Barack Obama Is Growing Anxious About Bernie Sanders

In an alternate universe, Donald Trump would have governed as a “National Populist” president. Bernie Sanders would have faded and been remembered as an also ran in the 2016 election. Instead, Trump has spent the last three years doubling down on neoliberalism, which increasingly looks like it will come back to haunt him in 2020.

The Washington Post:

“On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton threw her first real punches of the 2020 primary.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that in a soon-to-be-released documentary, Clinton trashes her rival in the 2016 Democratic primary, Sen. Bernie Sanders, saying, “Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, and he got nothing done. He was a career politician. It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.” In an interview about the program, Clinton confirmed that she still feels this way and declined to say whether she would endorse Sanders were he to be the nominee. …

High-level Democrats aren’t crazy to oppose Sanders, an Independent and a Democratic Socialist whose views differ significantly from those of many mainstream members of the party. But it’s not clear how they could stop him. Obama, Clinton and other Democrats might be able to sway voters with a well-timed endorsement, but beyond that, it’s hard to say what else they could do to take Sanders down.

The optimal move for Obama, Clinton and other Democrats might be to wait for results in Iowa and New Hampshire, assess whether Sanders has momentum and only endorse a rival if he looks like he’s taking off. If they endorse someone else earlier, it could backfire: Imagine the momentum Sanders would get if he beat Joe Biden or another establishment candidate after Democratic luminaries intervened in the race. …”

FOX News:

“Former President Barack Obama has remained mostly silent through the early stages of the Democratic race to unseat Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election but that may soon change, friends and associates tell FOX Business, as avowed socialist Bernie Sanders gains in national polls and seems poised to obtain front-runner status.

The people who spoke on the condition of anonymity say Obama’s preference had always been to lay low through the primaries aside from making some broad comments as he did in November of last year when, according to a report in The New York Times, the former two-term president, best known for expanding the size of government and his eponymous health care mandate, appeared genuinely worried about some of the increasingly leftist proposals being touted on the campaign trail from Sanders, the US senator from Vermont, and to some extent, Elizabeth Warren, the US senator from Massachusetts.

“The average American doesn’t think we have to completely tear down the system to remake it,” the Times quoted Obama, who was speaking at a gathering of Democratic donors. …”

Of the three leading Democratic candidates, I think Bernie Sanders poses the biggest threat to Trump with White working class swing voters. Sanders is also obviously the biggest threat to Trump with Millennials. A Trump vs. Sanders race would be interesting to watch on trade, entitlements, infrastructure, foreign policy and campaign finance. What is Trump going to do about student loan debt and health care? I can easily see the race being decided over these issues. It was health care that crushed the Republicans in Virginia.

In a Trump vs. Sanders race, Sanders would have to run on promising to dissolve the border in the primary. In contrast, Trump would have to run on increasing and changing the composition of legal immigration for business lobbyists. Sanders would spend the general election highlighting how Donald Trump is owned by the “billionaire class” and forcing him to defend his record. Trump would spend the general election attacking Sanders as a socialist to win suburbanites. It would be a much more interesting race than Trump vs. Biden or Trump vs. Warren.

In such a race, I couldn’t defend Trump mainly because I agree that he is owned by the “billionaire class.” Sheldon Adelson and his MIGA agenda is what is on the ballot. If Trump wins a second term with Charlie Kirk defining the MAGA movement, I see nothing coming out of it but possibly a war with Iran or entitlement reform. I don’t believe there has been any realignment of our politics. It is clear to me that Trump has spent the last three years reverting to mainstream conservatism which is a process that I am sure would rapidly accelerate in a second term. There is no way that I am voting for Donald Trump: Season Two.

Bernie Sanders vs. Donald Trump is the race we deserve. If Bernie won and we ended up getting socialism, well, the GOP would finally have to come up with a real platform.

Note: For obvious reasons, I am not supporting Bernie Sanders. I just think a Trump vs. Sanders race would be more interesting to monitor whereas a Trump vs. Biden race would put us all to sleep. I have no intention of voting for any of these people in November.

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  1. The commies using reverse psychology and gaining a shit ton of news coverage because of it…if the Dems win the Presidency in 2020 with Sanders they’re coming after alpha White males…get ur bug out bags ready boys..shit will get real!

  2. Should vote for bernie just to snub conservative inc. They are liars, Zionist butt kissers, cheating scumbags and should all get the rope for their evil deception on America

    • You should not support Bernie for the same reason you should not have supported Trump in 2016.

