Coronavirus Pandemic Monitoring Party: Day 1


Conspiracy Theory Carl shares his theory on the coronavirus:

Trust the mainstream media, bigot. People respect us. REAL NEWS is Trump’s impeachment, Black History Month 2020, the Puppy Bowl, the rise of xenophobia and, of course, the flu.

How bad is this?

A few days ago, the “conspiracy theorists” were saying China was cremating the bodies to cover up the death toll. Today, they admitted that they were doing it.

It’s just like the flu.

You have a 50/50 chance of recovery. Xenophobia is the real virus!

WHO said its greatest fear is coronavirus establishing itself in a place like India or Africa and mutating into something more deadly as it rips through the Third World. The virus spreads through vomit, fecal matter and diarrhea. The dead are still infected.

Looking into the crystal ball, I see only communism and coronavirus coming down the pike. How do you plan to survive the Year of the Golden Bat?

Hey, what about the flu? What about racism?


Do you think anyone at the Antifa demonstration got infected?

Racism is the least of your problems right now tbh.

In the last article, I assumed there will still be a 2020 election. Might be a bit premature.

What about the flu tho?

Bird Flu Chan just happens to reappear at this moment. Impeccable timing.

R0 of 4.

Death rate similar to SARS.

No vaccine.

No immunity to the virus.

China on lockdown.

People dropping dead in the streets.

Recoveries and deaths tracking about equal.

Could still mutate.

LMFAO, yeah, it is just like the flu, Lenny Bernstein. Fake news.

Press F for India.

Can’t make this up:

How many people got and spread the virus BEFORE it came to world attention in mid-January?

Taxi drivers in Wuhan knew about the coronavirus in early December. The virus began there in November. Meditate on the fact that February is the THIRD MONTH of the outbreak. It only came to public attention in mid-January. How many people from Wuhan have traveled around the world since early December? How many people have died in the United States of the “flu” since December only it really wasn’t a bad case of the flu?

The R0 is 4.

If you have been prepping for the “collapse,” you might want to take a look at this. Have you seen the morons on television are doing the “what about the flu” bit? Yeah, well, if this paper is correct then the virus has been spreading since early December. Maybe people in the United States who have been dying over the past two months from seemingly weird and random cases of the “flu” died of the coronavirus BEFORE testing for it began.

Canada is screwed with Trudeau.

Trump is a germanophobe which is a -phobia that works to our advantage. He is also called a racist and xenophobe. Might come in handy as well.

As we suspected, Wuhan is running out of test kits as the growth of the virus accelerates:

Imagine what it will be like when it arrives in force in the West and coronavirus collides with wokeness. If China is unable to contain it, imagine liberals trying to handle it. Has Canada even closed its borders yet? How will Justin Trudeau handle this crisis?

Richard Spencer and the panel are discussing this within the hour:

Some asshole on the internet has uploaded Contagion to YouTube:

By the end of February, we will know the magnitude of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. I find my thoughts turning to all the blue check mark “journalists” who live in their pods in places like Brooklyn. Will they contract the Wuhan coronavirus? How long will ordinary people continue to listen to the “journalists” who say the real virus is racism and xenophobia? How many of these yellow body bags will we see pile up in places like New York City?

BTW, how bad is it really in China? It must be pretty bad for these videos to be getting out from behind the Great Firewall in light of the severe penalties. Twitter keeps removing them.

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  1. According to Steven Guilbault showing how filthy the Chinks are and how they will literally eat anything, including stuff not even a green bottle fly would land on, is “hateful”. Imagine being that much of a womanish FAGGOT.

    • Spahnranch1969,

      Justice demands that individuals and nations should be condemned or praised according to their actions. If that is too much for Senor Guilbault then I suggest he is a worm not a man.

      If a white country was doing this no one would be worrying about mockery.

      • Justice is very expensive.

        Picking up fight with billion Chinese and billion Arabs and billion Hindus and billion Africans because of bat soup is expensive.

        There is no such things like ” nations “. Genetic white liberals making shit and normal people held responsible.

