Yoram Hazony Shares His Take On Race Realism

Are we dumb enough to fall for this scam?

I can understand why normies eat this shit up. It is human nature to go with the flow and to defer to authority figures. As we have seen in the Trump era, their thinking on any number of issues like immigration doesn’t go beyond “libs are bad” and “cons are good.”

Are we going to pretend that this exciting new thing called “National Conservatism” is any different than mainstream conservatism? Are we going to sit back and listen to an Israeli adviser of Bibi Netanyahu who is the head of the Herzl Institute explain what “American Nationalism” means? Are we going to support this garbage? The whole point of “National Conservatism” is to define “American Nationalism” in such a way that it continues to be of service to Israel and conservative gatekeepers.

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  1. I don’t think Hazony has any traction. Nobody is buying what he is selling. Conservatives are content with what they have, so they don’t see any reason go rebrand as “national” conservatives, and real nationalists all hate Hazony.

  2. Yes. Conservatives will fall for it again easily. They will follow these pied-pipers anywhere they lead as long as the dog whistles say the things they want to hear.

    What they will get out of this is watching their life and their entire towns they live in continue to get worse as the remaining bit of wealth in middle America is wiped out and the top 1% gets richer and people they care about sent to the meat grinder for more wars for Israel. That is the kind of “national-conservatism” they can expect.

  3. I agree. Why keep washing Israel’s dirty laundry? What do we get out of the relationship? And there is a possibility that should give everyone pause.
    Since Israel is a fortress: making it nearly impossible for their legion of enemies to get at them; we, the US, become the next logical target. No group of Israel’s enemies can get a WMD past their border: but can we say the same thing? Is there any Mexican government official who would refuse a bribe from a middle eastern group trying to get across our border?

    By being Israel’s servant, her enemies, become our enemies, because they see us as the ones propping up a nation that would not exists without our money and assistance. Israel was a bad idea in 1948, and an even worse one now considering the Jewish influence over our government since 1945.

  4. I am delighted to learn that race science is once again becoming respectable in some academic circles. There are also signs that the Holohoax extortion racket, along with unqualified support of the Zionist Entity, is starting to fizzle out. Once the boomers’ extremely reluctant exit from the stage of history is completed the jews will be deprived of their biggest, most enthusistic dupes. Then what will they do, flee to plague – infested China?

  5. Hol up, Greg Johnson says we’re not a voting block but here dc think-tank critters creating a parallel nationalists movement… because we’re so irrelevant. Guess I gotta vote trump now

  6. It is, as TJ would say, self-evident that National Conservatism is an attempt to co-opt National Populism and negate its revolutionary discontent thereof and thus corral the white middle and working classes back into the ranks of “National Conservatism.” And its as kosher as a Bar Mitzvah.

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