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    • Definitely previous episodes have been hit or miss with alot of unfunny stuff, this was a better one sure lit a fire under the fuentes fanboys

      • I loved that guest appearance by E. Michael Jones as the elderly homosexual Catholic intellectual. Very convincing!

          • Also some people in our circles think being a Catholic and nationalist are contradictory, being both I can tell you that is a lie. One is right to point out the fact Papa Frank is too close to the rabbis, but you’re average Catholic (especially young ones like me) is pretty open to our worldview. I see Fuentes the groyper crowd as a reaction to Heimbach and the RadTrad crowd who the former is countering the nihilism of the latter. I am a traditionalist, I see the USA as a rootless cosmopolitan system and I see no reason to continue the New Cold War with the nations of the world, but at the same time we are Western peoples and we have our own great history, we are not Russians, nor are we religious puritans, we have our own nations (Vinland and Dixie) and we put them first.

    • Sad to see cringenats still not get it. If you listened to E Michael Jones you’d know homosexuality is a sin like another sin, its no different than banging your high school gf. You gave into your temptations and so does nick from time to time, what difference does it make if its pussy or caboi bussy?

  1. They were so ahead of the curve on this ludicrous notion that a 20 year old edgy YouTuber named Fuentes consumed with smelling his own farts as he talks about himself being followed by legions of fans who want nothing more than to touch the fiber of his jacket… Is inane.

    They were before the catboy scandal and the Groyper phenomenon… Sometimes in Clown World, it takes a cartoon to lead the way and bring sanity to the masses…

  2. they could of interchanged that big lip fudge packer anglin with nick’s head. since they both like teaming up with homos and have the same approach to politics. seriously, we threw bitches like them in the shop sink.

    • I b confused yo. Anglin be a radical we must disavow cuz he want 2 throw homos off da roof but he also b teaming up wit dem? wat it b?

  3. They’re not wrong and it was pretty funny but I still think this is unnecessary infighting. Save it for the Jews.

    • I laughed.

      The best part though was the impeachment skit. It made a good point about trying to sneak up on the Jews through optics. Donald Trump is the president and his hands are tied.

      • I heard somewhere that jews have put nukes in their synagogue’s and other properties in all major western cities..there’s some stuff written about that, where planes flew over several synagogues with Geiger counters and the readings are off the charts…the only reason anybody’s hands are tied is because they want to spare as many lives as possible.

  4. Nick is now blocking his fellow groyper’s on Twitter for any slight counter signaling they do about cat boys being degenerate.

  5. I like how “men” of dubious sexual orientation such as Catboi Nick and Lil’ Lord Anglin have the temerity to lecture the rest of us on what is “cringe” or “bad optics”.

    “I’m not interested, I’m sorry Brittany Venti but you know the rules…..no e-girls…not even once!”

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