        This all equal myth was created for reason. It allows the liberal hide behind the nation and watch and laugh how patriots killing each other for ” nation crimes ”

        This is the big problem in the West. Nobody understands that genetic white liberals making things, not words or institutions or Nations.

        What is better, communism or capitalism ? Well, in my home country this thing is very easy. The very same people, who ran the Labor camp in the Soviet Union, privatized it after the collapse and now the pay shitty money for slave labor and moaning about free labor market and luck of workforce…:D:D.

        People making things, not words. I do not like the isms because liberals decide what those isms mean.

        • juri,

          I do not recall writing anything about fighting others over this but only condemning that which is disgusting or other habits prone to spreading disease. If eating bats is dangerous then it should be condemned. If it is not dangerous then it just becomes an exotic food.

          Some people eat scorpions in Mexico but condemning such grossness is not the same as fighting Mexico.

      • Forgive my use of such coarse language, miss. I normally do not resort to the use of vulgarity, unless I am dealing with obnoxious cretins.

    • @Spahnranch your lazy spoiled NY ass would eat anything if the SHTF for real. Don’t judge boomer or X’er or whatever you label yourself. We got one thing in common, our enemies.

    • …and by the Spahn the way you comment here and ‘elsewhere’ 24/7 I’m guessing you’re a fat fuking lazy rich NY slob, ‘and probably a self hating jooh’ that takes everything for granted.

      I’ve eaten these kinds of foods in my lifetime traveling and never gotten sick. This outbreak is nothing but fabricated BS like all the rest.

      BTW the best sex in my life were in Asian countries for you poor incels who can’t get Amerikan womanized juduea influenced Amerikan woman to do your deed without bowing to their every demand, yes ISIS is very real in our society and I’m not talking the terror BS, who know. Ya, the earth has flipped.

      • And, if ANY type of person should be labeled as a culture destroyer/threat to society/ground zero individual, it’s amoral asses like you, who can’t keep their zipper up, and remain chaste in such situations:

        But instead, look to any hominid whore as a valid substitute for monogamy and normal sexual relations, and not just ‘sex.’ Sometimes, the rationales of the Catholics vis à vis procreation make sense….. Sex is for making babies, not getting endorphin releases, like an unthinking kid with a sugar addiction.

      • Citizen 0,

        If you’re HuWhite and not a JIDF/Hasbara jew, you’re culinary and sexual predilections make you a prime candidate to be referred to as Patient 0 in a future pandemic.

        If you’ve eaten Canis Lupus familiaris cooked with a blowtorch, or any other Chinese “wet market” slop, I sincerely hope you contract virulent pathogenic bacterial and viral strains that ends in a long painful death.

      • i suspect many of the Orientals have the jews khazarian day this world will go dark.
        Hunger games, the purge…etc
        This is why all these movies exist…to prime our minds to what the controllers have in store if they get their way…and what exactly has the left ever demanded that they didn’t eventually get?

  2. Still hasn’t popped up where I live, so I am still safe to watch it spread from afar. Cautiously optimistic that it will actually live up to the hype and reach true pandemic status, and do some long overdue population control in third world and nonwhite areas. It’s not been particularly lethal so far, but with a big enough infection pool the fatalities will climb just as a rule.

      • Hahaha, perhaps. I do think it’ll start approaching me if it continues to spread this month. But I won’t be making myself an easy target for it in that case.

    • “highly possible that the live virus can exist and spread through contaminated fecal matter.”

      Don’t eat dead Chinese.:)

  3. The Chinese re filthy peasants Their economic miracle is a proven fraud, handed to them by Nation Wrecking KIKES like Dianne Feinstein. They possess a myriad of European created technology – but haven’t figured out refrigeration and soap. This INSANE belief that consuming vermin, an wild meat, and NOT keeping clean in prevalent in Third World places. I’ve dealt with plenty of Mestizo squat monsters; they think the Gringo emphasis on cleanliness is silly and weak, The Coronavirus is EVERYWHERE. All over the world – including here. We’ll find out how deadly this is….

