump, who has made immigration a top priority of his presidency, plans to push an issue that has long confounded Washington as he runs for reelection over the next nine months. With the impeachment trial behind him, Trump himself will soon determine whether to push for the bill this year or in a potential second term, according to a White House official. …

Trump attempted a major rewrite of the nation‘s immigration laws in 2018. The effort quickly died in Congress amid a backlash from immigration hawks, who blasted it for protecting millions of immigrants in the United States illegally. …

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, said Kushner also called him looking for support. But Krikorian said he rebuffed the overtures, telling Kushner he couldn’t back a plan that doesn’t reduce the number of overall immigrants.

The specifics of the White House’s 600-page proposal are not all known because the bill has not been released publicly. But Trump revealed the contours of the plan during a Rose Garden speech last May. …”


The big picture: If the rate of immigration to the U.S. was cut in half, population growth would slow, but still depend on immigrants, the study found. Non-white Americans would also still become the majority by 2060.

If immigrants were altogether stopped from coming into the U.S. — a dramatic, purely hypothetical scenario — the population would begin to decline in 2035.

In that same scenario, non-Hispanic, white peoples’ share of the population would still drastically decline, barely maintaining a majority in 2060. …”

None of this matters anyway.

Conservatives have already lost the country. Immigration could be cut in half or stopped altogether and it wouldn’t change anything. Reducing immigration isn’t even in the cards. Too many wealthy Republican donors have written too many checks to Donald Trump.

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  1. Need a “merit-based” deportation plan for all non-White non-European invaders instead. And get rid of all the honeypot welfare/educational/housing programs. If you want to make America great again then get rid of all the ones who hate Christians, hate whites, hate conservatives, hate the Right, love free handouts, promote homosexuality, promote adultery, would vote for a Leftist, etc.

    Get rid of Kushner.

    And build a real 60’+ impenetrable wall that can support military vehicles on its top and with sniper towers every 200 yards manned 24×7 by military that have been brought home from fighting Jewish wars in the Middle East fronted 60 yards wide with land mines.

    We were looking for a deliverer but all we got was a liar.

    • We need a firing squad….. sorry, but everything you mention will NOT come to pass. We need a revolution, and while I would wish for a non-violent one, it doesn’t appear likely….

  2. Why don’t the pro-immigration experts ever mention any kind of ceiling as to the number of illiterate, unskilled and un-assimilable foreign brown people we so desperately need? What would they like the population of the USA to be, 500 million? A billion? Wouldn’t those kinds of numbers have a negative effect on the quality of life and standard of living for most Americans, thus negating the supposed benefits of increased immigration? Why are the experts so unwilling to discuss this important issue with us, since it is going to have a profound effect on our lives, our country and our economy?

    • Spahn, an excellent question. I have axed that very question several times of pro-immigracion types: How many are enough? How high do you want the U.S. population to go; 400, 500, 600 million wogs, a billion? The U.S. is already the third largest country by population, do you want to have more people than China and India, most of them Third World types, too?

      Isn’t it already crowded enough and what effect do you think all these filthy buggers will have on the environment? Look at California where the Mexicans, Guatemalans etc. leave trash everywhere, set up their filthy, hepatitis “food” stands wherever they want then dump the grease right on the ground when they are done. You want more of that?

      The response is first; they are dumbstruck, those questions are not to be asked. Then rage follows, they try a rebuttal, I tell them Ok, maybe you are right, they can move in next to you and your daughters can go to school with gangbangers and ebola types from the Congo, good luck you stupid prick.

  3. Make every immigrant coming into the USA pay a $1,000/month immigration tax for at least 5 years to help offset the cost of enforcing immigration laws and protecting our borders. And any illegals caught put them in a debtors’ prison to work off all they owe in back immigration taxes and then deport them.

  4. Yes, conservatives have already lost the US.

    Allow me to share a personal story that should give everyone pause who still believe that we can still get our country back.

    A few years ago I was living and working in my hometown of Phoenix, when one our employees invited some of us to his house for some after dinner drinks.
    “Louis” was a young, Mexican-American, who was a 3rd generation American. When I walked into his house I was struck by all the flags, symbols, and colors of the flag of Mexico that adorned his home.

    As we talked about his future, I suggested he join the military.

    “Well I would only join the military if my country was attacked.” He said.

    I pointed out all the great benefits that he would get now, as a young man, in peacetime. He looked at me somewhat confused.

    “No, no, not the US military” he said, “I mean the military of Mexico, my country.”

    I pointed out that he was not born in Mexico, but in America. America is his country I told him.

    He corrected me again.

    “No, no” he said, “I’m Mexican. Yes, I was born here, yes I live and work here, but Mexico is MY country; I am a Mexican.”

