TOTAL DISASTER: 2020 Iowa Democratic Caucuses


Umm … I don’t recall this ever happening before.


How long until Joe Biden retires?

There seems to be a memo going around.

Donald Trump is a capitalist. Crazy Bernie Sanders is a communist. The choice is Bernie Sanders or another four years of Donald Trump, Charlie Kirk and Kosher Nationalism. The economy is doing great. Have you seen the GDP? Have you seen the stock market?


Note: I’m just not going to choose between neoliberalism disguised in phony nationalism and communism. I don’t have any dog in this fight.

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  1. Fidel Castro was a great man who truly loved his people and spent his whole life fighting for the liberation of humanity. He was a true nationalist who stood up to Zionist and Yankee devils. He even sent to troops to aid the PLO against Israel. To even mention him in the same sentence as a bloated piece of orange Zionist crap as Trump, who is nothing more than a filthy traitor who serves only the Jews and his own ego, is outright disgusting.

  2. lol yeah, it’s always funny to see when the donor talking points have gone out and you watch all their hand-picked puppets repeat them over and over.

    I get it though. What else can they do but scare tactics?

    Immigration is not on the ballot in any way shape or form for independent voters in 2020. Neither party or candidate has any credibility on the issue and of course pure hardcore immigration hawks will grit their teeth and vote for Trump anyway so the issue is completely irrelevant.

    The only thing on the ballot when it comes to Trump is Israel, tax cuts for the rich and criminal justice reform. That’s it. As far as a second term for Trump the only thing on the ballot would be more wins for Israel, war with Iran and YUGE entitlement cuts to pay for the tax cuts. Let’s face it, Trump & the GOP don’t exactly have a compelling platform to get behind so Trump will have to go big with personal attacks.

  3. Vote for the Constitution Party.

    Immigration restriction, social conservatism, and a non-interventionist foreign policy.

    • They’re for the destruction of safety nets, though. That leaves all of us at the tender mercy of the marketplace. If you don’t want gov’t safety nets, an alternative system of comprehensive insurance for health, disability and retirement needs to be in place. This “leave it to family and charities” nonsense won’t work in our age of widespread divorce, familial estrangement and (most important of all) unsure fiat money-based economies.

      • 3 of 4 ain’t bad.

        Tucker 2024 for the full package, including economic populism.

        In the meantime, how can you best use your 2020 vote to spite the establishment?

        Bernie supports open borders and cultural degeneracy.

        Trump supports wars for Israel, tax cuts for billionaires and deregulation for Wall Street.

        Bloomberg is a combination of all Bernie’s worst qualities and all Trump’s worst qualities.

      • “I may be eccentric and a socially awkward white guy, but. . . wait, what was that third thing you said?”

        (Sorry. Simpsons joke.)

    • Paleoconservatism is a dying ideology, no matter how much Nick Fuentes tries to astroturf it into existence. Strasserism and Nazbol is the future.

      • I hope you are correct. Strasserism and National Menshevism are an almost ideal combination of authoritarianism and socialism. Socio-economics are every bit as important as race.

  4. The distributist view appeals to me as a Third Way position between capitalism and socialism. Unfortunately, that view is represented here by the toothless American Solidarity Party, which has a cucked position on immigration and features dark candidates in various elections to show how CivNat they are. But social changes aren’t going to happen through the ballot box, anyway. Culture matters more than politics, of course. The former should be our main focus, as we’ve been abandoned and/or betrayed by both wings of the Elite Courtiers Party. We’ve no political home.

    • American Solidarity Party is Mark Shea’s party.

      Unfortunately the only political groups in the US that are fiscally left-wing and socially right-wing are cuckolic ones, which means they are cucks on immigration.

  5. Hello , goyim…
    You have 2 choices.
    1- you can be shot in the head and die within a minute or (D)
    2- you can be drown or suffocated and die with a few minutes.(R)
    Your choice.
    And aren’t so grateful you have these “choices”?
    And after all, it makes you free unlike those rat bastard communists in China who have no say in who runs things..lmao

  6. I used to follow these caucuses and primaries very closely. In 2016 I wore out a pair of new shoes going door-to-door for Trump for the primary. On one day I spoke to more than 100 people. This year I just don’t give a rat’s ass.

    I am, however, amused at the doings of these clowns. For example, Elizabeth Warren promises that her Sec’y of Education nominee must be interviewed by a transexual teenager and be given a thumbs-up. Haha! Isn’t “Our Democracy” precious?

        • God determines if you’re being greedy. However, I have it on fair authority (cf. Revelation) that YHWH God killed over a million jews once before, and didn’t worry at all, because Christ told the Christians to go to Pella, where they survived.

          Pray for the Jews’ destruction. I’m sure you aren’t alone. And God is merciful.

    • It looks like the wrong guy, Slow Joe Biden lost bigly tonight so the digital wizards on loan from Gates, Bezos, Zuck, et al. are working diligently behind the scenes to ‘fix’ the computer problems. You will know they are ‘fixed’ when Slow Joe comes in first or a close second in the vote tally. What did Uncle Joe Stalin say, something like: “It’s not who votes that matters, it’s who counts the votes that matters”.