    I know a young White Millennial “woke” woman. She’s not a bad person – she’s just trapped in her generation’s ideology. She’s frightened to her marrow.

    To those of you in cities – do try to GET OUT. At least stock up on nonperishable foods and medical supplies.

    As Solidus states – population control is long long over due for the teeming filth of the planet. If the virus is deadly – then it will cure as great deal of backwardness and stupidity.

    • Madam: It is believed that whatever technological advances were made in ancient China came about as a result of their contact with the Celts, who at that time lived in Central Asia and Western China!

      • Now, THAT I had never heard of before. But, if the CI thesis has ANY validity, I wouldn’t put it past the Almighty to use His Elect’s predisposition (when times are normal) to be altruistic to the Sinoid races, even going back to the expulsion from Eden (if Eden lay in the Tarim basin, as some allege).

    • “handed to them by Nation Wrecking KIKES like Dianne Feinstein. ”

      Henry kissinger got this started.

      Anyone with good sense would have left China in isolation and stone age communism, but no, the tribe of know-it-alls had to create this monster.

      • Clearly, the answer is: the Jews.

        Gwyneth Paltrow is a Jew. She acted in the film, Contagion about a similar scenario, almost to the letter. Jews have been planning this bio weapon for some time. Jews killed Christ, and they want to control/own the world. We need to find an answer, let’s go full-on racist, and blame the Jews- FOR EVERYTHING. We’d have a more than 50/50 chance we’d be right, and enclosure/containment/Final Solution could be effected, in the wake of this pandemic. Clearly, this is OUR WAY FORWARD!

        Oh, and if we are wrong, at least we would have done something right, since Cromwell’s error…

        • My sentiments exactly…why do our idiotic people cling onto the worlds perversion of the biblical facts about who (((they))) are and yearn to have this “friendship” with these obviously evil “people”?
          Are they even human?
          And what have they EVER done for anyone but themselves?

          I’ve never heard of Israel or a jew every doing anything for anyone but themselves.
          The children of Cain and the direct descendants of the devil.
          Who could argue that the pushers of homosexuality , pornography, opiates , open borders, multiculturalism, feminism and everything else evil and degenerate and against humanity.

      • i raff six mirron times when i hear normie-fags tell me that the Chinese aren’t kiked out by zionism like my ridiculous “claims” that the western world is totally under jew occupation.

        These people get their information from the talmudvision and their {{{college education}}}….
        Their smugness sickens me and i secretly wish them to be diversified properly by multiculturalism.

        • …are evil?
          You don’t have to believe in the bible or Christ to understand this shit..
          Dark times are coming.

  4. Ok the usa flu is carona virus everybody is going to die very soon.
    Get right with your maker and have a sit down with 2 movies.

    “Omega man” Charlton Heston one and “I am legend”

    Might as well watch soylent green while you’re at it the EG robinson death scene is preddy gud!

    See ya on the other side…except you all going in LOF.

  5. Zero Hedge reporting on Corona-chan having HIV strains in it got them canceled by Horseyfag at Twatter. The chink dictators must be saved from truth getting out, apparently. The elites protect their own. Now there’s SARS rearing its’ deadly, ugly head again? This could be a viral culling of the herd.

    The cosmopolitans willing to get themselves and the rest of us infected for the sake of their easy virtue should be considered conspirators in serial murder. If the virus hits us hard here, they should have to pay dearly for their treachery.

  6. Today, the Chinese celebrate their Lunar New Year. It’s the Year if the Rat, but shouldn’t it be The Year of the Bat?

  7. At least 21 provinces, municipalities and regions in China have told businesses not to resume work before Feb. 10 at the earliest.
    Last year, those parts of China accounted for more than 80% of national GDP, and 90% of exports, according to CNBC calculations of data accessed through Wind Information.

    More hyperbole in time to watch tje markets crash? Would “deep state” goto amy length to kill trump 4 more years?