    In other words, race and culture is everything. Even 3rd and 4th generations of Mexican-Americans do not see themselves as “Americans” they see themselves as Mexicans.

    That should give us all pause for the future.

    • It’s true, after two or three generations the brown bean-people lose all interest in being Americans and identify with the country of their ancestors. It’s the same with Mohammedans.

    • Mr. Kohl,

      I probably should not reply to this but to my people our race and our culture are everything. Government does not create people only God does.

      Blood is more important than what government you are under. I am amazed that so many anglos do not understand this.

      I write you this with full respect but if I was an American the idea that a moslem-american or a black american are my people would make me laugh in derision.

      What government you are under just means what mutual rights and obligations you owe each other. It does not determine who your people are.
      I will never understand the WASP.,

        • Flaxen-headed Strumpet,

          It did not take you long to jump on my comment. I am forbidden to be an original comment on here but am only allowed to talk to my internet friends.

          But I just had to respond. I am sometimes like the bull before the red flag.

          Anyway, I am glad that you have written to me.

          • “I probably should not reply to this but to my people our race and our culture are everything.”

            Please define/describe “your people, your race”. Be as expansive as your like.

        • Flaxen-headed Strumpet,

          The dictionaries I looked at said a people are a collective group based on a common heritage, race, nation etc.

          A nation is defined by Yahoo dictionary as:

          a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.

          The United States is NOT a people or a nation in the normal /traditional sense of the word.

          My race is presumably the same as yours but a different ethnic group. I also put the defintion to November in a response below.

          Still outside of basic morality my loyalties are to Mexicans/Mexican-Americans not the WASP. I will not support sin just because it temporally helps Mexicans. An example is that I am against illegal immigration to the USA. even when Mexicans are doing it.

          So by the official definitions above are not my people Mexican/Mexican Americans? I am surprised at your question?

          No Mexican whether white, mixed, or Indian would answer differently. Partial exceptions might be tribal Mexican Indians living apart.

          In conclusion, I do not understand why the USA wishes to destroy yourself by the 3 I’s—immigration, integration, and interbreeding.

          I am against that happening to the United States more than most Americans partly on principle and partly on self interest. If you can be destroyed then so can other groups of people.

        • Flaxen,

          An addendum to my comment. There are limits to my considerations of who are my people. I would marry an Anglo before I would marry a Mexican Indian. Marriage is more important and is a sacrament as compared to other considerations. Needless to say the intimacy of the marriage bed is far more important than national loyalties.

          During conflicts in Guatemala many Mexican Maya fought for their Indian tribesmen across the borders. Those Indians defined their people as their racial/tribal kinsmen. For them being Mexican citizens meant little or nothing. This is normal unless it is beaten or brainwashed out of you.

        • Flaxen,

          I thank you for saying I could be expansive. Perhaps it is cultural or just personal but I write more voluminous than yourself.

          Anyway my race is White. If I was not Pro White I would not be on here.

          I still have to identify with Mexicans for the following reasons:
          1. Common history
          2. Common blood–most Mexicans have at least some Spanish blood
          3. Common religion
          4. Common culture
          5. Common country of origin etc.
          6. Common language

          These create a bond

        • Flaxen-headed Strumpet,

          The cosmic race nonsense is just more of the interracialist nonsense of modern times. Remember that the Marxists won the Mexican Civil War of 1910-1921. Indians and whites in general like who they are.

          One of the first things they did was to attack Christianity and Race. They got rid of racial classifications in 1922 I believe and they attacked the Church.

          It was not until around 1991 that priests were finally allowed to appear in public in their robes. Mexico has been anti Catholic for a century.

        • Flaxen,

          There was a nut called “El Supremo” in the early 19th century who believed in that cosmic race garbage. He was insane literally and taken care of—the hard way I think.

        • Flaxen – I looked up José Vasconcelos and La Raza Cósmica. Sounds like the Mexican Kalergi plan He himself looks kinda…jewey. He cheated on his wife pretty much non-stop, including with some “Argentian Jewess” named Berta Singerman. Her family were jews from Russia. We know Jews are crawling all over Latin America. Her family moved from Russia to Argentina when she was a little girl. Does that make her an “Argentinian”?

          We must be careful with DNA. Pale skin does NOT mean you are White. Having ONE European ancestor does not make you White. What are the other genetic sources? I wrote above that this pale skinned “Mexican Vasconcelos looks VERY Jewy. WHY would a “proud Mexican” want to blend races, and come up with a Kalergi style mongrelization plan around the same time the absolutely demented mongrel Kalergi himself did, on a wholly different continent? Mongrels want everyone else to be as genetically screwed up as they are…

          (((What’s going on here?)))

          • That reminds me of an appearance that John Metzger did on the Montel Williams Show.

