Coronavirus Pandemic Monitoring Party: Day 6

Muslims have discovered a cure.

Watch out for these people.

There is a lot to unpack here.

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  1. China needs a reality check on what happens to industrial developed or developing countries.

    Wuhan, Shanghai, and Shenzhen please meet Detroit Michigan, Youngstown Ohio, and North Adams Massachusetts on the small scale.

    May they live in (((interesting times with revenge served to them cool as the proverb is made anglicized)))

  2. HW, excellent collection of postings.

    Word of the poor conditions in quarantine hospitals will spread like wildfire.
    Ppl will quit going to hospitals out of fear of detainment and will seek home remedies causing this plague to spread even faster an farther.

    The CCP has just thrown gasoline on this fire.

  3. If this continues much longer, a breakdown point will occur.
    The entire social structure will decay in chaos, where the police and army can’t contain it. Police and army will start ignoring orders.
    How long to food scarcity ? Hungry ppl aren’t well behaved.
    This level of non-production can’t be sustained in an advanced industrial economy.

  4. As I posted in the previous day virus thread.
    The Antonine plague that struct the Roman Empire in 160 AD. Killed about 25% of Roman population, came in at least 4 successive waves over almost a decade. A parallel to the above conjecture that ppl can contract it more than once. There is much to suggest that the Antonine plague started in China, also.

  5. That Islamic cleric is straight up trolling the chinese lol fresh camel piss and cows milk? Yeah i’m sure that will work. I wish a disgusting cure like that would work so easily. I’ll take the whisky and honey cure over the camel piss cow milk cure if I ever get infected just like that brit.

    We are seriously getting into a end of days like scenario with this virus yall. Bejing chinas 3rd most populated city a ghost town? Good god Jesus help us that can’t be good I thought this virus was just wuhan but now they are doing full city quartines? Scary stuff

    • “We are seriously getting into a end of days like scenario with this virus yall.”

      It just seems that way, due to our limited lifetime experience.
      This planet has had multitudes of major catastrophes, that make this petty plague a slight bump.

  6. Might be a good idea to buy a couple of boxes of nitrite gloves.
    They can be useful for other stuff, besides reminding you to keep your hands away from your face.

    • Arian,

      Winston seems to be “in the loop” on what is going in with the wuhan coronavirus situation. It shouldn’t have come as a shock, but those Chinese students lying about their whereabouts and getting past customs is probably happening in all Western countries.

      • @Nov

        Yes, he is married to a Chinese doctor and taught English and protocol to Chinese doctors. He has lots of assoc. In mainland chin.

      • “getting past customs is probably happening in all Western countries.”

        You know it !

        Chinese love to break rules and evade laws.

        Living under repressive communism, it is the only way to survive.

        Communism breeds criminals and suffocates the virtuous.

  7. I live near a deserted plague village and near the place where they landed the British passport holders from Wuhan. We will get through. Diseases like that like the tropics. Not rainy half frozen drizzle.

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