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In the 1970s, there was a huge populist backlash against the Civil Rights Movement, Sexual Revolution and the counter-culture which lasted for a generation. Conservative sentiments were swirling in the public. In hindsight, we know these sentiments were hijacked and used by Ronald Reagan and Conservatism, Inc. to promote neoliberalism and Zionism for the next 40 years. Nothing was conserved except for low taxes and the American Empire.

In the 2010s, there was a huge nationalist and populist backlash against mass immigration, globalization, multiculturalism, political correctness and so forth. Mainstream conservatism fell into disrepute after the George W. Bush presidency. Donald Trump ended up winning the 2016 election. Now, the same conservative elites who spent the last 40 years wrecking this country are trying to hijack nationalism which they intend to milk into the 2050s.

40 years of conservative electoral victories amounted to nothing because of the class of people who controlled and defined conservatism. They were gatekeepers who systematically purged all authentic conservatives like Sam Francis from the conservative movement which was staffed from top to bottom by grifters and hacks who conformed to a series of litmus tests. The most important of these litmus tests was total subservience to Israel and a taboo on “anti-Semitism.”

Should real nationalists fall for Yoram Hazony’s “National Conservatism” and support “National Conservative” candidates in elections? If we do so, we will walk into the same trap as the Wallace voters and “nationalism” and “populism” will be firmly redefined as low taxes and Zionism. It is better to lose elections than allow nationalism to be defined by Charlie Kirk.

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  1. Orban and and Salvini are controlled opposition. They do just enough to excite the sheep, but they’re both getting their marching orders and financing from the Wall Street-Tel Aviv nexus. No different than fake pope Francis. It’s all a big kosher charade.

    • Yep 100%. Forza Nuova, Golden Dawn, and Nordic Resistance movement are the type of groups who actually stand up for white Europeans in their homelands.

      • Yes, along with Lukashenko and the Donbass separatists. Also the National Bolshevik movement in Russia, and Kotleba in Slovakia. Putin should be supported against the anti-Putin crowd, who are generally the scum of the earth, but he is still too pro-capitalist and pro-Jew and not really a real nationalist.

        Although the European nationalist scene is in MUCH better shape than the pathetic American movement (there are regular rallies much larger than Charlottesville even in small countries) most of the good groups are still considered extreme and excluded from national parliaments especially in the west.

      • Just Striker’s take. He believes that NPD are the legitimate opposition and AfD is sort of an Alt-lite feint. Honestly, outside of reading German election results, I can’t provide an informed opinion on either group.

        • Spahn,

          I’m not sure if ZOG-Deutschland is attempting to pull off the same op as Greek-ZOG did with Golden Dawn (i.e., co-op NS or the hard right fascist platform with their goys and then cuck like trump).

  2. Charlie Kirk nationalism has zero to do with what actually happens behind the scenes in nationalist North America…at least with Trump you’re not going to have to worry about gulags, like “The Bern” and co are talking about.. Another Trump term will give you more time to collect yourself IMHO.

    • ..and I don’t even know how a dude named “Yoram Hazony” is even considered a possible conservative or how he’s getting ear time from White men, never mind support…he’s the President of the Herzl Institute ffs.

  3. SPENCER : We no longer have TIME for intellectual and pseudo intellectual banter – with pinkies out. This isn’t the 90’s. We need a manifesto on Confederacy 2.0 YESTERDAY. Even THIS guy’s doing more than “banter.”

  4. They don’t have any real organization to link up with per se, Vox notwithstanding, but there are many young guys and many middle aged gentlemen in Spain that are exactly in the same page as us. You cannot walk the street in Madrid or in smaller towns around the country without seeing them and hearing them talking. It is not even uncommon to see our own rebel flag on the back of a pickup at a rural fueling station. There is some hope in Europe yet, and the kinds of people I’m talking about are not fooled by this “national conservatism” farce.

    • “Our own rebel flag”? You mean the Confederate flag? Where I live, there are some bubbas who have either that sticker on their shiny new pick-up truck, and/or the occasional sun-bleached, tattered CWI flag flying from a single wide, but that’s about it. I’d like to see how a ‘hell, yeah’ attitude about ‘freedumb’ would play, after their ‘toy truck’ got blasted by FED Cannon….

      Coming from the Upper Midwest, the lack of preparation, self-esteem, intelligence, and physical fitness (i.e., the poor, badly nourished, missing teeth, ‘bless their hearts’ folk) and utter passivity on the part of people in the part of the ‘South’ I now inhabit, would not last one day, if the Feds came to call….

      As AA noted in his most recent column (something akin to which, I have NOT seen on THIS site):

      “What we are dealing with at this rally however is people who will not protest transsexual story time at the library. They won’t protest that – just like they won’t protest against the destruction of the white race – because they have no clear conception of anything which is sacred and thus in need of defending. Protecting. Conserving. Their souls are as ravaged by modernity as their repulsive fat bodies. So they have fetishized guns, to replace a belief in something sacred.”


      We need an organized, sanctioned, blessed by the clergy revolution. I’d like Grey Ghost’s image of a separate Christian Confederate States to become a reality, but I don’t see it anytime soon in either the Old Dominion, or anywhere else, for all our posturing… TO be blunt.

      • Sadly, you’re quite right about the state that many of the lower class folks are in. But that is all the more reason for those of us with a healthy circumference and higher ideals to take our place and start doing more to lead these kinds of people, who, for all their problems and foibles and difficulties are victims of a system that does the same to people all around the world in the name of the neo-liberal hegemon on the Potomac. I am sorry that you have to live among them if it bothers you, but these are our people, and we have to love them and do our best to raise them up or no one will. I mean no disrespect.