            Some jewish man in the audience claimed to be as HuWhite as John. Without missing a beat, John Metzger replied, “You might be a pale face, but you are not White.”

            John’s father still has a web presence at: resist.com

          • Interesting, but I think you’re (at least partially) off base Denise. Vasconcelos was an open admirer of Adolph Hitler until it became apparent that Germany was going to be defeated. La Raza Cósmica was written before WW II began and a “revised” edition was produced after WW II that scrubbed all the original admiration of Hitler.

            That he may have been a degenerate cad that would screw a sufficiently restrained snake is something I know nothing of.

          • Flaxen – I may be off base about Vasconcelos – but there’s not a lot of info on his background. Which is par for the course in Latin American countries. And he wouldn’t have been the first Jew who admired Hitler – until poor Adolf lost. Hitler himself tragically has thousand of Jews working in Germany, allegedly for the Reich (YUUGE mistake) And why would Jose flip from a Mexican Kalergi plan to the Aryan Reich to scrubbing his Hitler Fan Boying after Hitler began to be globally excoriated? This pattern only confirms my initial impression, and (((shape-shifting))) is an (((eternal strategy))), isn’t it?

            Have you ever read “Under Two Flags” by the delightful and witty Heinz Weichardt? If not, you MUST:


            Weichard lived under Hitler’s Reich as a teenager, and his account is eye-opening, as well as funny and entertaining as can be. Weichard was the rarest of creatures, an honest Jew. If all Jews were like Weichard – they’d be a splendid asset yo Humanity. Instead of a scourge.

            Weichard was not ever intimidated by the KNAAZEEZ, even as a teenager, and enjoyed a wonderful life from start to finish. His only objection to Hitler’s regime was that he wasn’t permitted to serve in certain division of the military because of his racial status. HE never denounced Hitler, and defended him to the very end. So..why wouldn’t a Mexican admirer do the same? I dunno…

          • Have you ever read “Under Two Flags” by the delightful and witty Heinz Weichardt? If not, you MUST:


            Absolutely fantastic article. Thank you.

        • Flaxen,

          Hard to find the appropriate Reply under a comment. I did not create the world or societies I live in. If some elites wish the invasion of the US that is not my doing.

          I believe if Mexico wanted to stop the invasion they would/could do so.

          Now—–does the United States really want to stop the invasion?

          I suspect both countries support what is going on.

        • Fr Johnny – that link you provided is a disgrace, but instructive. That Whitless idiot pretty much embodies all the Tragic Flaws of the Dixie Dimwits.

          Firstly – he trashes White Nationalists, as well as the dreaded Yanquis. He’s SHOCKED clutch the pearls SHOCKED that any-one would DARE criticize Marion Morrison, born in Iowa. Iowa is not in Dixie, fyi. This is absurd. An alleged adult man throws a hissy fit over an ACTOR. An ACTOR.

          Actors are pretend people. I enjoy the work of actors. But I don’t take anything they say or do seriously. These are people who make their living pretending to be OTHER people. They are False Idols, put in place by Jews, in order to distract the increasingly idiotic public from serious matters in the REAL WORLD. And to deflect attention from THEM. From Jews. People used to idolize and attempt to emulate IMPORTANT people who offer real value to Human endeavor. Not anymore. It’s all brainless, increasingly depraved “celebrities”. Wayne’ films were generally worthwhile, and hold up well over time. Morrison allegedly embodied the Uber Masculine White Man – but he was still NOTHING MORE THAN AN ACTOR. Cary Grant at least has the good sense and self reflection to note that acting is not a man’s profession. That he was playing like a child for his entire adult life. Yet Whitless screeches like a 12 year old girl reacting to criticism of a pop idol . Ridiculous.

          Whitless trashes White Nationalists because Morrison “…he made people they don’t like in Hollywood a lot of money with his wholesome pictures of machismo and heroism?” So making Jews rich while they subvert civilization is A-OK with this proud Southern Man! That makes sense, in context, because Jews have been exploiting and looting Dixie form the BEGINNING, and still are. That’s 100% culturally consistent for Whitless!

          That’s not the primary point of the screed though. Whitless is completely outraged and insulting to White Advocates BECAUSE they’ve correctly noted that Uber White Male Exemplar Morrison had life long taste for dark flesh from South of the Border. And produced mongrel kids. Whitless cites a picture of Morrison and his son Ethan, and states that “young Ethan here looks like any other Caucasian kid” Well it’s one photo, you can’t really see the child’s face very well, and pale skin doesn’t make you White. Whitless drools on for a few more paragraphs about “De Turribul Ebbils of Da Razizm” Then, another picture appears of aging Morrison, children, and his “White Latina” Peruvian wife. The mother of “Caucasian Ethan”.

