Super Bowl Ad: Criminal Justice Reform

Is this what we voted for the in the 2016 election? How about the 2018 midterms? Did you ever expect that a joint project of Van Jones, the Koch Brothers, Jared Kushner and Kim Kardashian would be the fruit of our labors in supporting Donald Trump? Probably not.

The last two elections have proven that there is no correspondence between what politicians run on during election season and the policy agenda which is advanced once they are in office. The policies are sold to the donor class. It is the good old conservative bait and switch. Scare the voters about violent Antifa and caravans. Then pivot to criminal justice reform!


Note: Negative voting to stop Democrats makes little sense. Conservatives have a long history of embracing and normalizing everything they run against in elections like gay marriage. George W. Bush ran against it in 2004. Donald Trump has embraced it in 2020.

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  1. The Trump campaign thinks criminal justice reform is his most important achievement so they spent many millions running a super bowl ad for it. If this is a sign of things to come in the 2020 election Trump is most certainly doomed.

    I was saying two years ago that I had no clue what he would run on in 2020 having done nothing for the “forgotten man.” Now we know. It’s sad.

    • Republicans do it every single time.

      To win office a Republican outsider goes for the White vote. Then when they are in power, the Country Club GOP, which runs the party nationally, gets them to ignore Whites and suck up to minoriies, and then the party goes back to losing again.

      CCGOP know they can get away with it, because Americans have gold fish brains. They can’t remember what happened last week, let alone what happened every other time the Republicans have had power.

      • Lets make sure republicucks never win again then, Bitch McConnell and his merry band of zog Rinos deserve it.

        They always silenced the best republicans like David duke and steve king who is now no longer based with that pathetic diamond and silk charade thing he did a year ago

  2. A slap in the face is an understatement. Trump and his Jewish overlords including that rat faced kike son in law released thousands of mostly non-white violent offenders from Federal and State Prisons who are now free to once again rape, murder, rob, assault, and deal drugs. I blame the (((system))) overall though not just Trump, if we actually executed prisoners who committ serious crimes then we would not be discussing this right now. America and most of the western world’s criminal justice system is a fucking joke. In Europe and Canada you can murder someone or multiple people and receive less than 20 years in prison. Even in most states in America murder and rape are usually sentences of 15-60 years during which an inmate receives free medical care, free housing, free food, cable tv in their cells and internet access at certain times, access to weight rooms, basketball courts, an open air yard in most state prisons, religious material, ect. In a sane society rapists, murderers, drug traffickers, and those who harm children, animals, the elderly, disabled people, ect. should be tried and then executed. Hanging in public would be the preferred method as its symbolic and makes a bold statement to those thinking of harming individuals or society as a whole.

      • No one has ever been able to get a jew to do any real work before, so that alone makes the Fuhrer an extraordinary man.

      • @Jijcf I was born in 1982 dumbass so you’re off by about 20+ years. Execution for crimes against individuals and the state needs to occur. All great white nations at one point had backbone and if someone stepped out of line they were dealt with appropriately. This has not been the case since post WW2 and it shows.

        • Boomer is a state of mind, typified by a “fuck you I got mine” mentality, blaming people who are struggling under capitalism for their plight and a tendency to believe and repeat kosher fake news.

          This post on 8chan personifies the boomer mindset regardless if it is meant seriously or what year the person posting it was born:

          • @Jijcf Struggling under the current kosher system doesn’t give a person a pass for committing serious crimes.

          • “In a sane society rapists, murderers, drug traffickers, and those who harm children, animals, the elderly, disabled people, ect. should be tried and then executed.”

            What’s wrong about that? What’s that have to do with “fuck you I got mine”? Because the West does not do to criminals what they deserve has resulted in our societies becoming destroyed. What! You believe nigger crime is due to their alleged extreme poverty?

          • Yeah, did you hear that those gosh darn nasty terrorist Democrats in NYC let some black woman out on bail and she assaulted a Jew and vandalized a synagogue? How dare those dirty criminal loving liberals betray the Chosen People’s security like that!

            All (semi)-joking aside, my opinions on this issue are way too complicated to discuss here. As with most issues, authright boomers and libleft wokesters are both wrong. I am not going to spend time with an arduous discussion since I mostly post here for fun not to lay out a manifesto.

  3. Trump knows full well most whites could care less about it. But in a very diverse America now he is looking to increase his non white vote by a few percent. I know it angers a lot of folks but it seems the thought process is ” let’s shoot for 15% of the black vote.” He got about eight percent last time.

    His promoting non whites will seem like a blip compared to what we hear from Democrats. The sucking up to blacks and illegal invaders will be on mega blast level once any Democrat secures the nomination. For sure voting for Trump. Compared to Biden, Bernie or perhaps a return of Freddy Krueger’s sister, Hillary? I mean this is not even close.

    On a side note, half time hoochie Jennifer Lopez will be singing it and shaking it for any Democrat the way she did for Hillary last time. Since all these folks hate Trump and literally want America to look just like South of the border, just voting the opposite gives me tingles up thou leg like Chrissy Matthews once said.

    • The halftime show was more proof democracy is theater in America as it must be, because if it wasn’t, this country would look like S Africa or Venezuela with a few more election cycles. I could only tolerate a few seconds of the halftime porn here and there, flipping back to it with the sound off. I did catch the singer flashing her crotch, recognizing it as grinning mockery of the white fools and their sons watching the writhing simulacrum not so much of barnyard sex, but as a symbol of the orgiastic rage humans are capable of. The jackass commentary, as usual, paralleled this network’s signature cartoon depiction of players as superheroes.

      Putative men watching a three-and-a-half hour telecast for a one-hour game with twelve minutes of live action, counting from snap to whistle, but there’s nothing wrong with this scenario? No greater mind control has ever existed than interest in the NFL. Earlier black-and-white videos show it actually was a real game fifty and more years ago. As Plato saw, the slaves tied to the wall in the cave attack the truth tellers while defending the controllers authoring their thoughts from above.

  4. There’s an old saying, “Trump supporters might be stupid, but they’re not that stupid.”

    Among the MAGA crowd that are my age (50 to 60) there is a gut, deep-down, visceral reaction against letting more blacks out of prison. I don’t know any white person my age (61) who thinks like Trump and his pet Negros, quote; “There’s too many black people in prison.”

    Most people my age want more blacks in prison: not less.

    People often vote with their “gut” and with “Criminal Justice Reform” as his showcase achievement, I think many of his MAGA crowd supporters will stay home in 2020.

    • If anything, the stats that show dusky people many times more likely to commit violent crime are vastly underreported. There’s that prevalent anti-snitch part of black culture which leads to criminal acts never being investigated, because many dark ones keep schtum.

  5. Shameless. Virtue. Signal. All for naught…no matter what #PunishedGod-KingEmperor-of-the-world r/thedonald does or says…he will still be a racist-fascist-nazi-red-russia-loving-putin-puppet. I do my opposition research.

  6. “Twitter is trying to restrict and ban this video don’t let them” how does this tard keep saying stupid crap like this? pfft what a unbelievable lie charlie cuck is just pulling this shit from his ass normies and zionist boomers will eat this up zog conservatism in a nutshell

  7. Criminal justice reform, like a myriad of other liberal programs, won’t work. Liberal programs never work. They end up causing far more trouble than they were supposed to correct. Insanity means doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

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