  8. Am I the only one, how notice a weird thing. There is no wide spread recommendation whatsoever, for the authorities how people can protect themselves.

    I find it very weird because epidemics is one of the few things where grass root level self defense is more effective as massive government hi tech solutions.

    1. Ramp up your personal immune system. Quit bad habits at least temporarily. Proper sleep, lot of vitamins and minerals, less alcohol and cigarettes and stress. In case of infection, your organism immune system is the thing which will decide, are you part of 5% or 95%. .

    2.Do not touch stuff what many people touch. Forget the supermarkets and buy your food from local farmer and cook it properly. Viruses die with heat.

    3. Masks are useless. They are only single time use, even the best surgical ones. Virus spreads by mucous membrane, so when your eyes are unprotected, then nose and mouth mask is just funny. Hazmat suits are for reason.

    4 Soap and hand washing is also useless. Those skin friendly court case resistant soft soaps do not kill any virus. Get the proper disinfection liquid or just pure 96% alcohol and use it any time, when you need to touch strange things.

    5 Limit psychical contact to minimum. Only necessary contacts, work home, no eating or chilling outside without reason. .

    6. Prepare emergency evacuation package. Are you ready to leave home within one hour for 2 weeks ? With water and food ? Bottled water and packed food can be disinfected when they are kept in boiled water for 2 minutes. Most viruses die, when temperature goes above 100 Celsius.

    And so on.

    Actually corona may be best thing what happened to white people. Personal hygiene and discipline is the greatest weapon against epidemics. Dirty people die, clean people survive. This thing may wipe to old order away like Spanish flu did 100 years ago.

  9. This will be the first “racist” pandemic in the history of Man. First, it is “racist” to notice that it began in China. Second, once it hits Africa and Central America, with their limited, primitive medical care, Africans and Latin Americans are going to be dying in huge numbers. We will be called “racists” for “not doing anything” and for noticing their backyard, medieval approach to medical care. With all that in total, this is the first “racist pandemic.”

  10. About 25 years ago I was in Boston for business. It was a beautiful autumn day in late October, perfect weather, everyone was out and about, overwhelmingly white and prosperous, people were friendly and enjoying the day. I walked through Chinatown, which, unlike other parts of the city was dirty, with Chinese people busily going about their business, whatever that was.

    As I walked down one of the busy streets in Chinatown I noticed an old Ford van with NY license plates and a group of Chinese people crowding around in the back, excitedly speaking in Chinese and jostling each other to get at whatever was in the back of the van. Curious, I walked to the back of the van where there was a cardboard sign with Chinese characters on it and a price, $3.00/Lb. Directly on the filthy steel floor of the van was a huge pile of large shrimp with water dripping from the floor on to the street. A man had an old fashioned balance with individual weights weighing out purchases.

    As I walked in the street to where I could see the back of the van an overwhelming stench of low tide struck me. It was like those old science fiction movies where there is an invisible force field that prevents further progress. The stink almost knocked me down from those delicious looking shrimp, probably three days old, resting on the filthy floor of the ancient Ford van, yum. Within 50 yards of me there were about half a dozen Chinese restaurants with the big fish tanks in the window, seafood on the menu!

    The temperature that day was about 60 deg. F., lower at night of course. The shrimp had probably been riding around on the filthy van floor for a couple of days, they didn’t look too good but the crowd couldn’t get enough of them. The Chinese restaurants seemed to be busy with people oblivious to the activity in the street. I ate in an Italian restaurant later and it was great. No seafood though and they didn’t have a big aquarium in the window either.

    • I once ate at a restaurant in the Austrian Alps where you caught your own trout in the pond outside & they grilled it and served it with pumpernickel bread, pickles and roast potatoes. And a large, cold beer, of course!

    • I went to a Halloween event at the City Zoo a few years ago when I suddenly encountered a large group of 7ft tall Chinamen emerging from the darkness! I shit you not.

      • Northern ‘manchu” can be tall, lean and have long angular noses.
        Not all Chinese are Han.
        You’re just so use to seeing Han Chinese and haven’t seen the other races of Chinese.