          Ruh roh.

          Even from the 3/4 view of Pilar I could see she’s mixed blood. Whitless spews immense amounts of BS about the racial makeup of Latin American countries, yet NEVER mentions Jews, and for all his insults about the alleged idiocy of White Nationalists, doesn’t seem to understand that the term “Hispanic” itself is a grotesque misnomer. A Hispanic is some-one FROM Hispaniola. Period. Loads of people make that mistake, but Whitless is as clueless as the people he attempts insult, via his own words. And as far as terminology goes – there is immense confusion on the part of Mestizos themselves. “Latinos/Hispanics” etc – their genetics are so screwy they don’t even know what they are. THIS is why so many of the lighter skinned ones think they are White.

          Which brings us back to Pilar. She’s Peruvian. So what? Soil of origin is not DNA There are loads of pics of her, online. Do review this very early one. When she was young. Before the plastic surgery. And skin bleaching?


          THIS is what WhitLESS regards as White. Do you think she’s White? DO you? FYI – That’s a Negrita. Can ya see the Negro DNA in the face? Before the plastic surgery and what MUST have been decades of skin bleaching? Can you SEE?

          Whitless can’t. THAT’s what Whitless regards as White.

          FYI – Morrison made a lot of films, but the one dearest to his heart, was “The Quiet Man”. A LOVE LETTER to Ireland. It took him years to get the funding and green light to do that film. It’s a beautiful film and a real work of art. Yet Morrison apparently never had any romantic involvement with actual Celtic women. Loved Ireland, yet hated Irish women. Wow. WHATTA hero.

          Why shouldn’t REAL White Advocates call out the hypocrisy and racial erasure committed by Heroic (FALSE) Idols like Morrison? Is there a reason? WHITLESS is OUTRAGED by Whites who do. Weird. But Southern “Whites” seem to be very tolerant of race mixing, after all.

          Oh – by the by – check out histories and pics of Morrison’s 2 other “Hispanic” wives. The Mexican Esperanza Díaz Ceballos (What’s the percentage of Indio in that one? But that’s what passes for White in MeHEEco) and his first, the “full blooded Spanish” (according to Whitless) Josephine Saenz. If you see this post – tell me if those 2 look White to you.

          Whit-LESS has no business insulting ANY-ONE for ANYTHING.

      • Cristina,

        What you described is a group of people (parasites) nation inside another nation (host) like the jews that don’t assimilate but exploit what the European race of men created. Not that ever had a high opinion of meztizas or mestizos.

        Let’s do a little deconstruction of Mexicans but in particular indigenous and mixed Mexicans.They haven’t advanced very far from their pre-contact ancestors in behavior, hygiene, or societal advances. Mexico is an ecological and environmental disaster. The air pollution not only contains the usual particulates, but due to intelligence hampering toxic levels of lead in 40-50% of infants, and the rampant breeding of borderline mental retards (I.Q. of less than 80) on a massive scale. In Mexico City alone 20% of the population could be classified as mentally retatded.

        Another less known but indicator of a shithole third world country is the presence of fecal snow. This where the amount of fecal output supercedes the infrastructure meant to handle treating it, so that fecal matter doesn’t end up in the drinking water or the air that one breathes. On both accounts, Mexico receives a failing grade.


        Mexicans/mestizos seem to have a close knit family structure that the WASPs have lost, but both the Italians in Italy and North America and the Japanese in Japan and North America retain strong familial bonds while not turning their neighborhoods into ‘no go zone’ barrios full of litter, violence, property crime, and animals running loose in the streets. Mexican bio-spirit should be only in Mexico.

        As you know, I am far from a fan of the WASP experience over the last 165 years. This is not a defense for their Gordian knot alliances with jews zionist and otherwise against European cousins, but a rebuttal to a denigration of the often misplaced higher idealism of the Aryan people that have been mislead by a universalist religion and utopian idiocy.

        • November,

          Would you want Mexicans and others to assimilate? Are black people your people because they are American citizens? That would mean interbreeding with you. It is not dirt that determines one’s people but blood. To say otherwise is to agree with civic nationalism.

          People living in a country have to obey lawful authority and work for the common good but the idea of the nation state is not a Catholic concept. For instance in the 17th century a French general named the Conde fought for and against France and no one batted an eyelash.

          No one owes a government their identity.

          So attacking Mexicans does not change the fact they are not you. This is true whether they are fantastic or not.

          Yahoo defines people as the following:

          the men, women, and children of a particular nation, community, or ethnic group.
          “the native peoples of Canada”

          ethnic group

          Yahoo defines a nation as:

          a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.

          • Cristina,

            When I was pointing out the all the negative aspects of meztizas and mestizos, I wasn’t including you and your familia. Your family is obviously well educated, learned, dignified, well behaved, and cultured. Most likely your family is in the upper 5% of all Mexicans in the country in financial terms.

