Richard Spencer on The Trump-Israel Offer

Richard Spencer shares his braised bat recipe and reacts to the Ricky Vaughn and Clearview AI revelations, the Bernie surge and the Kushner peace plan:

Note: I’m listening while eating a bat curry.

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  1. Tea ready ? Pinkies out ? Indubitably I say … we don’t have TIME for 2 hours of useless pseudo intellectual ‘babble.’ Furthermore, GOD determined the exact boundaries of what HE wants to be Israel. Not Kushner or towel heads or The UN or whoever.

    Richard is like a great skyscraper perfect in so many ways except 1. It’s built on sand, and 2. Some of it’s floors are occupied by unwise people, others by evil spirits, and some by those who want to be accepted by ‘the world.’ The rest of the floors are occupied by good and smart people. What will become of this building ? Will it collapse because of a weak foundation … or will the ‘bad’ tenants destroy it from within first ?

    Can’t listen to ANY advice or opinions that come out of this building. The building COULD be of great use if GOD were invited to fix it. Until then …

  2. I like a good Braised bat burger with roasted mushrooms, caramelized onions, and swiss cheese you can get that at a number of filthy wet markets thats hot stuff

  3. the Zionist “offer” in Palestine

    is the same as the Zionist “offer” in ‘Murka:

    hand over your guns, Palestinians/Whites,

    so we can kill you. All

    of you.

  4. Despite Zionists claims to the contrary, Kushner Trump peace plan for the Palestinians is “The Screw of the Century.”

  5. I did listen to the whole program. Most of it was entertaining and even funny at times. My word only criticism is (And I may be way out of the loop) but a lot of people they mentioned I had no idea who they were talking about.

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