      This is the Democrats version of 2016 when George Bush III was supposed to win but Trump won anyway. The difference is that the Democrats can probably keep the Bolshevik Sanders off the ticket in November. The Democrats would rather have someone like The Buttplug or preferably Little Mike as their nominee, even though they would lose in November. DJT is a known quantity, a safe, Republican, Establishment guy who won’t threaten billionaires or the status quo so he is preferable as President to a radical like Bernie.

      Bernie and Pocahontas both threatened a wealth tax against billionaires and that just is unacceptable. Period. Even if they were unable to accomplish their goal of a wealth tax, were they to be elected, just the talk about it is too much. All the Democrats have to do is wait anyway and they will win everything in four years because of the brown/black/yellow hordes overrunning the country. Demography is destiny of course but they will inherit an empty shell, not America, ca. 1960 like they believe.

  7. The jew-controlled press and ZOG candidates are starting to show their displeasure with having to schlep to Iowa and New Hampshire every four years and deal with those stupid gentiles in their truck stop diners. After all, they are just half-literate cornpones, extras from the set of Hee-Haw and Petticoat Junction! Only the jaded and sophisticated coastal urban elites should have any say in who gets elected president.

      • Shitty retconning. These “dumb honkys” voted for removing browns and economic nationalism. They just got screwed as usual.

        Also, I like white people and wish to live around folks of European descent. Crazy talk these days, in the time of unironix Marxism and horseshoe antiracism bullshit.

    • Everyone knows Bernie is a Bolshevik Jew, just like everyone knew Trump was surrounded by Chabad Jews in 2016.

      Did you see that video where one of Bernie’s campaign managers said, he wants to bring back the gulags for Trump supporters? Bernie did not condemn or fire him, Bernie just shrugged. So if Bernie wins, people like gulag boy will be given jobs with a lot of authority over people like us.

      Stalin’s Jews
      “We mustn’t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish”,7340,L-3342999,00.htm

  8. Just wait till Bernie picks a fat black waaamenzz as his VP choice. Bernie keels over in a couple of years and fat black waaamenzz becomes the leader of the greatest kfc nation in the world.

    • Bernie would get a lot of support from younger, idealistic voters if he selected Coconut Milk Mommi as his running mate. But the DNC political – media establishment wouldn’t approve of that ticket.

    • Depends on how Don’s beloved Stawk! Market does between now and Nov – it seems that the Fed Reserve banking jews have his back because they are throwing Hundreds Of Billions at the banks in REPO operations.

      • Yes the Fed is, through overnight repos mostly. One thing they didn’t count on and can’t control though is the corona virus which has already disrupted their beloved globalism. If the Chinese market is closed indefinitely or continues plummeting, as seems likely and as it did Monday, it’s only a matter of time before markets here and in Europe collapse also. After that it’s off to the races as the bond market follows suit, then the banks, then explosive inflation as the Fed bails out everyone like they did in 2008.

        Get thee prepared now, better a month early than a day late. Who is the next President will not matter as much as getting the next meal.

        • We already have continuous QE by the Fed. (How do you think the stock market keeps going up without any actual value being produced? The greedy elites keep flooding the market with instant money.) Some European gov’ts, like France, Germany and Switzerland, are already offering gov’t bonds at negative rates. Negative rate bonds are already at least 25% (some say up to 40%) of the int’l bond trade. Who buys those crappy bonds? Gov’ts, of course, sometimes through using “institutional” buyers as a front.

          Doing constant electronic moneyprinting, and propping it up with less-than-worthless bonds you buy yourself, is like tearing up your money, putting the pieces in different pockets, and then pretending you now have more money. Your money is now valueless, but at least you’ve got many more shreds of it you can imagine are equal in value to your old, intact money. The central banks will keep this craziness going, until they can’t.

        • The “chink” in the armor of Globalism has been exposed.

          “Haha, prease excuse, must raff out roud six mirrion time! ”

          – Ching Chong Chinaman

  9. I’m voting for Bernie if he wins. I want trump out and leftists need a redpill on how democracy doesn’t mean dogsh*t. Bernie isn’t gonna do even half of what he says.

  10. Almost 11 pm Central time, and still no results. BWAHAHAHA!!! I hope no one ever again tries to tell me how smart is the current crop of elites. This is such a hamfisted, Turd World-style attempted result-rigging, it makes the old Daley machine in Chicago look like a group of 4D chess masters in comparison. Daley didn’t even bother trying to hide his corruption, but still used more subtlety than these subretarded clowns. Sanders’ supporters will scream bloody murder if Bernie gets screwed tonight. Pass the popcorn; the implosion will be fun to watch.

  11. Students loan usury paid off , populist, liberal middle class upper whites. Thats what those corn huskies want! The loans paid off!

    I think it’s not a heart land, rural, white circumstances.

    It’s all white college educated stuck in the (((academic system credit trap ))) No home ownership, no start up as a family with whites as young adults.

    Maybe ANTIFA will trash Ivy League (((institutions)))

    With Soros money?

    • But, but, but . . . the lowest black/hispanic unemployment evah! Charlie Kirk and his black boyfriend say they can’t wait to vote for Trump.

  12. Funny how during the Cold War all of the communist apologists and card carriers never showed the slightest interest in actually living in a communist state. Most people alive today weren’t around in the 50’s and 60’s. They’ve only heard glowing reviews about the Worker’s Paradise from their red or pinko college profs.

    • Hitler ‘s views on the long-term prospects of America proved correct. A half judaized and half Africanized state that cannot hold together.

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