We Heard The Bells: The Influenza of 1918

Editor’s Note: The Wuhan coronavirus currently doesn’t appear to be nearly as lethal as the 1918 Spanish flu. The danger is that it could mutate and become more contagious and lethal. In any case, it is a good time to remember the 1918 flu because Americans are as oblivious to the threat of disease now as they were back then. The 1918 flu shattered that false sense of security and killed more people than all the wars of the 20th century combined. Especially the second wave of the virus.

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  1. The planet I straining at 7 billion Humans, or what passes for Humans. The coronavirus is way overdue. And may offer very positive eugenic effects, in the long run

    • I think you are exactly correct. Nature by definition introduces mutant pathogens to challenge/strengthen the human species. If it’s not a human designed, bio-weapon run amok (which I strongly doubt), then it’s net effects will be positive. Overall, our dysgenic actions in Africa and Asia (and now the West) are pushing Nature to extremes. Nature will win in the end, the strongest will survive or none will. Nature doesn’t really care either way.

  2. (((Laden))) – sorry, but the multicultural slant of this piece of propaganda, means nothing to me. My mother didn’t get the flu (being alive at that point) nor did any of my grands in the family, and I am the result of her/their superior genetics. As with SARS, the Coronavirus seems utterly ‘other’ to the White Race/Adamkind. If God is going to judge the world, I would say He has the right to do so…. and nothing we do can stop His hand.
    I still trust in the mercies of Christ my God.

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