      Bernie’s askenazis want to put nationalists in jail even more, than Trump’s askenazis want to put nationalists jail.

      Imagine you are a jailed nationalist who supported Trump back in 2016. Surely you must know that you are the one that gave him the key that was used to lock you in?

      American democracy is fake and gay, so don’t endorse it. A vote for evil is a vote for evil. Period.

      • And yet… I said earlier that I couldn’t vote for the “Benjamin’ candidate. But, let’s face it, they are ALL ‘Benjamin’ candidates!!! WHY is O’Bummer against Bernie? Sanders is everything that Obama represented when HE ran? Is Barack an ‘anti-semite’? Does O’Bummer fear the Jew?

        Do you see how we could LEVERAGE OUR POSITION, if Bernie screws over the Dems?
        Don’t you see how THIS COULD BE OUR ‘TRUMP’ card, if y’all are seriously about not voting?

        HW, I think this position of yours: “For obvious reasons, I am not supporting Bernie Sanders. I just think a Trump vs. Sanders race would be more interesting to monitor whereas a Trump vs. Biden race would put us all to sleep. I have no intention of voting for any of these people in November.” is exceedingly disingenuous.

        Not voting, IS voting.

        If Sanders were to win the election, WE’D HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO SECEDE!
        If Sanders’ minions want death camps, WHAT MORE DO WE NEED TO SECEDE?
        IF Sanders’ wants to ‘tax the rich,’ they’d ALL HAVE TO FIND SOLIDARITY with the MIDDLE CLASS WHITES, in ‘flyover country’ for once!

        Have some vision, people!

      • “American democracy is fake and gay, so don’t endorse it. ”
        Oh, and one more thing. Liberace, George Michael, and Elton John were as well, yet they made some amazing music. Sometimes, you HAVE to go with the ‘fake and gay’ until the ‘real and hetero’ is allowed to come back on the scene…

  3. Through Obama, the establishment is once more interfering in the primaries. If the Dims yet again screw over Bernie, their base will be enraged and many will stay home. That practically hands the election to Blompf, a vulnerable opponent. The Dims are in a quandary. If they nominate senile, kid-molesting Biden, or lying, lecturing Warren with her $52 trillion Medicare for All plan, or the phag mayor Buttplug, they’re bound to lose. This is moronic self-implosion on their part.

    • A homo, a race usurper, a pedo and a commissar walk into a bar…the entire dem establishment is the makings of an ugly joke…no wonder Trump is not worried, he has no real there weren’t term limits he’d be President for life at this rate.

  4. There are only two candidates and “no one” is not going to be on the ballot. If you’re white and not voting Trump you’re de facto for Sanders because you staying home is helping him win.

    Men on the right should be grown ups who realize what the real options are and quit with the temper tantrums. The right is supposed to BE ABOUT dealing with the many painful limitations of reality.

    Of course we’re all disappointed with Trump, I was disappointed with my lunch today, I didn’t decide to eat feces instead to teach my lunch a lesson.

    • Totally correct. Any hints of expanding a wall will be total history if a Democrat gets in. Hordes of illegals become legal. Muh reparations move forward to already big taker blacks. No more Mexico holding back Central America. Border patrol cut. I can go on forever.

      It’s not a parliamentary system. It’s winner take all. The clear choice is Trump…obviously!

        • You will wish you were on that morphine if any Democrat gets in….obviously!.

          Outside of that, run for office yourselves instead of bitching about Trump and basically every breathing Republican. Politics is frustrating. If it bothers some here so much as it seems, forget waiting for your white knight. You become it. Otherwise your Congressman will be the same and your state senator. Trump is the choice no matter how hurt you are. But hey, staying home is only a vote for the Democrats. That’s up to each person come November.. But for me, it’s Trump…obviously!…lol.

    • ” If you’re white and not voting Trump you’re de facto for Sanders because you staying home is helping him win.”

      THANK YOU for saying, what I was alluding to, above.

    • Haxo is voting for (((Bernie))) no matter what. That Red Jew

      is pure acceleration. As to our resident Trumpaholics,

      the more he pees on them, the more they smack their lips and proclaim


  5. O gosh! The mulatto faggot and the blood-soaked witch have had their say…deary dear! Some of you keyboard warriors haven’t gotten the word yet, apparently. The right has shown it’s ass, and have spread their cheeks WIDE.
    Never mind packing your “bug out bags” cuz’ there ain’t nowhere to bug out to. Democracy is a dead goddess…
    let her ROT. I’m trying mightily to restrain myself from getting personal, but there are some people here who’re too
    goddamn retarded to understand the utter rout of the goddamn RIGHT. Fuck electoral politics, but I won’t say
    “fuck the RIGHT”, cuz’ they already been fucked. Good and hard.