            What I found odd was that you would identify Mexicans who are overwhelmingly of mixed blood as “your people.” Why would you wish to include yourself and your family with mestizos and Indios, if they’re not blood racially/genetically?

            While I am an American citizen, I feel no pride in that accident of birth or loyalty towards other Americans of any race, unless they’re race realist Whites that believe in the 14 Words and are cognizant of jewish deception, subterfuge, and malevolent intentions.

            I can only speak for myself, but if were in your shoes, I would want to separate myself and my family from any alligence or affiliation with the mixed and indigenous low IQ peasants in Mexico.

        • November,

          All of your comment did not have anything to do with racial loyalties in the slightest. Blood is family and people rather being good, bad or average. It is NOT based on money or way of life.

          With all respect you ask for assimilation and then are horrified about it in the next paragraphs. No one in the USA owes you more than decency and obeying the laws.

          Even the people on this website act as if everyone is the same and that if people adopt Anglo values they will become good little wasps. Remember just last week or two there were Anglos lamenting Mexico’s gun laws as if being like you would help in that respect.

          When I am calm, which is most of the time I do not wish the USA to become another Mexico.

          If you expect gratitude from Mexicans you are sorely deceived. Look at your blacks. They would be rubbing 2 sticks together if not for whites, well? How much gratitude to they have?

          It is a mistake to create a country that is just a minature United Nations. Look at Austria Hungary’s troubles in WWI. Some of the Slavic troops could not be trusted to fire on the Russians, their fellow racialists. And they were all white. Imagine other races/religions etc.

          • Cristina,

            You’re correct. It’s folly and mind bendingly ridiculous to expect inferior people to expect to be grateful for a better quality of life in America than in their countries of origin. Why should they show a modicum of gratitude when all the benefits of living in a first world nation are provided to them without and qualifiers. That being said, neither meztisos not blacks should be any White created nation. It was the humanitarian Christians, capitalists, and jewish slave traders and southern customers plantation owners are principly resposible for both Mexicans, Chinese, and negroes allowed into this country. But what is done is done. Surely, it isn’t preferable to racial apartheid.

            It is an unfortunate truism that racial unity among non-white has be amplified, and at the same time racial identity amongst Whites had been diminished by jewish grievance propaganda diseminated through every conceivable way, shape, or form. Yes, we White Gentiles only have ourselves to blame for allowing the jews into our countries both here and abroad.

            Like your fictional Queen Christina, my fictional counterpart Field Marshal November would remove all non-Whites from all our nations by whatever means necessary and with extreme prejudice.

        • November,

          I like your title—Field Marshal November. It is catchy.

          Also Happy President’s Day to the Americans here. I am somewhat fond of George Washington. He is like a Roman Patrician. While Abe Lincoln is revolutionary, Washington reminds me of a noble who assumed power with most matters remaining the same. In short just a change in rulers.

          Many/most schools are closed today for the holiday. Since I might be going to a religious school I do not want to say if I am off today or not. Gives away too much information.

        • November,

          I might add that some Mexicans/Mexican-Americans are grateful to the USA. It is my experience however that most Mexican-Americans have a chip on their shoulder.

          My Mexican-American girl friends do not have a grudge. But then they are from good families. It is significant however that some of their parents do.

          I think that for the same reason that most women become women’s liberationists once we get older the grudge increases. That reason is massive propaganda.

          I sometimes wonder how anyone can be sane in this society. Mexico’s problems are physical but I do not notice the non stop attack on mind and soul like in the United States. But the USA seems to be cracking apart.

        • November,

          I did not really take offence at what you said. And I know you were not including all Mexicans in your comment. I can dish it out on such matters as well as receive the truth no matter how hard. As long as no one is foaming at the mouth of course.

          There are more Mexicans who are white and identify as such than you might imagine.

          Father John had linked a good article on the subject. Most of my relatives live in Sonora and Durango. Durango identifies as 52% white and 48% mixed according to one source. Sonora should be even whiter. Probably some of the white category is just majority white blood of course.

          Even the diet is different in the North than the South. More beef eating etc.

          I consider that the Mexican Indians/mestizos to be helped and guided as a loving responsibility.

          Anyway, it is pleasant to be able to discuss this important, sensitive, and potentially inflammatory subject with everyone remaining decent and dignified.

          • “I consider that the Mexican Indians/mestizos [need]sic to be helped and guided as a loving responsibility. ”

            Indeed, and all too many of your white co-nationals (the elite 11% of Mexican society) agree with you and have assumed that very same responsibility that you so soothingly speak of. As in lovingly guide them straight out of Mexico to El Norte. ¿Verdad que no?

