Michael Moore Slams The DNC

Yeah, I don’t see Joe Biden getting across the finish line, and I definitely don’t see the Bernie Bros voting for a billionaire like Michael Bloomberg. It appears the Bernie Sanders Political Revolution will capture Iowa and New Hampshire in rapid succession.

Note: What happens if Bernie is contracts the coronavirus from Andrew Yang? What if all the Trump Boomers end up dying from the coronavirus before November? SMOD wins 2020.

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  1. When Moore’s around, no Twinkie is safe. Or anything else made by Hostess. Iowa store snack displays must be mighty empty right now.

  2. At this point it looks as if it’s going to be a choice between Blormp or Bernie. If I have nothing else to do on Election Day I’ll vote for the jew instead of the jews’ shabbos goy.

    • Spoken like a true New Yawker. You’re ALREADY a shabbas goy, Spawn, and have been since, oh, La Guardia first won the election….

      “La Guardia was the city’s first Italian-American mayor, but was not a typical Italian New Yorker. He was a Republican Episcopalian who had grown up in Arizona and had a Triestine Jewish mother and a lapsed Catholic father. He spoke several languages; when working at Ellis Island, he was certified as an interpreter for Italian, German, Yiddish, and Croatian. It served him well during a contentious congressional campaign in 1922. When Henry Frank, a Jewish opponent, accused him of anti-Semitism, La Guardia rejected the suggestion that he publicly disclose that his mother was Jewish as “self-serving”. Instead, La Guardia dictated an open letter in Yiddish that was also printed in Yiddish. In it, he challenged Frank to publicly and openly debate the issues of the campaign “ENTIRELY IN THE YIDDISH LANGUAGE.” Frank, although he was Jewish, could not speak the language and was forced to decline—and lost the election.

      A strong supporter of Zionism, LaGuardia Street and LaGuardia interchange both in Tel Aviv, Israel, were named in his honor. ” – Wikipedia

      • @Fr. John+ Anytime you have a jew who marries a non jew and they have children the child will always be a Jew despite whatever religion they claim to be. The guy was a walking Identity crisis. A Jew/Italian Episcopalian… I’ve now heard it all.

        • If I had to trace the origins of my awakening to the JQ I think it would be after having watched the Roman Polanski classic Rosemary’s Baby. Many films, comic books, etc are quite useful for examining the jewish mentality.

        • I just copied and pasted. I didn’t know this, either. I just knew that they had made a musical out of him, that was on Broadway. But then, Jews are ALWAYS self-referential, even when they’re Italian!

      • Ed Koch was a good mayor. And he made absolutely no attempt to disguise his jewishness, although he was a little embarrassed about being a faygeleh.

  3. “What if all the Trump Boomers end up dying from the coronavirus before November? SMOD wins 2020.“

    What if both Sanders and Trump die from the virus during the campaign?

    • I’m sure he can and has bought the very best of medical care.
      He was married to a tub of lard ((( schiff ))) hieress.

      • I’m surprised Moore hasn’t got a liposuction or something from all the money hes made from those shit documentaries. Fat bastard could use 2 treatments of lipo

  4. Michael Moore(on): will the pretend communist worth about 50 million dollars ever move to an all black or brown area before he dies? The flabby senior citizen always talks the talk but never walks the walk as he always says he will be so happy when America becomes majority non white. Yet where he chooses to live is ( cough) mysteriously filled with tons of white people as the home in a 99% white area he had in Michigan shows as well as his sweet, doorman, full amenities building on the heavily white upper East side in Manhattan also proves. He is a vile sham monster. Just another pos Bernie backer. Surprise, surprise.

  5. If the economy breaks down and goes into recession Trump will not be reelected, Sanders will elected; whatever hastens the fall of the Empire!

  6. Does self-hating White gracchite Michael Moore believe that his presence helps Saders’ campaign? POS “celebrities ” like Moore do more harm than good to their chosen candidates. I mean really; who wants to be on the same team as this marxist land whale?

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