  6. The Democrat Establishment would rather have Trump get another four years than have Bernie the Communist or Pocahontas the Liar become President. Trump would protect the reigning oligarchy and start a war for “our greatest ally”, guaranteed. From the Democrat Establishment’s point of view, why take a chance on Bernie or Pocahontas upsetting the apple cart? The Democrat Establishment will get everything they ever dreamed of anyway in the next election cycle through demographic replacement.

    Senile Joe the Pedophile is the Democrat Establishment’s choice but he seems to be imploding. Between Hunter’s escapades knocking up the ladies and taking bribes all over the place Senile Joe seems to be rapidly fading from the election cycle. Good riddance to bad trash, too. The Buttplug, the Hula Dancer and all the rest will just fade away like Spartacus, Camel Toe Harris and the rest of the degenerates who started out on the campaign trail.

    If Trump starts another war in the Mideast before the election though, all bets are off.

  7. Bernie was smart to go against Trump. Your alternate universe didn’t happen. I admit he took a harder line earlier than I did. I thought he should have tried to find common ground with Trump, but it would have been a mistake because Trump turned out as bad as he did.

  8. The neoliberals are scared of the underdog, Bernie, just as the neocons were scared of the underdog, Trump. We know how that all turned out, so let’s not be too hopeful that a president Sanders would do all the things he is promising.

    • “so let’s not be too hopeful that a president Sanders would do all the things he is promising.”
      Sanders is a Talmudic. When have (((they))) ever kept a promise to the goyim?
      Just sayin’…….

  9. I hope we get socialism or better, full communism. Unfortunately (((Bernie))) is just another liar like Blormpf. He is a Zionist neolib/neocon in disguise who will also betray his promises.

    But I hope he wins to expose the reality of reformism and people will see that the (((system))) can not be salvaged and communist revolution is needed.

    • Unfortunately for those wanting Bernie to win, Sanders keeps showing he doesn’t have the killer instinct. He apologized to Biden after one of his staffers pointed out how corrupt the Biden family is, and didn’t challenge Fauxcahontas on her lie about how Bernie didn’t think a woman could be president. His caving to Killary after the party screwed him out of the nomination in ’16 was pure cuckery. If he wins the nomination this time, he’s going to have to be willing to get tough.

  10. I think the Democrats, if they hold the House, should re-impeach Trump should he be re-elected. If a Democrat wins in November and the Republicans re-gain the House they should impeach the new president. In fact, I think all presidents henceforth should be impeached.

    I no longer respect this system and those who run it. The current circus should be a real eye-opener for all.

  11. Bernie is the shake-up candidate. Trump played that role in 2016 and he was worth supporting for that reason alone. Although what Trump shook up fairly quickly settled back into the same old cuckservative routine, it did help to further the political divide. A Bernie win, if nothing else, would have a similar effect. (And at least Republicans will be motivated to fight him on the border and other goofy Dem schemes.)

  12. I think it’s obvious that Bernie or somebody like him will win the Presidency in the next decade… 2024 or 2028, if not 2020. Trumpism / National Socialism is not going to gain a large following in this country. But “Eat the Rich” will become ever more popular among Zoomers and Millennials who are shut out of this neoliberal hyper-capitalist economy. People hate the rich… and they hate Boomers. Nuff said.

  13. If Bernie picks Tulsi as his VP, they’ll have my vote. It would be the only chance to lessen the stranglehold the Jews have on the economy and the culture.

    • imagine actually believing that…
      Imagine believing voting was actually real in any way.
      we are such obedient cattle

  14. Here is MY $.002 worth.

    Trump is running unopposed for the Republican nomination.

    We should all register as Democrats and vote for Bernie Sanders to take the Democrat Primary.

    Sanders appears to be enough of a populist to hold Trump’s feet to the fire and hopefully get his nose out of Sheldon Adelson’s anus.

    He probably is another faux-populist, just like Trump was, but making him the Democrat nominee is worth the gamble.

    My thoughts are that if Bernie blows out the Democrat Primary, Trump will HAVE to do something to win back the blue-collar working-class White Democrats who had him beat the establishment Republicans as well as Hillary Clinton.

    Trolling the news media and other leftist celebraties at his rallies won’t be enough.

    During the general election, vote for whom you please or don’t vote at all.

    The important thing is to get Bernie to head the Democrat ticket.

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