    • @ Jim

      Thanks for the heads up , on that article.

      Of course our jew media will keep us well informed on the racial implications of this disease. As they keep us well informed on other racial matters.

  11. Considering how mainland Chinese spit everywhere and blow snot on everything ( they consider it healthful ), is it any wonder this pathogen has spread so rapidly.

    • Ewww. Really? ‘Ways that are Dark’

      “A harsh critique of Chinese society and culture, Ways That Are Dark was written at a time when China was in the grip of considerable civil strife. Townsend claimed that the source of China’s problems lay in fundamental defects in the ethnic characteristics of the Chinese people. Although the book was a bestseller in the United States, it met with highly polarized reactions from its supporters and detractors.”

      I liked the next sentence, which can be read two ways (Wei’s?).

      “Though praised by some periodicals, it was denounced by missionaries and sinologists, including Owen Lattimore who condemned it as “a general indictment of a whole race”. — from Wikipedia

      Wei #1 – All Whites are implicitly ‘racist’ and we need Bolshevik ‘re-education.’
      Wei #2 – Christianity should never have been preached to the non-White races, but only to the ‘Israel of God [ Gal. 6:16 (i.e., White Europe) and our altruism is therefore, both personally, and divinely misguided. [ Acts 16:6 “And they went through the region of Phrygia and Galatia, having been forbidden by the Holy Spirit to speak the word in Asia.” – ESV]

      Wei #2 conclusion – God is not mocked. Pandemics come as judgment on apostate hominidity. We should never have opened trade with the Chinks, nor let them into our lands.

      I wonder if San Fag-cisco- with both its sodomites and Chinatown, trade with the Orient, food manufacturing of Oriental products, will be ‘ground zero’ for the REAL Corona pandemic, when it hits the USA? (isolated cases are outliers in this instance) WILL Americans finally realize we should have put all the faggots in isolation and camps, back in the 1980’s, when AIDS first appeared, and when we were a (slightly) more moral people? Just sayin’……

    • NOW the Chinee overlords are telling the population to murder their housepets.

      I HATE THEM.

      The Yellow Insects need to be fed TO dogs. THEY DON’T BELONG ON EARTH.

          • I wonder if San Fag-cisco- with both its sodomites and Chinato …….will be ‘ground zero’

            I doubt it.
            USDA and public health are pretty strick and thorough.

            You know ……… WHITE STANDARDS !

      • This Corona-chan outbreak is exposing the Chinks as the cruel, dirty savages we always knew they were, madam! Perhaps I was mistaken when I predicted that the yellow race would rule over our own for the next three centuries. I can see why our Japanese allies in WWII treated those rat eaters with such contempt.

        • My personal Bushido is: Try to harm me, and you’re in a battle for your life, but if you attempt to harm my dog, no one will ever find your body.

  12. Is bill gates really behind this corona virus? or is that just bullshit, I dunno what to believe anymore but its scary if this happens globally could have another Spanish flu genocide in the works. So is this virus wholly manmade or is it from the consumption of weird wild meats like bat and snakes? Why the piss poor response and why is USA and Canada still allowing flights from china

    • @thom

      Stick with experience and historical precedent.
      The Chinese are notorious for filth and lack of hygiene.
      For centuries China has been an incubator of pandemics, long before any biological science.

      What you’re seeing is the natural outcome of poor hygiene , poor animal husbandry and massive overcrowding.

      China is a mess on steroids.

  13. “America the idea” will spon be forced to accept even more downtrodden, tired, hungry, poor, diseased once this newest pandemic subsides, afterall who can blame Chinese for wanting to live in such a backward country. Full of squalor and disease.

    Spread your Shores from sea to shining sea “American idealand” They must be let in!

  14. Just a single factor alone, out of dozens,can account for the rapid spread.
    Chinese squat toilets, chinese aren’t very good at aiming.
    Then tracking wet and dry fecal matter everywhere which in turn becomes airborne.

    That alone could do it, without considering dozens of other factors.

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