        Also, in Spain, the types of guys you see with the stars and bars on their jackets are fit, lean, mean street fighting types. Basically they look like built skinheads with hair. It probably has something to do with the history of Francoist government they had until recently in that country that the young people have something of the harder right aesthetic to hold onto. Here in the South, all our really powerful symbols are at least 150 years old because it’s been that long since we were strong and distinct.

      • Friar John being a faggot again and blaming poor people is retarded. Most of the people at that retarded Boomerwaffen rally weren’t poor or working class, not even close. Poor people don’t go to rallies, or generally even vote and they certainly don’t support Charlie Kirk Conservatism. Most of those fat boomers were affluent petty bourgeois, just like the Tea Party and other kosher conservative, capitalist, neocon garbage movements which were falsely portrayed as “working class” – actual demographic studies show they weren’t even CLOSE. The petty bourgeois are also the most obese class, statistically.

        Anglin is also being a faggot and saying that revolution is impossible because of those Boomer retards. Of course those faggots aren’t revolutionary but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a revolutionary sector of White Americans. There is a huge pool of potential revolutionaries among Whites in prison for example. Many of them already “neo-Nazis”.
        The only problem is they do have a lot of issues so to speak, notably drugs. We just need to set up proletarian rehabilitation programs like Maoist groups in Turkey have.

      • Dear Friar,

        I am preeminent among Confederate Flag wavers. With me it is incessant. And, I am extremely vocal in my defense of the flag and the men and women of the traditional South. I also possess the knowledge to check any detractor and to demolish most.

        Having said that, I know exactly what you’re talking about. I kept some of my more controversial opinions to myself for over a decade while I was a member of the S.C.V. After I had taken the time to learn and to establish my reputation as a man of action who had the facts necessary to back my position, I began to express sentiments that I had long suppressed.

        I, somewhat naively, thought that I could begin to influence people about things like Bellamy’s Pledge; the true nature of the U. S. Military (101st Airborne in Little Rock); H. K. Edgerton and the undesirability of recruiting Negroes and most other Minorities into the organization, and the futility of trying to win them over; the undue obsession with marble and alabaster (as noted by (((Tony Horwitz))) in “Confederates In The Attic,” and the need to focus on the living; the duplicity and betrayal routinely perpetrated against “We, The People” by the Federal Government; the inescapable J.Q.;… and so forth…

        These things had people trying to shush me and ultimately led to my ouster, three times. It’s been suggested that I could return to the ranks, but I no longer have any desire to be allied so closely with such a fair weather, revolving door, organization. I still cooperate with certain individuals, but many of them tend to demonstrate their timidity and hesitation first and foremost. They’re good at exhorting someone should do this or that, but those that are most adamant aren’t usually willing to be the one to do it. When someone, such as myself, does do something, they are ever ready with their condemnation and disavowals. They label one faction as Grannies, experience a turnover, and the next group of so-called “Vindicators” plops down in the rocking chair and picks up the knitting needles. Eat, Meet and Retreat is their main tactic. When they do engage the public, it might as well be the cast of Sesame Street in Confederate apparel. Goofy grins and an aw shucks demeanor, ala Gomer Pyle, are the order of the day.

        Body language is everything. I once saw H. K. Edgerton and an Army of Tennessee Commander in a televised interview. Their antagonist was a snarling, barking Negro teetering on the edge of his chair as if he were about to spring from it. H. K. and “The Commander” sat with their shoulders slack, heads hung low, and hands in their lap neatly tucking their balls away, and acting for all the world like a couple of errant school children being scolded by an enraged principal. This is no way to project confidence and win people over to your side. But, H. K. is the Black Shield the S.C.V. utilizes to deflect accusations of Racism, so he capitalizes on it for all it’s worth. Along with his “Historic March Across Dixie” Picture Book and his “Modern Confederate Hero” T-Shirt emblazoned with his picture, he is now selling a calendar with his picture featured every month! Can you imagine having that Negro on your wall instead of the Girls Raised In The South? Although, I suppose a calendar with daily Bible verses may be more apropos for you, but you get what I mean.

        And, as you’ve so aptly observed, they will not defend their own people against depravity and displacement. Even the slightest suggestion of going public with these concerns is met with the tortoise retreating into his shell and quivering with trepidation.

        God Bless You, Friar! And, keep doing as the Lord directs you.

      • “Coming from the Upper Midwest, the lack of preparation, self-esteem, intelligence, and physical fitness (i.e., the poor, badly nourished, missing teeth, ‘bless their hearts’ folk) and utter passivity on the part of people in the part of the ‘South’ I now inhabit, would not last one day, if the Feds came to call….”

        I wouldn’t be so sure about that. People in countries like Iraq make much better guerrilla fighters than a Midwesterner would, that’s for sure. The ability to fight as an underdog is cultural and psychological. Southerners have much more of what is needed than Northern whites do. The Sunni insurgents in Iraq initially were largely overweight, middle aged, middle class men before the war started.

  5. What should have happened in the Civil Rights era was a strong secessionist movement. Then we had the numbers. Instead we spoke of states rights. Now we do have secessionist minded Ethno-Nationalist group but no longer have the numbers.

  6. By the way I was looking at some Palestinian girls on You tube(No, it was not porn. I was looking for female activists to see if there were any like Syrian Girl Partisan with their own channel on you tube)) and I was surprised how many of them look like they are part Aryan. The late, great, WLP even mentioned this fact. One is a 16 year old female who is in prison for kicking an Israeli soldier Nevertheless I wish they were more nationalist and less leftist).

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