        • November,

          I probably could wrap all my paragraphs up very simply. Race is God-made while modern countries are man made. Therefore what God created is always more important than the artificial creations of Man.

    • Martin – when I was a child, there were a Puerto Ricans in my very White school. Every-one was pleasant to them. There was not “discrimination” even back then. The kids ALWAYS identified as Puerto Ricans. Period. They regarded the Whites are Americans. I understood the ACCURATE self-identification of non-Whites when I was a child. So did all the other kids. The pozz was only beginning back then – but identity was clearly understood, I do not understand how Whites can still lie to themselves day in and day out, about identity.

      PS – we received Holohoax indoctrination. We were lectured, and shown pictures of “death camps”. I think I was approx. 10 years old. I remember being shocked and horrified by the pictures, but I did not EVER think it had ANYTHING to do with me. None of the other children I knew did, either. It’s actually brutally abusive to present this grotesque material to young children – but that’s what jews do. Abuse, exploit, torment and torture.

  5. If 3rd world immigration is all about the economy why does forced assimilation thru forced integration always come with it?

    “As long as they come here legally” justifies White Genocide.

  6. Do these geniuses not understand that ever upward “economic growth” is completely unsustainable and will lead to dire consequences? I guess they’ll figure it out when America becomes the India of North America.

    • Never underestimate the stupidity and incompetence of these scumbags in the government, that is a very big factor along with their anti-white ideology. One reason DJT failed is the fact that he is a big city, rootless cosmopolitan like his owners but unlike them, he has no ideological or ethnic moorings, even for evil. Another factor (which is huge) is DJT’s sheer incompetence, his business record being full of failures and deceit. Why would his political record be any different?

  7. As an environmentalist, I at first was thunderstruck when all the environmental and conservationist organizations dropped their opposition to population growth and the filth and negative impacts wetbacks and others from areas south of the border were causing to habitat destruction. Then it came to light that the Sierra Club took a huge financial contribution/bribe to drop their anti-population growth and by extension anti-legal and illegal immigration position. That other conservation and environmental groups followed suit can only indicate that they too sold their souls to big donors like all ideological jellyfish do.

  8. Conservatives aren’t the only ones who have lost the country- all White People have! With HiiiB visas, smart whites, as opposed to other whites, are the new primary losers.Forget careers in Big business-Whites today,, like Chinamen a century ago, will now have to be entrepreneurs and freebooters with their own small businesses to make ends meet in Trump’s new America..

  9. We are now in the century of destiny as Oswald Spengler predicted. Our fate will be determined in this century! The Drudge Report recently admitted that 2019 was a red letter date in that for the first time in history the number of non-whites in the public school system outnumbered whites who were less than 49% of the overall public school population. That bodes ill for the future. Add to that the fact that whites will be a minority in the United States by 2040.Now add that by the end of the century China will surpass the United sates as being the dominant economic and military power on planet Earth. Not to be outdone Nigeria will be the third most populated nation by the end of the century behind India and China.Where do you think all those excess Nigerians are going? These factors more than any other will collapse the “American” system both domestically and internationally. What comes next is dependent upon us. Numbers-or lack thereof-need not be a hindrance as long as the will to power and preservation burns brightly. Of necessity whites will need to radicalize and racialize in the decades to come. They will have no choice. It will truly be separation or extinction. It may be the Soviet model of sudden political explosion or the Brazil model of a slow burn as our race gets assimilated out of existence via incremental extinction. Time will tell.

    “I know you’re out there. I can feel you. I know that your’re afraid. You’re are afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how its going to begin!” (Neo, The Matrix)

    “I wish it need not have happened in my time. (Frodo)
    “So do I and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time given us.” (Gandalf)

    “Do you know what future historians will regard as the most important event of this age? It will not be Hitler or World War II, it will not be the release of nuclear energy, it will not be the menace of Communism, it will be the total abdication of the white Race!” Lord Cherwell.

    “The struggle of our times is to concentrate, not to dissipate; to renew our association with traditional wisdom; to reestablish a vital connection between the individual and the race. It is, is a word, a struggle against Liberalism!” T.S Eliot.

  10. Father John,

    Thank you for that link. That was very timely for this thread. It is true. Outside of a website like this I have never been considered anything but white. My latin girl friends in class are also like me.

    • “Most of my relatives live in Sonora and Durango. Durango identifies as 52% white and 48% mixed according to one source. Sonora should be even whiter. Probably some of the white category is just majority white blood of course.

      Even the diet is different in the North than the South. More beef eating etc.

      Do you eat scorpions?

      • Flaxen,

        No. But I have been stung by scorpions twice. Once in Texas and once in Mexico. Very unpleasant.

        You are starting to become unpleasant.

      • Well then, I guess you’ve learned to shake out your cobra skin riding boots very carefully before putting them on in the morning. I don’t know why I’m being unpleasant with my question about eating scorpions. It is well known that they are a popular delicacy in parts of Durango. You must learn how to engage in Socratic discussions without getting your princess feathers ruffled.

        • Flaxen,

          Not to worry. Not even Flaxen can be charming all the time. I find the idea of eating scorpions revolting. Why some people would eat them outside of survival eludes me. I believe there is a market in Mexico City that caters to such tastes.

          I was only mildly irritated. Perhaps being stung by them twice has made me more than sensitive on the subject. Yes when in Durango I always think of scorpions. In one of our houses in rural Texas we always shake footwear before putting them on.

          At my great-grandfather’s house he has a greater than 6 inch preserved black scorpion. Fascinating and revolting at the same time. When visiting and after the polite greetings my brother and sisters head to the case to look at it.

    • And yet a fifth “I” for ignorance of jewish power and influence over just about every aspect of society in the West.

  11. The United States is NOT a people or a nation in the normal /traditional sense of the word. ~Cristina



    Truer words never spoken.

    Excellent discussion between you, November, and some of the other thoughtful commentators. Your distinctions between race, ethnicity, nationality, religion & culture are superb. Thank you again for sharing your very thoughtful perspectives.

    Let’s face it: America is emphatically not a normal country or nation, in any way, shape or form, like you said.

    It is, emphatically, A RELIGION UNTO ITSELF.

    And it is certainly not based in any real or meaningful way on biblical Christianity – this vile narcissisism masquerading as patriotism, this ersatz Religion of Americanism, and its most sacred sacrament, it’s Gospel of American €x¢eptionali$m.

    I found this outstanding article by Traditionalist Catholic scholar Dr. John Rao, addressing the very same points and criticisms of “Americanism” that most any right-winger on this site, Catholic, Protestant, or “pagan” alike, would highly agree with — and the Americanist religion being equally a threat to Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, or “pagan” alike:

    Americanism and the Collapse of the Church in the United States

    Americanism is a term that appears to express nothing more than a devotion to America. In reality, however, it teaches principles and a way of life that pose, and always have posed, a threat to the Church of Rome. Indeed, the threat that it poses to Catholicism may be the most dangerous experienced by her in the past few centuries of revolution. Its harmful quality arises from its subtle and effective transformation of the United States into a new religion whose central dogma of “pluralism” cannot be investigated or questioned; a new religion whose creed is said to be purely “practical” and “pragmatic”, but which actually aims at a messianic rebuilding of the entire globe; a new religion that brooks no opposition to its will.

    The collapse of the Catholic cause in the United States can be attributed in large degree to an understandable error to which patriotic Catholic Americans fell prey. Americanism was presented to them as involving nothing more than a praiseworthy love of country with practical, pragmatic goals. They rushed wholeheartedly into its defense under the assumption that their civic duty demanded it, and that failure to do so would lend support to the enemies of their country. But what they, in fact, received in the name of patriotism and pragmatism was a set of instructions for religious and cultural suicide. Catholics followed these instructions, replacing their true faith with the Americanist religion, generally not even recognizing that they were doing so, and, indeed, generally rejoicing in their self-destruction every step of the way.

    I believe that these critics have been correct in their assessment. The American obsession with avoiding controversy has ended by punishing the serious man. This is a regrettable phenomenon, since a human being—and a patriot—is not merely a prosperity machine, but also a thinker, a culture builder, and a dreamer of dreams. He needs to pay his respect, both alone and as part of a community, to higher things. As Isaiah says, “without a vision, the people perish”. A nation that allows little or no public scope for such important demands of the human personality is a defective “cradle” indeed. Still, the Anglo-Saxon desire for stability retains some insight into the importance of “home”, its needs, and the value of harmony therein. It sees that something resembling a “nation” is vital enough to men to require sacrifices to maintain it. It appears to admit the country as a structure distinct from the individual and the obvious framework for his development. The baggage that it gives to its citizens may be faulty and inadequate, but it does, at least, provide something onto which they can latch in order to work towards certain legitimate goals in life.

    But America grew up under a second and more destructive influence. It developed underneath the tutelage of Puritan Protestantism. This was a teacher that understood so little about human nature that it inevitably poisoned everything that came into contact with it. Even when it tried to fill the void left by the abandonment of higher national purposes, it did so by crushing entirely the idea of the nation. It thus threatened the American with the prospect of having no “home” to love at all.



    • Virtus,

      Well I was just about to leave for school and then I found your comment. Thank you for your kind words. I will have to read it in detail later this evening when I have the time.

        • Virtus,

          As far as I can tell I agree with what is written there., That was well documented. Americanism and Catholicism are incompatible. America is a freemasonic and/or Protestant creation.

          Remember the 1796 Treaty of Tripoli which was signed into law by President Washington and quite clearly said that the founding principles of the USA were not christian.

          • Indeed Crristina, America was never founded, at least in the governmental and philosophical sense of the word, as a Christian nation or country, but as an entity as far removed from biblical Christianity as was possible for that era.

            Remember, many average Americans of the colonial times still professed some kind of Christianity, so the Masonic and Deist founders had to tread carefully then not to push too hard with their occult agenda.

            So really, “Americanism” is not just incompatible with (pre-Vatican II) Catholicism, but with all Christianity, and every other religion, since it is a religion unto itself — and a very jealous one at that.

            Quote from the article:


            …Americanism is a religion that adores the United States as the incarnation of the secularized Puritan vision of paradise. It is a religion that simultaneously adores the bland, materialistic, catch-all unity that stems from the Anglo-Saxon drive for stability and integration. Americanism is an
            evangelical religion that wishes the rest of the world to be converted to its doctrines and preaches them under the heading of Pluralism. Even though its dogmas are as iron-clad as Marxist ones, even though it inevitably revolutionizes societies under its control, it masquerades as being nothing other than a practical method of attaining the good life.
            Americanism subtly combines the ideological character of Puritanism with Anglo-Saxon disdain for ideas. Patriotism in the United States is devotion to this complex Americanist-Pluralist religion.


            Every nation and culture … all nationalists the world over who care about their people — MOST ESPECIALLY White nationalists here in the heart of Babylon — are threatened by this nation-wrecking and heritage-denying dogma of the Religion of Americanism.

        • Virtus,

          Your last comment down below was especially telling. The USA is the foremost promoter of the Revolution. The world revolution would have been stuck in the mud without America.

      • Denise,

        The article, and my intent of posting it, is certainly not against our historic founding stock people, but the governmental $y$tem that has nurtured such a profound anti-national spirit and sentiment against our Anglo-Celtic heritage, which is the elemental reason why we have been deprived of a genuine sense of an identity as a distinct people and culture.

        This perspective is not just limited to pre-Vatican II Catholicism either. Here is a White Southerner (presumably Protestant) taking a similar view of this same phenomenon of the nation-wrecking and race-denying nature of “Americanism” – and it’s philosophical foundation of “secular Puritanism”:

        Is Americanism A Religion? – God, Kin, and Soil

        In a post a few months ago, I examined whether or not the U.S.A. is or ever was a Christian nation. In this post I wish to continue this line of thought. Has the ideology of “Americanism” for all practical purposes became a religion in itself?

        First off, let us be frank. America is not like all traditional nations, in that we never were a unified people. The German, Russian, Scottish, etc. people all exist outside of whatever government happens to be ruling over them and their land at any given time. Their governmental forms were built around the nation/people and their territory/homeland. America attempted to combine White people of all the nations of Western Europe into a country, unified around nothing but the English language and political ideals. Plus, there were Negroes, Indians, and (after 1845) Hispanics here who wanted (and in some states received) citizenship and the franchise.

        Post-WWII, anti-racism and social justice became the cause celebre of the elite, who influenced the masses through media, higher education, and Hollywood.

        In this environment, it has become shocking to question the basic tenets of Americanism. Why isn’t complete liberty (even to commit the most degrading and perverted acts imaginable) a good thing in and of itself, the very end goal of all political philosophy? Is not everyone born equal, a tabula rasa just waiting to be enlightened by proper public schooling? Can there be a better form of government that universal democracy? To dare dispute these three core assertions, as I do, is to commit intellectual sacrilege against the priests of Americanism. …



        • Virtus,

          We all know that the wealth of an individual or a country does not determine morality. And of course if there were not deep problems in the USA then this site would not even exist and the people on here would not feel deeply concerned about the situation.

          • Very well said Cristina.

            One thing that right wingers, and American, (especially White) nationalists have to grasp is that “America” is not, nor ever really was, a bastion of traditional, conservative values, let alone Christian, or even European “pagan” ones at that.

            As Lawrence Auster, a very good Jewish man who converted to Christianity who so aptly stated in his last book Our Borders, Ourselves: America in the Age of Multiculturalism — the greatest mistake of so many on the Right fell for the greatest con of ¢on-$ervatism — namely, the belief was that America was supposedly fighting the forces of leftist/communist world subversion & revolution — when in fact America is, and always was, the very home of the forces, the headquarters, of that very same revolution that America was supposedly against. Essentially, America is the world revolution.

            Come out of her, my people,’

            so that you will not share in her sins,

            so that you will not receive any of her plagues;

            for her sins are piled up to heaven,

            and God has remembered her crimes. ~Revelation 18:4-5

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